Introduction: An old evangelist had in every case subtly feared demise and was frail to reassure other people who were confronting that possibility. Ultimately he moved from the space where he had lived and served for a large portion of his grown-up life. At the point when all the furnishings and boxes had been put in the van, he waited in the home where his youngsters had been conceived and where he had appreciated such countless favored long stretches of fellowship with the Lord. All at once a personal associate, who had been assisting with the pressing, came and tapped him on the shoulder. "Minister," he said, "accompany us; your new home is superior to this one." The man didn't know it at that point, yet he had lectured an amazing "message" to his companion. His words made the priest see that his home in Heaven would be far better than the things of this world. From that point onward, the minister as of now not feared passing on.

As we arrive at the finish of this series of lessons revolving around the final days, I can think about no preferable method to end it over to end it with a message about Heaven: the favored home of the recovered. Say thanks to God, there is an honored home looking out for the offspring of God that is obviously better than anything we have down here. I might want for us to join John as he records the sights and hints of that favored spot we call Heaven. I might want to share some of what the Bible instructs about where those who are saved by the blood of Jesus will spend endlessness. We should look through the entryways together as we get A Glimpse Of A Place Called Heaven.


A. A Real Place - Heaven is a however genuine as this spot we may be in today! Indeed, there are truly three sky! Truth be told! To begin with, there is the Terrestrial Heaven - This alludes to the air of the earth and the air above us. Then, at that point, there is the Tellestial Heaven - This is the place where the stars and the planets are. Thirdly, there is the Celestial Heaven - This is where God resides. The spot every one of the holy people of God long for. This is the spot we long to be. This is the spot we call home!

It is a genuine spot! Paul was taken there - 2 Cor. 12:2-4; John was taken there in his vision - Rev. 4:1-5:14. That grand land is pretty much as genuine as New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo or Morganton. It is a genuine spot where a genuine God resides, Who will be gone along with one day by the individuals who are truly saved. Paradise is genuine!

B. A Resting Place - Heb. 4:3-11 - The Bible discloses to us that we are "pioneers and outsiders" in this world at the present time, Hebrews 11:13-16! At the point when we enter the doors of that city, we will have set out the weights of this presence and gone to a position of harmony and rest, an ideal spot where weights can't follow and inconveniences can't come. At the point when we arrive, we will be home! It is a spot to rest from our works, our considerations, our concerns, our preliminaries, all that obstructed us here won't be wanted there! We will rest when we return home!

C. A Residing Place - Heaven is where some being make their homes. The holy messengers live in Heaven. Indeed, every brief look into that nation includes the presence of the heavenly host.

God the Father stays in Heaven, Psa. 11:4; Rev. 4:1-5:16. The recovered of the ages will likewise live in Heaven with the Lord God. The prior night Jesus went to the cross to pass on for the wrongdoing of the world, He gave His trains a wonderful guarantee. He disclosed to them that He planned to set up a spot for them: a manor in His Father's home, John 14:1-3! At the point when we show up there, we will be home in a chateau arranged only for us by the valuable Lord Jesus. We will be always home!

I. Paradise Is A Genuine Place


A. Magnificent In Its Beauty - Never has there been a city depicted like this city! To endeavor to portray its wonders is to deplete every one of the descriptors and unmistakable language known to man. Paul more likely than not had this as a top priority when he said, "Yet as it is composed, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have gone into the core of man, the things which God hath ready for them that adoration him." 1 Cor. 2:9. It is basically impossible that that I can sufficiently portray this city in the entirety of its magnificence, yet I would like to simply specify three speedy musings.

1. Its Creation - Note the utilization of the expression "I make", v. 5. This is a city worked by God Himself. He made it! He framed it! He outfitted it! It is a city that bears the stamp of His force and character. He fabricated a city that mirrors His magnificence. The magnificence, the greatness, the abundance, and luxuriousness of this city are just restricted by those parts of God Himself! Since He knows no restrictions in those spaces, then, at that point this city is limitless too. It will be more superb than the brain can grasp!

2. Its Duration - All the urban communities of this world disintegrate and rot. Each building made by the hand of man should continually be revamped and fixed! Not Heaven! It is a city of such development that it won't ever disintegrate or rot, 1 Pet. 1:4. It won't ever require paint, floor covering or fix. It won't require tidying, cleaning or vacuuming. It won't ever be transformed into a ghetto, or destroyed to clear a path for a shopping center. It will stand for eternity! The ideal illustration of what an ideal God can do by His incredible force! Indeed, this city is so loaded up with brilliance that even forever itself won't debilitate all that God has arranged for you and me, Eph. 2:7.

