Intro: In the middle of a section of Scripture that is devoted to the Tabernacle is this passage. A portable tent meant for Jehovah's worship was the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle's cloth, board, furniture, and other items were all commissioned, developed, and designed specifically for use in God's worship.
In some way, the Tabernacle's components pointed to Jesus Christ. "The tent of meeting" was the name given to the tabernacle. God conferred with Israel here. The place where sacrifices were to be made was this place. Every day, worship of Jehovah God took place in this location. Atonement for the people's sins was performed here. Israel was supposed to camp around the Tabernacle when they were in the wilderness. In the center of the camp was the Tabernacle. They were reminded by this that their lives should be centered on worshiping God. The most significant location in Jewish social and religious life was the Tabernacle. Dedicated to God, the Tabernacle was a place. God intended it to proclaim God. Studying the Tabernacle is worthwhile. The incense they burned in the Tabernacle is the subject of the passage that we are going to examine today. Additionally, the incense discusses Jesus Christ and worship of Him. The smoke rose toward Heaven as the incense was burned. God was pleased when its scent came to Him. Everyone was aware that worship was taking place as the aroma of the incense filled the Tabernacle after it was burned. You may recall that when Mary broke the alabaster ointment container and anointed Jesus' head, John 12:3 says, "The house was filled with the odor of the ointment." Real worship has a way of letting people know that it is there. It releases its scent when genuine worship occurs. I want to preach on The Scent of Biblical Worship using these verses, which provide instructions for the incense. Concerning genuine biblical worship, these verses instruct us in some very significant truths. I want you to examine the incense's components; the way the incense is mixed; as well as the Ministry of Incense. Let's talk about these facts together. I. v. 34 THE INGREDIENTS FOR THE INCENSE (Ill. When God gave Moses the ingredients for the incense, He was very specific about what He wanted. Because they instruct us about Jesus, I want to think about these components. We are reminded of why He is deserving of our worship by these four ingredients.) A. Stacte – Speaks of His Proclamations: Stacte is an aromatic gum produced by a particular shrub. The verb is "to drop." Each drop of stacte was taken from the plant one at a time. This material informs us about our Lord's words. The precious Word of God came from our Savior's mouth, just like a stave dropped from a plant! John 1:14, 14 declare that Jesus is the living Word. Additionally, he has given us the written Word. God be praised for His Word! Consider what the biblical authors had to say about this book: · Psa. Psalm 30:5, "Every word of God is pure..." 19:8, "The LORD's statutes are right, joy to the heart: The LORD's commandment is pure, illuminating the eyes. “But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be treated,” says James 3:17. "But the wisdom that is from above is full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy." · 2 Tim. 3:16-17: "All Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, correction, and instruction in righteousness: that God's man may be perfect and fully equipped for all good works. God be praised for His Word! In this book, God speaks to fallen man with arrogance. God reveals Himself to man in this book. The only way to be saved is through God's Gospel, which is found in the Bible. The soul can benefit from this book; fuel for the trip; preparedness for battle; hope for every day and light in the darkness We ought to express our gratitude for His Word. We ought to give thanks to God for His Word. B. Onycha – Speaks of His Person – This component was discovered in a specific shellfish species that only inhabits the Red Sea. The Hebrew word for "lion" is the source of the word "onycha." This material informs us about His person. It serves as a reminder that He is a king who deserves respect, honor, service, love, obedience, and worship. I'd like to remind you that Jesus Christ is not a do-gooder, effeminate, long-haired, hippy. According to Rev. 19:16, He is "the King of Kings and He is the Lord of Lords." According to Rev. 5:5, he is "the Lion of the Tribe of Judah." Jer, he is the one who was predicted to arrive in the Old Testament. 23:5; Gen. 49:10. He is the One Who came to this world, was conceived by a virgin, lived a sinless life, suffered a death on the cross, rose from the dead, and returned to Heaven. According to 1 Thessalonians, He is the one who is returning for His church. 