Intro: This evening, we are going to discuss probably the saddest moment in Abraham's entire life. He is likely to make a choice that will cause him and us a great deal of trouble. According to our text, Abram relocated to Egypt with his family during a famine in Canaan.
Now, Egypt is always depicted in the Bible as a picture and a model of the world. It was there that Pharaoh held the children of Israel captive for 400 years. They yearned for what they had left behind in Egypt even after they were delivered by God's power, Ex. 16:3. That is similar to us! There is still a part of us that longs for the world we have left behind, no matter how the Lord blesses us. As we watch this man enter Egypt, there are some facts about his route that we need to pay attention to this evening. Tonight, I intend to give a brief sermon on The Truth About The Path To Egypt. I. V. 10 IT IS ALWAYS A DOWNWARD PATH (Ill.) When a believer travels from Canaan, the land of blessing and victory, to Egypt, the world, it always leads him down. Jonah ill. - Jonah 1:15 Note: It was also referred to by Amos as a low place, Amos 2:10; 3:1.) A. It Disqualified Him from the Promised Land: The land of Canaan represented God's best intentions for Abram. He should have been in Canaan land! ( Note: The place where God wants you to be is the most precious place on earth! Joseph, ill., Gen. 50:20.) B. It drove Him out of the Land of Preparation: The Canaanite famine was a test of faith rather than a punishment for sin. Ruth, on the other hand, 1) He ran away from God's test and left God's best. Tests of genuine faith will always occur. Submitting to the test and trusting God rather than fleeing is the great test! Ill. The Widow of Zarephath, 1 Kings 17) Abram was supposed to choose Canaan's uncertainty over Egypt's abundance. C. It drove Him out of the Land of Plenty. According to Gen. 12:2, God had promised to bless Abram in Canaan. Abram also received God's rest in Canaan. He could trust God to take care of him and rest in the arms of providence only there. Ill. Elijah - 1 Kings 17:4, 9 - "There") II. The best place to be is where the Lord places you, even if it is difficult. V. 11–15 IT IS ALWAYS A DISHONEST PATH A. Abram Borned A Lie - It is a sad day when a believer embraces a lie instead of the truth. This is forever recorded in God's word and may have been the saddest moment in Abraham's life. His error can serve as a lesson for us! Note: We all experience those moments when we invent a lie in order to justify the actions we take and the people we allow into our lives. It is a sad day when this happens!) B. Abram Became the Lies - He started to live the lies after telling them! Lies always lead to more lies! Ill. David's actions and lies following his adultery with Bathsheba - 2 Samuel demonstrate this clearly. 11.) Your life is always impacted by lies! C. Abram Believed the Lie: He came to believe the fabricated lie more than the God-given truth. We learn from verse 12 that Abram was worried about a nonexistent event. Gen. 12:2-3 says that because God's promise to him had not been kept, he could not die. Note: This is always the way of sin: Genesis 3:1–6 says that Eve sinned because she believed the devil's lies more than God. Mark 14:30-31 says that Peter fell because he believed his own lies more than the Lord's word.) III. V. 15–17: IT IS ALWAYS A DISASTEROUS PATH A. Due to the Potential - Abram's sin had the potential to bring about the fall of others. Sarai could have been married to Pharaoh! Note: When a believer spiritually travels to Egypt, it leads to others' abandonment or withdrawal. Ill. Ghandi claimed that other Christians were the reason he never converted! B. Because of the Punishment: Abram's sin brought about God's hand of judgment! Note: It would be shameful to learn that our sin led to a believer's stumble or a sinner's confirmation of his decision to go to hell. Matt. Ill. C. Because of the Profits: According to the Bible, Abram left Egypt with more money than he had when he entered. The Prodigal - Luke 15: This is not always the case, Ill. 11-24, but there are times when a believer will do well in a faraway land. However, what people consider to be gains are frequently losses! According to Genesis 16:1-3, an Egyptian girl named Hagar was one of Abram's servants. She became a problem for Abraham and Sarah, and Abraham's sin with her still has repercussions today. "What we think are the world's best blessings frequently become life's greatest burdens," is the lesson here. Matt. Ill. 6:19-21) IV. V. 18–20: "It is always a disappointing path" (Ill.) "The soul that has ever tasted the goodness of the Lord can never be satisfied!" A. As a result of the testimony it obstructs Abram's testimony in Egypt was lost. Pharaoh even tells him, "Take her and go!" The world literally drove him out of existence! A ruined testimony is never forgotten by lost people! While they won't ever remember your good deeds, they won't forget your failures! Ill. Peter's denial of Christ or his preaching at Pentecost get more airtime. What about David and Bathsheba, the Ark, or David? B. Because It Forgets Things: In Egypt, Abram did not have an altar, he did not sacrifice, or he said any prayers. He completely omitted God from everything he was doing! The child of God behaves like the rest of the world when in the world. That is tragic enough on its own! God and everything related to Him are ignored and neglected! Matt says that no man can serve two masters. 6:24. C. Because of the Tragic End Results: Abram did not bring the true God's light into the darkness of Egypt; rather, he only brought more darkness! He wasn't "salt and light" like he ought to be! Note: Matt., we can't be God's chosen people when we leave Canaan for Egypt. 5:13-16! When believers leave the world in worse shape than when they found it, it is always tragic!) Conc: This evening, where are you pitching your tent? Are you camping in Canaan, firmly anchored in the land of victory, blessing, and testimony, or have you traveled to Egypt? Everything necessary to get to Egypt is a little split the difference to a great extent and in what would seem like no time, you are miles from the Master. As long as you are not where God wants you to be, you will never prosper! You should return to your home, rebuild your altars, and live a life dedicated to Jesus as He has saved you to do.

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