Introduction: The early church is positively shaping Jerusalem. Individuals are being saved in large numbers and Jesus Christ is being announced. Only before this entry, Peter and John had been utilized of the Lord to mend a hobo who sat at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple. The Jews who were in the Temple when this happened were astonished, 3:1-11. Peter utilized their shock over the supernatural occurrence as a chance to lecture the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, 3:12-26. While he was lecturing, the Jewish pioneers found out about the thing was going on that they appear and capture Peter and John since they were lecturing that Jesus rose again from the dead, 4:1-4. The extremely following day, the Jews assembled a committee to discuss how to manage Peter and John, 4:5-7. Peter by and by utilized that chance to lecture the Jewish pioneers about the Lord Jesus, 4:8-12.

The Jews were angry with what they had seen and heard. They were vexed that the name of Jesus was all the while being lectured, despite the fact that they had seen Him bite the dust with their own eyes. They took Peter and John and compromised them to attempt to keep them from lecturing Jesus any more, 4:15-22. While the Jews may have despised Peter and John and the message they lectured, there were a few things that even they couldn't deny.

We are living in an hour that is similarly as opposing toward the Gospel as antiquated Israel. The world ganders at the congregation and there is a lot of they see that they don't comprehend, and much they see that they don't care for. They would adore just to have the option to quiet us and our message. They need us to turn out to be more similar to them. They might want for us to slacken up, calm down and fall in with them on their walk toward Hell.

While the world and common individuals may despise us and a big motivator for we, there are only a few things about us that they can't deny! I need to bring up a couple of those realities today.



(Sick. As the Jews addressed Peter and John, two attributes stood apart about them. These qualities couldn't be denied.)

A. His Presence Is Undeniable – When Peter and John talked, they did as such with "strength". The word alludes to "open discourse". It is the possibility of "somebody expressing their real thoughts without respect for others' opinion about them." When that sort of discourse happens in the force of the tissue incredible mischief can be perpetrated. Yet, when that sort of discourse is articulated in the force of the Holy Spirit, God's business is finished.

Consider briefly who is communicating everything. It is Peter! He is a similar man who denied the Lord only a couple days sooner, Matt. 26:69-75. The who denied Christ has become His most vocal representative. How would you figure that? It's His quality and it can't be denied. (Sick. Earlier today!)

B. His Power Is Undeniable – They were astounded when they heard these men talk since they were "untaught and uninformed men". "Untaught" is "agrammatos". It signifies "unskilled; or one who doesn't know letters." "Uninformed" is "idiotes". It's anything but "an average citizen; an untalented man."

Where did these men get familiar with the facts they were sharing? Where did they acquire the intensity with which they lectured? What befell these colleagues to make them into what they are presently? They "had been with Jesus". The Sanhedrin saw Peter and John with Jesus in the Temple and at His preliminary!

These men were doing just precisely what Jesus had done. He had gone up against the strict foundation with reality from Heaven. They were doing likewise things!

At the point when Jesus comes into a daily existence, He carries with Him His great force. He can take the most fragile among us and use them in stunning manners for His brilliance! There are individuals in this room who have never acquired a degree from any foundation of learning, yet you find out about the things of God and about the profound things of religious philosophy than individuals who have gone through years in organizations of higher learning. The Spirit of God can show you the profound things of the Lord just by His essence in your life.

His force in a reclaimed life is unquestionable! He will move in you to make you do exactly the same things He did. What things? He will make you be occupied with adoring others, helping other people, serving others, and submitting to God, in addition to other things. It is astonishing, however it can't be denied!



(Sick. The Jews are in an issue. From one perspective they have the supporters. These men are astounding! They are loaded with the force of God and that can't be denied. Then again, they have the one who has been recuperated. He is remaining there and they all know him. Presumably they had seen him ordinarily as they advanced into the Temple. They had most likely overlooked him, declining to give him any aid or any assistance. Presently, he is remaining here in their essence and he isn't injured any longer. A supernatural occurrence has occurred that can't be denied!)

A. An Undeniable Walk – 3:2 reveals to us that this man had been conceived faltering. 4:22 discloses to us that he was more than 40 when he was mended. Yet, 3:8-11 discloses to us that this earlier weak man was jumping, strolling, going around applauding the Lord. This is a change that can't be denied!