4:17-17. He is the one we will confront at "the Judgment Seat of Christ," according to 2 Cor. 5:10; 1 Cor. 3:10-15. According to Rev. 19:11–16, He is the One who will return in power and glory to rule and reign. During the Millennium, he will be in charge of the world. According to Rev. 20:11–15, He will sit on "the Great White Throne" of judgment. In Heaven, He is the One who will be worshipped for all time! May I advance one step further? He is my deliverer! He is Lord to me! He is my buddy! He makes my heart happy. Right now, He is deserving of my praise and worship. We need to give God our praise, love, and worship right now! C. Galbanum - Speaks of His Anguish – The word "galbanum" means "cutting," which explains how this resin was extracted from a particular plant by cutting the plant open so that the resin could escape and be collected. The Lord's suffering is portrayed in this substance. It makes us think of how He died on the cross. It serves as a reminder to us that he died to save His Bride from her sins. Let me point out some of the things He went through in order to save us. 1. Luke 22:63-64: beating; Psa. 129:3 2. (Ill.) Scourging: The horrifying nature of this punishment Matt. 27:26 3. Matt spits out. 27:30 4. Matt's wrath: 27:26-29 5. Isa had her beard taken off. 50:6 6. Matt was stripped. 27:35: (They bet on His clothes.) 7. Matt is nailed to the cross. 27:38; John 20:25 8. The Crucifixion in and of itself: The most harrowing method of execution known to man is the death on the cross! From it, we get the word "excruciating." The word "excruciating" means "from the cross." 9. He Was Hurt By A Sovereign God; on that cross, Jesus actually became sin, 2 Cor. 5:21. Jesus was judged by God on behalf of sinners. Jesus was subjected to the undiluted, unfiltered wrath of God, who literally poured out His wrath on His Son's body. Because of His suffering, He is worthy of worship. Because of His sacrifice, He is to be worshiped. He is worthy of worship because of everything He did to ensure our salvation! D. Frankincense - Speaks of His Purity – Frankincense is yet another type of tree resin. White smoke was produced when this resin was burned. We are reminded of the Lord Jesus' purity by this substance. It serves as a reminder to us that He is God's sinless Son. He was born without the sinful imprint of man. He never did anything wrong. In point of fact, He could not have sinned. (Heb. Il.) 7:26; 1 Pet. 2:22; 2 Cor. 5:21; 1 John 3:5.) Jesus is the sinless, pure Son of God, as He was and is. He came into the world to pay the guilty people back with His life. When He died on the cross, He did that. Due to the fact that He is sinless, He deserves worship! I. The Ingredients in the Incense The incense's ingredients are described in verses 34–36, entitled "THE MIXING OF THE INCENSE" (Ill.). They also describe the procedure for combining the incense. We learn why the Lord is worthy of worship from the ingredients. How we are to approach Him in worship is explained in the instructions for mixing it together.) A. The Personal Aspect of Worship: The guidelines provided in this section discuss the personal nature of our worship. There are two ways we must approach the Lord when we worship Him. 1. Holy: The incense must be "pure and holy," as stated in verse 35. The Bible says that it was to be mixed with salt when it says that it was to "be tempered together." The purity of salt is depicted in the Bible. This describes the state of our hearts when we approach God. We cannot approach Him in worship if we are not in a right relationship with Him. Our sin will prevent Him from hearing our prayers, Psa. 66:18. Isa, it will also shut down the place of worship. 59:2. We must present ourselves before the Lord with a pure heart if we are to worship Him! 2. Humble: In verse 36, it says that they were to "beat it very small" with some of the incense. It was going to be ground down to powder. This demonstrates humility! First and foremost, we must be holy before approaching the Lord with humility. Our hearts must not be filled with arrogance or pride. We are not permitted to approach Him boasting about our capabilities, Ill. 1 Pet. 5:5-6. We must approach Him fully aware of both our powerlessness and His. Keeping in mind that we would be nothing, have nothing, and amount to nothing without Him, we must present ourselves to Him. In adoration, we must be broken before Him! B. The Perpetual Aspect of Worship: According to verse 36, a portion of the incense was to be offered in front of the Ark of the Covenant in the Holy of Holies. Where God met with His people was above the Mercy Seat, over the Ark. The incense they burned in front of the Ark was a reminder that their worship was to last forever. The incense was to be available at all times for worship offerings to the Lord. To put it another way, the people of God were to be characterized by their devotion to God. Today, the same holds true. Worship should be a constant feature of the people of God. That is, we are to worship in public, collective worship whenever possible, according to Hebrews. 