Intro: It may appear odd to deliver a Christmas sermon from this location. However, the realization of man's greatest hope can be found right here, in the midst of the greatest tragedy. We first encounter the gospel's saving message and the person of the Lamb of God in this tale of sin, judgment, and death. Ill. The Setting Man was created in God's image. He gave man a perfect environment and created him with complete innocence. Adam has been given control over the entire creation of the Lord, and he has been given Eve, a perfect companion. They are free of suffering, illness, death, and sorrow, and they lead an idyllic life. They have everything they require, and Gen. 2:8–9 describes their uninterrupted, unhindered fellowship with God. One tree in the Garden of Eden is the only thing that prevents them from doing so. "The tree of the knowledge of good and evil" is the name given to this tree. In Genesis 2:15–17, God tells Adam to stay away from this tree because eating its fruit will end the world. Things are going well in the Garden for some time to come, up until one day when Eve is confronted by a Satanic serpent. She hears from this serpent that God is waiting for her and Adam. He explains to Eve that God does not want them to eat the fruit because God is aware that if they eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, they will become like him. Eve eats the fruit after giving in to the devil's temptation. Adam also eats after believing the lie. Everything changes instantly! They are no longer pure and innocent; rather, they are sinners; They are fallen beings now. They are aware right away that everything has changed. They become embarrassed in light of their stripped condition and try to cover themselves with fig leaves, v. 7. God visits Adam and Eve in the Garden during this tragic event to mingle with them. Verse 8: They have hidden themselves from him, so he calls out to them. Adam makes a confession to God, verses 10-12, because God knows what they have done. The blame game then begins. In verses 12–13, Adam places blame on God and Eve places blame on the serpent. Adam, Eve, and the serpent are all expelled from the Garden of Eden after God immediately pronounces judgment on them.
However, there is a glimmer of hope tucked away in the midst of this tragedy. The amazing grace of God is brought to light in verse 15, which emerges from the darkness like a huge beacon. The phrase "Protevangelium" has been applied to this verse. That is the Latin term for "First Gospel." The Gospel of salvation by God's grace is presented here in the form of seeds. We get a glimpse of the Lamb of God for the first time here, who will later die on the cross of Calvary to save a lost and dying world. The first thread of the red thread of redemption that runs throughout God's Word can be seen here. The very first promise about the upcoming Lamb in the Bible is contained in this precious verse. As I try to preach on Behold the Lamb Promised, I'd like to read this passage for a few minutes. The Lamb who was promised is discussed in depth in this passage. As we consider the idea, please allow me to share these truths with you today: Promised is the Lamb. I. THE PROMISED LAMB'S PERSONALITY A. This Lamb Is One-of-a-Kind in His Origin: It is said that the Lamb who is coming will be “the seed of the woman.” This is an odd statement because the male members of every species provide the "seed" by design. In this instance, we are informed that the woman will bear children on her own. This verse reveals the first glimmer of a significant truth that will eventually become more fully understood. The first prophecy of the Lord Jesus Christ's virgin birth can be found in this verse. Adam and Eve, as well as Satan, were unable to comprehend it; However, God makes it clear that He will send His Lamb into the world through a woman alone! Naturally, we are aware that this is how Jesus was born. It was predicted by Isaiah, Isa. 7:14; Luke 1:26-35 records Gabriel's announcement to Mary, and Matthew records Joseph's. 1:18-25. Why is this crucial? The Bible makes it abundantly clear that the man, Rom, is responsible for both sin and the nature of sin. 5:12. Every person who came into this world through the traditional method of a man and woman having a sexual relationship has a sin nature and is a sinner from birth, Rom. 3:10-23; Gal. 3:22. Jesus' birth, on the other hand, was very different. He was born without the impurity of sin because He was born without a human father! Since He was born without sin, He was qualified to die for our sins, 2 Cor. 5:21. Naturally, the fact that Jesus was and still is God in the flesh makes the birth of Jesus a truly one-of-a-kind event (John 1:1). 