Intro: There are numerous creeds in circulation. These creeds are frequently used in formal church services. In fact, we have printed a few of them for our hymnals. Read through pages 105 and 112. We Baptists have never adhered to any creed at all! We have always favored considering the entirety of the Bible to be our creed. Since a creed is defined as "A statement of faith," there is nothing wrong with them as such. a formal summary of Christian faith principles." Additionally, a church's use of a creed as part of their worship service is perfectly acceptable. The issue arises when individuals believe that simply recalling a few words can actually save their souls. Not religious rites, but faith in Christ saves!
We are privileged to hear a clear declaration of faith that comes from a believer's heart in this Psalm. It is permissible for us to read the Psalmist's creed in this song. His declaration of faith! He explains what he believes, why he believes it, and how he intends to act on it in this section. Today, I want us to examine this Psalm's words. We are able to observe not only what the Psalmist had in his heart regarding the Lord, but also what ought to be in our own hearts at the present time. Let's examine The Believer's Statement of Faith for a few minutes this evening. I. v. 1a THE BELIEVER'S RESISTANCE A. This declaration, "I love the LORD!", is a joyful chorus. It is a blessing for a redeemed sinner to be able to make that declaration. B. How priceless it is to love God! Man may not reciprocate our love, but God first loved us (John 4:19) and has always loved us (Jer). 31:3; Rom. 8:35-39. C. Are you a Christian tonight? It's wonderful to be able to. II. v. 1b-8 THE BELIEVER'S REASONS A. v. 1b-2 God Has Heard Them - Ill. The blessing of prayer being heard and answered Ill. The prayer of the sinner and all subsequent prayers!) Jer. Ill. 33:3; Psa. 40:1) B. v. 3–7 God Has Lifted the Believer - Job 14:1 says that everyone goes through times of sadness and depression; Job 5:7. God is known for lifting the downtrodden and bolstering the weak (Ill. Paul). 2 Cor. 12:7-10). Consider the occasions when He has lifted you up! C. v. 8: (Remember what God has done for the believer!) God Has Freed the Believer 1. Salvation and eternal life await him now that he has been released from prison! rescued from the power of sin and Hell! 2. He has been freed from his grief and has replaced it with joy—one pet. 1:8; ( Ill. Rev. 21:4) There will be trials, but He will help you through them! 3. He has been freed from stumbling and given a solid foundation on which to stand, according to Psalm 139. 40:1-2. ( Ill. 1:14 10:13) 4. John 8:36 says, "It is good to be free in Jesus tonight." We are set free, like sick Lazarus in John 11:44! III. The question posed in verse 12 of THE BELIEVER'S RESOLVE (Ill.) is a good one! How can we possibly begin to repay Him for everything He has given us?) A. v. 9: The I Will of Practice: The Psalmist declares that he will live righteously. Phil. 1:27). It's in verse 16! B. v. 13a, The I Will of Persuasion - The Psalmist promises to believe right. Ill. This needs to be studied - 2 Timothy 1:15) (Ill. Cup metaphor: Jesus, like we, had a cup. "Cup of wrath" in Ill. 75:8) C. v. 13b The I Will of Prayer: The Psalmist swears to pray correctly. 1 Thes. 5:17; Luke 18:1) D. v. 14 The I Will of Performance - (Ill. v. 16) The psalmist declares that he will keep his promises to the Lord. We must carry them out; good intentions will not suffice. Ill. An elderly lady and her goal!) "Now!") Ill. E. v. 17: The I Will of Praise: The Psalmist declares that he will exalt God! Psa says that we need to be more active in this area. 47:1; Psa. 135:1-3; Heb. 13:15. (" An ocean of mercy deserves far more than a drop of praise. "--Rev. (Note: William Secker) The Doxology's quote is not praise! It is a loving outpouring from the heart of a worshipper!) 1. V. 15, as a result of His Promises 2, V. 16 as a result of our privileges V. 17, as a result of His Mighty Conc: Do you identify with the sentiments expressed by the Psalmist? Does he convey your feelings about the Lord and the things He has done for you? If this is the case, then the best thing we can do for Him is to come before Him, reaffirm our commitment to Him, show our genuine love for Him, and praise the one who saved us from the terrible grip of sin.

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