Intro: Imagine yourself following a wall that goes on forever. You can hear what is going on inside because you are on the outside of that wall. People are happy, you can hear. They're all very happy, though some are laughing and others are yelling with joy. You want to go where they are and see what makes them so happy more than anything else. You will eventually arrive at a door as you continue to follow this wall. The lock on this door is off. You will be admitted to the location where all those contented people are merely by passing through it. When you got to that door, what would you do?
You might think to yourself, "Preacher, that's a foolish way to start a message!" Perhaps, but have you noticed that millions of people appear to be looking for something all around us? I recall the times prior to my salvation. Christians who were overjoyed were around me. All I knew was that I was unhappy and wished I had a fraction of what those people had. As a result, I spent a lot of time following this imaginary wall, imagining their joy and longing to enter their space. The Door finally confronted me one day. I had to make a decision when I did. I could enter and join the others or stay outside and continue my search. I will tell you that when I arrived at that Door, my desire to enter was so strong that I refused to leave. I was saved forever when I entered the Door, and I understood the excitement. It's possible that some of the people present today are still looking for the Door outside that wall. Well, I'm here to tell you where to find Him today. You will have the chance to walk through that door and enter that happy place that every child of God lives in before you leave this morning. Jesus explains who, what, and where the Door is, as well as who can enter, in these two verses. Today, let's examine these verses and collectively consider the concept "Knocking on Heaven's Door." I. v. 9a THIS DOOR IS A PERSON A. Jesus declares in bold language that He is the door of the sheep (Ill. The sheepfold was typically a stone walled circular enclosure. There was only one hole in the wall that led into the enclosure. At night, when all the sheep were inside, the shepherd would lie in that hole and act as the door. Without passing through the shepherd, nothing could enter or exit.) B. Jesus claims to be the entrance! In order to join God's flock, one must first go through Him. We are reminded in verse 1 that attempting to enter in any other way constitutes theft and robbery! C. To put it simply, according to John 14:6, there is only one way to the Father—and that is through the Lord Jesus Christ. (Ill. Only faith in Jesus can bring about salvation. Ritual and religious practice will not accomplish this, and neither will baptism or membership in a church. Through faith in the finished work of Christ at Calvary, there is only one plan for man's salvation. Salvation is straightforward, but it is extremely exclusive – Rom. 10:9-10; John 3:16; Acts 16:31; Acts 4:12; Rom. 10:13!) D. "Have you ever been through the Door?" is the primary inquiry. II. This door is a proposal (Ill., v. 9b). In this statement made by Jesus, a tremendous offer is made to sinners. Jesus gives everyone who is lost in a life of sin hope with these words. Jesus will never force Himself on you, even though He wants to save you! However, He provides opportunities for you to approach Him. Observes this morning's proposal to fallen men.) A. Its Scope—"any man"—Salvation is an offer from God to every man, not a club for a select few saints. God's saving love is available to every living being today! Isaiah 22:17; John 6:37!) Despite the fact that the Bible makes it abundantly clear—in John 3:16—that God cares about all people and offers them salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ, many people believe there is no hope for them. If you are lost in sin today, you can be saved! B. The Plan: "If any man enter in" (Ill. A door can be used for one of two things. It can be a barrier that prevents people from entering or an access point that lets them in.) God's gift to a fallen race is salvation! However, this gift must first be accepted before it can be used! Only those who come to Jesus personally and consciously and accept Him into their hearts and lives will ever be saved. This is what I mean: God promises to save you, but you won't be saved unless you come to Him by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!) C. Its Source: "he shall be saved." A person's life is forever transformed and saved when they turn to Jesus for salvation! Jesus frees them immediately and makes them new. (Ill. This is a very descriptive word that was used to describe someone who had recovered from a serious illness, who had survived a