Intro: Ill. The various names that the Bible gives to God's children. Some are: children, brothers, sheep, etc.) We are being reminded by Jesus that we have the opportunity and responsibility to have an impact on the world when He gives us the name "salt." The fact that these verses come after the Beatitudes is interesting. In the Beatitudes, Jesus lists some characteristics that should be present in every Kingdom citizen. We will have a positive impact on the world around us and make a difference when we possess these characteristics. We will be like salt and light when we live up to the standards set by the Lord Jesus. Now, light is a quality of the outside that makes it possible to see. The Christian who radiates the radiance of the Lord Jesus cannot be concealed from the general public, just as a gleaming limestone city perched atop a hill cannot be obscured by the light streaming through its walls. To put it another way, people will hear about your testimony. It will be seen by those around you and touched by them.
Tonight, I want to concentrate on the idea that we are referred to as "salt." Jesus says three things in a single verse that every child of God should think about and understand this evening. As we consider the thought Ye Are The Salt Of The Earth, let's take the time to look at them together. I. A DESCRIPTION FOR ANALYSIS Most people are unaware of how important salt is for keeping their bodies alive and healthy. It is always present in a precise percentage in our blood, and any significant deviation from this percentage can cause illness or even death. Salt also helps to keep other life going. Sea water will therefore support significantly more organisms than fresh water. It prevents spoilage by acting as a preserver. Additionally, it is an excellent condiment that gives our food flavor and zest. According to the Bible, salt is: 1. a representation of a binding contract (Lev. 2:13) 2. a tool for healing and purification (2 Ki. 2:20-21) 3. a food appetite stimulant (Job 6:6) A remedy against decay (Luke 14:34–35) An advocate for peace (Mark 9:50) A boost for our testimony (Matthew 5:13) A sign of mercy (Col. 4:6) (In Illinois, we are known as salt because of:) A. Our Capability to Retain Things (Ill. Salt prevents rot and decay! In an effort to preserve meat, it is rubbed into it.) Ill. - Genesis 19: Sodom and Gomorrah The preserving influence of just ten righteous men could have saved them.) So it is today in America! I'm convinced that "salty" Christians' presence and prayers have saved this country more than anything else we could have named. Pro. The greatness of America is due to the righteousness of God's children, which also prevents this nation from being judged today. 14:34. B. Our ability to penetrate (Ill.) Salt will penetrate and infiltrate anything it touches. It is a threatening substance.) Ill. Acts 8:1, 4: The early church; Acts 17:6.) We have, in my opinion, been given a mandate from God to play an active role in the world around us. Matt, the church ought to be like a ferocious army charging the gates of Hell. 16:18. C. Our Purifying Power—Illinois salt possesses remarkable cleansing power.) Ill. 2 Kings 2:19–22: Elisha used salt to purify the waters at Jericho. Eze, newborn babies were washed in salt to cleanse their bodies and give their skin firmness in ancient times. 16:4.) ( Ill. Salt can be used to clean a wound.) Christians frequently purify the environment around them. When the child of God appears, they ought to behave differently. If they stop talking when you come around, don't be offended. Simply express your gratitude to God for purifying the world around you.) Ill. Salt was to be used on all meat offerings - Lev. 2:13. Our lives mirror this. According to Romans, we are to give the Lord our lives as an offering. 12:1-2. It demonstrates that we are trustworthy when we do!) D. Our Positivity - (Bringing out the best in others. Food is flavored and blended with salt. In point of fact, if there is no salt, some foods are better avoided!) The Christian ought to also give flavor to the world around him. We are to live our lives so that we can best serve those around us, like salt. That is what you and I are supposed to be doing for His glory, and that is what Jesus did repeatedly! Phil. Ill. 1:27) E. Our capacity for poisoning (Ill. Salt can kill some things! Have you ever put salt on a slug? Salt and slugs don't mix! The grass will die if salt is sprinkled on the lawn. Having too much salt in your diet can raise your blood pressure.) In Judges 9:45, Ill. Abimelech took a city and sprinkled it with salt to prevent crops from growing there. He used salt to kill the fields.) In the same way, when genuine Christianity is spread throughout the world, certain things will be eradicated. Because Christianity is a pure poison to sin, we can have an impact on the world. In the name of Jesus, drinking, cursing, fighting, hating, killing, drugging, loose living, etc. are all put to death when Jesus enters a life — 2 Corinthians. 