Intro: Today's text shows us a woman who has grown weary of life. She is exhausted from riding the merry-go-round of life for an interminable amount of time. She has tried to drink from every nearby well, but she always leaves them just as thirsty as when she arrived.
Outside her small town, Jesus Christ showed up one day. When she meets Him, He shows her that a new life is out there. a life without the burdens and difficulties of the life she is currently leading. This hardened, jaded woman is taken by Jesus, and He leads her to a place of trust. He tells her to drink the living water from the faith well. She discovers that the Lord has more than just water in his well when she consumes his water. Today, as I contemplated this text, it brought to mind where I was when the Lord found me. I was seeking something I lacked, just like the woman in these verses. I was drinking from every well I could find, but none of them were enough to quench my spiritual thirst. I learned that Jesus Christ had more than just water in His well when He gave me a drink from it when I first met Him. Take note with me of the truths that are presented to us in this text. Let the Lord show you how good He has been to you by redeeming your soul if you are saved. When He invites you to come to Him and drink from His well, if you are lost, answer. Pay attention to the facts in this chapter that serve as a reminder that His Well Holds More Than Water. I. A TRAGIC SINNER A. v. 6: The Tragic Story of Her Isolation: This woman sought water from Jacob's Well. However, she did not arrive when the other women did. Before the sun rose high into the sky, the women came early in the morning to get their water. While it was still cool, they arrived. According to history, they traveled about a mile to the well where they got their water. It was hot and sweaty work to draw and carry water for the day. They enjoyed some alone time away from the pressures of living in a society dominated by men and caught up on local gossip while they were there. Why didn't this one woman join the others when they arrived? I believe that verses 17 to 18 and verse 28 contain the answer. She is a woman with a lot of experience, as we can see in verse 17. It's possible that she had dated men who belonged to other women. As they drew water from the well, she might have been frequently the subject of their gossip. She doesn't go to the other women in the town when she meets Jesus and wants to tell the people of the city that the Messiah has come. Verse 28: She runs to the men. It would appear that this woman was a social outcast. She is even cut off from God, Jesus tells her during their conversation (vv. 20–22). She was spiritually useless even with the small amount of worship she managed to incorporate into her sinful lifestyle. She was also a spiritual outcast. (Note: She represents everyone who does not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Why? According to the Bible, our sinful nature separates us from God, Isa. 59:2. What an awful situation to be in! A terrible way to live is to be unable to worship, pray, or interact with God. However, many people are currently in that state. Despite their prayers, God does not hear them, 66:18. They go to church to worship, but because they are lost in sin, they are unable to worship in spirit and truth. Their entire religious practice is merely physical exercise. It neither reaches Heaven nor reaches the Lord. They are far from God, His blessings, and His salvation, and they are lost. B. v. 7–26, "The Tragedy of Her Ignorance"—In these verses, a plightful woman tries to argue with Jesus about religion. She initially views Him as merely another Jew, but she wants Him to be aware that she has some religious ideas of her own. In v. 9, she discusses their religious differences. V. 11-12, 15: She uses sarcasm and ridicule. In order to avoid Jesus' piercing statements in verses 16-18, she tries to bring up a religious argument in verses 19-20. Jesus demonstrates to her how little she knows about worship, God, and herself throughout all of this. In verse 10, pay attention to the tiny word "if." Jesus points out to her one thing that she does not know, despite what she thought she knew. The most important thing is that she does not know who Jesus is! She is informed by Jesus that, "if only she knew," she could request "living water" from him and be content for all time! This woman might have died if she had been left to herself and believed that she was spiritually fine. It's a credit to God that Jesus was able to reach into her darkness and dispel her skepticism about Him and the way to salvation! (Note: "What you don't know won't hurt you" has been said. "What you don't know could send you to hell!" I say. In terms of how to get to God, far too many people are living in ignorance. In our text, many people are like this woman. They are insufficiently knowledgeable about Christianity and the church to pose a threat to themselves. There are numerous aspects of theology and the Bible that you may never learn. You will not be expelled from Heaven or sent to Hell if you do not know them. However, if you miss the most important thing, you will never experience Heaven and will instead reside in Hell. What is the primary issue? This is it: You can be saved if you trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. Acts 16:31! The main thing is that. It won't last long!) (Note: Because they missed Jesus, many