Introduction: no doubt, the Bible is a mind boggling book. No place is this more evident than in the space of prediction. Pretty much every Bible instructor has his on assessment on how things will turn out. What this outcomes in is disarray with respect to the Christians in the seats. What I might want to do is revealed a little insight into a couple of spaces of prescience. I don't profess to have every one of the appropriate responses, however I will endeavor to lecture around a few prophetic subjects that are introduced in the Word of God. I might want to attempt to introduce these examinations in the request in which they will occur on God's prophetic schedule. Last Sunday, we took a gander at the Rapture of the Church. Today, I might want to lecture for some time on The Truth About Satan's Superman. This message will zero in on the life and work of the individual who is known as the Antichrist.

Why a series on prediction? Since numerous in our advanced temples don't have the foggiest idea what lies ahead. Since numerous overall us need to plan for the happening to the Lord. Since the time is short and we need to hear reality.

Somewhere in the range of 40 billion individuals have lived on the earth since Adam was made in the Garden of Eden. Since that time, the world has seen the coming of numerous gifted, shrewd and influential individuals. Be that as it may, none of these who has at any point lived can coordinate with this man who will known as the Antichrist. He will be incredible, tricky, insightful, fierce, savage and effective. He will address the zenith of all that man can accomplish separated from God. He will in a real sense be Satan's Superman. We should perceive what the Bible says about him.


(Our text discloses to us that at the end of days, a savage lord will hold up. In any case, what are the indications of his showing up? Would men be able to know when this man will show up? The response to that question is both "Yes" and "No". I'm sure that no man knows precisely who the Antichrist is or precisely when he will show up, however the Bible discloses to us that there are sure sings that go with his appearance. It is these signs that I might want to take a gander at for a couple of moments.)

A. The Condition Of The World - when this man makes his passageway, the world will be in a horrible good condition. This is confirmed by two entries that make reference to the last days, Luke 17:26-27; 2 Tim. 3:1-5. It is not difficult to see that our reality as of now bears the imprints that recommend a satisfaction of these conditions. It is my conviction that the actual world is prepared for Satan's Superman to show up.

B. The Corruption Of Religion - 2 Thes. 2:3 discloses to us that the Antichrist will show up during a period of a strict heresy, which the Bible calls "a falling endlessly." This alludes to when coordinated, noticeable religion will withdraw from the teachings of the Word of God. Since the New Testament was composed for and about adherents, it makes since to presume that this falling away will be clear in holy places and groups which work under the umbrella of Christianity.

(Sick. I trust everybody comprehends that in light of the fact that a congregation or category considers itself a Christian work, that doesn't genuinely work everything out! Indeed, the days where we live are set apart by a fast takeoff from the fundamental certainties of Christianity. Sometime in the past, if a man said he was a Christian, you basically knew what he accepted. There may have been a couple of doctrinal contrast, yet generally, this individual had confidence in the virgin birth of Christ, the substitutionary demise and restoration of Christ, the arrival of Christ, the way that the Bible is the Word of God. At the end of the day, a Christian was an individual who was in an individual relationship with Jesus and acknowledged all that the Bible instructs concerning Him and His work. Presently, be that as it may, things have changed! An individual might deny the virgin birth and still case to be a Christian! An individual might consider themselves a Christian and cast question on the exactness of the Bible. An individual might question that Jesus truly kicked the bucket and became alive once again and still case they are saved. Something isn't right with this image! We are living amidst a "extraordinary falling endlessly!" Cults are developing huge amounts at a time while real Christianity reliably winds up under significant pressure from society, government and coordinated religion.)

(Sick. Simply this mid year the Southern Baptist Convention found a way ways to eliminate from their doctrinal assertion any space for dissidents and pioneers to squirm. This move brought cries of dissent from the world and from the liberal group inside the show. This is simply one more sign that the tide is quickly betraying the individuals who accept the Bible and who know Jesus Christ.)

(Sick. At the point when divisions need to take votes on whether to wed gay people, or to permit gay people to be appointed, something isn't right! There are things that are made certain about so immovably in the Word of God that there ought to never be an inquiry regarding them. Be that as it may, we are seeing each significant principle enduring an onslaught. We see places of worship and sections getting some distance from reality with disturbing rate. Really we are amidst abandonment!)

(Sick. If so, then, at that point what prevents the Antichrist from showing up at any second and what holds the Tribulation back from beginning? There is one occasion that should occur before the Antichrist can be uncovered and before the Tribulation Period can begin.)

