Intro: We have been traveling on unholy ground for the past few weeks. We have talked a lot about the devil and what he did during the
Tribulation. I would simply remind you today that Satan is an imitator. Since more than six thousand years ago, he hasn't thought of anything new. We are all aware that the Holy Trinity exists. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit make up the Holy Trinity. These three distinct individuals who make up the Holy Trinity are one God. Satan also has a trio. However, his trio is anything but holy. Satan, the Antichrist, and the False Prophet are the members of the unholy trinity. The Holy Trinity each serves a distinct function. Through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, God the Father receives the worship of His people. This sacred worship is led by the Holy Spirit. He causes a believer to worship God and stirs the heart of the believer. Keep in mind that Satan is a copycat. The functions of his trinity are identical. In Satan's unholy trinity, the False Prophet facilitates this worship and the Antichrist receives Satan's worship. The first two members of the unholy trinity have already been taken into consideration. We've done a lot of research on the Antichrist and Satan. We will see a glimpse of the False Prophet in these verses in this message. During the Tribulation, he will be the one to lead the world's religion. Let's take a collective look at these verses to see what the Bible reveals about The Beast From The Earth. I. v. 11 THE PERSONALITY OF THIS BEAST A. What He Shows: Like the first beast, this second beast is a man. The Greek word "allos" is translated as "another." "Another of the same kind and quality" is what it means. The subject of this description is a man. His fate, recorded in Rev. 19:20, also demonstrates this. The beast's horns are a sign of strength. He's got "two horns." The number two stood for "testimony." This beast will have power through his testimony, just as the first beast did because of the territory he ruled. This beast had "two horns," whereas the first beast had "ten horns." The initial beast possessed "ten crowns." No crowns are on this beast. The first beast is described as a leopard, lion, and bear in terrifying language. This animal is known as a "lamb." The first beast appears to be an influential world ruler. This beast appears to be a mean-spirited believer. On the international stage, this individual will project the image of a gentle, meek, loving, and kind religious leader. He will be like Robert Shuler or Joel Osteen in charisma and gentleness. He will have the same religious authority as the Pope. whereas the Antichrist will use brute force to rule the world; This man's pleasant demeanor and words will draw people from all over the world. B. What He Says: There is an old saying, " A book cannot be judged by its cover. Everything about this man is not as it seems. He has every real, one of the superficial presentations and features of a man, however when he talks, he expresses the expressions of the winged serpent. He is Satan himself's spokesperson. He will be a religious individual, but the religion he is advocating is Satan worship! The words he uses will make it clear who he really is, III. Matt. 12:34. (Note: Learning the beliefs of a group or preacher does take time. To understand our beliefs, you only need to attend this church a few times. Attend the youth meeting, preaching, and Sunday School. Attend a revival gathering. You'll know where we stand after coming several times. That ought to be the case! Moreover, it doesn't take long to determine a church's or preacher's beliefs. They will quickly reveal their hearts if you simply listen to what they have to say. Take, for instance, some of these television preachers. One of the most well-known authors never refers to Jesus by name or mentions sin. He only tells a few stories and makes everyone feel better. Others frequently discuss prosperity and money. If you know a little bit about the Bible, you can quickly distinguish the wheat from the chaff!!) I. This Beast's Characteristics II. v. 12 THE Force OF THIS Monster A. The Wellspring Of His Power — "He exerciseth all the force of the primary monster'. The same source from which the Antichrist will derive his power comes from this individual: verse 2 of the devil This man will be regarded as a "man of God" by the world. He will be hailed by everyone as the greatest religious leader ever. The world will be deceived and will not realize until it is too late that he is an agent of Satan. B. The Limits of His Authority: The man will act as a conduit for a vast global religion. He will be able to unite all of the world's religions under a single banner. He will persuade the world that the Antichrist is a god and should be worshipped alone. As the False Prophet's leadership, people from every religion will bow down in worship of the Antichrist. This man will tackle the issues between the religions of the world. Consider the circumstance in the Middle East. The issues there are religious, not political. The issues that exist in that region of the world predate Islam's establishment. Since Moses and Joshua's time, the Jews and Arabs have been fierce rivals. Now, Muslims despise Jews and are determined to wipe out Israel as a nation. During the Tribulation, this False Prophet will be able to resolve differences that no one else seems to be able to. He will discover the common ground that will permit the world's religions to coexist. Today, when religious-related news breaks, the world turns to the Pope to find out what he has to say. In that world, the eyes and ears of the world will lay on the Bogus Prophet. (Note: The world will worship the Antichrist for what reason? The Antichrist will be wounded, die, and resurrect, as previously mentioned in verses 3 and 4. In awe and worship, the entire world will collapse at his feet. The Antichrist will enter Jerusalem's Jewish Temple at some point. He will enter the Holy of Holies and occupy it with his throne. 