Introduction: v.13 The spot of benevolence turns into the spot of most noteworthy judgment. At the point when men

reject the adoration and benevolence of God, all they have left is His judgment and fury. Sick.

many individuals won't accept that God is a God of fierceness But, this won't ever change

current realities! Deut. 4:24; John 3:18, 36. The holy people supplication in section 6:10 is at last being



A. v.14 They Come From A Distinct Place - Euphrates River. Exceptionally conspicuous

in the Bible. It is where man, sin, murder, apostacy and religion were all


B. v.15 They Come For A Distinct Period Of Time - The were ready for

THE hour. God is running on an exact plan. He is in charge!

C. v.15 They Come For A Distinct Purpose - to kill 1/3 of mankind! (Sick.

Devils are over world forces - Eph.6:18; Dan. 10. These evil presence forces will

control the world and cause the passings of billions!


A. The Number Of The Army - 200,000,000! This was the all out populace of

the world in John's day! China had a multitude of 200,000,000 of every 1964. It is near

that number today! This is a segment of men 1 mile down and 87 miles in length!

B. The Nature Of This Army - (v.17) Human or Demonic? Human depicted in

emblematic design, satanically invigorated!

1. Breastplates of Fire - fire = red; Jacinth = blue; Brimstone = yellow

2. Heads as Lions - Fierce looking and acting. Maybe an emblematic method of

depicting a wickedly move armed force.

3. Weapons - Weapons of Hell. (Perhaps a depiction of current empliments

of war.) (Ill. The truth of Hell. God permits every one of the revulsions of agony to visit the

earth. All things considered, men won't atone. 1/3 surprisingly living bite the dust!


A. v.20 The Spiritual Life

1. Evil presence Worship - Ill. School courses offered in black magic; Voodoo; the

Mysterious. (Sick. Three E's - Entertainment, Enlightenment, Enslavement!)

2. Excessive admiration - Men will love crafted by the hands. Man is a strict

creature. He will love something. Passed on to himself, he will center his love in the

misguided course. In the event that man doesn't make up for the shortcoming in his existence with Jesus, he will fill

it with symbols!

B. v.21 The Moral Life - (Ill. 4 most concerning issues today!)

1. Murders - (Ill. Oklahoma, O.J., Ted Bundy, Jim Jones, Charlotte, and so on) We

live in deadly occasions! 1. There is no respect for human existence. 2. Separated for the

elegance of God, we are largely equipped for homicide! (Sick. Jer. 17:9)

a. Fetus removal - In one year, a larger number of children bite the dust from early termination than the aggregate

number of Jews killed during Hitler's reign in Germany! Appro. 9,000,000! 1.6

million per year here! 4,300 every day; 180 every hour; 3 every moment. (Sick. This is the reason we

should be included, and vote our feelings!) (Ill. Jeremiah and John the Baptist!)

2. Divinations - (Ill. Pharmakon = Pharmacy) The utilization of medications will increment. It

is conceivable that goverment will turn to mind-modifying medications to control the

people. Medications are setting up the world for Anti-christ!

3. Sex - (Ill. Pornia = Pornagraphy) Illicit sexual movement will check that

day. (Sick. Infidelity; Pre-conjugal sex, same sex connections, sexual entertainment,

etc.)The hardship will be a physically spare energy. We are going there now!

This shows a negligence for: 1. God's endowment of sex; 2. One's own body;

3. The foundation of marriage. We are now seeing an expansion in

sexuality based programming, commercial and writing. Sex is all over!

(Sick. Pornography is a 10 billion dollar indusrty. 85% goes into the pockets of coordinated

wrongdoing. 18,000 outlets exist for the offer of pornography. 20% of all new vidoes are

explicit. There are 350 known youngster erotic entertainment magazines! Furthermore, it

will deteriorate! There's more I could say! (Sick. PC sex, telephone sex,

link sex!)

4. Robberies - Stealing. Property will amount to nothing. Individuals will have no close to home

rights. Whatever slivers of fairness and honesty the world has left will be

removed during the Tribulation!

What is the world's mentality concerning these things? They won't apologize, v.20! It is

the decency of God that prompts contrition, Rom. 2:4, not His judgment! In the event that men

won't get directly under the cross, they won't get directly under the whip!

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