Intro: The last time God spoke to Abraham was some fourteen years earlier. Abraham had not heard the voice of God since he disobeyed in the matter of Hagar. When they come our way, His silence is most devastating. We need to understand that His silence almost always results from our disobedience.
The Lord speaks once more in this passage. It is to reveal even more of the specifics of His covenant with Abram when He does this. We have the chance to learn more about God's faithfulness and work in His people's lives here. We are given a glimpse of the God of the Everlasting Covenant in this passage. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn more about the God we serve as we examine the passage's specifics. May we be reminded that He is a God who acts in accordance with the "counsel of His own will" and upholds His promises. ",(Eph. 1:11). I. V. 1-5 THIS GOD'S NEW REVELATION A. V. 1 A Revelation of His Person - God reveals Himself as "the Almighty God" for the first time. The Hebrew name "El-Shaddai" is the source of this name. It is based on the concept of "Nourisher; Strengthener; Satisfier." It says that God is the "All-sufficient One." Because "Shaddai" comes from the Hebrew word for "breast," the name conveys a tenderness. The "Almighty God" provides everything the children of God require, just as a baby receives nourishment and strength from its mother. Note: Because He is "the Almighty God," God expects His people to walk in "perfection" before Him. 1 Peter gives us a directive to conduct ourselves in holiness and righteousness before Him. 1:16.) B. V. 2-4: A Reminder of His Promise: God simply points Abram back to the promises He has previously made to him. Abram will inherit a great nation from God, and He will bless him. Note: Abram kneels at God's feet in worship as a result of the revelation and reminder! It would be a blessing to God if His blessings would inspire worship and praise among His people.) Note: "As for me" in verse 4 indicates that this covenant is unilateral. Abram will be blessed because God wants to! To put it another way, the covenant is beneficial because it is based on God rather than men! 1 Peter: Thank God that our salvation is in His hands rather than ours. 1:5.) C. V. 5: A Reveal of His Plan - Abram gets a new name here. His name is changed from Abraham, which means "Father Of A Multitude," to Abraham, which means "Exalted Father." This is because God chose Abraham to be the father of an infinite number of people. Naturally, Abraham believes that this is not the case. However, from God's point of view, the deal is sealed! The phrase "I have made thee" stands out. God had already carried out His plan through Abraham, despite Abraham's inability to see it. Note: Life is never what we imagine it to be! We can only see the challenges and difficulties we face in life. God, on the other hand, sees not only the future but also our present. Simply walking in the present and holding in your hands the things that God has placed in the future is the essence of faith, Heb. 11:1! God has already taken care of whatever you may be facing this evening. All you have to do is wait until that moment when His provision becomes apparent. Ill. Elijah at the widow's house and the dry brook in 1 Kings 17) (Note: It's no wonder Abraham paid homage to the Lord! We would also praise, adore, and worship Him if we ever grasped all that He has done for us!!) II. V. 6-8; 15-22 This is God's new assurance about his fruitfulness in A.V. 6, where God promises Abraham children, crowds, and crowns. He received promises from God that he could not have imagined at the time! Note: Doesn't it resemble us? Consider where He discovered you, what He has done for you, and where you are going. Doesn't it sound too good to be true? His promises to me become sweeter as I progress down this path! I am grateful that they are all true! Also, if you abide in Him, He will make your life fruitful for His glory (John 15:5).) B. V. 7-8 Concerning His Loyalty: God promises to bless not only Abraham but also his children and all of Abraham's seed's generations. This is a covenant that will last as long as God exists and is as good as the name of God. Note: We praise God for the assurance of His faithfulness! Lam. Ill. 3:22-23. Thank God for being trustworthy and faithful. His promises will not be broken. He won't let us down. He will never let us fall short! He never breaks his word!) Note: The Abrahamic line promises that God will be a personal God. Serving a God who desires a personal relationship with people like you and me is a blessing, friend! I thank God that my relationship with Him does not depend on what you do! It is unique and never-ending! What a relief!) C. V. 15-22 Concerning His Future: God extends his promise to Abraham to Sarai as well. She is going to give birth to this promising child and be the mother of numerous children. She is also given the new name Sarah, which means "Princess," instead of "Sarai," which means "My Princess." Abraham laughs when he hears this. It's not a laugh of doubt; rather, it's a smile of excitement at what the Lord is about to do in his life. He prays for God to bless Ishmael as well because he is so excited about the power of God. The Lord has heard and answered this prayer! Note: When the day began, this man was looking at a gloomy future. He is now thrilled by the options. I just wanted to remind us this evening that the Lord can help with any problem. As strong as your faith, your future is bright! John 6:1–13 states, "The impossible becomes immediately possible when we involve God in the situations of our lives." Keep in mind that the God we serve controls both the present and the future, and He is greater than either!) III. V. 9-14; 23-27 THIS GOD'S NEW REQUIREMENT A. V. 9-11 The Nature Of This Requirement: In this case, Abraham and all of his descendants must be circumcised. A physical mark was to be used to show that they were followers of the Lord. It was a sign that "this person is part of the Abrahamic covenant, and the promises of God are his" to undergo circumcision. This mark was private as well as painful. The person who was circumcised and the Lord were aware of it, regardless of whether anyone else was aware of it. Note: To be followers of the Lord today, neither you nor I must do this. However, the New Testament refers to a "circumcision of the heart" as a prerequisite for establishing a personal relationship with the All-Powerful God, Rom. 2:28-29; Gal. 5:6; Col. 2:11; Gal. 6:15.) B. V. 12-13 The Nationality of This Requirement: If a man wanted to be a part of this covenant of promise, he had to perform this rite for every male in Israel, whether they were young or old, free or bond. They were left out without it. Note: Spiritual circumcision is required in order to have a relationship with the Lord, whereas physical circumcision is not. John 3:3 says that no one can ever hope to meet God or go to Heaven after death without it; John 14:6. Ill. God's supremely valuable plan for our salvation!) C. V. 14; 23-27 The Importance Of This Requirement: No one can enter this covenant relationship with the Lord without being circumcised. They would be isolated from the populace. They violated the covenant. Note: Spiritual circumcision is required for a relationship with God, as previously stated. Only by coming to Jesus Christ by faith can this be done.) Note: In our day, many people believe that one still approaches God through rituals. The opposite is absolutely true! Eph. says that works will never save the soul. 2:8-9! Always has been, and always will be, faith to please God, Hebrews 11:6! Abraham followed God's command and carried it out without hesitation, vv. 23-27!) (Faith) Note: Have you undergone the spiritual circumcision that alters your destiny and life for ever?) Conc: This evening, I am grateful that our God cares about His people. I am grateful that He rewards us with unquantifiable blessings whenever we have even the smallest faith in His Word. What are you putting your faith in this evening, I wonder? Do you have a bad day today or a bad future? Let me just say that we worship a God who keeps His promises! That which He has promised, He will carry out! He will bless your life if you bring it to Him, prostrate before Him, and worship Him as Abraham did!

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