WHEN TRUMPETS FADE 1 Cor. 15:51-57; 1 Thes. 4:13-17

Introduction: These refrains that we have perused today give us a little knowledge into a future occasion known as "The Rapture". While this word itself doesn't show up in the Bible, the occasion is genuine in any case. We get "Happiness" from the Latin interpretation of the Greek word arpazw (harpazo). It implies exactly what the King James Bible says it does, "got up to speed". The Rapture is that future occasion when the Lord Jesus Himself will return in the mists over this world and will get away every one of the saved individuals of the world. It is a period that is referred to in the Bible as "The Blessed Hope Of The Believer", Titus 2:13. This future occasion will be the focal point of our proclaiming today.

While the arrival of our Lord is discussed ordinarily in the New Testament, there are just three sections which manage the Rapture in any detail. I have perused two of them toward the beginning of today. The other is found in Revelation 4:1-2a, "After this I looked, and, see, an entryway was opened in paradise: and the principal voice which I heard was so to speak of a trumpet chatting with me; which said, Come up here, and I will shew you things which should be from now on. What's more, quickly I was in the spirit:..." I need to cause you to notice one normal subject that intersperses every one of these references. That normal topic is the notice of the "trumpet". We are told in clear language that the Rapture will be a period that will be proclaimed with the sound of trumpets.

At the point when the journalists of the New Testament utilized the symbolism of trumpets, individuals to whom they were composing were all around familiar with what they were saying. Nonetheless, we present day perusers should be taught about the meaning of the trumpet.

In the Bible, trumpets were utilized for four explicit purposes.

1. To Proclaim Victory

2. To Call An Assembly

3. To Announce A Warning

4. To Call The Troops To Battle

It is obvious to perceive how the trumpets fit with the possibility of the Rapture. Every one of the four of these occasions will occur when the Rapture happens.

1. Triumph over the world will be reported by the congregation.

2. The holy people will be called to collect themselves within the sight of the Lord.

3. The trumpets will report an admonition of judgment to the world.

4. The celestial soldiers will be brought to fight.

Likewise, in the general public of that day, trumpets were heard consistently. The Roman armed force, which involved the vast majority of the humanized world around then utilized trumpets to complete the development of their soldiers. Commonly, when a Roman army moved, there would be three impacts from the trumpets. The first would advise the troop to strike their tents and to get ready to move. The second would make them aware of fall in and line up. The last trumpet would be the sign to move out. Notice what Paul says in 1 Cor. 15:52. He reveals to us that we are leaving at the "last trump". At the point when the trumpet sounds, it will be the sign to climb to brilliance!

People, when the trumpet sounds, every one of the individuals who are saved by effortlessness will leave this world. It is that occasion that I need to lecture about today. I need you to realize that before the sound of that trumpet shoot blurs from our ears, a few incredible and valuable occasions will happen. Permit me to impart them to you toward the beginning of today as we might suspect on the idea, "When Trumpets Fade."


A. In Fulfillment Of His Promise - Before the Lord Jesus went to the cross, He guaranteed His educates that He would return for them one day, John 14:1-3. He later reaffirmed this guarantee to the Apostle John, Rev. 22:20. Similarly as certain as there is a blue sky above us He will return as He guaranteed He would! Indeed, even as He was climbing once again into Heaven, radiant couriers were dispatched to tell the Apostles of the Lord's approaching return, Acts 1:9-11, "And when he had spoken these things, while they observed, he was taken up; and a cloud got him far away from them. And keeping in mind that they looked stedfastly toward paradise as he went up, see, two men remained by them in white attire; Which likewise said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye looking up into paradise? this equivalent Jesus, which is taken up from you into paradise, will so come in like way as ye have seen him go into paradise."

B. In Fulfillment Of His Purpose - While the Lord was making His guarantee to return sometime in the future, He likewise expressed His motivation, John 14:3. The Lord wants to accept His lady of the hour unto Himself, Eph. 5:25-27. All things considered, He died to reclaim her from her transgressions and to scrub her from her dirtiness! He kicked the bucket on the cross to buy His Bride and He needs her to be with Him in His sublime home.