3. Its Examination - In this section, John attempts to portray this city as he analyzed it. Notice a portion of the things he educates us concerning this superb spot called Heaven.

a. v. 15-17 It's Size - Ill. The city - 1,500 miles square. Perhaps a block, or a pyramid! Maybe a circle! Would have a width bigger than the moon. In case it were set along the east coast, is would extend from the Atlantic to the Colorado, and from the Canadian line to the Gulf of Mexico. Sick. The Wall stands roughly 216 feet tall. Magnificence as opposed to assurance is the reason for the plan. Sick. Jasper all over the place! The wonder of God will emanate and be reflected from each surface.

b. v.18a The Wall - Clear Jasper.

c. v.18b The City - Pure Gold. (Sick. Unadulterated gold is straightforward!)

d. v.19-20 The Foundations.

1. Jasper - Clear - (Ill. Icicles)

2. Sapphire - Clear Blue

3. Chalcedony - Yellowish Green

4. Emerald - Deep Green

5. Sardonyx - White with layers of red.

6. Sardius - Fiery Red

7. Chrysolyte - Golden Yellow

8. Beryl - Sea Green

9. Topaz - Greenish Yellow

10. Chrysopasus - Golden Green

11. Jacinth - Violet

12. Amethyst - Purple.

Sick. The splendor of the greatness as the light from Jesus Christ Light and Power bursts through the 12 establishments and is reflected and prismed by the Jasper of the city. (Sick. The Rainbow - The City will be a splendid declaration to the extraordinary greatness of God.

e. v.21a The Gates - Gigantic pearls.

f. v.21b The Street - Transparent gold. Sick. Just a single road!

g. At the very least this city is undeniably more brilliant than anything the human psyche can at any point desire to fathom. Everything thing a man can manage is make the vital arrangements and go see it for himself!

B. Brilliant In Its Blessings - While every one of the wonders of Heaven mark it a spot novel from some other in the universe, It isn't the actual traits of this city that work everything out such that unique! There are two extraordinary facts referenced in these sections that reveal to me that Heaven is the spot I am searching for.

1. V. 3, 22 The Presence Of God - According to these two sections, and Rev. 22:3-4, when we get to Heaven, we will see God Himself! The present moment, we are isolated from Him by this tissue that we wear. At some point, we will remain in His essence liberated from this tissue and we will see Him in the entirety of His wonder!

In that day, we will actually want to bow at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ, the One Who readily left Heaven above and went to the cross for me! Companion, that will be sufficient for me! I truly imagine that all the other things will disappear when He materializes!

2. V. 4-5 The Promise Of God - These stanzas reveal to us the valuable truth that every one of the things that upset and ruin life here won't be permitted into that spot. None of the things that carry tears to our eyes will be there! Indeed, even the actual tears will be perpetually expelled from that land! What a superb future anticipates the offspring of God!

I. Paradise Is A Genuine Place

II. Paradise Is A Glorious Place


A. Protected For The Saved - "To a legacy ethical, and pure, and that fadeth not away, held in paradise for you,", 1 Pet. 1:4. Paradise is a select spot! Truly, it has been made for a select gathering of people! Just those with the legitimate qualifications will be permitted inside the entryways of that city! Truth be told, the passage necessities are severe to such an extent that there is just a single method to get in! In the event that anybody attempts to hinder another, they will be always ousted from that city! There is just a single Door, John 10:9, and His name is Jesus, John 14:6.

The best way to get into Heaven is through confidence in Him! The Bible says, "You should be brought back to life.", John 3:3; 7. This implies that you should believe Jesus and Jesus alone to save your spirit. Religion won't work. Church won't work. Being kindness not work. The lone thing that will save you is an individual relationship with Jesus Christ, Acts 16:31. Is it true that you are saved toward the beginning of today? Is it true that you are certain that on the off chance that you passed on today that you would be conceded admittance into Heaven? Assuming there is even the shadow of an uncertainty in your brain, I beseech you for the sake of Jesus, kindly get that thing settled today!

B. Protected From Sorrow - I have effectively addressed this idea today, yet you need to realize that nothing from this world will enter that world! Truth be told, in these two sections there is a broad rundown of "No more" things. Notice a couple of them:

1. V. 1 No More Sea - Division and detachment

2. V. 4 No More Sadness - Tears

3. V. 4 No More Sleep - Death

4. V. 4 No More Sorrow

5. V. 4 No More Suffering

6. V. 22 No More Sanctuar

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