Intro: The first of five Psalms that are referred to as "Hallelujah Psalms" is this one. The writing of these five Psalms is likely to have occurred around the time Israel returned from a terrible period of slavery in Babylon. Jerusalem's city walls were rebuilt by Jews upon their return from exile; They reestablished their nation and rebuilt their Temple. to remember God's gracious intervention in saving them from extinction; The purpose of writing these praise psalms was to honor the Lord. The Jews appear to have been overwhelmed with praise for the Lord because of what He had done for them and in them. As a result, each of these precious Psalms starts and ends with a declaration of God's praise and a plea for others to join in. The phrase "Praise ye the LORD!" appears at both their beginning and end. That phrase means "Hallelujah!" in Hebrew.
The Lord was being praised by these people for everything He had done for them. They realized that their years in captivity were caused by their transgressions. By God's pure grace, they realized they were back in their own land. They were aware that they had been punished for worshiping other gods; and they were aware that the true God had brought them back home. As a result, they are praising Him for one reason: He is deserving! Today, I want to stress to you that He is still deserving! God moved with grace and power to free our souls from the shackles of our sins, just as He did for these ancient people. When He saved us, He adopted us into his family and saved us from an eternity in Hell. If these ancient people could thank God for allowing them to return to their homeland; How much more ought God's chosen people to thank Him for freeing us from the shame, punishment, and pain of our sins? I want to look at Psalm 146 today. I want to try to convince you of His worth through these verses! I would like to admonish you that He is deserving of your love. He is deserving of your love. He is deserving of your submission. Everything you give to Him is deserving of Him. However, I want to concentrate on the fact that He is deserving of praise in this message. Let's investigate that as we consider the subject: He is deserving! I. verses 1-2 THE CHALLENGE TO PRAISE A. verse 1 A Call to Praise The Psalmist exhorts his soul to praise the Lord. These fleshly bodies frequently lack the motivation to praise the Lord; However, the redeemed soul can find endless reasons to shout out praises to the Almighty. (Psa. Ill.) 103:1-5; Eph. 1:3.) B. v. 2: A Commitment to Praise The author continues by stating that his praise will have no boundaries. 1. An Earthly Obligation: As long as he can breathe; This psalmist makes it clear that he intends to praise God. True praise can never be diminished by illness, age, suffering, sorrow, or even death if you are saved. Ill. In 1 Thessalonians, we are told to be thankful for everything, even the bad things in life. 5:18; Eph. 5:20; Phil. 4:6. True praise, on the other hand, comes from within and not from outside. When we were looking at Psalm 103:1–5, these are just a few of the things we talked about earlier. We have made it; We are God's sons; Jesus will never let us down; We're on our way to a place called Heaven; Those things belong to us and cannot be altered by time, the world, or Satan! Luke 10:20 says that because of this, we can rejoice even when life is hard.) 2. An Eternal Commitment: The psalmist goes on to tell us that he will continue to personally participate in the business of praising the Lord as long as he exists in any form. As previously stated, it can be challenging to praise the Lord from an earthly perspective at times. We will, however, have even more cause to exalt the Lord's name when we have given up the earthly for the heavenly and are standing perfected in His presence in glory. And we will carry it out! Take a look at your own future if you don't believe me (Rev. 4:1-11); Rev. 5:9-14. II. We are warned not to praise other men in these verses, which are titled "the caution in praise" (Ill.). There are two reasons for this.) A. Man Is A Powerless Creature – The psalmist warns us not to praise any man. Man is said to lack the capacity to "help." That is a fascinating term! In the Old Testament, it is frequently referred to as "salvation, deliverance, and victory." The concept is as follows: In this life, man can help from time to time; But man will never be able to help you forever. As a result, we should exercise caution when praising me. (Ill. The widespread practice of praising actors, singers, athletes, and others in our society. Ill. The modern church's practice of praising singers and preachers. The