Intro: There is a word in the English language that we hear utilized occasionally. However, this is a word that we seldom see displayed in our day. "Integrity" is the name of that word. The meaning is as follows: adherence to solid principles: the nature of having and unfalteringly sticking to high upright standards or expert guidelines"

At the point when an individual is said to have uprightness, we imply that they have high upright guidelines. We imply that they work such that makes them look for the correct way first. This is the behavior that all of God's children should always exhibit. The fact that you are a person of integrity is one of the best things about your life.

In this passage, Abram demonstrates this behavior. Beginning 14 is a brief look inside the existence of this extraordinary godly man. There are three aspects of his life that are managed in this section. In each of these, Abram shows the way that he is an honorable man. Let's look at these areas this evening so that we can also become trustworthy people for the Lord's glory.

I. V. 1-16 ABRAM'S INTEGRITY IN WARFARE A. V. 1-12 The Setting For His Warfare - This chapter describes a brutal invasion by a group of powerful kings who occupied the area that is now Iraq and Iran.

1. V. 1-11 Included A Horrendous Reprisal - Obviously, Sodom had been a feeder of lord Chedorlaomer for nearly 12 years, stanza 4. They revolted after refusing to pay their tribute money after 12 years. To deal with these rebellious people, Chedorlaomer invaded Canaan with his confederates. This attack brought about the firing of Sodom and the catching of Part, alongside the entirety of his assets. ( Note: There is in every case some malevolent dictator like Chedorlaomer who needs to place you in servitude. According to 1 Cor., if you walk away from the things of the Lord like Lot did and enter the world, you can anticipate developing sinful habits and lusts that are challenging to overcome. 10:23; 1 Cor. 6:12. Truth be told, similar to Parcel, you will not get free except if the Ruler mediates!)

2. V. 12 Included A Legitimate Explanation - When Abram heard that Parcel was in a difficult situation, he did battle. I gather that Abram is a peaceful individual. This is the only time in his life that we see him fighting. However, he went to battle when necessary! Note: Eph., I just wanted to remind you that we are all fighting this evening. 6:12; 2 Cor. 10:3-5. Our fight is profound in nature.)

B. V. 14–15: The Victory of His Warfare: These verses reveal that Abram fought and won a decisive battle.

1. V. 14 Included His Arrangements For The Adversary - Abram furnished his men and ready for the fight. ( Note: According to Ephesians, God's children must always be prepared for spiritual warfare. 6:10-18. How well we prepare for the battles we face determines our success in spiritual battles.)

2. V. 15 Included His Quest for The Adversary - We are at war constantly, however there are times when we want to take the battle to the foe. When the time comes to confront evil. when the time comes to protect or save a brother. when it's time to fill in for someone else. Allow us to stay the course, 2 Tim. 4:7.)
(Note: May our battles always be fought with great integrity. We do as such by confronting the adversary with out confidence in the Ruler and His power. We do as such by continuously being tracked down in favor of right. We do as such by not contracting from the fight because of a paranoid fear of the foe. We do as such by standing when others take off!)
II. V. 18-20 ABRAM'S Trustworthiness IN Love

A. V. 18 The Facilitator Of His Love - Abram had confidence to make war and he experience a facilitator to help him in his love of the Ruler. Take note of some facts about the enigmatic Melchizedek.

1. The Status of Melchizedek: He is referred to as a "king." He is a ruler with a lot of power, wealth, and influence.

2. Melchizedec's Place - He is the "Lord of Salem". Peace is what the word "Salem" means. Jerusalem is known by this name from ancient times. "King of Righteousness" is the meaning of his name.

3. Melchizedec's Provisions: He always brings wine and bread when he comes. Both are local products and are given to the exhausted patriarch as aid following the battle.

4. The Priesthood of Melchizedek: He is also a priest of God. Abram wasn't the main man around who knew who the Master was. He says a blessing over Abram's life and prays for him.

