Introduction: We all know what a display a wedding can be. A great many dollars are spent attempting to deliver an ideal second in time that will consolidate a couple in conjugal delight. Regularly, the congregation is enlivened to the nines, the lady is dazzling in her unadulterated white wedding dress, the husband to be stands anxiously at the front of the congregation. It is an uncommon second in the existences of those two people and for individuals who know and love them. Weddings, here on earth, are something exceptional!

Each and every individual who has a wedding is searching for a certain something: a marriage made in paradise! Indeed, I simply need you to realize that while a few relationships might have been made in paradise, they actually must be experienced our here on earth. That, in itself, makes them all not exactly great.

Today, we go to an occasion in paradise that will occur while the earth is amidst the Tribulation Period. It will occur after the Judgment Seat of Christ and it will include the entirety of God's youngsters. This occasion is normally alluded to as The Marriage Super Of The Lamb. It will be a period of extraordinary satisfaction for every one of the reclaimed individuals of God! For the congregation, the final days shape up this way: In the Rapture, we will be Caught Up; at the Judgment Seat of Christ, we will be Cleaned Up; and at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, we will be Cheered Up! It is this occasion that we need to stop on for some time today. I need to inform you regarding A Marriage Made In Heaven.

My longing in lecturing this lesson is to help the individuals who are saved comprehend that there are some honored days ahead for individuals of God. I likewise need the individuals who don't have the foggiest idea about the Lord to realize that they need to prepare to meet the Lord. He is coming and He will take His kin to Heaven. Yet, He will just take His kin! The rest will be abandoned to persevere through the Tribulation and face the flames of Hell. Along these lines, toward the beginning of today, we should go on an outing to Heaven and perceive how relationships are made around there.


(Sick. This is somewhat in reverse. Regularly, a wedding is trailed by festivity. The time before a wedding is generally loaded up with enormous pressure and numerous long stretches of planning time. While it is a glad time for those included, it is everything except a period of festivity. In Heaven, things are unique! It appears from this section that Heaven celebrates prior and then afterward the wedding. I like that! The reason for such an excess of cheering in referenced in stanza 7. It appears to be that the marriage of the Lord Jesus is the impetus for Heaven's hymns of commendation. Those in Heaven lift their voices in four "Glory be's" that fill the sky with acclaim. We should tune in earlier today and see why Heaven acclaims God!)

A. V. 1 The Hallelujah Of Redemption - Heaven adulates the Lord for all He has accomplished for them, (The cross, the blood, the vacant grave, and so forth) They are saved, they are in Heaven and they have motivation to yell!

(Sick. Quite a while back, in Wales, there carried on a man by the name of Billy Bray. He was a bygone era shouter! Large numbers of individuals who heard him yell used to reprimand him for lauding the Lord so noisily thus regularly. At whatever point they would attempt to stop him, old Billy would react by saying, "I can't resist! God has been so acceptable to me! With each progression I take I recall His brilliance!" He said, "I put my right foot down and it says 'Thank heaven'. I put my left foot down and it says, 'So be it'." With that, Billy Bray would walk off yelling "Glory be" and "So be it" with each progression he took. Billy Bray realized that God merited commendation for the salvation He so unreservedly gives!)

B. V. 2-3 The Hallelujah Of Retribution - The occupants of Heaven acclaim the Lord for executing His judgment upon a lost, corrupt and insubordinate world! They realize that His decisions are reasonable, they are correct and they are awesome. Subsequently, they acclaim His name!

(Sick. In case we neglect, we are serving a God Who has effectively won the conflict with evil! Express gratitude toward God ,the Lord, and thus, His kin prove to be the best of this thing! That is sufficient to yell about at this point!)

C. V. 4-5 The Hallelujah Of Realization - If you set aside the effort to take a gander at the book of Revelation, these 24 older folks who are referenced appear multiple times, (4:10; 5:8; 5:14; 7:11; 11:16; 19:4), and, each time they do, they are doing likewise: falling on their countenances and revering the Lord! Just to give you access on confidential, those 24 elderly folks address the recovered of God. In case you are saved, they picture YOU! Indeed, for what reason would they say they are lauding the Lord to such an extent? Since in Heaven, they are at last liberated from the constraints of the tissue and they can see God like He truly is! They are presently not apprehensive or embarrassed to revere Him, however presently they are eager to get going to tumble down before the Lamb of God and yell His commendations!

(Sick. On the off chance that it at any point occurred to us the truth of all God is, of all He has accomplished for us and of all that is our own as His youngsters, there is certainly not a saved individual in this world who wouldn't yell himself rough toward the beginning of today! One day we will, yet we will not get raspy!)