14; Phil. 2:8-11. B. The Occupation of This Lamb Is Unique: This Lamb came into the world to fight against evil. He was going to "bruise" the serpent's head, according to what we are told. This is about a fatal accident. This Lamb was not going to show men a better way to live when he came to this world. He wasn't coming to make their surroundings better. He wasn't coming to raise their status in society. He was on his way to destroy evil. According to John 18:37, that was His sole purpose; Heb. 2:14. Humanity had just fallen into sin, and this promised One was coming to rescue it. Over the years, many men and women would fight evil; This One would strike it down and kill it. He would accomplish for men what they could never accomplish for themselves. He was coming to save them from sin and secure their liberty. In a moment, more will be said about this. II. The Promised Lamb's Purpose A. He Would Arrive As A Warrior – The word "enmity" refers to "hatred or enemy." Naturally, it brings to mind the natural aversion that humans have toward serpents, but there is much more to this. The animosity or hatred that is being referred to here goes much further than a man hating a snake. It's about Satan's animosity toward the Lord and everything he represents. It is a reference to the devil's hatred, which led him to attack Adam and Eve in the Garden and tempt them to sin. It is a hatred that only wants the Lord and His kingdom to be destroyed. Isa, it is a hatred that calls for God to die and Satan to be made god. 14:12-16; Eze. 28:11-19. This is the conflict that erupted in Eden! It had more to do with Satan's desire to fight God Almighty than it did with mankind. We are told that the one who is coming was a warrior and was coming to this world. He claimed to be someone who would fight a determined adversary. He would pick up where Adam left off in the Garden of Eden's battle. He would arrive to fight Satan! Jesus, of course, did that! From the time this prediction was made in Genesis 3:15 until Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose from the dead; "The seed of the woman" was stopped from coming into the world by Satan in every way he could. He killed Abel through Cain, Genesis 4. Through evil marriages, he sought to corrupt the human blood line, Gen. In Egypt, he attempted to kill Israel's people, Ex. 1-2. During Israel's reign, he attempted to destroy them by encouraging them to engage in gross idolatry. Then, when Jesus was a baby, Satan tried to kill Him, Matt. 2. On the Mount of Temptation, Matt., he attempted to tempt Him into sin. 4. John 6: He tried to persuade Jesus to take the crown without dying on the cross. Luke 22: He made an attempt to kill the Savior in the Garden of Gethsemane. When Jesus died on the cross, he was certain to believe he had won the victory. Satan was unaware that God's greatest weapon was the moment He became sin and died in the place of the sinner. Jesus, the blessed Lamb of God, was a powerful warrior when he came into the world! B. He Would Win: The serpent is told that the seed of the woman will "bruise the heel" of him, but the serpent's head will be "bruised" by the seed of the woman. The term "bruising the heel" refers to a non-fatal injury; whereas a fatal wound is referred to as head bruising. The meaning of the word "bruise" is "crushing or striking." The approaching Lamb could strike the serpent in the heel, but the Lamb would crush the serpent's head. Naturally, the cross fulfilled this. Death could not hold the Lamb of God, who died for the elect of God! He rose from the dead on the third morning to win the greatest battle ever fought. However, according to Rev. 20:10, He inflicted a mortal desire on the serpent's head while He was still alive and rising from the dead. This will result in his eternal punishment in the Lake of Fire. The Prince of Life and the Prince of Death met in the battle arena. The Prince of Life emerged as the sole victor after the battle. Everyone who knows Him now rejoices in His victory and shares in the rewards of His conquest. He was the "Firstfruits from the dead" when He rose from the dead, 1 Cor. 15:20; as a result, He makes the promise of eternal life to all who believe in Him (John 5:24); John 11:25-26. (Ill.) We are not just "on the winning side," we are already on the winning side! III. v. 21: THE PORTRAIT OF THE PROMISED LAMB (Ill.) Following God's pronouncement of judgment on the guilty parties, He performs a remarkable act. God himself kills a beast and makes clothes for Adam and Eve out of the skin. A wonderful portrait of the upcoming Lamb is shown in this graphic death scene.) A. It Is A Portrait of Sacrifice – Can you imagine how horrified Adam and Eve must have been when they first witnessed death? They now watch as God slaughters an animal with His own hands to cover their nakedness, which they had never seen before. They experienced the true cost of their sin firsthand in that split second. They finally realized that death is the price of sin (Genesis 2:17; Rom. 6:23. A clear picture of what the upcoming Lamb would do for us can be seen in this verse. Keep in mind that Jesus Christ is God's Son. Keep in mind, 1 Peter, that He never sinned. 