5:17.) F. Our Promoting Capabilities (Ill. Those who are exposed to salt develop a thirst for water!) The Christian has the wonderful opportunity, as salt, to inspire the world to thirst for Jesus. Do you recall what the Lord told us? In John 7:37-38, he stated that rivers of living water would emerge from our stomachs. When we live the way Christians ought to. When we live right, look right, act right, talk right, worship right, dress right, etc., and take Jesus' call seriously. Then we are in a position to instill a thirst for Jesus in those around us. We can then share the water of life with men and point them to Jesus. Sadly, the majority of Christians promote ridicule rather than thirst. Too frequently, the world observes our subpar immoral behavior and asks, "Why should I receive Jesus?" I live as well as the congregation at the church!" The fact of the matter is that they frequently have the right idea! Let's live long enough to ever disprove them. If we want the people around us to thirst after God, our lives must be above reproach! (Ill. We must never allow anyone to express the sentiment, "If that is a Christian, then I never want to be one." Instead, our lives ought to inspire others to declare, "That is how I want my life to be.") G. Our Proven Capability (Ill. Salt alters nearly everything it comes into contact with. ill (such as food, ice, etc.) Ill. In the world around us, we are called to be thermostats rather than thermometers. God can use us as instruments to bring about change in a wicked world. There will be a variety of changes when genuine, New Testament Christianity touches this wicked, sinful world. The only thing we need to be certain of is that we are changing the world, not the other way around! Ill. "We have to be like the world to win the world" is a prevalent modern mindset. If we act like Jesus, we will win more! I. An Analysis Description II A RISK TO AVOID A The ancient world valued salt highly. Salt was actually so valuable that the Roman Legions frequently received their wages in salt. The "salarium" was the name given to this payment. The expression "Not worth his salt" originated in Illinois. originates from) B. At that time, it was possible for salt to lose its flavor. The salt used back then was significantly different from the salt used today. Our salt is a chemical compound known as sodium chloride or chloride of sodium. The salt that was utilized in the ancient world was either extracted from the Dead Sea's salt cliffs, which were seven miles long and several hundred feet high, or evaporated from the Dead Sea's waters. In any case, it was always mixed with either vegetable or mineral matter. The salt lost its salty flavor when this substance came into contact with the earth or the elements. Because light rendered it tasteless, even the surface salt extracted from the cliffs was discarded. Additionally, this tasteless salt has lost all of its valuable and sought-after characteristics. C. Additionally, Christians may lose their saltiness. Similar to salt in ancient times, we experience this when we come into excessive contact with the outside world. We have lost that which distinguishes us and makes us valuable to the Lord's Kingdom work when we become more like the world than we are like the Lord.) Ill. We frequently permit junk to fill our wells! Ill. What happened in Genesis 26:15–18. We are practically useless to the Lord and His Kingdom work when we allow the world's garbage to fill our wells! I. An Analysis Description II Third Danger to Avoid A DESTINY TO ABHOR A. In the past, when salt lost its flavor, it was taken out and thrown into the streets. It was utilized much like gravel is today. At that time, all it did was get rid of any weeds that might grow along the road and allow me to continue walking so that their sandals wouldn't get stuck in the mud. It was supposed to be walked on by men, literally. B. Every Christian in this room needs to know that losing our saltiness and our ability to serve as a salt in the world means losing ourselves as well. While we cannot lose our salvation, we can certainly lose our ability to be of use to the Lord and His work. When this occurs, we have transformed into something to be trampled upon and disregarded! Men may not like us when we live for the Lord, but they frequently have a certain amount of respect for the position we take and the testimony we possess. Men will walk upon our testimony if we allow it to become tainted by sin and the world, rendering us useless to the Lord as a witness vessel. C. I don't know about you, but I don't want to be cast out by the Lord as a vessel. I want my life to be beneficial to Him. I want Him to be able to use my life to win people to Him. I really want to be a light and a blessing for the Lord. Every child of God in this room, I believe, wants to be a salty Christian for God's glory. Ill. Paul was aware that he could always become a wanderer - 1 Cor. 9:27. I also see that possibility in my life, and I don't want that. What do you think? Conc: Can you honestly say that your life is like salt in the world as you think about it this evening? In these days, every Child of God needs to be everything that God wants them to be. We have witnessed sufficient dishonesty, hypocrisy, and weak living to serve us and the entire world for a lifetime. In order for the Lord to use our lives and our testimony for His glory, we need to be focused on purifying, preserving, penetrating, pleasing, and promoting. We need your help becoming salty Christians.

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