D. V. 6 The Hallelujah Of Regulation - Then, they acclaim the Lord for His rule. They laud the Lord that, finally, He is respected, magnified and loved by the entirety of His creation! Express gratitude toward God ,there is coming a day when the Lord will have the magnificence and honor He merits constantly. I anticipate being in that number when we remain around the seat and lift our "Thank heavens" to the magnificence of God!

(Sick. I need to point out your refrain 4! There are two sublime words referenced hear that you and I need to take a gander at only briefly. They are: Amen and Hallelujah.

The word Amen is a word implying concurrence with and endorsement of the Word of God. At the point when Amen shows up toward the start of a sentence, it signifies "really". This word was utilized by Jesus on many events. At the point when it is expressed concerning the words articulated by another, it signifies "I concur" or "so be it". So be it is supposed to be the most known word on the planet!

The word Hallelujah is a Hebrew word signifying "Acclaim the Lord". It is utilized just one time in the New Testament and that was to give honor and magnificence to the Lamb. It is paradise's recognition word!

I simply need to say that assuming you and I plan to be on top of Heaven, we need to figure out how to utilize a little sublime language. Consequently, figure out how to say "So be it!" and "Glory be!". It is okay to commend the Lord! In the event that something favors your heart, simply attempt "So be it!". In the event that the Lord is moving in your spirit, simply attempt "Glory be!" I will promise you a certain something. It will not hurt you!

I understand that we live in a day when individuals dislike bygone era love of the Lord. That is to say, it's good for individuals to sing The Hallelujah Chorus, yet on the off chance that they yell, they are viewed as nuts and enthusiasts! I simply need you to realize that antiquated commending and praising God never becomes dated!)

I. This Wedding Is Preceded By A Celebration


(Sick. This marriage made in Heaven will be the culmination of some vital and incredible occasions.)

A. V. 7a A Plan Will Be Consummated - Notice the words "is come". These words suggest a good feeling that a since a long time ago expected occasion has at last shown up. Nothing could be all the more obvious!

Right now, God's arrangement for the ages is at long last total. Since man trespassed in the Garden of Eden, God has been attempting to carry man once again into cooperation with Him. This was refined when Jesus passed on the cross for the wrongdoings of humankind. Presently, every one of the individuals who place their confidence in Jesus are saved by the finesse of God and brought near unto Him! While many might be saved, they are as yet not in the actual presence of God in Heaven. On this day, that will change! This is the second when Jesus will accept His Bride unto Himself. This will be the most exceptional crossroads in all the historical backdrop of creation! It will be the second when the Lamb of God takes His Bride unto Himself!

(Sick. Coincidentally, did you see that at this wedding, the man of the hour, and not the lady, is the focal point of consideration? Down here, everything is waiting until they begin playing the wedding walk and the lady of the hour, the focal point of consideration, advances down the passageway. In paradise, things are somewhat unique! It's not the lady of the hour, but rather it is the lucky man, the Lord Jesus Who is the focal point of consideration! In the event that that occurred here, there would be some furious ladies! In any case, around there, it will not make any difference at all! Indeed, I figure it will be simply the lady who gives Him the most consideration!)

B. V. 7-8 A Presentation Will Be Consummated

- It may assist us with understanding a tad bit of the foundation for weddings of this kind. In oriental weddings, there were normally three phases. There was the Betrothal Stage, the Presentation Stage and the Celebration Stage.

1. The Betrothal Stage - This was something like what we know in the west as a commitment. Nonetheless, the significant distinction lies in the way that this was an authoritative arrangement! At the point several was pledged, they were viewed as hitched! There was no receiving in return, besides through a separation or passing! Despite the fact that the couple didn't abide together, or share the marriage bed, they were, in any case, hitched! Another distinction was that the marriage accomplices and the actual relationships were normally masterminded by the guardians of the lady of the hour and husband to be. You didn't will pick your mate! Love was not typically the reason for relationships. You didn't wed for adoration, you cherished who you wedded! Many could take in an exercise from that today! (Sick. I can see extraordinary risk in that!)

The lady of the hour of Christ is amidst this pledge period at the present time! We have been picked by the Heavenly Father and we are hitched to Jesus at the present time! We are simply standing by to go to Him.

2. The Presentation Stage - When the hour of the wedding showed up, the Father of the husband to be would send the spouse and his companions to the lady's home. They would return her and bring her once again to the man of the hour's home, which he had arranged for her, with incredible festival and delight. There,

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