Introduction: Ill. The two past dreams. In this vision, John utilizes two agrarian

analogies. One of grain and one of grapes. These occasions picture the Feast of

sanctuaries. At the point when the Jewish public met up to praise the Lord's

goodness and gift. Prior to that Feast, there came the collect of the grain and the

grape. Keep in mind, that we are seeing a review of things that will be thought about additional

profoundly later. We are planning for the millennial rule of the Lord Jesus. Yet, previously

He can come, there should be a collect. Prior to the festival, there should be judgment

also, the cutting off of the devilish. We should take a gander at these two scenes of judgment.


A. v.14 The Reaper Of The Harvest - This is Jesus! (Sick. The cloud - Rev. 1:7)

The Son of Man (Ill. He was presented as the Son of Man in Matt. 8:20, and this

is the last time He is distinguished as the Son of Man. The initially had to do with His

occasion, the second with His return in triumph.) (Ill. A reference to the Lord's

illustration in Matt. 13. In Mt. 13, He is the Sower, here He is the Reaper!)

B. v.15 The Ripeness Of The Harvest - now is the ideal opportunity for the gather to take

place. (Sick. The illustration of the Tares - Matt. 13:24-30) This is the ideal opportunity for the

extreme gather and for the last partition. (Sick. This is an image of

Christianity. There are 2 sorts in the congregation! We can't differentiate. God can!

(Sick. Contrasts in the tares and the wheat!)

1. Wheat and tares are indistinguishable toward the start

2. Toward the end, tares stand tall, become dark and get monstrous!

3. Wheat knocks some people's socks off descending. (An image of quietude)

4. As wheat develops upwards, it bites the dust downwards.

5. Wheat develops through the seasons and is gathered yearly. (Sick. We have

our reap, John 4:35)

6. The tares are toxic, a characteristic emetic. When collected alongside the

wheat,. they should be reaped grain by grain or they will cause affliction.

C. v.16 The Reaping Of The Harvest - For a very long time, the holy people have observed

Underhandedly roused cliques and religions spring up and thrive. They will do

surprisingly better after the delight! Nonetheless, the Lord knows them that are His and He will

procure His kin and assemble them into His outbuilding, the others He will tie and

plan for the fire! (Sick. Matt. 13:41-42) (Ill. The tares are scorched to keep them

from repeating! Sick. Why there is a Hell!)

Sick. This collect has to do with those saved during the Tribulation. The collect has

basically to do with the holy people. The vintage of grapes, then again, need to do

fundamentally with the world.


(Here, we are given an image of the Lord at last and eventually managing

the individuals who have gone against Him and His fact. He ventures into the field of the clash of

Armageddon to pass judgment on His adversaries. The hour of the Lord's retaliation and judgment has

at last happen upon the earth!) Notice:

A. v.17-19 It Is Timely - Men have dismissed the genuine plant of John 15. They would

not have Jesus, rather they connected with the world, and presently the time has come to confront

the Lord. (Sick. Grapes accumulated and put in the winepress. A position of agony and

obliteration) (Ill. Isa. 63:1-3 is satisfied here!) This will be a horrendous chance to

face God.

B. v.20 It Is Terrible - This is an image of Armageddon (Rev. 16:16; 19:17-19),

not a solitary fight, but rather an incredible military mission, Ill. Eze. 39:8-16. Every one of the countries

of the earth come against the country of Israel to do fight! It will occur! )Sick. The

blood will hurry to the ponies harnesses, 4ft. profound. It is 1,600 furlongs (200 miles)

from Dan in the north to Beersheba in the south. (Sick. A waterway of blood 4 ft. profound

furthermore, 200 miles in length!) Men have dismissed the saving blood of the Lord Jesus, presently

they will flounder in their own blood! It's Jesus or obliteration!

Conc: Evil days are coming! We should be certain that we are prepared to meet the coming

of the Lord. We should do everything we can to help other plan enemy that day also! Are

you prepared for the collect?

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