Intro: Ill. The setting. The men who took their families hostage and destroyed their homes are being pursued by David and his men. En route, they experience a man who

was set there by the provision of All-powerful God. Sick. Isn't it extraordinary how He

oversees in the issues of men? There is more to this wonderful tale than just David and his men pursuing their enemies. The great love and mercy of Holy God toward fallen men is depicted here. The Lord Jesus and His compassion for the sinner are depicted in these verses. As God gives freedom this evening, I need to teach on

this idea, A More odd Tracks down Leniency.

  I. HIS Circumstance

    A. v.11 He Was An Outsider - Sick. An outsider from the commitments of God and the

any expectation of Israel! (Ill. Do you remember how it was outside of Jesus? (Sick. Eph. 2:-1-

3; 12 (John 8:44, Is. 59:2)

    B. v. 13 He Was Forlorn - Sick. Left for dead! The devil holds this exact value for both my life and yours. He takes pleasure in wasting and wasting us! The sinner has only one friend—Ill. David—Psalm 142:4! Pro.

18:24; John 15:13.

    C. v. 12 He Was Famished: He literally starved to death! (Ill. The soul's longing will never be satisfied by the world. The world's embrace will never provide the sinner with contentment. Sinners can only find true rest and complete contentment in the person of Jesus Christ. (Matt. Ill. 5:6; Psa. (Ill. John 4:13–14; 107:9) John 7:37! Sick. John 6:35!)

 II. He Found Him – Illinois: No sinning individual can truly claim to have "found" Jesus. The Ruler does the looking, the finding and the enlivening to

the need of salvation - John 6:44; Luke 19:10.

    B. vv. 11–12b He Feed Him – Ill. David and his men provided for this man's requirements. Ill. When Jesus is accepted, He fulfills the soul's greatest need for humanity! He brings salvation and absolution and timeless life! He fulfills the

most profound longings of the core of man! (Sick. John 6:48; 51) Ill. Phil says that he never stops meeting our needs. 4:19.


    Sick. David liberated this man. His life was changed after he met David. Take note of what David saved him from.

    A. Slavery – Ill. The sinful slavery! Rom. 6:16; Eph. 2:1-3. Luke 4:18 records Jesus releasing the prisoners; John 8:36!

    B. Death: The man would certainly have died. David gave him new life. Sick. The

Christian need never dread passing. Jesus has granted him freedom. (Illustrated John 5:24; John 11:25-26; Sick. Rom. 6:23 - He paid for it, and we gain from it!)

    C. Misuse: This man was exhausted and believed his life was over. 

He received new life and a new future from David! Sick. How Jesus helps those He

saves! Eph. Ill. 2:10. (Sick. Jesus salvages us from the piece heap and places us in

the Rulers administration! (Ill. 2:4) 4:7** God throws away His treasure!

Conc: I don't know numerous things this evening, however there is one thing I in all actuality do be aware for

sure. I am saved, and I know that Jesus came to save me when I was broken and wasted. I am aware that He has saved my soul and given me a new life, and I am aware of my love for Him. Thank God that He raises the downtrodden, frees the captive, aids the afflicted, and saves the sinner. I was, thank God, found one day. 

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