C. The Completion Of The Church - 2 Thes. 2:6-7 - These stanzas show us reality that the congregation should be taken out before the Antichrist can be uncovered. Refrain 6 discloses to us that there is a that thing "withholdeth". Stanza 7 says that there is One Who "letteth". The two words are deciphered from a similar Greek word and both signify "to impede". The Bible advises us, stanza 7, that the soul of Antichrist is as of now busy working. That is the reason we can see the proof surrounding us. Nonetheless, there are two powers that upset him from venturing onto the stage and spreading the word about his essence. What are those two impediments? The Church and the Holy Spirit! Crafted by the Spirit in indicting and making a decision about the hearts of men is a colossal retraining power on the planet, John 16:8-11. The Spirit's work in filling the Church to remain against the tide of evil is likewise an incredible obstruction to crafted by the soul of Antichrist. Notwithstanding, at some point, both of these powers will be eliminated! When? At the Rapture!

(Sick. It is qualified to note now that the Tribulation isn't for the congregation! It is classified, "the hour of Jacob's difficulty", Jer. 30:7. It was advised to Daniel that the Tribulation was a period for Israel, Dan. 9:27. The Tribulation Period is otherwise called a "period of God's Wrath.", Rev. 6:16-17; Rev. 16:1. The Bible plainly instructs that God's youngsters have been saved from rage through Jesus, Rom. 5:9. Perhaps the best confirmation that the congregation will not se Tribulation is Christ's guarantee to the congregation at Philadelphia, Rev. 3:10, "In light of the fact that thou hast kept the expression of my understanding, I additionally will keep you from the hour of enticement, which will happen upon all the world, to attempt them that abide upon the earth.")

(Sick. There are some who might reveal to us that the congregation will go through the principal 3½ long periods of the Tribulation. Notwithstanding, to accept this view, you need to accept that a considerable lot of the Lord's predictions to Israel additionally apply to the congregation. The truth is, in the event that you decipher the Bible in a real sense, you need to accept that the congregation leaves this world before the Tribulation Period.)


A. He Will Be A Man Of Popularity - Rev. 6:2 discloses to us that this man will be "given a crown". That is, the people groups of the world will accept him as a blessing. Almost certainly this man will show up on the scene with a serviceable recipe for world harmony. He will have a practical clarification for the vanishing of the Christians. He will encapsulate all the world has at any point searched for in a pioneer. It is said that the Antichrist will have:

1. The Leadership of a Washington or a Lincoln

2. The Eloquence of a Franklin Roosevelt

3. The Charm of a Theodore Roosevelt

4. The Charisma of a John F. Kennedy

5. The Popularity of a Dwight Eisenhower

6. The Political Savvy of a Lyndon Johnson

7. The Intellect of a Thomas Jefferson

My companions, if we will let it out, the world stage is set for the presence of such a man! He will be mainstream!

B. He Will Be A Man Of Peace - Rev. 6:2 reveals to us that when he shows up, he will resemble one riding a white pony. This gives him the presence of good. It additionally expresses that he will have a bow, however no bolts. This shows that he will no come making war, yet will come wiping the slate clean. This is demonstrated by what Daniel saw in Dan. 9:27. It appears to be this man will make a long term ceasefire with the country of Israel.

(Sick. Once more, it very well may be obviously seen that our reality is searching for such a pioneer. The world is burnt out on war! Economies are needing assistance and individuals need to succeed and stay in harmony and security. The world will promptly accept a man with a message of harmony.)

(Sick. The world won't ever know harmony separated from Jesus Christ! While this world is in unrest earlier today, the offspring of God know harmony in their souls, John 14:27. At the point when Jesus gets back to this world, He will introduce a veritable harmony that will last. In case you are searching for harmony, you will see it just in Jesus!)

C. He Will Be A Man Of Prosperity - Dan. 11:43; Rev. 13:16-17. The Antichrist will ultimately control the abundance of the world. He will carry flourishing to the individuals who have lived in neediness. I'm persuaded that the Antichrist will stop starvation around the world. That he will get rid of a large part of the class differentiation that exists in our reality. That the vast majority under his rule will be lucky to be monetarily that they were before he rose to control.

(Sick. This is one space of this standard that will bring him enduring achievement. Individuals like to thrive! Simply take a gander at America! We have a President who has been indicted. He is ethically bankrupt. He heads an administratio

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