Introduction: After the Lamb takes the book, all of Heaven blasts into a tune of commendation. (Sick. Music's force in our regular daily existences. Music has the ability to move us – James 5:13; Eph. 5:18-20; Col. 3:16) All of the feelings known to man can be capable and communicated with the help of music. How about we take a couple of seconds around evening time to visit this Heavenly Concert at the seat of God. The confirmation is free, the climate is sublime and the organization is amazing. All things considered, we will be here some say soon!


Who? The 4 monsters and the 24 seniors.

The Instruments –

A. Harps - (Symbolic of applause) Ill. We will actually want to play in Heaven!

(Sick. Young man with broken arm asks specialist, "Can I play the piano after I get my pushed off?" Doctor says, "Positively!" Boy says, "You should be some specialist." Doctor inquires, "Why?" Boy reacts, "All things considered, I was unable to play previously!")

(Sick. Old Testament prophets regularly forecasted joined by the music of harps – 2 Kings 3:15)

There is a 2-overlap reason for music in the congregation:

1. The evangelist and individuals are ready for the service of the Word of God.

2. The heart is lifted from the unremarkable and the common in


B. Bowls – (Symbolic of acclaim) (Ill. The imagery of incense within the sight of God. It pictures the sweet smell of our petitions rising up before the essence of God!)

(Sick. Our supplicating is rarely to no end! It rises up before the Lord and it respects Him!)

(Sick. We ought to sing now for His wonder and we ought to be effectively engaged with a way of life of recognition and petition!)


(A New Song)

(Sick. Chap. 4 The tune of acclaim was intended for creation. In chap. 5, the tune is acclaim for reclamation!)

A. The topic of their melody is Jesus! (Sick. They take as much time as is needed to laud the Lamb.) Jesus should be the highlight of all that we are and do. (Sick. Col. 1:18) Does He have the superiority in your life?

B. Their tune is a melody – A tune with a story!

1. With regards to the Power of the Lamb – 9a

2. With regards to the Passion of the Lamb – 9b (Ill. Killed – sphazo – to butcher, or butcher) (Ill. The ruthlessness of the passing of Christ – Isa. 52:14)

3. With regards to the Purpose of the Lamb – 9c (Ill. Blood – It is the thing that reclaims us, keeps us and presents us blessed before the presence of God – Heb. 9:22)

(Sick. Hymn books – Some might want to eliminate the blood from their singing, others as of now have! In Heaven, nonetheless, the Blood of Jesus is the topic of the recognition. There won't be a solitary one there who isn't blood purchased and blood washed. Give me that bygone era, blood religion!)

C. Made us Kings and Priests – v. 10 as such, we are individuals from the regal family. We likewise have the commitment of presenting penances to His wonder. (Sick. Acclaim – Heb. 13:15; Performance – Rom. 12:1-2)


A. v. 11 – (Ill. The quantity of holy messengers) (Ill. The Temple had around 4,000 performers and turning ensemble individuals.) Just delay to envision the sound of Heaven's extraordinary ensemble of the recovered.

B. v. 12 – Their seven overlay song of devotion of commendation.

1. To get power – Dynamic force

2. Wealth – Plentitude – (All things – Col. 1:18)

3. Astuteness – Total knowledge

4. Strength – Force

5. Honor – Reverence

6. Brilliance – Doxology

7. Gift – Eulogy

(Sick. Notice, He alone is "Commendable." None else merits commendation and love. only Jesus is commendable! It is safe to say that you are giving Him these things? He gets them in Heaven, He should get them from His kin who occupy the earth!)

C. v. 13 The whole universe, Heaven, earth, Hell, start to commend Jesus the Lamb! (What daily that is destined to be! Notwithstanding, what a misfortune it will be intended for fallen man. They should bow, yet it will benefit them nothing – Phil. 2:5-11!)

D. v. 14 The monsters are speechless and basically say, "So be it – So let it be." The 24 seniors fall before Jesus (Again!) and love the endless Lamb of God.

(Sick. All music will leave you at somebody's feet. Either at the feet of Jesus, or the feet of Satan. Where does your music leave you?)

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