Intro: Have you ever met someone who seemed to be filled with God's presence all over them? You pondered how they managed to cultivate a relationship with the Lord that stood head and shoulders above anything you had ever experienced. I've been there, after all! I believe that what they have discovered provides the answer. I just have the impression that, as they go through life, some people have learned to abide at Jesus' feet, which leads to inner peace, life power, and purpose in front of God.
That is the kind of life I want for myself! Are you okay? I'd like to sit at Jesus' feet and be surrounded by the Holy Spirit constantly and consistently. Mary is mentioned in the Gospels. She is mentioned three times in the Gospel account, and she was Martha and Lazarus' sister. Mary is always depicted at Jesus' feet whenever she is mentioned. The lessons she learned there can be applied to our own spiritual development. Tonight, we would like to join Mary At The Feet Of Jesus for a short time. I. Luke 10:38–42 A STILL PLACE (Ill.) The story's context. Martha did her best to be a good hostess and opened her home to Jesus. On the other hand, Mary simply tried to love the Lord and opened her heart to Jesus. Too frequently, we are more like Mary than Martha. We end up ignoring the Lord because we are so eager to serve Him! Mary listened as Martha worked. At Jesus' feet, she found peace and stillness.) She located a location where: A. V. 40: We Can Forget Our Cares: Mary was sitting calmly listening to Jesus' words while Martha was "clogged," which means to be mentally driven about. When we enter His presence, such as through worship, Bible study, or prayer, Life's burdens typically become remarkably light. Learning to sit in His presence and forget about the worries of the world would be beneficial to many Christians. You will be able to find that calm place in His blessed presence if you learn to love the Lord more than your worries. Ill. Other things tend to become very dim when we focus on Him - Phil. 4:6–9) B. V. 39 We Can Feed Our Souls: Mary was more concerned with feeding her soul than Martha was about her physical health. We will gain strength for our journey and nourishment for our souls in His presence. It is not surprising that many Christians lack spiritual vitality and weakness. They never make the effort to simply enter His presence and consume Him! Ill. We need soul food or we will become spiritually depleted! 2 Tim. 2:15; Job 23:12; 1 Pet. 2:2) C. V. 39 We Can Focus Our Priorities - Observing this scene at Martha's house, we can discern the priorities of each sister. Serving her guests and preparing the meal were top priorities for Martha. However, Mary was more concerned with being in Jesus Christ's presence. Ill. Frequently, the degree of spirituality we can attain in life is directly proportional to the amount of time we are willing to spend in His presence. We are in danger at the heart of our experience if everything in our lives takes precedence over being with the Lord. Even being overly preoccupied with His work to the point where we don't have time to sit at His feet is bad. Ill. The Ephesian Church, Rev. 2:1–7.) It becomes easier to make spending time at His feet a priority in life the more time you spend there. Other things appear to shrink as He becomes larger in our eyes. Consider this inquiry: Is it important for me to spend time at Jesus' feet? We must seek this quiet spot before the Lord! D. V. 42: We Can Find Ourselves - Mary was content and fulfilled when she sat at Jesus' feet. Her discovery at His feet was worth more than any sum of money could buy. In point of fact, Mary discovered something that millions of people never discover by simply sitting at the Lord's feet. She was accepted and truly content. Spending time in His presence is worthwhile just for those two things alone. Ill. A lot of psychiatrists and psychologists would have to close their doors if Christians realized how important it is to spend time at His feet. Ill. According to 2 Timothy, God has promised that we can rest at His feet. 1:17.) We find: at Jesus' feet: I and II: A Place of Stillness The meaning of these verses can be found in John 11:32, A PLACE OF SUPPLICATION (Ill.). Jesus has arrived to pay his respects to the family after Lazarus passed away. He calls Mary to come to Him and meets Martha when He arrives. She is found at His feet once more, looking into His face for assistance. What she discovers during this encounter can be of assistance to all of us as we confront life's challenges.) We can see here: A. V. 28: The Lord's Concern for His People's Needs - When Jesus reached Bethany, Martha dashed outside to meet Him. Jesus showed a lot of concern for and interest in their need during their conversation. Jesus seems to request Mary after speaking with Martha. He is concerned about their sadness and suffering. Ill. Every child of God must comprehend that Jesus is concerned about our requirements. Heb, he is interested in what we are going through. 