Lord is the only one who is deserving of our praise. Only He can free us from our sins and alter our destiny in eternity.) B. Man Is a Temporary Being – At his best, man is a temporary being. James 4:14 says that he spends a brief time in this world before departing. Additionally, when a man leaves the scene; Eccles. He left behind everything he was and everything he gave to other men. 2:16; 8:10; 9:5. On the other hand, God never changes. Both the things he does and the things he gives are eternal. As a result, He, not man, deservingly deserves every praise we can bestow upon Him! He is deserving! III. The Psalmist backs up what he is saying by explaining why a person who knows the Lord has many reasons to praise his name in verses 5-10 (Ill.). Those who put their faith in others or in themselves do not have any valid reasons to celebrate; However, God's faithful followers have a wealth of praiseworthy accomplishments to boast about! Verse 5's message is as follows: Additionally, verses 6 to 10 provide evidence in support of that position.) A. v. 6: The Greatness of God: There are two distinct ways in which we can praise the Lord for His greatness. 1. The Enormity Of His Power – He Is the Creator God! Psa. says that he is the God who said, "Let there be..." and there was. 19; Isa. 40:12! His power is incredible and unending! He gives us this power when He saves us and supports us day in and day out! Remember who your God is and what He has done when life overwhelms you. Then keep in mind that He remains "able," Eph. 3:20, and that He continues to be the "I Am." Ex. 3:14. His power becomes your power when you trust Him! (Ill.) My vehicle is capable of traveling at high speeds down the highway. It is able to maintain that speed for prolonged periods of ours. It has the ability to climb hills that would exhaust me long before I reached the top. There are many things I can't do that my car can do; but when I give in to its abilities and rely on its power; my car's capabilities become mine! Because I trust it, I suddenly can do what it can do. When it comes to the Lord, the same holds true in a much broader sense. His wealth becomes mine when I trust Him. My power is now his power. His ability develops through ability. Because I trust in His power rather than my own, I am able to stand, walk, and win. He is deserving!) 2. The Importance of His Promised Deliverance: It is stated that God "keepeth truth forever." That phrase, I'm sure, has many different meanings. However, I believe it refers to God's determination to uphold His Word. To put it another way, God will carry out His promises. None of God's promises will ever go unfulfilled, and His children will never have to worry about it. God will carry out all of His promises. Matt, every promise of His to provide you with clothing and food. 6:25-34; John 10:28, to His saving you and keeping you saved; to His promise of one day having a perfect home in Heaven, John 14:1–3; Rev. 21:4 will be faithfully followed to the letter. He never changes the truth! (Ill. F.B. Meyer said, "The heavens would cover themselves in sackcloth if any promise of God should fail;" The sun, moon, and stars would sway out of their tracks; The terrible fact that God can lie would rock the universe, and a hollow wind would whine through a destroyed creation. Ill, but we shouldn't worry about that happening! Why? - Heb. 6:18; Titus 1:2. He has your back! As a result, He is deserving!) B. verses 7-9 The Grace of God: I believe we could stop there and comprehend the significant truth that He is deserving of our praise. However, the psalmist continues to list the praiseworthy attributes of the redeemed. You will agree, I believe, if you just look at what He does for His people: He is deserving! 1. v. 7: He Fights for the Helpless: He helps the helpless! Just as He freed Israel from their barbaric captors' chains; He has freed His chosen people from the implacable chains of sin and Satan. He graciously intervened and saved us when we were powerless to do so, Psa. 40:1-3. He is deserving! 2. v. 7 says, "He Feeds the Hungry"—not just our daily bread; However, our wonderful Father, Phil, meets all of our spiritual as well as physical requirements. 4:19! We enjoy putting our attention on physical blessings; However, spiritual blessings are God's greatest blessings. I can recall times when I needed a spiritual word; and He never failed me. He is deserving! 3. Verse 7: "He Frees the Hostage": Just as He freed Israel from her oppressors, so He has freed you and I as well. According to John 8:36, Jesus came to liberate man. He saved us from the greatest threat we faced; Luke 4:18, "He delivered us from our lost, hell-bound condition." He is deserving! 