Introduction: Ill. At the point when a huge strict assistance was being directed at the Golden Gate Exposition in San Francisco,

numerous individuals immediately became mindful that the clergyman conveying the primary location was not altogether customary. Albeit a skilled speaker, he started to coordinate the vast majority of his expressiveness against the force of the blood of Christ. Ruth E. Marsden relates that when his familiar speech finished, a tentative, old woman stood up amidst the group and delicately started to sing an extraordinary song by William Cowper as a contacting rejoinder to the innovator's comments. A quiet fell over the get together as they heard those weak however recognizable words: "There is a wellspring loaded up with blood drawn from Immanuel's veins, and miscreants plunged underneath that flood lose all their liable stains." Before she could start the subsequent verse, around 100 individuals rose to join her. When she arrived at the third section, almost 1,000 Christians all around the crowd were singing that favored melody of confidence. The victorious, exciting strains rang so anyone can hear and clear: "Dear passing on Lamb, Thy valuable blood will never lose its force, till all the delivered church of God be saved to sin no more." Many were profoundly moved as that modest devotee defended her Lord and with the light of Heaven upon her face gave declaration that she enjoyed discovered harmony through the blood of His cross!

We live in a dismal hour. An hour where many, the two inside and without the congregation see no requirement for antiquated, Bible-focused, blood-purchased salvation. They make statements like, "Man needn't bother with the Blood to be saved." We live in when numerous fundamental line sections have moved to announcing a social Gospel rather than a Gospel broadcasting salvation through the Blood of Christ. Some have even ventured to such an extreme as to eliminate tunes managing the Blood from their futuristic, liberal hymn books. Pay attention to this statement from a female scholar named Delores Williams, "I don't think we need a hypothesis of reparation by any means… I don't think we need people holding tight peevish and blood trickling and bizarre stuff."

All things considered, I am apprehensive it doesn't a lot matter what Ms. Williams or others of her assortment think. What is important is the thing that God has said! Similarly as a body discharged of blood turns into a carcass, so confidence without the purifying Blood of Jesus is DEAD! The Blood is the bedrock of our confidence and practice. The Church, the Bible, the Gospel and our confidence, aside from the Blood, are altogether dead! In any case, say thanks to God for the Blood! I'm happy that I can answer to you that the Blood is still there!

Others may escape from the reality of a Bloody salvation, yet I will stick to the Blood. Religion may discredit it and call it obsolete, terrible and boorish, however I'll simply stay with the Blood of Jesus. Robert Lowery hit the nail on the head when he wrote that old tune, "Only The Blood." today, I am going to lecture for a brief period on this idea, Nothing But The Blood.

On the off chance that you have never confided in Jesus Christ in saving confidence, this message is intended to show you what just Christ's blood can do in your life. In the event that you are saved, this message will fill in as an empowering token of what you have in Jesus Christ today.

Notice with me how just the Blood can help you as we take a gander at "Only The Blood Of Jesus."

Only The Blood Can:


A. As per this stanza, Jesus was "destined", before the world was at any point made to turn into the Sacrifice for transgression. (Sick. Fire up. 13:8)

B. He got numerous things done during His stroll on earth:

1. God became tissue – John 1:1, 14; Phil. 2:5-8

2. Jesus Fulfilled Many Old Testament Prophecies:

a. Virgin Born – Isa. 7:14

b. Brought into the world in Bethlehem – Micah 5:2

c. Seed Of David – Jer. 23:5

d. Man of Sorrows – Matt. 8:20; Isa. 53:3

e. A Man of Compassion – Isa. 42:3; Ill. His numerous wonders and efforts to fallen men.

3. Jesus Lived A Sinless Life – 1 Pet. 2:22; 2 Cor. 5:21

4. Jesus Taught A Better Way To Live – Ill. Matt. 5:27-48 – "Ye have heard it said… .But, I say unto you."

5. Jesus Zealously Defended The Truth Of God – He purified the Temple – John 2:15. He was consistently in favor of right!

6. Jesus Perfectly Modeled God Before Men – John 14:9

7. Jesus did as such numerous things that John announces the world to be too little to even consider holding every one of the books that could be expounded on His deeds – John 21:25.

C. Notwithstanding, Jesus never turned into the real Savior of men until He climbed Calvary, was nailed to the cross and shed His Precious, (held as of incredible cost and particularly dear), Blood. (Sick. It isn't the existence of Christ or His lessons that save the spirit, it is His Blood and that by itself – Heb. 9:22.