2:22, and that He lacked the right to die. Keep in mind that when He came to this world, He wanted to crush the serpent's head with His heel. Turn away from Calvary now. See the cross that holds the Lamb of God. Watch as His enemies spit in His face. Keep an eye on them as they remove His beard from his cheeks. Pay attention as they mock Him. Make fun of and curse Him. Keep an eye out for the very people He came to save as they hand Him over to be crucified. As the cruel blows repeatedly land on His back, can you hear the whipping? Can you feel His agony as He is lifted between Heaven and Earth to die on that wooden cross? Keep an eye on Him as blood pours out of the wounds in His hands, feet, and head. Pay attention to Him as the blood runs down the cross that is now pooling on the ground. Now, realize that everything He endured; all of His back's stripes; every pain He went through; every shame He suffered; Your transgressions were the cause of everything He endured throughout His life, including hardships and death! Isa, he was marred for you. 52:14. For you, he bled. Isa, he died for you. 53:4-6! Realize that, according to Romans, Calvary is God's billboard proclaiming His love for fallen man. 5:8. Take a look at that scene to see how much God despises sin. The unending love that God has for sinners is evident when you look at that cross. Live by looking to the suffering Savior! B. It Is A Portrait Of Sufficiency: When Adam and Eve realized they were naked because of their sin, they tried to cover themselves by making fig leaf aprons. But their efforts were in vain, and in order to cover their bodies, God killed an innocent animal. God wanted to demonstrate to them and to us that the works of the flesh can never cover up sin. In place of the guilty, it necessitates the death of the innocent. Heb. says that the shedding of innocent blood is the only way to get rid of sin. 9:22. This exemplifies man's inability to present himself to God in a way that is pleasing to God. Isa, even our best efforts will always fall far short of expectations. 64:6. Man has always attempted to make religious and righteous clothing for himself. However, no amount of human effort can shield sinners from the ominous gaze of God. A covering that man cannot provide for himself is needed. The sinfulness of man was sufficiently covered by Jesus, the Lamb of God, who entered this world and died on the cross. Phil: When someone believes in Jesus and is born again, He covers them in righteousness and makes them worthy to stand before God. 3:9; 2 Cor. 5:21. (Ill.) The Prodigal Son wore the Father's robe when he returned home. He was covered in filth, and it would have been easy to mistake him for the Father.) The entire purpose is this: To please the Lord, you can try anything, including religion, good deeds, clean living, and so on; But until you come to Jesus and are saved by grace, nothing will be able to fix your sin problem. You can only stand before the Lord and be accepted by Him after that, Eph. 1:6! John 2:29 says that we can only stand before God because of Jesus Christ and His shed blood. Conc: I apologize for the sins that Adam and Eve committed in the Garden of Eden. If they hadn't, what kind of world would it be today? However, they did, and as a result, you and I were born with a desperate sin problem. I praise God for recognizing our need and sending His Son, Jesus Christ, into the world to die as the perfect Lamb on the cross. Do you absolutely understand the true meaning of the Christmas season as we begin and progress through it? Jesus is more than just a baby in a manger, do you know. Is He truly your savior? Or is He merely a narrative in a book? a sweet idea, but nothing more, in the midst of the bustling holiday season? You must be certain! You see, you'll end up dying just as surely as Adam and Eve did, and you'll also go on to spend eternity! When that event occurs, you need to know where you will go. Furthermore, your relationship with Jesus Christ determines where you go. Is God saving you? Praise the Lord if you are! If not, you must be aware that you can be. If the Lord is asking you to come to Him, the time is right now to do so. If you want to meet the Lamb of God, why not come to Jesus today?

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