4:15. Never for a second assume that God does not care about you. That is a lie from the devil! "Though the Lord be high, yet hath He respect unto the lowly," declares Psalm 138:6, "Jesus is extremely interested in everything you are facing in life." "to see, discern, behold" is the meaning of the term "respect." Matthew 10:29–31 asks, "Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing?" This demonstrates that the Lord is watching over our lives and does not overlook anything that affects His children. and unless your Father is present, neither one of them will fall to the ground. 30) On the other hand, each and every one of your hairs is numbered. 31)Do not be afraid because you are more valuable than many sparrows. B. V. 28: The Lord's Invitation to His People - Mary was invited to come to Him when Jesus called her. She reacted and showed up. She was able to give the Lord her worries there. Matt. says that the Lord has invited all of His children to come to Him and see for themselves what He can do in a crisis. 11:28; 1 Pet. 5:7; Isa. "Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee," as stated in 55:22. The righteous will never be moved by him." "Means are to be used diligently, without question in time of need," stated Illinois J.C. Ryle. In the event of illness, doctors should be sent. When property or character require defense, lawyers should be consulted. It is necessary to seek the aid of all friends. Still, the first thing that needs to be done is to ask the Lord Jesus for help. (Ill. Isn't it amazing that the person who can do the most in the shortest amount of time is frequently the last person we call when we need help?) (Ill. His invitation remains valid regardless of when you approach Him in trouble.) (Ill. Verse 29) Mary ran to meet Jesus when she heard that He was calling her. What a valuable lesson for God's kids! Jesus is always nearby when a crisis occurs. He will assist you if you hurry to Him!) C. V. 34-42 The Lord's Prayer for His People Jesus turned to His Father in heaven and prayed for them after Mary and Martha had poured out their hearts to Him. He prayed on their behalf. He does the same thing tonight for you and me, Heb. 7:25; Rom. 8:34.) When we hand over our burdens to the Lord, the entire Trinity contributes to satisfying that need. The Son prays for us, the Spirit gives us direction and comfort, and the Father opens heaven's vaults and changes the world to meet our needs. D. V. 43-44: The Lord's Help for His People's Needs - (Ill.) Jesus tells Lazarus to come back to life! To meet the needs of His people, Jesus overrode natural laws. Phil: God will fulfill your need by moving the heavens and the earth. 4:19.) (Ill.) Mary had many needs met during the raising of Lazarus. She realized this after witnessing the Lord perform this great miracle: 1. The Lord's Purpose (Ill. V. 1, 6, and 18) stated that Jesus was approximately two miles away from Bethany. In about thirty minutes, he could have walked there. But He chose to wait two days, and He didn't show up until two more days later. These women had difficulty comprehending this, verses 21, 32. But when she saw Him raise Lazarus from the dead, she realized that Jesus had a bigger plan for what He had let her go through. As is the case with us, we may not always comprehend what God is doing in our lives until His entire purpose is made clear.) 2. The Might of the Lord: Mary would not have known that Jesus could raise Lazarus from the dead if he had not passed away. But when Lazarus passed away, she witnessed firsthand the immense power of the Lord Jesus. Again, the Lord's wisdom in allowing us to endure some of our challenges may be questioned when we go through them. However, when He performs for us, we experience for ourselves that He "has all power in heaven and in earth!" Our faith grows and our confidence in Him and His power grows when we learn this truth. E. Do you sit at His feet and inquire about your requirements? Never be concerned that He won't care about you or want you to come to him. You are invited to sit at His feet, He says. We find: at Jesus' feet: I. A Peaceful Place II. A Place of Prayer and Third A place of service (Ill.) in John 12:1–8, the story's