Introduction: Ill. This part and the one to follow clarify every one of the things discussed in

section 16. This is the place where we see the satisfaction of those predictions. In this section,

we will observer the fall of the incredible overall church that will thrive after the

joy of the congregation. Thsi framework is now grinding away even today. All around the

world, there is an extraordinary move in progress to bring all strict gatherings under one focal

umbrella. We are seeing the incredible falling away which the Bible says will come

about somewhat recently. (2Thes. 2:3; 1 Tim. 4:1-3; 2 Tim. 3:1-3; 2 Tim. 4:3-4). It has

as of now arrived at where Bible trusting Christians, individuals who take the Bible

in a real sense and who attempt to carry on with a sacred life for the Lord, are under expanding assault. The

best way to succeed, according to the world, is to adjust and be lenient toward other's

convictions and sentiments. I accept that everything Christians can venerate together. However, when

individuals go thinking about something irrelevant and start to revere and fiddle with regions that are

illegal, then, at that point that is the place where we should take a stand! We should take a gander at this amazing

part and check whether we can recognize what's going on here.


A. v.1, 15 Her Popularity - World-wide impact. This strict framework will

have the ear of the world! (Sick. Influence and riches.) When you reject reality, you

will be sucked into by obviously false. (Sick. Searcher holy places.)

B. v. 2 Her Perversion - (Ill. Prostitute - No lady needs to be called that term.)

(Sick. She will utilize her charms to misdirect the world into speculation she is the correct way.)

C. v.3, 9 Her Prediction - This congregation is maintained by the force of the monster. It will

be settled in Rome, v.9. She will be protected by the ten country

alliance of the restored Roman Empire. (Sick. The congregation will by and by marry

the state - Ill. Constantine 325 AD. (Sick. Christianity started to change -

Christmas, Lent, Baptism, Relic Worship, Saint Worship, Popery, and so on) (Ill. Is it the

Catholic Church? NO!! Catholicism will most likely be included, however so will

Methodism, Lutheranism, Presbyterianism, the Islamic confidence, Buddhism and even

the Baptists.) (That said, the association between the set of experiences and practice of Roman

Catholicism and the depiction of this strict framework can't be gently passed


D. v.4 Her Prosperity - (Ill. Articles of clothing, Wealth and Ritual! The features of

religion!) (Ill. The abundance of religion - Catholic - 100 Billion, Mormons,


E. v.5 Her Personality - (Ill. Roman act of recognizing whores) (Ill.

Mother - Origin) (Ill. The beginning of the Babylonian Mother - Gen. 10:8-11; 11:1-

4) (Ill.Cush, Semiramis, Nimrod, Zoroaster. (Sick. Sunbeam, Ishtar Eggs, Unicorns,

Circle of Life, Yin Yang, and so forth) This framework is pretty much ancient, and as new as it has

to be. (Sick. v. 18 - She is a city, and a framework!)

F. v.6 Her Persecutions - Ill. his framework is answerable for the passings of the holy people

of the Lord. From Cain and Abel to the Tribulation holy people, this strict framework

has been answerable for the affliction of 10's of millions on Christians. (Sick. It is

not this evening, nor has it at any point been the division that decides an individual's, it is

the Blood of Jesus that has the effect!


A. v.8. 10-11 The Identity Of The Beast - (Ill. It is the Anti-Christ) Ill. His ascent

to control, his passing and his revival, Rev. 13:3. His whole service is a joke

of that of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Sick. The Emporeors of refrain 10, and the

Antichrist is both the seventh and the eighth.

B. v.12-13 The Identification Of The Horns - The 10 country confederancy of the

resuscitated Roman Empire. (Sick. The EEC!)


A. v.14 They Battle The Lamb - Ill. These countries will come against the Lamb

Himself. (Sick. Alludes to part 19). At the point when they assault Jesus, they make certain to

lose! (Ill. Ruler of Kings!) (Ill. Those with Him - Called, picked and reliable - That

my companions is you and me!)

B. v.16 They Burn The Whore - Ill. Coordinated religion will be totally annihilated!

At the point when their religion has filled it's need and offers them nothing else, then, at that point

they will turn on the congregation will absolutely obliterate her! (Sick. Sounds like a many individuals

in our day - God is an incredible large sparetire!)They will strip her of her abundance,

annihilate and deform her places of love and coordinated religion will

stop to exist on the earth! (Sick. Coordinated religion is a shame in any case!)

C. v.17 They Bend Before God - As they do their deeds, they are ignorant

that God Himself is utilizing them for His magnificence and to complete His arrangements and

purposes! Amidst tumult, it is great to realize that God is as yet in charge!

Conc: Have you got Jesus this evening? Are you an individual from the congregation or a piece of the

body? That is one inquiry you would do well to get right. In the event that you miss that one, you have

missed everything! On the off chance that you need the Lord this evening, kindly come to Him and permit

Him to accomplish a work in your heart and life.

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