HE’S ALL THAT…AND SOMUCH MORE! Song of Solomon 5:8-16

Introduction: The Song of Solomon is just one of two books in the Bible that doesn't make reference to God. The other is the book of Esther. This oversight has made the book be seen as dubious. Some inquiry why this book is even remembered for the ordinance of Scripture. However, the Jews have acknowledged it as enlivened Scripture for millennia.

They see inside its pages a moral story of the connection among Israel and Jehovah. They see this book as a representative outline of God's affection for the Jewish public.

Christians take a to some degree distinctive perspective. Numerous Christian scholars view at the Song of Solomon as a purposeful anecdote of the connection between Jesus Christ and His Bride, the congregation.

I think there is sufficient in the book to fulfill the two perspectives, while there are issues with both too.

As I would see it, this book is a romantic tale. It was composed to narrative the enthusiastic love between a man and his lady. There are some typological lessons in the book, however generally, it is an authentic story of veritable love. Incidentally, it is a delightful image of how hitched love is to be practiced and appreciated by a wedded couple.

Nevertheless, there is no question that there are photos of our Lord painted on the material of this book. In these stanzas, we have one of the most clear and most brilliant.

In 5:2-7 the spouse goes to the bedchamber of his lady of the hour. He has come to invested energy with his first love. At the point when he shows up, she is resting and doesn't wish to get up to give him access, v. 3. He aches for her and ranges in through an opening in the entryway with an end goal to beg her, v. 4. Her heart is blended by his affection for her and she ascends to permit him to enter, v. 5-6a, however he has effectively disappeared, v. 6b. She calls him; she searches for him, however she can't discover him, v. 6. While she looks for him in the late evening, she is confused with a lady of the evening by the city gatekeepers and she is abused, v. 7.

Before I get to what I need to lecture about, let me simply notice the abundance of truth contained in this picture. How frequently has Jesus become obvious, our adoration; just to invest a little energy with us? How frequently have we dismissed Him? Perhaps we were excessively occupied. Perhaps we were too up to speed in our own selves to waste time with Him. Possibly the circumstance was badly designed for us. Whatever the explanation, He came to us and we dismissed Him. That occurs undeniably more than it ought to! At the point when the magnificent Bridegroom comes to us needing he consideration of His Bride, we should drop everything to invest energy with the Lover of our spirits!

Who can say for sure what we have missed by not being responsive to His advances. We dismiss Him, however we believe that He ought to consistently be prepared to meet with us when we need Him. It doesn't generally work that way! At the point when He calls to us, He needs us to react to His call. He needs us to invest energy with Him enthusiastically!

The lady can't discover her husband, and she is abused and misconstrued by the individuals who don't comprehend their relationship.

As per stanza 2 she is relating a fantasy. This fantasy is clear to the point that it stirs a longing inside her heart for her cherished. With an end goal to discover him, she enrolls the assistance of a portion of the other young ladies around, v. 8. She needs them to help her discover him. She needs them to reveal to him when they do that she is infatuated over him, and misses him enormously.

Their reaction is one of mockery, v. 9. They say, "What makes him so unique? What does he have going for him that makes him such a ton better than different men?"

That is only the opening the lady of the hour needs! She is so loaded up with adoration for her dearest that she starts to disclose to them why he is so amazing.

There is a slang term that has been in need for some time, I guess it actually is. It is utilized when a person or thing is superior to any person or thing else. The articulation I am alluding is "all that". At the point when somebody is "all that", they are "of an unrivaled sort; brilliant or appealing." So, for us more seasoned people, in the event that you at any point hear a youngster say that somebody is "all that and a pack of potato chips"; what they mean is this: "That individual is absurd. They are in an alliance without help from anyone else." In the 50's they were "marvelous". In the 60's they were "sweet". In the seventies they were "hip". In the 80's they were "cool". In the 90's they were "magnificent". Today, they are "all that". OK? Alright!

In the event that the Shulamite lady was here today and we asked her to advise us for what good reason he darling was so extraordinary, she may very well gander at us and say, "He's all that!"

I need to take this current lady of the hour's depiction of her husband and talk about our Savior. What she needed to say about her adored has a lot to show us our Beloved. I need to lecture on the thinking He's All That… And So Much More! Allow me to show you why Jesus is all that!