The equivalent is valid in the congregation. There are individuals staying here today who have been changed by the force of God. You are not a similar individual you used to be. You are another animal, 2 Cor. 5:17. You have been changed and that is a supernatural occurrence that can't be denied!

At the point when the snake nibbled individuals in old Israel, the individuals who looked to the snake Moses made were conveyed from death, Num. 21. They had something others around them didn't have. They had live and it's anything but a supernatural occurrence that couldn't be denied. At the point when Jesus saves a spirit, He delivers the proselyte once again from death, dimness and corruption, Eph. 2:1-3; Col. 1:13-14; 2:13-14. His essence is a wonder in a daily existence that can't be denied, Gal. 5:19-25.

B. An Undeniable Worship – Here is a man who got up that morning, was conveyed to the Beautiful Gate, and stayed there asking for gifts. His life was about what he could get off others. He lived for himself and what he could get. In any case, take a gander at the change now! When he is mended, he starts to commend the Lord. "Lauding" signifies "to sing acclaims; or to praise". This man went to the Temple not to revere, but rather to ask. While he was there, he got an unexpected end result and he was mended. He doesn't think a lot about God, yet he lauds Him. That is a change that can't be denied!

Isn't that what happens when a miscreant meets Jesus? The change is emotional and moment. That individual out of nowhere wants to venerate Him. That individual out of nowhere has a craving for the things of God. That individual unexpectedly has a declaration they need to share. That individual abruptly feels things in their heart they simply need to let out.

They have been saved and they know it. They are extraordinary and they know it. They have been honored incredible and they know it. A supernatural occurrence can't be denied. (Sick. Once more, we saw it earlier today!)



(Sick. All that occurred that day occurred in view of the message. This load of things were for the brilliance of God, yet He got the most wonder from the proclaiming of the Gospel of beauty.

Peter tells the Jews that it's anything but a message that he should lecture, 4:20. The wonder is valuable, however everything depends on the message. Peter needs these men to realize that it's anything but a genuine message and it's anything but a message that he can't resist the opportunity to lecture. (Sick. Paul – 1 Cor. 9:16.)

The message they lectured that day is a similar message we lecture in our day. It's anything but a groundbreaking message about a spirit saving God. Here is the quintessence of their message.)

A. A Message Of Love – The message we lecture, and the message that completely changed us, is a message of a demise. It's anything but a message of an execution, 4:10. The message we lecture is of a Savior Who cherished us such a lot of that He had our spot on a cross. He kicked the bucket for us to pay for our transgressions so we may be saved, Isa. 53:4-6; Rom. 5:8.

I acclaim God that He cherishes me as He does! It is everlasting, unlimited, caring and great. Commendation God, He adores us – Jer. 31:3; Rom. 8:38-39.

B. A Message Of Life – The message they lectured was about a Savior Who kicked the bucket for His sheep, yet it was likewise about a Savior Who rose again three days after the fact, Matt. 28:1-6. It's anything but a message about a penance, however it's anything but a message about a triumph! Indeed, Jesus entered passing the save His kin from their transgressions, however He likewise rose again the third day to give interminable life to all who will get Him. John 10:28. I acclaim the Lord that He kicked the bucket for me, however I additionally acclaim Him that He rose again and is alive forevermore, John 10:18; Rev. 1:18; Heb. 7:25.

C. A Message Of Liberty – Peter and John told the Jews that it was this message, and the Savior behind it, that was liable for the changed man they see before them. The message of the Gospel carried help and desire to a day to day existence demolished by the curse of transgression. The message of the Gospel brought the wealth of Christ a man condemned to an existence of torment and destitution. The message they lectured is an extraordinary message!

That is as yet the message we lecture today. The Gospel actually has ability to save old delinquents. It can open the eyes dazed by wrongdoing. It can fix the appendages wilted by wrongdoing and fiendishness. It can scrub away the disease of the spirit. It can convey those held hostage by sins subjugating power. It can bring life into a dead soul. Jesus has the ability to liberate men, John 8:32, 36.

I'm not embarrassed about that message! It changed my life one day! I acclaim God for the day the light of the magnificent Gospel shon

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