Intro: The taskmaster's whip crack revealed the entire story. Egypt kept Israel's people as slaves. It appeared that they would remain slaves for the rest of their lives after 400 years. Thousands of their ancestors were born, raised, and died as slaves in Egypt. Then, one day, a man by the name of Moses appears; a man who was born into one of Egypt's impoverished slave families. a slave who was still the child of slaves but had been adopted into Pharaoh's household. Their very own! He came to them and told them stories about meeting their ancestor's God. Moses claimed to have had a meeting with God on one of Sinai's mountains. His stories told of God's great plans to free them from their current slavery and his love for them. The idea that they would be freed had initially excited the Israeli people, but Pharaoh had not been amused. He had ordered the taskmasters to work harder than usual and increased their workload. The majority of Israel had come to believe Moses was nothing more than an old fool who was attempting to kill the people. Even Moses, Ex., was touched by their feelings. 5:20-21. Moses, on the other hand, presents their complaint to the Lord. God responds by making a wonderful promise to the Israelites. Seven "I will" statements are made by the Lord in His response to His people, as you read them. He intends to act on their behalf in these ways. When these promises are taken into consideration, it becomes abundantly clear that the people of God must have held gendered hope in their hearts. The blessings of a redeemed people were being explained to them in detail.
I would like us to examine those assurances independently this morning. Even though we are not Israel, the promises made to them apply to those who are saved this morning by grace. Therefore, while I wait for God to grant me freedom, I would like to briefly preach on the topic of "The Blessings of a Redeemed People." The phrase "I wills" of God reveals the benefits that are available to those who have been saved. These blessings should encourage your heart and push you to have a closer relationship with the Lord if you were saved this morning. I hope they will show you what you're missing out on by not asking Jesus to save you if you are not saved. Take note with me of the blessings of a people who have been saved. I. v. 6 THE "I WILL" OF UNCONDITIONAL SALVATION A. Saved From The Burden Of Slavery – Ill. Israel's barbaric slavery in Egypt, Ex. 5:6-19. God was aware of everything and promised to relieve them of their burdens.) (Ill. Sin carries a lot of baggage. Sin brings guilt, the conviction of one's heart, separation from God, entrapment, slavery, and ultimately an eternity in Hell. All those who came to Jesus by faith were promised that He would intervene in their lives. A new creature – 2 Cor., He promised that He would free them from the entanglements of sin. 5:17! Col. says that everything that was against us has been taken away forever, and we are free of it. 2:13-14! For those who have come to Jesus by faith, there is no Hell, no judgment, and no condemnation! Only freedom, glory, and communion with the Lord God are available! (Ill. Sin is over—Psalm 103:12; Isa. 38:17; 43:25; Jer. 50:20; Micah 7:19; 1 John 1:7!) When you turn to Him, everything changes! This would be the fulfillment of the Sin Penalty! B. Freed From the Chains of Slavery: Their salvation resulted in more than just their release from their burdens. They could have been freed from their responsibilities and kept in Egypt as slaves. Not only did God alter their circumstance, but He also altered their identity! He let go of the chains that had bound them. He also does this for every sinner who puts their faith in Him to save their souls. Not only does He remove the past and the guilt, but He also breaks the chains of sin and makes the sinner a saint in His image! John 8:36 says that salvation frees the saved; Rom. 6:6-18! In Luke 4:18, Jesus stated that He would carry out this mission regardless. Ill. Freed because the Son of the King took my place!) This would serve as a reminder to us that the Power of Sin has also been broken! C. Freed from the Barrier of Slavery: God has promised that the great power of God will free them from their slavery. This redemption would take the form of the Lamb of Passover for Israel, Ex. 12. That blood saved them from the power of the plague that tore Egypt and Pharaoh apart and marked them as a people who had been saved: the firstborn's passing. They were purchased back from God in symbolic terms by the power of God and the blood of the lamb. It's the same for everyone who will be saved in our time. There is only one approach that can save your soul! Sinners still require the blood of the Lamb, 1 Peter. 