will die and go to Hell from Baptist church pews! They were taught how to attend Sunday School and church. Tithing was taught to them. They discovered which kind of Bible to purchase. They were taught how to start over and live a clean life. They learned a lot, but they never understood that faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation. They were never taught that faith alone is sufficient for salvation (Eph. 2:8-9.) C. v. 11-26 The Weariness of Her Inconsistencies – despite the fact that she is a woman with a troubled past and is leading a wicked life (v. 16-18), she believes she is qualified to debate religion with the Lord Jesus Christ. She exemplifies hypocrisy in action in a clear way! (Note: This kind of thing is constantly attempted! Everyone believes that they are qualified to debate God. They say things like, "Well, I think this or that," "I believe this way or that way," or "I know what the Bible says, but..." Who do you suppose to be? Did you know that your opinion is irrelevant? Did you know that God has no real concern for how you feel? Have you ever considered the fact that God's Word cannot be disputed? The main point is as follows: It was stated by God, and it will never change, Psa. 119:89. John 14:6 already informs us that Jesus is the only way to Heaven; Acts 4:12; Acts 16:31. Eph., he has already informed us that works will not gain entry. 2:8-9; Titus 3:5. He has laid out His salvation plan in detail. You will follow God's instructions if you want to live a moral life and attain eternal life after death. You can proceed in your own way if you want to remain lost and spend eternity in Hell. That may come across as narrow to you, and it is meant to! God did not leave this up for debate; rather, He made it abundantly clear, concise, and specific, and it has been resolved! You can argue, but it will not help! Furthermore, Rom, who are we to argue with Him? 9:20.) II. A TENDER SAVIOR A. v. 4 states that "He must need to go through Samaria." He is tender in his grace. To avoid coming into contact with the Jews, the majority of them went to great lengths to circumvent Samaria. The Samaritans infuriated the Jews! Because they were descended from Jews who had mated with Gentiles who had been brought to the land by the Assyrians, they were thought to be of a lower race. Jesus doesn't operate like other men, praise God! He had no interest in their heritage. The hatred of others did not bother him. He did not care about the ignorant men's racial boundaries. He works in the grace realm! Because He wanted to save this poor woman, Jesus went there and sat on the well. Verse 27: What Jesus had done shocked even His disciples. This woman and her town would have been overlooked by Jesus if He had acted like any other Jew. Nevertheless, He showed mercy to them and saved Sychar! (Note: Take a look at it! We would never have received a second glance from God if you and I had received what we deserved. However, I praise God that Jesus said, "I must need to go through Morganton!" on a Sunday morning. He doesn't look at us based on how bad and sinful we are. He looks at us with kindness and grace! Because our sin separates us from Him, He is not blind to it; however, His grace bridges the gap and brings Him near to offer salvation to you and me. You and I must die for our sins because of God's justice, Rom. 6:23. However, mercy responded when justice demanded that it be satisfied, and God sent Jesus to die for us on the cross, Rom. 5:6-8. According to Rev. 22:17, He now offers salvation to all who will come to Him in grace. Listen, grace is everything in salvation! It has nothing to do with what you can give or do. It deals with what Jesus did when He gave His life for you. It involves you giving up and realizing that you are powerless to save yourself. Your faith in Him and His grace alone is what will save your soul.) (Note: You will never be necessary to reach Heaven! It is entirely dependent on His grace!) B. verses 7–26 He Is Tender in His Generosity: Jesus works patiently with this woman. He gently led her to the location she required to be after finding her and taking her there. She was prepared to hear about Him and who He was when he brought her there. Then, in verse 26, when He showed her who He was, she was at a point where she was ready to put her faith in Him. (Note: The Lord always works with people in this way. He gently guides us to a place of faith in Him by taking us wherever He finds us. He is always a gentlemanly figure! The verb "knocks" is used in the present tense and is used in an active voice. He stands at the door of man's heart and knocks. He just keeps coming in! According to Rev. 3:20, He patiently waits until that door opens and He can enter. Ill. The majority of saved people can look back on our lives and see God's patient hand leading us to faith! (Honor His Name!) (Note: When we pray for loved ones who have passed away, we should not let this discourage us. You might not be able to see what God is doing in their lives because He might be leading them along. Keep praying and being patient. If the Lord has burdened you with a desire to save them, that alone is evidence that He intends to do so in His own time!) C. v. 10-14 He Is Tender In His Gift: This woman was promised by Jesus that He would provide her with "living water." He assured her that this water would satiate her deepest desires. I would imagine that she probably found this