A. Their Present Condition - 1 Thes, 4:13 discloses to us that those holy people who have withdrawn are "sleeping". This doesn't allude to "soul rest". It alludes to the way that their bodies are snoozing. At the point when a holy person of God leaves this world, they are quickly guided into the presence of the Lord. This was the conviction Paul Held, 2 Cor. 5:8, "We are certain, I say, and willing rather to be missing from the body, and to be available with the Lord."; Phil. 1:23, "For I am in a waterway in between two, wanting to withdraw, and to be with Christ; which is much better:" Presently, every one of the individuals who left this world in a saved condition are within the sight of the Lord Jesus Christ.

(Sick. The inquiry might emerge regarding what way of body they have. Unquestionably they don't have their celebrated bodies yet. Nonetheless, apparently they have a type of an otherworldly body. At the point when Moses and Elijah showed up with Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration, they had bodies that could be seen and perceived, Matt. 17:3. Whatever structure they are in toward the beginning of today, they are surely in a spot liberated from the considerations, torments and weights of this world. The Bible is clear when it instructs us that "nothing that defileth will enter" Heaven, Rev. 21:27.)

B. Their Promised Completion - 1 Cor. 15:52b reveals to us that the withdrew holy people will be raised "upright". That is, they will be changed! At the point when they left their body, it was bound for the ground from which it came. Notwithstanding, when the Lord Jesus returns, He will carry their spirits back with Him, He will raise their bodies and extol them. He will then, at that point place the spirits once again into those recently celebrated bodies!

(Sick. There will be more said regarding that future body in one minute!)

(Sick. How might this occur? Absolutely, to our human personalities it is an incredible secret. In any case, in the event that you require some investment to glance back at the occasions our Lord yelled while He was on this planet, you will find that each time He did as such, dead people escaped their graves.

1. He yelled in Bethany and Lazarus lived! - John 11:43-44

2. He yelled at Calvary and some lived! - Matt. 27:50-52

3. He will yell from the mists and every one of the withdrew holy people will live - 1 Thes. 4:16.

There is power is the Word of our Lord!)


A. The Church Will Leave Instantaneously - Notice the utilization of words that suggest speed and quickness, 1 Cor. 15:52, "second" - This word discusses an "inseparable point on schedule. A range of time so short that there is none more limited."; "gleaming of an eye" - not really set in stone that the squint of an eye is 1/30th of a second in term. That is quick! Nonetheless, a sparkling is occasion quicker than that, something like 1000th of a second! Then, at that point in 1 Thes. 4:17, Paul utilizes the expression "made up for lost time". This expression signifies "to grab away, to seize with power, to guarantee for oneself." It alludes to an unexpected occasion when the holy people of God will be "grabbed from this world with power and asserted for the wonder of God.")

(Sick. The entire thought here is one of speed! There will be no cautioning. There will be no declarations on TV, on radio, or in the papers. There will be no declarations from the platforms. God won't announce in a blasting, Charlton Heston voice that the end is approaching. It will simply occur! My companion, on the off chance that you have at any point paid attention to anything in your life, pay attention to this. You should be prepared! Jesus Himself said, "Thusly be ye likewise prepared: for in such an hour as ye might suspect not the Son of man cometh.", Matt. 24:44.

If He somehow managed to come today, would He think that you are prepared? Goodness companion, don't be deluded, it could occur! Today could be that superb day when the Lord returns for His kin. Will you be in that number that hears the yell, that hears the trumpets and that leaves this world in a moment? Just in case you are brought back to life! Be prepared, He is coming!)

(Sick. Would you be able to envision the disorder that will follow when this occasion happens? All children missing! Most kids gone! A few married couples missing. Numerous Cars, planes, trains, and so forth without drivers. TV characters taken right behind closed doors. It will be a period of extraordinary mania and disorder. Some of you would be wise to get ready for it, since you might encounter it direct! Why not come to Jesus before that occurs?)

B. The Church Will Leave Intact - In 1 Cor. 15:51, Paul reveals to us that "all" will be changed. The Rapture won't be an occasion delighted in by a limited handful. Yet, every brought back to life adherent will have a section in the Rapture of the congregation! The assortment of Christ won't be divided! Part won't be taken and part abandoned to persevere through the Tribulation. At the point when the Rapture comes ALL the holy people will go together!

(Sick. Due to the daily routines they have experienced, some won't have the right to go, however they will go in any case. All the recovered of the multitude of ages will leave this world as one when the trumpet sounds. There are no peasants in the Kingdom of God! Saved will be saved and lost will be lost! All the saved will go, all the lost will remain behind!)


A. Changed Physically - right now of the Rapture, every one of the holy people will encounter an extreme change. These human bodies will be changed to unfading

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