war, who had made it safely through a dangerous storm, or who had prevailed in court. For us, this means that we have spiritually conquered all of the preceding and are now saved from all danger and harm. John 10:28 says that "this one small word is a glorious declaration of the security we enjoy in the Lord Jesus Christ." (Ill.) Why fight for eternity? I find it simpler to believe that God saves and keeps than to believe that He saves, loses, saves, loses, saves, infinitum, ad nauseum. I know we don't deserve it, but we are saved forever the moment we are saved! We are no longer bound by: 1. Sin's Penalty – II Corinthians 6:23. However, Jesus ends the curse of death and liberates us from the terrible wrath of God, Rom. 5:9 (Ill.) The Prodigal Son: In Luke 15:20, the Father ran out to meet him when he returned home and fell upon him. The father probably did this for a number of different reasons. Deut, on the other hand, is the one Biblical justification for which we are absolutely certain. 21:18-21. The townspeople were instructed in these verses to stone a child who disobeyed and disrespected his parents. This father was putting himself between his son and anyone who might want to kill him when he ran and fell on his son's neck. When he died on the cross, Jesus did exactly this for us. He put himself in between us and God's wrath. Jesus took on God's wrath and paid the price for us, despite the fact that we deserved to die for our sins. We are all now exempt from the consequences of our sins! God's saints never have to worry about going to Hell! 2. The Power of Sin, as Per Romans Jesus removes the power of sin from the saint's life in John 6:14. We are no longer slaves to the whims of the flesh and the devil when we come to Christ, Eph. 2:1-3). Jesus liberates us, giving us the freedom to resist temptation and live for God! Ill. 1:14 10:13) (Ill. One of the greatest wonders of salvation is the profound transformation experienced by Christians, according to 2 Corinthians 5:17. It would appear that many of the things that we used to think we couldn't live without are just not what we want!) 3. The Presence of Sin – When we die, we will forever be free from the presence of sin. It will not be tolerated in heaven – Rev. 21:27. In addition, according to 1 Corinthians, we will acquire new flesh and cease to desire sin. 15:54; 1 Jn. 3:1-3.) III. v.9c-10: THIS DOOR IS A PROMISE A. A Promise of Pasture – In this "Pasture," we discover: 1. Rest: We are no longer looking for what we need. Jesus is the name of the one thing we have discovered that satisfied our longings. We can now bask in His goodness and anticipate our return to heaven! I'm not trying to be saved, Ill. Do you? Grace is all I'm relying on now. Grace sought me, purchased me, and will return me to where I belong! What, after all, did Jesus say? Matt. 11:28!) 2. Rejuvenation: The saint of God can find everything he or she needs for complete and total contentment in Jesus (Psalms). 107:9. When we taste something and discover that the "Lord is good," Psa. 34:8, we become less hungry for other things! 3. Rejoicing: In Jesus, we can experience the full joy we lacked when we strayed into sin. 1 Peter says that he has promised us "full joy." 1:8; Psa. 16:11. According to Luke 10:20, the child of God has ample cause for celebration this morning. "Fullness of joy" can be found in His pasture. (Ill.) The Lord's pasture serves as a reminder that He is "The Sustainer," Ps. 23:2 and that he is "The Satisfier," according to Psalm 107:9. Come to Jesus and give Him a try for yourself if you don't believe me! John 4:29, ill.; B. Of Plenty – (Ill.) The thief or false shepherd seeks nothing but his own egotistical goals. He won't do anything, not even kill the sheep to get what he wants. Jesus, on the other hand, came to give rather than to get! He came so that you and I could live our best lives and be freed from all the bad effects of sin. That life is merely His daily life lived through us. It is a brand-new, eternal life that we live for and with Him. It is a life of abundance." (Ill. Child of God, we currently possess eternal life, John 6:47.) How close you are to Jesus, the more abundant that life will be. Make sure you are as close as possible to Him.) Conc: Where do you currently find yourself? Do you long to enter the blessings and God's family but are stumbling around outside of them? I invite you to immediately approach Jesus if that describes you, if you sense a lack in your life, or if you are certain that you are not saved. He will save you now and forever if you will come to Him, confess your sin, and accept Him as your Savior. Will you carry out your responsibilities this morning?

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