Introduction: Last evening, I was watching a program on TV. It referred to an Amtrak mishap that happened in Maryland in 1987. In that mishap, the Amtrak engineer was smoking maryjane and drinking and was not focusing on the notice lights on the track. Subsequently, he permitted his traveler train to crash into a cargo train. In the impact, many individuals were either truly harmed or killed. The specialist served 5 years in jail.

In Kentucky, an alcoholic driver hit a congregation action transport head on. The gas tank on the transport cracked and 27 individuals, for the most part youngsters, on the transport were scorched to death. The alcoholic driver carried out a long term punishment and is no free.

Those are appalling occurrences, and in every one of them it seems like those where the most guiltless experienced the more noteworthy preliminary. Life resembles that occasionally! There are times when it appears to be that inconvenience goes to the individuals who should partake in the fullest of life's gifts.

That is the issue the essayist of Ecclesiastes is managing in this section and it is an issue that we as a whole arrangement with every now and then. It is an issue that I might want to address this evening.

Despite the fact that we check out us and see bad form and inconvenience coming to individuals and we might ask why. Despite the fact that we as a whole go through occasions of battle and question the purpose for it in our own lives. Despite the fact that some of you might be there this evening, I need to advise you and show you from God's Word that Everything's Gonna Be All Right! We should discover that reality from the Word Of God This Evening! Truth be told! Regardless of what it looks like this moment, Everything's Gonna Be All Right. Allow me to demonstrate it.


A. Section 12 helps us to remember the well established inquiry that has tormented the core of man since forever ago: "For what reason do the noble endure while the mischievous thrive?" Verse 14 obviously spreads out the issue experienced by the Preacher. This is an inquiry that is tended to ordinarily in the expression of God.

1. It is the focal point of the book of Job! (Incidentally, Job's "companions" presumed that the exemplary don't endure. In this manner, Job's preliminaries were truly the consequence of Job's transgressions! Numerous individuals actually have that assessment in our day!)

2. It is likewise the focal point of Psalm 73. Asaph is almost to the reason behind surrendering as he observes the success of the mischievous and the preliminaries of the exemplary.

3. Hymn 37 additionally manages this issue, as songs 49.

B. Indeed, the possibility that serving God carries with it resistance from preliminaries has made many enduring holy people become baffled and has them to stop serving the Lord. Presently, I need to be evident that serving the Lord carries with it numerous advantages. In case you are saved, you are the partaker of a rundown of advantages that is too long to even consider referencing this evening. Some of which are: Salvation, absolution of transgression, interminable security, a home in paradise, the presence of God, the guarantee of His assistance and arrangement, and so forth Notwithstanding, the greater part of them are otherworldly in nature, while the majority of our preliminaries occur in the actual domain. That is the reason we frequently have an issue tolerating the things that come our direction.

C. In case we are not cautious, when the preliminaries of daily routine start to duplicate in our experiences, we may arrive at the very resolution that the evangelist came to in Ecclesiastes, Ecc. 1:2; Ecc. 2:23. We may very well gone to where we feel that the entirety of life, particularly the prizes of living for the Lord, are only an exercise in futility.

(Sick. Allow me just to advise you that there are no mishaps with the Lord! Sick. "When a cattle rustler applied for a protection strategy, the specialist inquired, "Have you at any point had any mishaps?"

After a second's appearance, the candidate reacted, "No, yet a bronc kicked in two of my ribs the previous summer, several years prior a rattler tore into me on the lower leg."

"Wouldn't you call those mishaps?" asked the confounded specialist.

"Naw," said the cattle rustler. "The two of them did it deliberately!")

D. We have examined the issue, this evening, and it is an issue that we as a whole arrangement with at some time. Presently, how about we permit the Lord Jesus to assist us with accomplishing the legitimate point of view regarding this matter. Notice what He said in John 16:33, "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye may enjoy harmony. On the planet ye will have adversity: yet be happy; I have conquered the world."

As per the Lord, as we travel through life we can expect that there will be pressure put upon us every once in a while. Despite the fact that we know it, as took care of (Job 14:1) it actually troubles us when we see the noble endure.


A. The proceeds to reveal to us that despite the fact that the evil appear to succeed and the upright appear to be unfair weights, things will ultimately turn out for the individuals who love the Lord. He is by all accounts advising us that even our preliminaries can be transformed into wins.