appealing. To satisfy her soul's deep longings, she had tried a variety of physical relationships, all of which left her empty and thirsty. She had been unsatisfied by sex. She had been dissatisfied five times by marriage. She was unhappy because she was living on the margins of society in the depths of sin. By simply accepting His offer, Jesus gives her a chance to find everything she has been looking for in this place. (Note: It is important to note the words "drinketh" in verses 13 and 14 today. The word "drinketh" is written in the "present tense, active voice" in verse 13. "Even if you keep on drinking the water from this well, you will get thirsty again," Jesus says in verse 13. However, the word "drinketh" is spelled "aorist tense, active voice" in verse 14. Jesus is promising that one visit to Him will satisfy the soul forever in verse 14, which reads, "But whosoever takes just one drink of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst..." It's possible that you've tried everything, and if so, I think I can confidently say that you've felt empty and unfulfilled. But if you come to Jesus and accept Him into your life, He will save you and satisfy your deepest desires forever! Would you rather take one sip from a fountain that never fails to provide perfect and complete satisfaction, or would you rather continue drinking from a well that never can? (Note: What is Jesus giving away? He is providing your soul with contentment and salvation. You are being offered the chance to have all of your sins forgiven. He's giving you a chance to get right with God. He is offering you the chance to escape Hell and die in Heaven. Is there a catch? There is no stipulation! Everything is all that He asks of you! He wants you to confess your sin and call on Him by faith when you appear before Him. He desires that you accept His sacrifice on the cross as payment for your sins. Romans 10:9 says that He wants you to believe everything the Bible says about Him and to accept everything on faith. He will rescue you and satisfy your soul if you do that. You won't be able to hold on to the world's attractions any longer. Both saving you and satisfying you are His goals! Because of this, He is such a kind Savior!) III. A TREMENDOUS SALVATION A. v. 28 When she learned that Jesus was the Messiah, v. 26 it changed her activities. She has everything she requires. In verse 7, she loses track of her goal to obtain some water from the well. She wants to share her experience of the living water well with others now! She is unable to contain the "artesian well" that Jesus described in verse 14. She is unique, and she wants others to share her experience! (Note: Every life that Jesus saves is transformed in this manner. 2 Cor. says that he transforms old sinners into something brand new. 5:17. The new saint of God loses interest in the old activities and attractions of sin and the world. They are aware that they are saved, that they are unique, and that they want others to learn about how Jesus can transform them as well! Everything will change when Jesus enters! You'll move in a different way, talk differently, and think differently. Nothing will be the same in the new life you will lead! You will transform from the inside out and from top to bottom.) B. v. 28-29 It Changed Her Ambitions – She runs to tell the men about Jesus, as you can see. Who are the men? Everyone knew her; She was probably well-known to many! She was despised by the other women, but adored by the men. As a result, she turns to the very people who had witnessed her sinful life. When she runs in their direction, just imagine how curious they become. However, things have changed this time around! She isn't talking about a date at this point; She is discussing redemption. She is not here to have an affair with a man; She has arrived to discuss remarkable grace. He has not arrived seeking a date; She has arrived to discuss a Deliverer! Yes, she is unique, and those who know her best are the first to notice it! (Note: Once more, your life will change if salvation is true. You'll notice the difference in old friends, and the things you used to do before you met Jesus will become second nature to you. When you meet Him, everything changes!) C. v. 29 It Changed Her Acknowledgment: Pay attention to how this woman went from being unaware of Jesus to proclaiming Him to be the Messiah. He is called a "Jew" in verse 9. She refers to Him as "Sir" in verse 11. She refers to Him as a "Prophet" in verse 19. She has reached the point where she refers to Him as "Christ" by verse 29. She regards Him as her soul's need. How did she move from being hostile to being accepted? She was gently led along by the Lord. In just a few minutes, he transformed her perception of Him into the one and only hope she had. Grace worked powerfully and miraculously! (Note: Acts 4:12 says that if you want to ever be saved, you have to realize that Jesus is your only hope. That place will be yours if you follow the light the Lord gives you!) Conc: Today, are you saved? If so, celebrate! You have discovered, like the Samaritan woman that day, that His well contains more than just water. Life, happiness, peace, blessings, power, glory, a blessed eternity, and a great deal more are all there. You ought to thank Him today for that. You must immediately come to Jesus Christ if you are not saved. He will save you if you turn to Him.

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