Introduction: One day a minister who had quite recently lost his family to a disastrous fire, and had fallen into the profundities of a profound and dull sorrow was strolling down a city road. There, he happened upon a development group that was raising another congregation. He halted to watch them as they worked. As he watched, he noticed a specialist who was caught up with cutting a triangle out of stone with an etch and sledge. Venturing nearer, he asked the stonecutter what he was cutting.

The specialist highlighted the steeple of the congregation and said, "Do you see that little opening up there close to the steeple? Indeed, I am cutting this stone down here with the goal that it will fit in up there."

The evangelist was quickly blended in his heart. He understood once again the dependability of God and came to comprehend that the valley he was in at that point was God's method of cutting him down here so he would fit in up there.

We face a daily reality such that is loaded up with individuals very much like that evangelist. There are individuals surrounding us who carry on with their lives in misery, depression, dejection and rout. There are some in that condition at the present time. Through the ages, numerous celebrities have been tormented with challenges of this sort.

Incredible people like George Washington, Martin Luther, Charles Spurgeon, John Adams, Winston Churchhill and a considerable lot of the song essayists. Indeed, even David who is designated "A man apparently trying to win over God's affections," Acts 13:22, experienced sadness and rout. This Psalm was conceived out of a period of gloom, demoralization and rout.

I might want for us to invest some energy in these sections today. Thusly, maybe we can discover help for those occasions when we stroll through our valleys. Maybe we can discover some assistance when we wind up in our seasons of overpowering hopelessness.

I need to lecture from this entry today with an end goal to support you. I realize that numerous in our congregation and our local area are going through some truly challenging valleys at this moment. I need to support you by testing you. I need to challenge you by saying: Don't Waste Your Valley.

I realize that numerous individuals would prefer not to trust it, however God is responsible for the entirety of life. The Bible says, "The means of a decent man are requested by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way," Psa. 37:23. What's more, similarly as certainly as God controls the heading of our lives; He likewise controls the interruptions of our lives, Rom. 8:28.

He controls the valleys. He decides their profundity, their length and their span. He sends the valley seasons into our lives to foster us and to make us more like the Lord Jesus Christ, Rom. 8:29; Eph. 4:13. In this way, if God loves us, and He does; on the off chance that He sends the valleys our way, and He does; we would be absurd to squander those valleys.

As we think about the divisions of this Psalm, we should set aside the effort to consider what God is doing in us as we travel through our valleys. Notice the attributes of the valleys that are uncovered in this Psalm. These attributes show us why we would be silly to squander the valleys God sends our direction. Thus, we should require a couple of moments to see this Psalm and the idea Don't Waste Your Valley.


A. v. 3 The Pain Of Darkness - No Help - (Ill. The specific circumstance: The resistance of Absalom, and the revolt of Ahithophel, Ill. Psa. 41:9.) Ill. There is by all accounts no limit to the aggravation, and no reason to have hope. Many are in this very valley today!

B. v. 4 The Pain Of Depression - No Heart - (Ill. "Overpowered" – "covered", conveys "being encased in haziness"; "Forlorn" – "Paralyzed, stunned" conveys "absolute wonder".) It's as though David can't accept what has befallen him. Maybe he has no heart to go on. Many are strolling in this valley today!

C. v. 7 The Pain Of Despair - No Hope - (Ill. "Faileth" = "To be toward the end"!) David feels that he has arrived at the finish of his rope and that assuming God doesn't lift the shroud of his dimness, he is no in an ideal situation than the individuals who go down into death! Many are strolling in this dim valley at the present time.

D. The valleys of life are a common encounter. Clearly, there are a wide range of kinds of valleys, and we don't all go through similar spots. There are valleys of ailment, passing, monetary unrest, passionate pain, otherworldly disturbance, and conjugal dissension. There are valleys that touch the body, the spirit, the psyche and the family. There are valleys of each depiction and kind. The one thing we as a whole offer in like manner is that we as a whole pass through valleys.

· Ecc. 2:2, "For all his days are distresses, and his struggle pain; yea, his heart taketh not rest in the evening. This is likewise vanity."

· John 16:33, "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye may experience harmony. On the planet ye will have affliction: however be happy; I have conquered the world."

· Job 14:1, "Man that is brought into the world of a lady is of not many days, and brimming with inconvenience."