D. In His passing, He turned into our Savior! (Sick. John 15:13)

Only The Blood:


A. Refrain 18 pronounces us to have been "Reclaimed." This word signifies, "To free by the installment of a payment."

B. Miscreants need reclamation. Why?

1. They are captives to sin – Rom. 3:23; Rom. 3:10; Eph. 2:1-3; Jn. 8:44.

2. They are lost and isolated from God – Isa. 59:2

3. They are Hell bound and miserable separated from Jesus – Psa.


C. Christ's Blood offers the reclamation heathens need.

1. The Blood liberates us from transgression's force – Rom. 6:14

2. The Blood carries us into association with the Father – Rev. 5:9

3. The Blood gives harmony and confirmation – Rom. 5:1

4. It changes our interminable predetermination – Rom. 5:9 (Ill. Fire up. 7:9-14)

D. Take a stab at anything you will, just the Blood fits men for Heaven!

(Sick. Scholar Emery Bancroft expressed, "A few years prior a Parliament of Religion was held in Chicago, regarding the World's Fair. At that Parliament the extraordinary ethnic beliefs of the world were addressed. Individually the main men emerged and represented Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, and [Islam]. Then, at that point Dr. Joseph Cook of Boston, who had been decided to address Christianity, emerged to talk. 'Here is Lady Macbeth's hand,' he said, 'stained with the foul homicide of Duncan. Consider her to be she perambulates through the lobbies and passageways of her palatial home, halting to cry, "Out [cursed] spot! Out I say! Will these hands ne'er be spotless?"' Then going to those situated on the stage, he said, 'Can any of you who are so restless to proliferate your strict frameworks offer any purifying viability for the wrongdoing and blame of Lady Macbeth's wrongdoing?' A severe quiet was kept up with by them all....Only the blood of Christ ...can cleanse the still, small voice from dead attempts to serve the living God." He then, at that point cited 1 John 1:7, "And the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all transgression." With that, he plunked down.)

E. The individuals who are saved can sing the melody of the recovered. (Sick. The delight of realizing that you are everlastingly saved through the Blood of Jesus.)

Only The Blood:


A. Stanza 22 proclaims that dutifulness to the reality of God's Word filters the spirit from wrongdoing.

B. This has consistently been God's arrangement:

1. Adam and Eve – Gen. 3:21

2. Cain and Abel – Gen. 4:2-4

3. Noah after the flood – Gen. 8:20-21

4. At the point when God gave love rules to the Jews, He requested Blood – Lev. 4:4-5; Lev. 17:11.

5. Under this New Covenant, He actually hasn't altered His perspective – Heb. 9:22.

C. Notwithstanding, even with every one of the large numbers of gallons of blood that was shed over those a long time, not one single sin was scrubbed away. They were possibly moved up until when Jesus would go to the cross and shed His Blood for our wrongdoings. (Sick. Heb. 9:11-14; Heb. 10:4-14)

D. Religion can't do it, acts of kindness can't do it, living in fantasy land can't do it, ardent guarantees can't so it, yet one excursion to an antiquated raised area can!! (Sick. The lady at the well – John 4:13-14)

Only The Blood


A. What the Blood does in us is an eternity work! (Sick. Ethical seed.)

B. It promises us endless security. (John 3:16; Eph. 4:30)

C. The Blood gives security! (Sick. In the event that acts of kindness is what I trust, imagine a scenario where they turn awful. In the event that I am relying on being acceptable, imagine a scenario where I turn sour?) The Blood guarantees total security in Jesus – John 10:28.

Sick. For a long time in the commercial center of Rotterdam, Holland, stood an old corner house known as "the place of 1,000 dread." In the sixteenth century King Philip II of Spain governed over Holland. In his banished of the Dutch, he tormented, harmed, detained, and ousted thousands. At the point when individuals ascended in disobedience, he sent a Spanish armed force under the Duke of Alva to put down the resistance.

The city of Rotterdam held out boldly for a few while, then, at that point at last fell before the Spanish armed force The victors went from one house to another, ferreting out the residents, then, at that point killing them discount in their homes. In one house a gathering of men, ladies and kids clustered together, 1,000 fear holding their hearts as the Spanish warriors drew nearer.

Out of nowhere a young fellow had a thought. Taking a youthful goat having a place with the premises, he killed it's anything but, a brush cleared its blood under the entryway of the house. Then, at that point they stood by enthusiastically as strides drew closer. Before long the Spaniards were dealing at the entryway Then the)' heard one of them say "took at the blood running under the entryway Come away, men, the work here is now done!"

A little later the military pulled out, permitting a band of appreciative individuals to arise, safe bone-dry sound. They lived in light of the fact that a goat had kicked the bucket.

Sick. During the Boor Wars in South Africa, a few injured British troopers became caught in a downturn and were under hefty fire from the adversary. In franticness, they utilized their own blood to paint a red cross on a piece of white material. This they attached to a rifle and lifted it out of their opening. Their adversary saw the frightful image and had regard for it, dismissing their fire.

Sick. After Napoleon's loss at Waterloo, he would regularly highlight

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