Introduction: The Lord might have contrasted His kin with anything on earth. He might have said, "My kin resemble bears, they are solid!" He might have said, "My kin resemble lions, they are boldness, intrepid and fearless!" He might have said, "My kin resemble foxes on the grounds that they are so adroit and shrewd." He might have even said, "My kin resemble birds since they are so serene and tame."

All things considered, when the Lord depicted His kin. He called them sheep. As you might possibly know, sheep are not the most brilliant creatures to at any point show up on the earth. Indeed, they have gained notoriety for being very dumb! They are moronic and they are exposed! They require a shepherd to really focus on them. They require a shepherd to ensure them. They require somebody who will care for their littlest necessities and who will lead them to where they should be. At the point when the Lord called us sheep, it very well might be not exactly complimenting, however it is perfect!

Since sheep are so penniless, they structure a unique bond with their shepherd. He is needed to become acquainted with them personally. He knows the ones who are inclined to meander. He knows the more vulnerable ones. He knows the unwavering ones as well. He even knows them all by name. The sheep, regardless of their ineptitude, gets comfortable with the voice of the shepherd. They know his sound and his smell. There is a connection among sheep and shepherd that simply isn't found elsewhere in the realm of agribusiness.

Assuming you at any point come to get that, being known as a sheep isn't something terrible all things considered! This much darling Psalm permits us a brief look into the extraordinary connection between the Heavenly Shepherd and his human sheep. We are reminded in these refrains that we partake in an extraordinary tie with our Shepherd. Notice the gifts we can gather from this Psalm today as we ponder The Shepherd And His Sheep.


A. V. 1 By His Relationship To The Sheep - David shows that his relationship with the Heavenly Shepherd is extremely very close. Notice the utilization of "My Shepherd" in section 1. Notice how he changes from "he" to "thy and thou" in sections 4-5. These show that David is discussing One Whom he knows personally and by and by. (Note: David knew from individual experience how close the Shepherd/sheep relationship was. He realized that the shepherd was personally associated with each space of every sheep's life. The shepherd lived with the sheep. He knew them by name. They were acquainted with his voice and his quality. They readily followed him any place he lead them and they confided in his to supply each need they had. He took this relationship and applied to that which he delighted in with the Lord.) (Note: This is the very relationship that each recovered offspring of God appreciates with the Lord Jesus Christ today. We are in a close, individual relationship with Him. At the point when He was here on this planet, He named Himself as the "Great Shepherd", John 10:1-15. This section advises us that Jesus gave His very life to save the sheep. It talks about the closeness of our relationship with Him. How He knows us by name. How He calls us to follow Him. How we perceive His voice and react in humble acquiescence. That is the sort of relationship we have with the Lord.) (Note: Are you in a situation to call Him "my Shepherd" today? Sick. How that becomes conceivable!)

B. V. 1-4 By His Responsibility To The Sheep - Using the language of the sheepfold, David portrays how the Lord pastors to His sheep. David mentions to us what the Lord has willingly volunteered to accomplish for every one of the individuals who have a place with Him.

1. He Promises Them His Provision - We are reminded that the Good Shepherd brings His sheep into places where they can benefit from the best grasses, rest from their movements and discover reward and harmony close to peaceful pools. All in all, David is saying that the individuals who have a place with the Lord are very much tended to and have every one of their necessities met by the Shepherd of their spirits! (Sick. Matt. 6:25-33)

2. He Promises Them His Paths - The Good Shepherd consistently drives His sheep in the correct manner. Regardless of whether His way drives us through the glen, as in section 2, or into the chasm as in stanza 4, He generally drives us in the best way of all: His way! (Note: No one generally prefers where the way of life drives them, however in case they are following the Good Shepherd, they can be guaranteed that He will consistently lead them in the correct way, Psa. 37:23.) (Note: The word ways comes from a word that signifies "circuit or circle". The Lord's initiative consistently drives us in a way that makes us "circle" Him. Similarly as the bodies in Heaven are dependent upon the gravitational draw of the sun, the individuals who are in His circle are kept in a correct way about Him consistently!)

3. He Promises Them His Presence - The presence of the Good Shepherd with His sheep is a subject that penetrate the actual texture of this Psalm. From the possibility of His authority in stanzas 2-3 to His essence in the most obscure of times in refrain 4, to His cozy movement in section 5, the Lord is found in closeness to His sheep. He is consistently there to lead them, feed them, secure them and to look after them consistently. This is the honored truth that God's kids should celebrate in today, Heb. 13:5; Matt. 28:20.

