Introduction: God consistently has His observers! Indeed, even in this season of extraordinary insidiousness and

outright resistance to God, He has His observers in this wrongdoing reviled world. Sick. The

objective of this part and the whole book of Revelation, is to offer greatness to and to lift up

the favored Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is perhaps the most troublesome part

in this book. It is just profound to the point that we could in a real sense go through hours clarifying all the

wind and turns that are accessible here. Howver, we will attempt to get the significance of the

entry and gather some reality from it. Kindly notification that the occasions portrayed here

presumably occur inside the initial 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation. Against Christ has

set up overall harmony, a world religion, world economy and a long term

contract with the country of Israel. How about we notice the occasions of this terrible period.

I. v.1-2 THE TEMPLE WORSHIP (Ill. The miracle! Men wil assemble a

sanctuary to love and forfeit to a generally got all God things done)

(Sick. 3 Ttemples in the Word of God - 1. Solomon's Temple - Destroyed 583 BC by

Nebuchadnezzar; 2. Zerubabbel's Temple - Destroyed 168 BC by Antiochus

Ephiphanes; Herod's Temple - Destroyed 70 Ad by Titus the Roman.) (Now, the

Sanctuary is the congregation of adherents - Eph. 2:21; 1 Cor. 6:19) There are two sanctuaries in

the future - The Millinial Temple - Eze. 40-44; and the Tribulation Temple. The Jews

will revamp their sanctuary! They are now starting the cycles that will make

this conceivable. As we study this section, remember 2 things, 1. We are on Jewish

ground; 2. This examines a future sanctuary.

A. v.2b The City Mentioned - Holy Cuty - Jerusalem, (Ill. Moslem, Christian,


1. The Jews Must Return To Their Homeland - (Ill. Derided) Fulfilled in


2. The Temple Must Be Rebuilt - (Ill. Derided) Ill. The hardships in question.

B. v.2c The Chronology Mentioned - 3 1/2 years. v.2, 3, 12:6 ,12:14 (Ill.

Daniels prescience concerning Antichrist, Dan. 8:10. He will permit the sanctuary to be

rebuilt,but following 3 1/2 years, he wil set himself up as God to be venerated - 2 Thes. 2:4

C. v.1a-2a The Chastisement Mentioned - Ill. Bar is a kind of judgment! This

sanctuary is under judgment from God! Why? It dismisses a definitive penance of

Jesus upon the cross and substitutes the penances of men!

1. A section is given to the gentiles. They will be the instruments of judgment -


II. v.3-12 THE TWO WITNESSES (Ill. The congregation is gone, however God

still has His men!)

A. v.3-6 The Inauguration of Their Ministry -

1. v.3 They are genuine individuals

2. v.3 Sackcloth - Mourning - Preaching Misery - No message of expectation and


3. v.3 Preach - Probably lecture Jesus as the satisfaction of Holy Scripture.

4. v.4 Olive trees, Candlesticks - Spirit and Light. They will serve in the

force of God's Spirit lecturing His Light. (Sick. Zech 4:3 ,14)

5. v.5 They are Unstoppable - Power to eat up adversaries with fire, stop the downpour,

furthermore, send plagues., turn the water to blood.

6. Who right? A few speculations!

a. Elijah - Mal. 4:5, Ill. Elijah never kicked the bucket. Sick. Elijahs power. (Sick. A solitary

voice in his age)

b. Moses - Moses referenced in Mal. 4:5 with Elijah. Moses seen with Elijah

in Matthew 17 on Mt of Transfiguration. The wonders and torment were

preformed by Moses. (A solitary voice!)

c. Enoch - He also was distant from everyone else voice for God. He never passed on, and all should bite the dust -

Heb. 9:27

7. It doens't actually matter! What is important is that God has consistently got His man.

Sick Noah.

B. v.7-10 The Completion Of their Ministry

1. v.7 Killed by the monster - Rev. 13:1. In case you are in God's will, nothing can

hurt you.

2. v.8 Their bodies lie unburied in the road for 3 1/2 days in the city of Vice,

Vanity and Violence. Jerusalem!

3. v.9 Ill. Derided until the appearance of TV. Sick. this will take care of the medication incited,

atheist, insidiousness of the day.

4. v.10 The earth Dwellers will set up a party. The Devils Christmas. Why?

Their proclaiming grieved the miscreants! Sick. The proclaiming of the Word brings

torture and conviction. It bugs individuals! Individuals don't prefer to be confronted with

their transgression! Individuals disdain it now, they will definately loathe it then, at that point!

C. v.11-12 The Vindication Of Their Ministry

1. They are raised from the dead.

2. God then, at that point reenacts the bliss. He shows an atheist world what they missed!

(Sick. God will vindicate His kin - Ill. Demise and Resurrection!0


A. Tremor - 10th piece of Jerusalem falls

B. 7,000 outstanding men kick the bucket - Ill. Seven number of flawlessness, God shows who is still

in charge.

C. The remanant should concede that this is crafted by God. (Sick. This will stick in

Antichrists stomach!) (Ill. Prison house and passing bed salvation!) The sort that will

save you and take you to Heaven is the sort that comes from conviction and


D. The subsequent burden is past, however a more terrible on is coming!

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