Introduction: Philadelphia was the most youthful of the relative multitude of urban communities. It was established as an evangelist

city for greek culture, it was known as "little Athens". It was likewise a tactical support

city. The name Philadelphia implies The city of thoughtful love. It was named this by

Lord Attalus II for his sibling Eumenes, King of Pergamous. Philadelphia was constructed

in a functioning volcanic region. Accordingly, there were various volcanic emissions and

tremors that constrained the departure of the city. Philadelphia was loaded up with

various rapscallion sanctuaries, (Ill. Residents and columns). Philadelphia was the remainder of the

Christian urban areas to fall. It fell because of envy with respect to Byzantium

christians. This congregation got no bad things to say from the Lord. Just commendation! Sick.

addresses the time-frame 1700 a.d. to bliss. Addresses the resurrection of restoration and

missions! In case we are to be any of these chapels, how about we endeavor to be Philadelphian in our

service and effort. (Sick. Sent teachers to India!)


A. In His Attributes

1. He is Holy - Demon - Mk.1:24; Angel - Like 1:35; 1 Pet. 2:22

2. He is True - (Real and certifiable) (His popularity satisfies His claim!)(Ill. Coke)

(Sick. Just Savior - Acts 4:12) (Ill. We can rely on His Word!)

B. In His Authority - He has the keys. He is the key man! (sick. Isa. 22:20-25 - type

of Savior!)

1. To God's Blessings - 2 Cor. 1:20

2. To Salvation - Acts 4:12; John 10:9; John 14:6

3. To Service - 1 Cor. 16:9

4. To Safety - Col. 3:3

C. In His Activity - Opening and shutting entryways!

1. Sick. Open and shut entryways - Paul, Acts 16

2. Jesus is caught up with monitoring the entryways in our lives.

3. Sick. All entryways are a gift.


A. v.8 In Control Of The Christians - (Knows works)

1. Shortcoming - Small numbers, genuine principal chapels are in the minority.

Sick. Under God's influence.

2. Ability - Weak however solid, kept some large things.

a. Kept Word - Ill. Book of scriptures is the Word of God - Is enlivened, should be kept. Sick.

Enduring an onslaught

b. Kept Name - Jesus should be the holy places center! His name is to be lifted up

- John 12:32. (Sick. Liberal church) (Make a lot of Jesus and........)

B. v.9 In Control Of The Critics -

1. Bogus church abhors the genuine church! - John 3:20

2. In case we are dedicated, we will be censured - 2 Tim. 3:12 Like it or not, we can

measure our adequacy by the flack we get! Sick. Appropriate reaction - Matt.


C. v10-11 In Control Of The Crisis

1. Incredible adversity - Church will be gone - Rom. 5:9.

2. The Earth Dwellers - Those who live for world - 1 John 2:15

3. Observe, I come rapidly - Rapture - 1 Cor. 15:51-52; 1 Thes. 4:16-17

Euphoria for the adherent and it is a preacher intention!

4. Hold Fast - Not to salvation, however to the Word and His name. Try not to lose

award and declaration. (Where might we need Jesus to discover us?)

III. v.12-13 THE CONQUEST OF CHRIST (Rom. 8:37; Jn 16:33)

A. v.12a He Will Make Them - (Ill. columns) (Ill. Pads)

1. Strength - Ill. Agnostic Temples

2. Security - In God's Temple. It will stand until the end of time!

3. Relentlessness - Go out no more. (Sick. Seismic tremors) (Ill. Interminable city!)

B. v.12b He Will Mark Them

1. Name of Jehovah - Marked as God's kin. Called out!

2. Name of New Jerusalem - Marked as to objective. 1 Cor. 2:9

3. Name of Jesus - Marked by the expert. Sick. His imprint - Holiness!

(Sick. His new name will uncover a greater amount of Him to us - Ill. Sheba

1 Kings 10:1-9)

Conc: Would Jesus mention to us what he told these individuals? Would He come withpraise? Or then again

with grievance? Would He try to support us? Or then again, would He need to censure us

before He could favor us? Maybe, you are not saved! Why not manage

anything that could not be right in your life at this moment?

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