Introduction: The previous month and a half had been a tornado for the Lord's supporters. Only forty days sooner they had seen Him pass on a cross. On that day everything they could ever hope for and trusts came colliding with the ground.

They shrouded themselves away in dread of enduring a similar destiny Jesus had encountered. Be that as it may, three days after Jesus kicked the bucket, He appeared to them alive once more. Their Lord has become alive once again! There was trust. Still they faltered. They were up and they were down.

Then, at that point, the Lord approached them and started to show them a few realities they urgently had to know, v. 3. He is disappearing He advises them, and He is leaving HIs work, His service in their grasp.

• They had to know what the Lord expected of them, and He instructed them.

• They had to know what they were to do, and the Lord educated them.

• They required solace for their pained hearts, and He offered it to them.

• He went through forty days with His men training them, consoling them, and investing energy with them.

In the wake of going through the forty days with Jesus after His revival, the pupils are remaining with Jesus on the Mount of Olives. He gives them some last expressions of guidance, then, at that point while they are watching Him, He starts to ascend, rising into the sky. Abruptly, He is no more. He is taken from their quality, and they are left in bewilderment on the mountain without him.

At that time, the supporters are loaded up with a bigger number of inquiries than answers. Their brains are without a doubt loaded up with many confounding musings.

While they remain there turning upward in to the sky, heavenly messengers, couriers from God, appear to them and say, "Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye looking up into paradise?" The holy messengers ask, "What Are You Looking At?" as such, "What has your consideration? What are you centered around?" "What are you taking a gander at?"

That is the idea I might want to investigate today. I need to lecture on the inquiry, What Are You Looking At? I need to call attention to certain issues that consumed the personalities of the devotees the day Jesus climbed once again into Heaven. Those equivalent issues are on the personalities of large numbers of God's kids today. How about we investigate these issues together and hear the word God has for us today


While Jesus remains with His followers on the Mount of Olives, teaching them in their errand and in His reality, He is unexpectedly "taken up" into Heaven. Gravity unexpectedly lost its control over Jesus, and He started to rise very high, until He vanished into a "cloud".

"Cloud" doesn't allude to a common downpour cloud. It alludes to the magnificence cloud that encompasses the actual presence of God. As such, when it came time for Jesus to leave this world, His Father got Him up into the Father's Own magnificence, and took Him home.

After Jesus climbs into Heaven, His followers "looked ardently toward Heaven", v. 10. Refrain 11 says they were "looking up into Heaven". The words "looked relentlessly" and "looking" interpret a similar word. It signifies "to affix the eyes upon, to take a gander at something". It implies they were mesmerized on Jesus as He climbed once again into Heaven, astounded at what was occurring. They truly shouldn't have been stunned. All things considered, Jesus revealed to them it would occur, John 6:62; 16:28; 17:11.

This captivated "looking" and "looking" of the supporters into Heaven talks about more than them simply remaining there in riveted awe. It proposes that they were taking care of Him like men who were stressed they had lost somebody until the end of time. It's anything but a look of miserable bewilderment, of pity, of beaten down awe. Maybe that is the reason the heavenly messengers gave a gentle reprimand to the devotees in section 10.

For the pupils, the climb of the Lord once more into Heaven made a huge difference. Throughout the previous three years these men had gone through essentially every second with Jesus. They had left family, companions, and business to follow Him. Presently, He is gone, and they don't have the foggiest idea what to do.

I'm sure that the Lord's takeoff left the supporters confounded and concerned. They didn't see totally why He needed to leave them here, while He got back to the Father.

There are least three reasons why Jesus needed to go to Heaven while His men remained here.

• If Jesus had not disappeared, the Spirit of God couldn't have come, John 16:7. These men had been strolling by sight. They lived with Jesus. They heard His voice. They saw His supernatural occurrences. They felt His touch. He was genuine. He was substantial. The was there.

At the point when Jesus kicked the bucket on the cross, the supporters were loaded up with dread, John 20:19. Even after the restoration, some of them almost quit on the Lord, John 21:3. These men were so familiar with be with Jesus they didn't really accept that they could work without Him.