4. He Promises Them His Protection - David specifies the executes of the shepherd's insurance: the bar and the staff. Every one of these apparatuses had an unmistakable reason in the existence of the sheep. The staff was a long shaft with a convict close to the end. With this carry out, the shepherd would address the sheep, draw them close when they started to meander and lift them out of the cleft into which they may fall. The bar was garbage more limited than the staff and was utilized by the shepherd to shield the sheep from whatever could attempt to assault the herd. So too are the brought back to life sheep of the Lord secured by Him both evening and day! We partake in a position of supreme assurance with Him, Col. 3:3. (Note: Our adversary might stroll probably as a thundering lion searching for casualties to eat up, 1 Pet. 5:8, however he has been anchored and our Father holds the chain!)

C. V. 3 By His Restoration Of The Sheep - Just as a fatigued sheep is revived by devouring in the green field and drinking from the still waters and lying in a position of security and harmony, so are the holy people of God invigorated by their heavenly Shepherd. Think about the dry season that was in your spirit when you were yet in wrongdoing! Recollect how the Lord came and acquired life to you that awful condition! Recollect the occasions since when you have dismissed His home, His Word and His association and you have become fatigued and worn and by and by the coldblooded arms of the deadness and briskness started to lace themselves around your spirit. Presently, consider how He came to you in your lost condition or in your backslidden condition and how He pardoned you every one of your transgressions and intrudes. How He inhaled new life into your spirit. How He brought back the redden of youth into the cheeks of your otherworldly man. Recollect when He lifted you out of the pit of aloofness and smugness and let you investigate the guaranteed place where there is otherworldly triumph! That is how He helps His sheep! He replaces their deadness with His life. He dissolves the briskness of their souls with the warmness of His hug. He changes the soul and restores the chilly heart! (Note: This is constantly cultivated thanks to admission and apology, 1 John 1:9. In the event that things in your day to day existence are not as they ought to be, I would urge you to get to the Shepherd! He will reestablish your spirit and put you where you should be!)

Do You Know The Shepherd?


(Note: The scene has transformed from a Shepherd and His sheep to a Host and His visitors. David discloses to us that even while traveling through the region of the foe, the Lord sets aside the effort to deal with him like and respected visitor. This is found a few different ways in this refrain.)

A. Through His Arrangements - Usually a warrior in hostile area would be compelled to swallow down a rushed feast admirably well while he cringed in dread of being found, caught or killed. In any case, the Lord spreads the table for His youngsters directly in the center of the hostile area's and the best anyone can hope for at this point is to watch us as we devour the favors of the Lord. (Note: I don't imagine that we will at any point completely handle this, however there are times in life that appear to be practically deplorable to us as people. It is those occasions when the adversary comes to us and taunts us and to scrutinize our assurance to follow the Lord. Yet, through the service of the Lord, He can transform the most noticeably awful of times into the best of favors. He leaves us devouring His effortlessness while the foe pouts, incapable to obstruct us, hurt us or even touch us! That is the way the Lord orchestrates life for His wonder and our great, Rom. 8:28; 2 Cor. 4:17.)

B. Through His Anointing - When visitors visited in a home, they were frequently blessed with oil to show them the amount they intended to their host. It was viewed as an affront not to wash the feet and bless the top of your visitors. As we travel through this life, the Lord makes a move to bless us with the oil of His effortlessness. His integrity and endowments are largely updates that we are valuable in His sight! (Note: I don't mind what Satan might have advised you, you are valuable to the Lord! So valuable, indeed, that He sent His Son to bite the dust for you on the cross, John 3:16; Rom. 5:8. So valuable that He gave His all so you may be saved! In the event that you are saved, you are His kid! Embraced in His family and His beneficiary! You are valuable in His sight today! Nobody is more cherished than you are!)

C. Through His Abundance - David discloses to us that the Lord's endowments in his day to day existence are incredible to such an extent that he has beyond what he can deal with! His cup has passed full and has run over into the saucer! (Note: That is actually how the Lord treats His valuable youngsters. On the off chance that you are in where He can favor you, watch out, in light of the fact that He absolutely will! On the off chance that some of you were to affirm today, you

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