5. Melchizedec's Portrait: One of the earliest and clearest depictions of Jesus in the Bible is of this mysterious man. Let's take a look at Heb, another passage that goes into detail about Melchizedec, as a point of reference. 7:1-4; 15-17. Who was he? There have been numerous thoughts concerning him personality as the centuries progressed. The most well known are that he was Work, Shem, Enoch got back to earth, and holy messenger or Jesus Himself. ( Note: Not Shem - Father known, Heb. 7:3. despite the fact that he was alive at the time. 40 years after Abraham, he passed away. Heb. "not an angel" means "man." 7:4. Based on Hebrew, not Jesus. 7:3; 15.) Melchizedec was probably just a godly man who was aware of the real, living God. A man, he was. He was conceived and he kicked the bucket like a man, however the Hebrew Scriptures is quiet concerning the subtleties of his life. Why? With the goal that he may be viewed as an all the more clear kind of Jesus Christ.) ( Note: The image he paints of Jesus. Heb., an everlasting priest 7:3; Heb. 7:25. No beginning nor end. presenting wine and bread. According to Luke 22:19–20, the Lord Jesus said that the wine represented His shed blood and the broken bread represented His body. Jesus is a king, as he was a king. Jesus is a priest; he was a priest. He was known as the Righteousness king. Jesus is totally equitable. He was the peace king. Jesus is the Ruler of Harmony, Isa. 9:6.)

B. V. 19-20a The Product Of His Love - He was honored for his devotion to the Ruler. Pay attention to the line "Abram OF the most high God." As a result of his relationship with the Lord, Abram is blessed. Note: When someone says, "They are a Christian!" it says a lot about my life and yours. We are blessed, He is honored, and the world receives His light when we give our lives to Him in obedience and worship. Such is the product of an existence of steady compliance and love before the Ruler.)

C. V. 20b The Steadfastness Of His Love - Abram the Ruler's beauty in his life by giving back to crafted by the Master. You will see that Abram gave while he was as yet a Gentile. He had not yet been circumcised and was not yet a Jew. ( Note: The tithe is a way to give thanks to God for the blessings He has bestowed on you. Giving is a statement of Love, 2 Cor. 1 Cor. 9:7, a test of obedience 16:2; Mal. 3:8-9, and a chance for the Ruler to favor your life further, Luke 6:38; Mal. 3:10; 2 Cor. 9:6. Abram gave the Lord all of his attention. That's all He needs from us tonight!)

(Note: When it comes to worship and praise of the Lord, your honesty reveals a lot about your heart and life. The individuals who love Him will adore Him with their time, their offering and their gifts. What are you doing to honor the Lord God and worship him?)

III. V. 17, 21-24 ABRAM'S Uprightness IN Abundance

(Sick. At the point when Abram won this incredible military triumph, he likewise claimed the crown jewels of the multitude of crushed urban communities. This would have been a significant sum of money. Let's see how Abram handles the cash.)

A. V. 21: The Temptation He Survived: The king of Sodom makes the offer that he will let Abram keep all of his winnings. This surely must have been a strong temptation. Note: I think we people are more enticed in the space of cash than we are in some other region. When all the coins are counted, we all look for ways to make sure we win. We defraud the IRS. Compromise wherever we can. In order to save 2 cents per gallon of gas, we will drive 10 miles. Raise Satan assuming that we are bamboozled, however keep it calm when we are overpaid. As a matter of fact, in the event that you will allow me to view your checkbook register, I will let you know number one in your life! Your stewardship of your cash expresses a lot of about you!)

B. V. 22-24 The Testimony He Exhibited - Abram's classic response! He won't take anything from Sodom's king. He would prefer to trust the Master to deal with him that to feel like he owed any man anything. He didn't want this wicked king to corrupt him! Note: Some people are willing to do anything for a dollar! May we decide that we will not give in to the urge to spend dishonestly. Phil, we can rest assured that the Lord will take care of any needs we may have in this life if we manage our resources with integrity. 4:14-19. Because they had contributed to the Apostle's work, the Philippians could rest assured that God would provide for them in times of need! Moreover, verse 19 is not a general promise!

Conc: The three everyday issues that we have analyzed tonight are essentially significant! Could you at any point say with a reasonable heart that you are strolling in outright uprightness in the space of you Fighting, your Love and your Riches. God, help us examine our hearts and resolve any issues we may discover there.

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