At the point when Jesus leaves, and the Holy Spirit comes, these men will figure out how to "stroll by confidence, not by sight", 2 Corinthians 5:7. The Spirit of God will be in them to enable them for administration. Jesus needed to utilize HIs men to get extraordinary things done. He would achieve that through the Holy Spirit, John 14:12.

We appreciate that equivalent gift today. Since Jesus disappeared, and the Spirit came, He stays inside each offspring of God to lead them, guide them, help them, solace them, and train them in the methods of God, John 16.

• Jesus went to Heaven to make mediation for them. At the point when He rose once again into Heaven, Jesus sat on the right hand of His Father, Hebrews 1:3. I can't clarify how this functions, yet the Bible instructs us that when Jesus climbed into Heaven, He took His kin with Him, Ephesians 2:6. At the point when He plunked down in Heaven, His kin plunked down in Heaven with Him. He is there today as our delegate, ensuring that where He is, we will one day be as well, John 14:1-3.

We have a delegate within. Our Savior is within the sight of God, where "He at any point lives to make mediation for us", Hebrews 7:25. That is, when sin creeps into our lives, when Satan blames us before the seat for God, we have a Savior Who says, "That obligation has effectively been paid", 1 John 2:1.

His essence in Heaven is the reason the holy people of God are endlessly secure. The Savior is truly mediating with the Father. In this manner, we can stand, both now and later, innocent in the Father's sight. "Presently unto him that can hold you back from falling, and to introduce you flawless before the presence of his magnificence with surpassing euphoria," (Jude 1:24 KJV)

• Jesus went to Heaven with the goal that He could return for His kin sometime in the not so distant future. Before went to the cross, He guaranteed that He would return for His kin, John 14:3. The heavenly messengers at the climb reaffirmed that guarantee, Acts 1:9-10. As the Scripture shuts, His guarantee is rehashed in Revelation 22:20. In that section Jesus said, "Clearly, I come rapidly".

All we as devotees have at any point known is that Jesus isn't here truly. I need to remind that, while He isn't here with us, He is actually present in Heaven. At some point, He will return for His kin to take them to Heaven, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18. 1 Corinthians 15:51-52.

One component that consumed the personalities of the pupils that day was the rising of Jesus into magnificence of Heaven, and into the presence of His Father. We would do well to ponder His climb and celebrate in how it affects us.

I. A Compelling Departure


With Jesus disappearing, the devotees are worried about what's in store both for them, and for crafted by the Lord. They get some information about the future, and about when they can anticipate that He should set up the realm of God. They need to know whether the opportunity has arrived, or on the off chance that they should pause.

The appropriate response the Lord gives them is everything except clear. Jesus advises them, basically, that such matters are not their business, but rather have a place with the mystery, fortunate activities of the Lord. Deuteronomy 29:29 says, "The mysterious things have a place unto the LORD our God… "

What's to come is something mysterious, what man is kept from knowing. No purported clairvoyant, medium, seer, or prophet can stop for a minute will happen tomorrow. Nobody however God knows what's on the horizon or when Jesus will come for His kin. Any individual who says distinctive is misdirecting you.

While no human may know what's in store, we do realize Who holds what's to come. Our Father remains outside time. He rises above the limits of existence. While we can't see the future, the Lord is as of now in the entirety of our days to come. He has arranged our direction, and requested our means, Psalm 37:23; Proverbs 16:9.

That is an encouraging idea, right? Our reality is loaded up with agony, distress, and sorrow. None of realizes whether tomorrow will be preferred or more terrible over today. Despite what the way of life hold for us, our Father not just strolls with us, Hebrews 13:5, He likewise strolls in front of us to get our future.

Tomorrow is something confounding to us humans. All things considered, we are not guaranteed that we will be here, Proverbs 27:1. Today we are here, tomorrow we might be in endlessness. Today the reasonable breezes might be blowing around us, tomorrow may discover us in the tempest of our lives. While the future might be covered in secret, taking everything into account, we have the Lord's confirmation that He is now there, and that He has the future well close by.

The followers were worried about the future, yet they had no should be. The Father had the future well close by. You should? Is it true that you are worried about tomorrow? Do stresses, fears, and questions about tomorrow inconvenience you? In the event that they do, you have no should be concerned or apprehensive. Your Father has effectively dealt with every one of your days to come. They are all in His grasp as are you!

I. A Compelling Departure

II. A Confusing Future


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