The valleys of life will come our direction. That is guaranteed. At the point when they come, we should recall that they come to us from the hand of a caring Father, Job 2:3, 7, 10; 42:11. We should recollect that they come since He is occupied with culminating us. Subsequently, we should be cautious that we don't squander the valley. God needs to show us while we are there; it is our obligation to get familiar with the exercises. (Sick. Paul – 2 Cor. 12:7-11)

In case you are one of the many strolling who are through the valley, there is potential for you today. You might feel that life has gotten agonizing. Allow me to support you today. With all the hopelessness that denotes this Psalm, there is additionally much justification celebrating here.

I. The Pain In The Valley


A. v. 2 The Prize Of Repentance - Our Sins - (Ill. David's disappointments and his apology of wrongdoing, Psa. 32; 51) Our valleys, while they are consistently the consequence of living in a wrongdoing reviled world, are not generally brought about by our transgression! However, when we start to look for God, our wrongdoing will consistently turn into an issue that should be managed, Ill. Psa. 66:18; 1 John 1:9.

Whether or not or not sin is answerable for our valley, we are still delinquents needing contrition. The valleys have a method of bringing to us our knees. The valleys have a method of making us ponder our relationship with the Lord! Whatever carries us into a nearer relationship with God is a prize!

B. v. 5 The Prize Of Remembrance - Our Sovereign - (Ill. David had a memorable lot! The accounts of how God had helped Israel, and closer home, the extraordinary things God had accomplished for him by and by. Sick. The lion, the bear, the monster, Saul, and so forth!)

When strolling through the your valley, recollect what God has done. Survey your life and read His Word. Recall how He saved your spirit and completely changed you. Recall how He has bounteously honored you. It will invigorate your heart and urge you to carry on through the valley!

Sick. William Cowper, the incredible song author regularly lived in the profundities of gloom and despondency. He employed a carriage drive to take him to London Bridge. His arrangement was to hurl himself entirely into the stream and end his life. Be that as it may, when the driver got him and begun for the extension, they ended up driving for quite a long time in thick mist.

Disappointed, Cowper requested that the driver pause and let him out to walk. At the point when he ventured from the carriage, he was stunned to find that he was remaining before his own entryway. It became obvious to him that the Lord actually needed his life. He entered his home and wrote the words to that well known tune, "God works strangely".

God moves in a puzzling manner

His marvels to perform;

He plants His strides in the ocean

Furthermore, rides upon the tempest.

Somewhere down in unbelievable mines

Of never bombing expertise

He prizes up His brilliant plans

Furthermore, works His sovereign will.

Ye unfortunate holy people, new boldness take;

The mists ye such a lot of fear

Are enormous with benevolence and will break

In endowments on your head.

Judge not the Lord by weak sense,

In any case, trust Him for His effortlessness;

Behind a scowling fortune

He shrouds a grinning face.

His motivations will mature quick,

Unfurling each hour;

The bud might have an unpleasant taste,

Yet, sweet will be the bloom.

Dazzle unbelief makes certain to fail

Also, examine His work to no end;

God is His own translator,

Also, He will make it plain.

At the point when we are in the valley, we need a new experience with the Lord!

C. v. 6 The Prize Of Reliance - Our Self - (Ill. "parched land" – "Dry, dry, broken ground that yearns for the invigorating downpours".) Ill. David realized he was unable to create what he required. In this manner, he looked to God.

Your valley has been planned particularly to make you reach the finish of yourself. At the point when you arrive, you will find that your valley has only carried you to a position of absolute reliance upon Almighty God. That is certainly not a terrible spot to be! (Sick. Professional. 3:5-6; 2 Cor. 4:17)

D. Really horrible, they are likewise amazingly important. It is in the valley that we get familiar with the unceasing certainties about God that invigorate and reinforce our confidence.

It was in the heater of oppression that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego found out about the God Who controls the profundity, degree and viciousness of the emergency. It was there that Daniel found out about the God Who overrules in the valley. It was there that Elijah, the helpless widow; the pupils, Mary and Martha, and an incalculable host of others discovered that the valley is a position of agony, and despair. More than that, they all scholarly the precious exercise that the valley is the place where you find the "lily of the valleys", SOS 2:1. They discovered that the valley is the place where the trees become the tallest. They discovered that the valley is wher

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