Introduction: When we last saw Samson, he was gone to his dad's home. At his wedding feast, he was
double-crossed by his lady and he was outmaneuvered by 30 Philistines. Out of frustration, Samson killed 30 Philistines and took their pieces of clothing to settle a betting obligation. He returned home to absorb his outrage.

As we have seen up until this point, Samson is everything except a decent genuine model. He was destined to be a Judge in Israel. He was sent by God to be a Deliverer of His kin. All we have seen up to this point is a man who can't handle his interests. In this section, we will by and by see the narrow minded side of Samson.

In this text, we will watch Samson as he delivers retribution against his foes. We will see the result of outrage that is permitted to wear crazy. We will see that vengeance might seem appealing when it is brought into the world in the heart, however that eventually, it turns into an exceptionally severe thing.

I need to lecture about The Bitter Taste Of Sweet Revenge. I need to call attention to the examples we should all gain from Samson's life. These examples will assist us with seeing that getting our retribution against the individuals who wrong us is rarely correct, nor is it worth the expense. We should consider the examples educated in this entry as we ponder The Bitter Taste Of Sweet Revenge.


A. v. 1a The Plan – As I said prior, Samson fled from his own wedding in ager. He never remained to perfect the marriage. Later a period, his indignation chills and Samson chooses to set things straight with is lady. He brings her a pleasant present, something that each lady wants; he brings her a goat. He goes to her with the possibility that he will perfect the wedding and get comfortable to live with her has a couple. That is Samson's thought, however that isn't the manner by which things end up.

B. v. 1b-2a The Problem – Samson's dad in-law won't permit Samson into the lady's chamber. He lets Samson know that, taking everything into account, the wedding is off. All things considered, Samson showed an absence of affection for the young lady when he deserted her at the special raised area and ran home to mother. The dad accepts that Samson "detested" his girl and he gave her to another man. The marriage was essentially invalidated.

C. v. 2b The Proposal – The dad offers Samson an exchange. He urges Samson to take the prettier more youthful sister rather than the young lady Samson was set to wed to start with. The dad more likely than not accepted that Samson didn't actually adore his girl, yet that the fascination with her was simply physical in nature, and he was presumably correct, Jud. 14:1-3. He expects that Samson will be similarly as happy with the more youthful sister.

(Sick. Samson is learning an important example in an extremely hard way. He is discovering that you can't confide in Philistines. Samson has been cheated by these individuals in three ways:

1. He lost his bet with the Philistines since they cheated by compromising his better half with death assuming she didn't assist then with finding the solution to Samson's conundrum, Jud. 14:12-17.

2. His better half had been detracted from him and given to another man, Jud. 14:20.

3. The endowment, or "lady value", that Samson had paid for the lady had been relinquished too. The text doesn't explicitly say that Samson paid an endowment for her, however that was how weddings were executed back then.

I would urge you to recall that God cautions His kin against framing cozy associations with unsaved individuals. He disallows relationships like the one Samson was going to go into, 2 Cor. 6:14. That disallowance stretches out past union with every one of the affiliations we go into throughout everyday life. It incorporates our companionships, our business connections, our social connections, and so forth Adherents should be exceptionally cautious with regards to the sort of individuals they structure close relationship with throughout everyday life. Some unacceptable sort of connections can devastatingly affect your own otherworldly condition. Pay attention to these two sections:

· "Be not tricked: detestable correspondences degenerate great habits," 1 Cor. 15:33.

· "He that walketh with astute men will be savvy: however a sidekick of nitwits will be obliterated," Pro 13:20.

The sort of individuals we need to have around us are the sort that will assist us develop further in our relationship with the Lord. Listen again to the Word of God:

· "What's more allowed us to consider each other to incite unto love and to acts of kindness," Heb. 10:24.

· "Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the face of his companion," Pro. 27:17.

· "Balm and aroma cheer the heart: so doth the pleasantness of a man's companion by generous advice," Pro 27:9.

The guideline instructed here isn't that we should thoroughly isolate ourselves from a lost world. No, for we are told to impart the Gospel to them, Mark 16:15; Matt. 28:19-20. We ought to, notwithstanding, comprehend that there is a tremendous distinction between the individuals who are saved and the people who are lost. At the point when we permit ourselves to get excessively near a lost world, we will address a significant expense. Listen again to the Word of God, 2 Cor. 6:14-7:1.)