4. In verse 8, "He Lights the Blind," a physical benefit is praised once more. Isa, on the other hand, the Messiah's first sign would be the opening of blind eyes. 42:16-18; Luke 4:18. That's exactly what Jesus did throughout His ministry. Numerous times, he opened his blind eyes. However, I'd like to point out that there is more darkness than just the physical darkness! Poor soul ensnared in sin is oblivious to God's works. Satan imprisons him in his darkness, 2 Cor. 4:4. I had only one option, but Jesus came to where I was, restored my spiritual sight, and brought me into His glorious light, 1 Peter. 2:9. He is deserving! 5. v. 8: "He Lifts the Broken": The theme of this verse is that God takes the burden off the tired. Matt, how many times has He relieved my stress and provided me with rest? 11:28. How many times have I had the privilege of placing all of my burdens on Him simply because he takes care of me, 1 Pet? 5:7; Psa. 55:22. But then there was the day when I felt like I couldn't take another step because the weight of sin on my soul was so great. I came to Him by faith, cast my sinful burden on Jesus, and He lifted me up with His tremendous strength! He is deserving! 6. Verse 8: "He Loves the Believer" says that God has a special place in His heart for people who are in a right relationship with Him, Jeremiah. 31:3. He tells us that the love that binds us to the Lord can never be broken by anything. 8:38-39. Even when we are unlovable, He still loves us! He loves us even when we ought to be hated. Despite our foolishness and failures, He loves us. He loves us completely, completely, and forever! He is deserving! 7. v. 9: He Protects Strangers: The psalmist even praises the Lord because He protects people who are not even Israel's own. He cares for people who were born outside of Israel but have made it their new home. How graceful! Naturally, you and I are, in a sense, strangers and pilgrims, 1 Pet. 2:11. Matt, we can also rely on the Lord to watch over us, protect us, and be always present with us as we travel through this earthly land as pilgrims seeking a city. 28:20; Heb. 13:5. I am glad that His promise and protection keep me safe as I travel through this world, John 10:28; 1 Pet. 1:5. He is deserving! 8. In verse 9, "He Supports the Sufferers," God's care and protection were directed toward the society's most disadvantaged members. God never forgot about people who other people frequently ignored or forgot. He took care of the sick. Moreover, He continues to do so! We can rely on Him to comfort us in our suffering for His glory as we travel this path with you and me, 2 Cor. 12:9; Heb. 4:15-16. By worldly standards, you and I may not have much, but the least fortunate believer has more than the richest person in the world! Grace is available for the journey, praise God! He is deserving! 9. v. 9: "He Sentences the Sinner": This may not seem like much of a reason to praise God from our perspective, but it is. You have to understand that, in the same way that the Lord cares for His own on the journey of life; He thwarts the evildoers' plans. God will ultimately exalt Himself and defend His name. In heaven, everyone who loves Him will share a home with Him. However, those who reject Him will be subject to Hell's punishment. What exactly is grace? If you will, try to picture a heaven filled with sinners who have not been redeemed. Hell would be heaven! This truth may not be completely clear to us right now; However, we will have a mind like the Lord's when we reach Heaven! He is deserving! C. v. 10, "The Glory of God," states that he will always be God. He will rule forever. He will always be deserving of our praise. His promises will never be broken. His people will never be lost. We will also forever sing praises to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings as the endless expanse of eternity unfolds before our eyes. We will always proclaim that He is deserving! Conc: The fact that He is worthy is the theme of the hymns that the redeemed sing in heaven (Rev. 5:9, 12). However, allow me to reaffirm that He is right now deserving! Therefore, I implore you to exalt the Lord and glorify His name because He is deserving! If you want to catch up on the praise department but are behind; You can immediately begin that procedure. If you would like to experience all of God's great things for you but are not a child of God; That is yours to have. If there is a problem, need, or circumstance that needs to be addressed to Him; You can also accomplish that.

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