context. When Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead, Mary is overcome with such love for Him that she is willing to pay any price to serve Him and be a blessing to the Lord who bought her.) We do this at His feet: A. V. 3, 5, Make Our Sacrifice - Ill. Mary gave Jesus a box of ointment that was worth the average worker's annual salary. She loved Jesus so much that she was willing to part with this prize. Mary gave the Lord she adored everything she had. We ought to do no less! We have not even made a sacrifice when we give Jesus anything less than our best effort! We will not truly show our love for Him until we give everything we have. We are not demonstrating our love for Jesus when we neglect Him with our time, talents, and tithes. Rom, His desire is for our complete devotion to Him. 12:1-2. Anything less is disrespectful to God. (Ill.) Many people treat the Lord in the same way as this man who called his girlfriend and told her, "Darling, I love you." I'd take you up the highest mountain; For your benefit, I'd swim the deepest stream; I would fight lions in a jungle for you; and I'll be over to see you tonight if it doesn't rain." This isn't love at all! There are no limitations or restrictions on genuine love. It is given without expectation of compensation. Do you love Him as much as you ought to?) (Ill. 0. The short story "The Gift of the Magi" by Henry. Della and Jim, a young couple, are the focus of the narrative. Despite their poverty, they shared a deep love for one another. Each individual possessed a distinct possession. Della was very proud of her hair. Her back looked like a robe when she let her hair down. Jim had been given a gold watch by his father. Della had exactly $1.87 on hand the day before Christmas to buy Jim a present. She wanted to get him something special, but she knew that $1.87 wouldn't buy much. She did what she could only do. She went and got $20.00 for her hair. She purchased a platinum watch chain for Jim with the money. That evening, Jim came home from work. He was speechless when he saw Della's shorn head. He slowly gave her his present. For her beautiful hair, he gave her a set of expensive tortoiseshell combs with jeweled edges. He had purchased them for her by selling his gold watch. (Each had given everything they had.) B. V. 3: Give Up Yourself (Ill.) Mary was willing to serve the Lord Jesus as a common slave. Additionally, she was seen with her hair down in public. This indicated that the woman was immoral. Mary appears to have adored and loved the Lord Jesus without any self-consciousness. She had no regard for what other people thought. Serving and praising God was her primary concern.) Ill. We will reach the point where we will not care what other people think of us when we sit at His feet. Our lives will only be centered on Him and His glory. We will see ourselves in the glorious light of His Person, and He will fill our thoughts and motives. (Ill.) We ought to be so appreciative of everything He has done for us that we can freely and unashamedly live for Jesus. As a result, we ought to let go of our pride and demonstrate to a lost and dying world that we are not ashamed to worship, witness, or work for the glory of Him who gave His life for our salvation. After all, 1 John 4:19 says that our love for Him is directly proportional to His love for us. C. V. 7; Mark 14:8–9, "Make a Statement" (Ill.) Jesus came to Mary's defense when she was criticized for her love and devotion to the Lord. He instructed the people present to leave her alone. She was contributing to the Lord's glory. In Mark 14:8–9, Jesus even gave her a place among the greatest blessings of all time. This selfless act of self-sacrifice by Mary has remained a bold statement about the Lord Jesus for 2,000 years.) (Ill.) It also makes a statement when believers take the time to sit at His feet as we ought to. We are demonstrating to the world that Jesus is our most important priority. We are demonstrating to them that we are not ashamed to be associated with Him and that He is important to us. You have to realize that sitting at Jesus' feet will show! When you spend time with Him, people will be aware, Ill. Acts: The Disciples 4:13. By the way, if you don't take the time to sit at His feet, it will also show on you.) Conc: Where are you at this moment? Are you seated at Jesus' feet and listening to, learning from, and simply loving Him? He is deserving of our unwavering devotion. Therefore, I challenge you to come to His feet tonight along with me. Let's settle in and embody everything that Jesus calls us to be.

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