Intro: The writer of this psalm is praying to God. It becomes clear that he is going through a difficult spiritual time as he pours out his heart. Verse 1, verse 17, "His prayer is for the Lord not to fail him." His desire is to be redeemed in front of His adversaries.
I see more than just a cry for help as I read these words. I also see a faith declaration. This man discusses a number of aspects of his spiritual life, which you and I ought to take into consideration this evening. His desire is for God's assistance, and mine is to demonstrate the aspects of life about which we should never be ashamed. Let us take note of these facts as we think, "Let me not be ashamed!" Shame is a feeling that everyone knows about. The definition provided by Webster is "feeling shame, guilt, or disgrace;" feeling inferior or unworthy" We all know what it means to be ashamed, not because of a textbook definition but because we have all been embarrassed at some point in our lives. Additionally, there are certain aspects of ourselves about which everyone ought to be ashamed. In the same way, we should never be ashamed of certain aspects of our relationship with God! I want to share that with you tonight. Consider the thought, "Let me never be ashamed!" as an example. I. V. 3a, 5, 14b, and 16 IN ORDER TO DISCOVER HIM A. He is "MY" God! Ill. John 1:12) B. Expressing a need for God is not a sign of weakness! C. He is our source of strength, Phil (Ill. John 15:5) 4:13; One pet, comfort. 5:7; Matt. 11:28; Heb. security. 13:5; Rom's safety 5:9. II. V. 1, 14 TO PROFESS HIM A. You must profess Him if you possess Him! B. I don't feel ashamed that people know I'm a Christian! Il. Rom. 9:33; C. Hold your head high and proclaim with pride to the world that Jesus is yours, according to Luke 12:8. III. V. 2, 17, and 22 TO PRAY FOR HIM A. This is not a sign of weakness but rather a display of power! B. The person who thinks he can handle it on his own, 1 Pet, is the real weakling. 5:7. C. The Christian's best resource is prayer! It lets God's power enter our lives and opens Heaven's bank! Apply it generously! We need to be avowed liberals in two areas of life. One is in the giving category, and the other is in the prayer category! D. Jesus said He would: 1. Jer, hear us. 33:3; 1 John 5:15 2. John 16:23-28: "Assist us," Psa. 37:4; James 4:2; IV, Luke 11:9. 4, 7, 21 TO PRAISE HIM (Praise is discussed in Ill. 64 Psalms!) A. We have a lot to be thankful for! Ill. No hell, Heaven, Needs, Holy Spirit, and the Word of God, etc.) B. 1 Timothy tells us to praise God. 5:18; Heb. 13:15; Psa. 9:1-2; Rev. 19:5; Luke 19:37-40.; Psa. 34:1; 146-150 Psalms; Psa. 113:1; Psa. 107:22; Psa. 135:1; Psa. 47:1 ,etc! C. It is your responsibility—do not feel guilty! V. V. 4, 5, 7b, 9, 20 TO PRESENT MYSELF TO HIM A. Not worthy to enter His presence as I am, but I am declared worthy through the blood of Jesus. B. Present Myself Now - Rom. 12:1 - in service C. Present Myself in Heaven - Unashamed, because of what Jesus did - Col. 1:22 D. Ill. We are not much this evening, but we will be able to present ourselves to him in Heaven through the blood of Jesus. We will be entitled to attend in full! VI. 23, 24 TO PRESCRIBE HIM A. He is the treatment for sin's disease! Ill. The Gospel is medicine for everyone who is sick!) B. Mark 16:15 says that we must tell others about him; Acts 1:8 C. Don't be embarrassed to be a witness. Tell others how they can become like you, and be proud of who you are! D. Inform the lost! Ill. Eze: We are watchmen. 3:17-18) Conc: Never hide anything that has to do with the Lord! I can assure you that He has never shown any remorse for you, Heb. 11:16.

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