1:18-19! Naturally, this Lamb was Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who gave his life for us by dying on the cross! Through the power of God and the blood of Jesus, you will be saved—or will ever be saved—Eph. 1:9. Moreover, nothing demonstrates God's power more clearly than the conversion of a sinner into a saint! Have you experienced the glory of being saved by Jesus' blood? II. A. The Satisfaction of His Adoption: God promises Israel that He will take those old slaves and transform them into His people in verse 7—the "I WILL" of unparalleled satisfaction. They will be His "special treasure," as it were, 19:5; Duet. 14:2; 26:18; Psalm 135:4. That is, they would be His people alone out of all the people who lived on earth at that time. He would have a unique connection with them. There would be a closeness and blessedness that no one else would ever experience. Why is this position so unique? Why did this group make this decision? because they had strictly adhered to His redemption plan. They had put their future in the hands of a small lamb's blood. By faith, they had believed in God, and that alone was why He had accepted them! Because of this, they were unique! Because of this, He chose to make them His people. Moreover, that is still how it functions today! Joining a church or engaging in religious calisthenics will not help a person establish a relationship with God. There has been no alteration to the salvation plan. Heb. "...without shedding of blood is no remission," says 9:22. Simply believing in the blood shed by Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary transforms old sinners into saints of God. A special relationship with God is established when a person trusts only the blood and nothing else. In the New Testament, the redeemed are referred to as a "peculiar" people, as Israel is in the Old Testament (Titus 2:14). 1 Pet. 2:9. Do you belong to the chosen ones? Through the blood of Jesus Christ, are you in a special relationship with God the Father? B. The Satisfaction of His Approval – In addition to promising to accept these individuals as part of Himself, He also stated that He would demonstrate His acceptance of them by exerting power on their behalf. They received blessings that could only have come from God, such as a pillar of cloud and fire, the Red Sea, Manna, water from the Rock, victory over all of their enemies, and so on, as they made their way toward the Promised Land. They saw every day how much he valued Israel as a people! Those who have also placed their faith in Jesus have had similar experiences. This is His promise, 2 Cor.: "We enjoy the manifestation of His approval in the blessings we enjoy as His children every day of our lives." Psalm 6:16, and this is what He does 68:19. Because of this, people who know Him and live in close communion with Him are content and happy. God is so kind to us each and every day! (Ill. the requirements He fulfills, the prayers He answers, the burdens He lifts, the glory He bestows, the gifts He extends, the grace He extends, and so on.) III. A. Promised A Habitation – These were people that God had promised to deliver. v. 8 THE "I WILL" OF UNENDING SECURITY He said he would release them from their chains and free them from their servitude. But His promise went much further than just saying He would bring them out. He had promised to bring them in himself. He did not deliver them to send them off into the wild for good. In order to bring them into a place of blessing, He freed them from their servitude. He set them up by releasing them! The idea of keeping them safe on their journey and getting them safely to the promised land was part of his promise. And He kept His word when He said He would! We have the same priceless safety this morning, friend! None of us were saved by God only to be lost along the way! He rescued us from this world to take us to the next, and He will make sure that happens. John 6:37–40 says that He will not let one of His sheep wander off on the way home; John 10:28; 1 Pet. 1:5. You will return home if you are saved! If you are not, you need to seriously think about getting right with God. Friends, you are on your way home if you began this journey by faith in the blood of Jesus! B. Promised A Legacy: God promised Israel a land in which they would enjoy all of his blessings to the fullest. They were familiar with the Promised Land as a place "flowing with milk and honey," 3:8. Their release from slavery was only the beginning of his plan to redeem them. When they left Egypt for the wilderness, it wasn't over. They would not stand on the ground that He had promised to their fathers until it was finished. They would not have completed God's plan for them until they were safe at home! John 14:1-3 says that He saved us to take us to a place He was making in heaven. It is called Heaven, and it is where He calls home (Rev. 22:1–5) and where we will spend an incomparable amount of time in His presence (Rev. 21:4). He didn't just save us so that we wouldn't have to go to Hell and win over sin; We were saved so that one day we could enter His presence in a place called Heaven and leave this life. He brought us into an eternal inheritance from a hopeless situation! (Ill.) As we take advantage of the "earnest of the inheritance," as Ephesians says, just think about how good God is right now. 1:14. How different will it be to meet Him in person? Rev. 4:1-11!) Conc: This morning, I am grateful to God for the blessings of the redeemed! Are you okay? Can you honestly say that you are taking advantage of everything God has to offer right now? Is God saving you? Are you walking alongside Him as you should? This morning, are the chains of sin tightly fastening themselves around your life? Jesus is the only way to free them! You need to talk it over with the Lord this morning if your experience doesn't agree with what I've been preaching. If your heart is not in the right place, I know He is speaking to you. How will you respond to His call? That is the question.

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