10:25. John 4:23–24 instructs us to worship Him privately. We are to worship as a people. A person who has no desire to worship the Lord has something wrong. When there is no desire to pray, read the Bible, sing to God, or praise Him, something is wrong. He is deserving of our constant worship. Ill. ***Psa. says that we ought to give thanks to the Lord, who by His grace saved us, on every day of our lives. 113:1-9***. C. The Proportional Aspect of Worship: According to Verse 34, the incense ingredients were to be mixed equally. The reminds us that our worship ought to be balanced and proportional. This simply means that we should not veer off topic during worship. While some people emphasize Christ's life, they minimize His death. The death of His life is overlooked by others. Every facet of our Lord's life and work is equally significant. If He did not die, his life is meaningless. If He was not sinless, His death is meaningless. If He did not die for our transgressions, His sinless nature would be meaningless. If He did not fulfill every aspect of His Word, it would be meaningless. He is to be worshiped in all of His ministry and glory, and every aspect of His life and ministry is crucial! I. The Ingredients in the Incense The Third Mixing of the Incense v. 37-38 THE MINISTRY OF THE INCENSE (Illinois) After being prepared, the incense was to be used in worship of the Lord. This serves as a reminder that God alone deserves worship. Our worship is not due to any person, thing, or activity. These verses provide a clear definition of the ministry of worship.) A. Its Ministry Is Certain—In verse 37, it was meant to be "holy for the Lord." The sole use of this incense was for the worship of the All-Powerful. He alone was the owner of it. We are reminded by this that God alone deserves our worship. In this day and age, there is very little genuine, biblical worship of God. The reality is that the majority of people today worship themselves. In our community, very few people worship false gods and idols. However, a lot of people give in to things like money, pleasure, sports, and other activities that take up their time, take their money, and occupy their minds. Worship is the purpose for which people live. They are, in essence, their gods. God alone is worthy of true worship! He deserves to be honored, served, and loved. He deserves to be praised at every juncture of our lives; with every penny of our assets; and with all of our strength. He asks for it, but more importantly, He deserves it! Give Him the respect that He deserves! B. Its Ministry Is Dangerous: In verse 38, God declares that He will punish the guilty person for any other use of this incense. This brings to mind the events that transpired with Aaron's sons, Nadab and Abihu. They brought "incense" and "strange fire" to the Lord. Lev, because they disobeyed the Lord's command to worship Him, God killed them all. 10:1-2. This teaches us that worship that is not true always results in destruction. Simply worship other gods if you want to invite God's judgment into your life. The wrath of God will enter your life if you simply offer the holy incense of worship to things other than Him. Numerous God's children are devoting themselves to things other than the Lord. It is a violation of religious law, and it will be punished. May the Lord assist us in conducting a heart search to determine the places where we are offering "strange fire and incense" to the Lord. May He assist us in comprehending that He will not be tempted by this circumstance. God is envious, and He will not allow anyone else to worship Him! Conc: Unlike you, I want my worship to be right. I want to know how to give Him the respect, glory, and honor that He deserves. I once fell into sin and was on my way to Hell. I was saved by God's grace, my sins were washed away by His Son's blood, and I received a new life. He is deserving of my total devotion. I want it for Him! Has the Lord discussed your worship with you? Do you praise Him for who He is and what He has done for you? Is your worship respectful and holy? Is it reasonable? Do you only worship Him, or do you devote your time, money, and affection to other things? This altar is accessible if your worship requires work. Get the assistance you require right away by coming to Him!

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