I. Samson's Return


(Sick. Rather than taking his loss like a man and returning home to pull together and look for God's will for his life, Samson intends to settle the score. The issue with settling the score is that it is unthinkable. Samson is going to discover that vengeance consistently raises crazy. He is going to get familiar with reality that viciousness consistently generates brutality.)

A. v. 3 His Motivation – Look at Samson's language in this section. He is worried about himself. He is worried about what they have done to him. He is inspired in his vengeance by vanity. Notice how he even looks to legitimize his activities by guaranteeing that they had done more terrible to him.

Samson's inspiration for assaulting the Philistines is all off-base. He ought to have been assaulting them since they were mistreating individuals of Israel. He ought to have been assaulting them since it was what God had raised him up to do. He ought to have been assaulting them to assist with conveying his kin from Philistine subjugation. All things considered, Samson assaults the Philistines since he is distraught with regards to how he has been dealt with. He is doing what God called him to do, however he is doing it for some unacceptable reasons, and out of some unacceptable inspiration. Would you be able to see that?

(Sick. This is a decent spot for us to pause and investigate our own inspirations. Our intentions in serving the Lord will decide our dependability to Him and will manage our administration to Him.

At the point when we serve God since we get some advantage consequently, we will be shallow in our dedication to Him. At the point when the apparent advantage isn't longer there, there will be a drop off in our loyalty and administration.

For example, somebody comes to chapel out of an awareness of certain expectations or out of a craving to be a piece of a social outlet. Then, at that point, they join a club or a cabin. That new outlet meets a similar need and they quit coming to chapel.

Or then again, somebody serves in the congregation since they get the thanks and appreciation of the assembly. Assuming that thanks and appreciation evaporates, so does their administration. The equivalent is valid for the individuals who serve basically for money related increase. At the point when the cash is gone, they are as well.

This is an admonition about looking to draw in individuals utilizing tricks. Somebody said, "Assuming you get them in with a frank, you should keep them with a cheeseburger." That is spot on! A ton of the chapels that have depended on common strategies and tricks to draw their groups will see a falling away when they run out of contrivances to keep them there.

To that end we really want to inspect our intentions. For what reason do we serve the Lord? For what reason do we come to chapel? For what reason do we do the things we do? Assuming we are propelled by affection for the Savior; in the event that we are blended by the musings of everything He accomplished for us in passing on for us, saving us, keeping us and gifts us; in the event that we understand that all that we have is only the result of His beauty; then, at that point, we will have appropriate inspiration for our administration to Him. That sort of inspiration will empower us to fully explore 1 Cor. 15:58, which says, "In this way, my adored brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, continually having large amounts of crafted by the Lord, while ye realize that your work isn't to no end in the Lord." What persuades you?)

B. v. 4-5 His Methods – not set in stone to get his payback against the Philistines. He gets 300 foxes. These creatures are presumably a sort of jackal that used to wander Israel in enormous packs. He ties them tail to tail, making 150 sets of these creatures. He ties a consuming light between their tails and liberates them. These panicked creatures go through the wheat fields, the olive forests and the grape plantations and set them all ablaze. This would have been an overwhelming hit to the economy. All things considered, refrain 1 lets us know that it was the "hour of wheat gather".

The fire of vengeance consumed inside Samson's heart. He is vexed about losing his significant other, yet he actually smarts from what the Philistines did to him at his wedding feast. He can't release it; he simply must have his "pound of tissue".

C. v. 6 His Miscalculation – Samson has his retribution. He likely thinks that will be the finish of the matter. Assuming that he thinks this, it is a horrendous error.

The Philistines are annoyed with the deficiency of their yields, their olives and their grape plantations. They make a few inquiries to see who did this and they are informed that Samson is capable. Being insidious, egotistical men themselves, they are in a flash loaded up with contemplations of retaliation. Nonetheless, they don't assault Samson to his face, they carry on like the defeatists they are and attempt to assault Samson through others. They take the lady he wedded and her dad and they consume them alive. Presumably, they shut them up inside the family home and consumed them to no end.

(Sick. This is a horrendous scene, yet it grandstands reality that vengeance tends to heighten. Somebody does or says som

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