Intro: I was astonished by the amount of loose change I found during the recent process of moving from our previous residence to the one in which we now reside. In the oddest places, there were quarters, pennies, nickels, and dime just waiting to be found and used. How many times have we thought, "Well, it's just a penny" when we saw pennies lying on the sidewalk, in the washing machine, or on the car floorboard? To pick it up isn't worth the effort.
In point of fact, our estimation of the value of that single cent is utterly erroneous. If you took the time to collect each penny, you would have a dollar, two, ten, and so on in no time. "A penny saved is a penny earned," was a quote by Benjamin Franklin. He was entirely correct! We have earned something that has the potential to add value to our lives if we reach down and save even just a penny from being wasted. Jesus shows the story of a woman who lost one coin in this illustration. She went about finding that coin and putting it back where it belonged, not just shrugging her shoulders and leaving. The purpose of this illustration, as well as the ones of the Lost Son and the Lost Sheep, is to demonstrate to us that God values each and every person! In the case of the Lost Sheep, for instance, the shepherd was only looking for one sheep out of a total of 100. The woman is looking for one of the ten in the Lost Silver story. The father is looking for one of the two in the illustration of the Lost Son. The father visits him one-on-one in The Lost Sibling. I would like to examine these priceless verses for a few minutes this morning. I'd like to know why this woman cared so much about a single coin and went to such great lengths to ensure that it was returned to its proper location. The Lost Silver's illustration reveals some of the reasons for everything that transpired. I. THE SILVER WAS VALID FOREVER A. In that time, married women wore a headband made of a series of strung-together coins. When a bride was married, her father typically gave her these coins. During the married woman's life at the time, this headband had multiple purposes. 1. It established her married status. It made it clear to other men that she was not available. Like our wedding ring, it did the same thing. 2. Additionally, those coins declared her independence. They served as a constant reminder to her husband that she could start over if he divorced her. She may be his wife, but she could survive on her own. One coin represented one day's worth of wages. She only had ten coins, so it's clear that she and her husband were very poor. Dutzendes of coins made up headbands worn by numerous wealthy women 3. It was used to locate immoral women. A coin was sometimes removed from a woman's headband when she had been unfaithful to let everyone know she was an adulterer. 4. To put it another way, the purpose of these coins was to exalt the bride! Her beauty was marred and incomplete as long as that coin was missing! With this in mind, it's easy to understand why this woman jumped into action to find the missing coin. B. This woman treasured that coin. She gets so upset about it because of this. However, while it was lost, it possessed absolutely no value at all! It had no value at all! She couldn't have it on her head. She could not have it in her life. It could not be used to supply life's necessities. As long as it was lost, it was useless. That's why it was so important to find it! Even though it was only a small amount of silver, this woman considered it to be priceless! The silver had no place and was useless! C. Of course, the purpose of this parable is to demonstrate to the Lord how valuable a single sinner is. You have to understand that, unlike the lost silver, people were not made to sin and disobey the Lord! God created man for a single reason: Isa. for His own glory. 43:7! In Genesis 1:26, God created man in His own image. According to Genesis 3:8, "He made man for fellowship so that He might walk with man in the cool of the Garden of Eden." Man became a lost soul when he committed a sin. Gen. 3:23 says that his sin separated him from God's presence; Isa. 59:2. A life spent serving the Lord is beautiful and powerful, but a life that is lost is of no use! However, that life can be everything that God intended it to be when it is discovered and returned to its proper location through God's power! D. Until she found the coin she had lost, this woman's life could not be complete. It played a significant role in her life. We serve the purpose of adorning the Lord and bringing glory to His Name when we are saved by His grace, filled with His Spirit, and used for His glory! God is complete with or without you and me! II. A. When this woman realizes that a coin has been stolen, she immediately takes action to ensure that it is recovered. She regards it as valuable! She turns on a light, moves things around, sweeps the house, and searches until she finds the coin. She worked hard and had the will to find it, and in the end, she won because she did! B. That coin was lost in the house (It was lost in the house), in the dirt (houses in that era had dirt floors), in disuse (a lost coin cannot be used), and in the darkness (houses in that era had no windows). What a depiction of men who do not know the Lord that coin provides! 