(v. 10A)

A. White is the shade of immaculateness. Bronzed is the portrayal of an individual in the sprout of wellbeing. This lady views at her darling as the quintessence of virtue and wellbeing.

B. These two expressions are a decent portrayal of our Beloved also.

· He is unadulterated, 1 Pet. 2:2; 1 John 3:5; 2 Cor. 5:21. He is blessed. Sin was not so much as a choice with Jesus. He was enticed, however sin got no opportunity against the outright immaculateness of our Redeemer. As an unadulterated, blessed man, Jesus had the option to set out His life on the cross for His kin. At the point when He shed His blood, He was shedding honest blood. The honest was giving His life for the liable. It was a penance acknowledged by God, 1 John 2:2.

· He is reddish. Jesus was the image of masculinity! He was not longhaired, anorexic, frail sissy! He was not the pale confronted, little man depicted by the craftsman's brush! Jesus was a's man! His muscles had been conditioned in the woodworker shop as He designed bull burdens and made stone wheels for carts. He would have been made truly amazing by the numerous miles He strolled across the mountains and through the valleys of Palestine.

His ability is demonstrated by the way that He alone had the option to take a whip and drive the cash transformers from the Temple, not once, however twice, John 2:13-17; Matt. 21:12-13. No man attempted to stop Him!

Clearly Jesus was the perfect example of wholeness and wellbeing and the encapsulation of authentic masculinity. He was all that Adam might have been had he not trespassed. Jesus was all that and that's only the tip of the iceberg!


(v. 10b)

A. The Shulamite lady takes a gander at her dearest and she calls him "the chiefest among 10,000". She says, "When you see him you will know! There's no one like him!"

This brings to mind the day David strolled in the Valley of Elah to look down Goliath. Saul took a gander at the monster and said, "He's too large to even think about battling!" David took a gander at Goliath and said, "He's too huge to even consider missing!" David confronted the monster and David killed the goliath. After the fight, the lady of Israel lifted their voices in tune and said, "… Saul hath killed his thousands, and David his ten thousands," 1 Samuel 18:7. From that day to this David has been the "chiefest among 10,000" to the Jewish psyche.

B. Our Beloved is deserving of more commendation than David! Our Beloved entered the valley of death, looked down transgression, Satan and the grave and took away the triumph! What's more, when we see the cover pulled back and we are permitted a brief look inside that great city, we see Him, the Lamb of God, encircled by holy messengers, "and the quantity of them was multiple times 10,000, and thousands of thousands," Rev. 5:11. They are for the most part commending Him! Wherever you look in the book of Revelation you see the Lamb getting acclaim from those He has reclaimed by His blood, Rev. 4:8-11; 5:8-14; 7:9-12. There's no one like Him!

In any case, that is not all! His Father has "profoundly magnified him, and given him a name which is over each name: (10) That at the name of Jesus each knee should bow, of things in paradise, and things in earth, and things under the earth; (11) And that each tongue ought to admit that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the greatness of God the Father," Phil. 2:9-11.

One day each holy person and delinquent, each heavenly messenger and made being, each evil spirit and Satan himself, will bow at the feet of Jesus and love Him. Each ruler, sovereign, despot, president and chose official will bow before Him. Each superstar and dignitary; each well known and notorious individual who has at any point lived, will prostrate themselves in lowliness before the King of Kings one day! There's nobody who is qualified to remain in His essence. He is the best of the incredible!

C. All I am attempting to say is this present: "He's all that thus substantially more!"


(v. 11-16)

(Sick. In these next six stanzas, the Shulamite attempts to portray the actual traits of her adored. She explains to these different women why he is "all that". In these words intended to depict a man, I can see a picture of the Master. How about we perceive how the bootlicking of this lady uncovers our Redeemer.)

A. v. 11a His Primacy – This expression portrays Him as the sovereign lord. At the point when He was here on this planet, He was the child of a worker lady, yet there was illustrious blood in His veins. He was the relative of King David. At the point when men saw Him, they just saw another Jew. However, a couple got of look at His greatness.

The evil spirits saw it and cried, "What have I to do with you, Jesus, thou Son of the most high God? I implore you by God, that thou torture me not," Mark 5:7. Peter got a brief look at it and said, "Thou workmanship the Christ, the Son of the living God," Matt. 16:16. One day the entire world will see it and bow to Him, "For it is composed, As I live, saith the Lord, each knee will bow to me, and each tongue will

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