2 Thes. says that he will claim to be God and will ask to be worshiped as God. 2:4. The world will worship the Man of Sin and the False Prophet will back the Antichrist's claims. Verse 12's phrase "before him" means "in his presence." The duo of the devil are the False Prophet and the Antichrist. During the dark days of the Tribulation Period, they will collaborate to carry out the devil's will on Earth. Keep in mind that Satan is a copycat! We are informed that the Essence of God will amplify Jesus, John 16:13-14. The anti-spirit of Satan will spend his time praising the Antichrist and leading people to worship the Beast! I. This Beast's personality; II. The Performance of This Beast A. v. 13-15 The Power of This Beast Ill. His Miracles: The False Prophet is said to be a man of miracles. Rev. 11:5 says that he will perform the same miracles as the Two Witnesses. He will perform a miracle similar to Elijah's in 1 Kings 18. Men fell to their faces in worship of Jehovah when Elijah summoned fire from heaven. Men will worship the devil when the False Prophet calls fire from the sky down on them! The world will be led to construct an idol, an image of the Antichrist, by this False Prophet. He will bring this picture to life. The people will be moved by this image. They will prostrate themselves in worship of the beast and his image after being deceived by his power and miracles. Exciting and powerful miracles will mark the False Prophet's ministry. The world will be deceived by his miracles. (Note: The Forum Shops is a section of Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas that houses three magnificent fountains. The design of this shopping center is meant to make you feel like you're walking down a Roman street. Even the sky is covered in clouds. Two of these fountains come to life every hour at the top. The statues in the fountains begin to move and communicate with one another and with those who are observing. The story of Atlantis' demise is told and performed by one of the fountains. To say this, I said that: If man is able to create statues that can be moved, surely the devil can do even more. The world will be deceived by this antichristian image that will continue to exist!) (Note: We read this and find it hard to believe. We are experiencing a daily reality such that a great many people love only themselves. It's hard to imagine anyone bowing down to an image around the world. It's hard to imagine the world crumbling before a devil statue in this day and age of sophisticated technology and people. However, try to place yourself in that era! In the Rapture, millions of people have vanished. As war rages across nations, the world is bursting at the seams. Nearly half of the world's population has been wiped out by plagues like disease, war, and starvation. Men will be looking for something to believe in in that day and age. They'll be looking for a person with the answers. The Antichrist will then emerge. He will have the answer to all of the world's problems! He will have the answer to war, hunger, and every other human issue. The world will mourn his passing when he was at his most powerful. He will then reappear, a miracle after another! It will be broadcast live and in color on televisions all over the world. The world will be at ease when the False Prophet speaks. They will worship and bow at his feet as he will proclaim the Antichrist to be the world's savior. It will be a time of global widespread deception!) (Note: Right now, our world is getting ready for such things! Every kind of miracle is happening all around us. Let me discuss a few of the bizarre events that are taking place all over the world. Copper Ridge Baptist Church, Knoxville, TN, 1995–1996: Strange light crosses appear in the church's windows. There have been numerous accounts of miraculous healings. In the church, strange visitors appear and go. Salim and Ruksana Patel's home in Bolton, England, has recently received approximately 50 visitors per day in order to view their amazing eggplant. After purchasing the eggplant from their neighborhood store, Mrs. Patel had a dream that foretold the miracle. She noticed that when she cut the vegetable in half, the seeds formed the Muslim symbol "Ya-Allah," which means "Allah exists." A girl in Lebanon uses her eyes to make crystals. · On 11 June, 1995, a man unexpectedly showed up before a tremendous group in Nairobi, Kenya, accumulated to observe the wonder healings of Kenyan profound healer, Mary Akatsa. The crowds fell to the ground in shock when they saw the tall, white-robed figure and immediately recognized it as "Jesus Christ." A man's bathroom window features a Buddha-like representation that projects a rainbow of light. On Thursday, September 21, 1995, the extraordinary feats of milk-drinking Hindu statues became widely known. A simultaneous miracle on a global scale has never occurred before in history. Even skeptical journalists held their milk-filled spoons to the gods and watched, humbled, as the milk disappeared as they eagerly covered this unique phenomenon on television, radio, and newspapers. In France, Germany, Mexico, and other countries, crowds flock to springs that are said to have great healing properties. The porcelain statue, which stood six inches tall, began to shed bloody tears. The image is stained by real blood, and it is human blood. The substance was determined to be human blood type 0 by the Santiago coroner's office. The statue frequently weeps, especially when children are present. – December 4, 1992, The Guardian Just a few of the strange things that happen in our world are listed here. These things are regarded by some as miracles. I view at them and call them crafted by Satan as he readies the world for the appearance of the Bogus Prophet. (Note: Just start promoting miracles, and people will come if you want them to. People will flock to see what they believe to be a miracle, regardless of how bizarre or outlandish the claims are. In 1977, a man in New Mexico made the claim that he saw Jesus' face wrapped in a tortilla. He constructed a shrine, where thousands have prayed in front of the tortilla. The Virgin Mary statue on their house's side was turned into a shrine after someone saw it. There, thousands of people have prayed to Mary. Someone took a picture of a cloud that was supposed to look like the devil during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. That kind of nonsense is believed by people! I suppose nobody ever considered the fact that no one knows what Jesus, Mary, or the devil look like! This only serves to support my point: 2 Thes. says that the world is getting ready for a lot of delusion. 2:11.) B. v. 14–15 His Motive: The False Prophet engages in all of these activities with the sole intention of inspiring the entire world to worship the Antichrist. The world will worship the Antichrist as a result of this deception. The people who deny, universal Jews and the individuals who have been saved during the Hardship, will be pursued down and annihilated. Today, you can adore any god you please to love, or you can revere no god by any means, assuming that is your decision. You will either worship the Antichrist in that day or pay with your life for disobeying. One day, the whole world will come together. That unity will not be achieved through the United Nations. Satan will be at work, and he will use the False Prophet and the Antichrist to achieve his goals in the world. Conc: The world is about to face some very dark times. Now is the time to get out of the upcoming nightmare! I challenge you to come to Jesus for your salvation if you have never trusted Him as your Savior. Today, come to Him and be saved! You can praise the Lord because you won't be able to experience these things if you are saved. However, you and I will both be accompanied by family and friends. We are surrounded by future generations on this planet. We ought to seek the Lord for them. If He wants you to do that, you should come to Him and call on Him as He directs.

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