1. Men who are lost are in the dark; they may be brilliant intellectually, but they are spiritually blind, 2 Cor. 4:4. They are all lost in spiritual ignorance's pitch-black darkness! Until they are sought after by the Lord, they do not know their condition or what they require, Eph. 2:1; John 6:44. 2. The image of the ruler was engraved on a coin when it was minted. Lost men are in the dirt. The ruler's image would be obscured and marred on a coin that was lost in the dirt. It's the same with lost men! They were created in God's image, but that image has been damaged, so they must be cleansed to restore the Lord's image. Ill. Just look at our world if you don't think men are dirty!!) Man needs someone to lift him out of the filth of his life, clean him up, and Ill. Men are attracted to dirt; for proof, skip a bath for a few days. Spiritually, that holds true as well! Men are drawn to dirt! To cleanse them and restore their health, the Lord must intervene.) 3. Men who have been lost are no longer in use—just as a lost coin is useless, so is a lost life. Before the Lord can use it for His glory, it needs to be cleaned up and restored. 4. I have discovered lost coins in the car, in the yard, and on the street. Lost men are everywhere, even in the house. They are also in the house, according to me. The same is true for men who have gone missing—they can be found anywhere, even in the Lord's house! C. When this coin goes missing, this woman starts looking for it. She decides to do whatever is necessary to locate her lost coin. And precisely that is what she does! She moves the furniture, turns on a light, sweeps the floor, and looks everywhere for her missing coin. And she keeps going until she finds it! She is a representation of God in this! He has done everything necessary for lost people's salvation. Rom, he adores them. 5:8; Jer. 31:3; Acts 16:31 says that he provided a perfect salvation; One pet was given by Him as payment for the cost of redemption. 1:18-19; Rev. 1:5; John 3:16; Matt, He invites people to come to Him. 11:28; John 6:44; According to John 10:28, He completely and eternally saves them when they arrive. He has an excellent strategy for rescuing the lost! D. It's possible that we'll wonder why this woman went through all of this trouble for a single coin. For vacation, we spend more than a day's pay on a hotel room, or we occasionally spend that much on junk. The reason she gave was that this one coin held a priceless significance for her. She was willing to do whatever was necessary to restore it! She valued one coin extremely highly. We live in a society that places little value on the individual when it comes to people. Take into consideration the abuse of children or the fact that we are reduced to mere numbers (Social Security Number; (Inspectors 12, etc.) However, God sees value in each individual! It is a praise to His name that He valued you and me! He strives to locate and save those who are lost out of love for them! The Lord values your life and loves you regardless of who you are. If you come to Him in faith, He will save you, cleanse you, transform you, and use you! Ill. At the end, each coin will be in its proper spot!) III. A. When this woman found that coin, she took it back to its proper location and the success was undeniable. The lost man cannot deliver himself, just as that coin could not emerge from the gloom, dirt, or disuse it was in. However, when the Lord appears to the lost sinner, He liberates him from his darkness, cleanses him of his filth, and restores him to use, Eph. 2:1-22! She called her friends and neighbors together and said, "Let's have a party! " because she was happy about this. I discovered the lost coin! And they started to celebrate! What a happy day this woman had. B. The transition to Heaven is made in verse 10. According to scripture, a sinner who makes amends is the object of the joy of God's angels. When a lost person is located, heaven gets excited! Why? A valuable item has been relocated to its proper location. God is praised. A soul longs for Hell. The Master can make use of the useless material. By God's grace, what was filthy and ugly because of sin is now clean and beautiful! When a lost person is saved by God's grace, it is a glorious day! A soul being saved is the ultimate act of His honor! Conc: The following is the final word: God cares about what other people think is worthless! He doesn't care about what you think your worth is. He is unconcerned with what other people may think of your worth. He sees you as deserving of His Son because of His love and grace toward you. I invite you to seek the Lord this morning if you are like that coin, lost in the shadows, filth, and waste of your sin. You might even be stranded this morning "in the dwelling;" a member of the church but never saved. You must visit Jesus! He continues to "seek and save that which is lost." This altar is open if you have a need or just want to praise God this morning for lifting you out of your darkness, your filth, and the waste of your sin! You see, your life is valuable to God!

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