(Sick. A man who was somewhere down paying off debtors needed to stroll past the entryway of a rich money manager every day. The rich man, who had no clue about what it resembled to be poor, learned of the obligation ridden man's situation and seen that he appeared to be exceptionally depressed. At some point, as the helpless man strolled by, the well off man tossed a hefty pack out the entryway. It struck the bystander, somewhat harming him. Seeing nobody around, he got the sack and started to limp away. As he did, he heard the ringing of coins. He opened the sack and surprisingly discovered sufficient cash to take care of his obligation. All of a sudden he heard a voice from the finance manager's entryway, calling, "Keep it; it's yours."

Now and again inconveniences hit us like that weighty sack, wrecking us and causing us injury. In any case, God can bring incredible increase into our lives through these weights and preliminaries.)

B. That is the reason I am happy that I can answer to you this evening that Everything's Gonna Be All Right! It might search terrible for you this evening, however eventually, things will work out very much like God has arranged! Furthermore, you might ask, what has God arranged? He has arranged only the best for His youngsters, Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor, 4:17; Jer. 29:11, "For I know the contemplations that I think toward you, saith the LORD, considerations of harmony, and not of wickedness, to give you a normal end."

C. Permit me just to address a couple of everyday issues where Satan likes to disclose to us that we are burning through our time. That things are no going to work out and everything is vanity and vexation of soul. However, I need to advise you, by the Word of God this evening that everything will be good!

1. The Area Of Our Trials - When the weights os life start to stack up on us, there us an inclination to need to tap out. Let me just remins you that the Lord is working in your life and Everything Is Gonna Be All Right! You may not can see that this evening, however God will work it out eventually!

(Sick. A minister whose child had ended it all rose up to lecture just ten days after the fact. The content he picked was Romans 8:28: "And we realize that in everything God works to benefit the individuals who love him, who have been called by his motivation."

Subsequent to perusing the refrain resoundingly, he was clearly experiencing difficulty proceeding. He said, "I can't make my child's self destruction fit into this section. It's inconceivable for me to perceive how anything great can emerge from it. However I understand that I just find partially. I just know partially.

"It resembles the marvel of the shipyard. Pretty much all aspects of our incredible oceangoing vessels are made of steel. In the event that you take any single part- - be it a steel plate out of the structure or the immense rudder- - and toss it into the sea, it will sink. Steel doesn't glide! In any case, when the shipbuilders are done, when the last plate has been bolted set up, then, at that point that huge steel transport is practically resilient.

"Taken without anyone else, my child's self destruction is silly. Toss it into the ocean of Romans 8:28, and it sinks. In any case, I accept that when the Eternal Shipbuilder has at long last completed, when God has worked out His ideal plan, even this silly misfortune will by one way or another work to our interminable great.") That is the reaction to inconvenience that we are searching for as we travel through our preliminaries this evening.)

2. The Area Of Our Salvation - what number occasions has Satan, or your own tissue, attempted to disclose to you that you are burning through your time taking a stab at considering yourself a Christian? How often has Satan attempted to persuade you that you were not saved? Presently, I couldn't say whether you are saved or not, however I can say that assuming you have confided in Jesus Christ as your own Savior, you have some awesome guarantees that disclose to you plainly that Everything's Gonna Be All Right! Notice: John 10:28; Heb. 7:25; Rom. 8:1; John 5:24; John 6:37. The rundown could continue endlessly. On the off chance that you are truly confiding in Jesus Christ this evening, don't allow Satan to play with you! On the off chance that you are God's kid, Everything's Gonna Be All Right!

3. The Area Of The Church - We are living in a day when individuals, even the individuals who guarantee to be saved, are getting some distance from the congregation. In case we aren't cautious, we will permit Satan, and our own absurd reasoning persuade us that the congregation is in a tough situation and that she's going down. Indeed, I simply need to remind you diminishes evening that Everything's Gonna Be All Right where the congregation is concerned! Recall what Jesus said: "...upon this stone I will assemble my congregation; and the doors of agony will not beat it.", Matt. 16:18. This house is His home and He will deal with it. Coincidentally, He rarely guarantee us that the congregation would consistently remain on the peak. He won't ever do! There will be times when the congregation will stroll through the valley, yet we should figure out how to keep our eyes on Jesus and He will take us through that valley back to get air free from the mountain ridge!

(Sick. In case we aren't cautious, we will become derailed church! It has happened to me! Envision that! You get so centered around who isn't there and what their concern may be that you disregard the person's who are there. As such, we can arrive at where we miss the woods for the trees! May the Lord assist us with recollecting that t

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