Introduction: Imagine you are slithering, seared, close demise, across a hot consuming desert. You are kicking the bucket

of thirst and near dying. Yet, ahead, you see a sign that peruses ,"Cool, clear, nurturing water

- just five miles ahead". This sign gives you restored energy, new expectation and you proceed your

torturing creep across the dry sand. As you show up at the guaranteed place, you see a

wonderful structure, brilliant in its magnificence, the sign external welcomes you in, alluring you with the

guarantee of nurturing water. So you slither through the passageway into a great structure and there

before you is the guaranteed well, with the container fit to be let down and loaded up with water to

extinguish you thirst and to empty life back into your body. With the last bit of your solidarity, you

bring down the pail into the well, expecting a sprinkle as the container hits the water, however it won't ever come.

The solitary sound is the dull crash of the container winding up in a real predicament. You feel that maybe you are

ridiculous so you reel in the pail just to think that it is loaded with dust. Residue that can't wuench, yet as it were

extend the thirst and annihilate all expectation. Sound fantastical? This is the experience of many individuals

who go to God's home hoping to filled and took care of with the water and bread of life, just to discover

every one of the features and ceremonies, yet no assistance or expectation for every one of those who've advanced there.

Around evening time, we need to take a gander at a congregation with a bogus standing. Our congregation can gain from this one.

On the off chance that we should have a standing, let it be a genuine one, not one of death, but rather of life. One that

satisfies its guarantees. Sick. the city of Sardis, Capital of Lyda, a focal point of trade, coins first

stamped there, rug and woolen industry situated there. Noted for corruption, a term of hatred.

Just a shell of its previous self. Sick. the congregation had assumed the qualities of the city. Had

become a thermometer rather than an indoor regulator. Exercises are to be scholarly here. Christ came

with what the congregation required, the force of the Spirit and His man. Notice the congregation with a



A. Had a standing (Ill. people's opinion)

B. Christ talks about the real world - (What He knows to be valid)

1. Incredible Physician felt beat and articulated dead. (Heb.4:13)

2. Try not to be deluded in visible presentation. (Sick. blossoms and

burial service home.) (Matt. 23:27)

C. Jesus shows the explanation 2b

1. Works not complete - (Ill. try not to arrive at Heaven) (Ill doin' and


2. Great on beginning, poor on completing (do you works reach


3. Indications of life (Growth, concordance, feeling)


A. Otherworldly Alertness - pursue rest (Ill. Dorothy and companions in the Wizard of Oz)

1. Sick. gatekeepers and Sardis

2. Sick. frog in pot

3. Keep the beneficial things alive (Strength)

B. Otherworldly Brokenness - self - judgment

1. Keep in mind, hold quick , atone

2. Need to rehearse self judgment ( ICor 11:31)

3. In the event that we don't pass judgment on ourselves, Jesus will, v.3b


A. The Faithful Few

1. Clean Garments (Col.3:5-10) Christians should be perfect

(Sick. specialist )

2. Sick. the trouble of the day

B. The overcomer

1. Dressed in white (share the magnificence

2. Book of life

3. Admitted before God (Matt.10:32)

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