Intro: We begin to resemble those around us. For example, as I grew up, without acknowledging it, I started to walk like my dad. I've also picked up a lot of other traits from him, some of which are nice and others not so much. That is now from a physical standpoint. In any case, according to a profound perspective, there is one more in Who's means we are to walk, and he goes by Jesus Christ.

It is perfectly normal for a person to retain some of the characteristics of their previous life when they first come to Jesus for salvation. However, there are some immediate changes that occur when they do. However, as they mature in the Lord, there ought to be first signs of change. As we grow in our knowledge of God, Christ, and the Bible, and as we submit to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our lives, these transformations occur. We can only hope that as these transformations progress, we will discover that we are becoming less like the person we were before salvation and more like the Lord Jesus.

A baby acting like a baby is completely normal. They play with their toes, spit up on bottles, soiled their diapers, and cry. However, as they develop, they start to change and begin to assume the qualities of people around them. They start to act more like individuals and less like infants. ( Not that babies aren't people; they just happen to be little people with strange habits! The same is true for God's children! When we first become saved, it is normal for us to stumble as we take our first small steps on spiritual legs that are wobbly. In any case, over the long haul, we ought to start to develop and to assume the qualities of the Deliverer. When John says that we are to walk like Jesus, he means exactly that.

Today, I want to assist you in understanding where you stand with the Lord. Is your relationship with him developing? Do you try and have a relationship with Him? As we address the question that serves as the theme of this message, "Are you walking like Jesus?" I would like us to consider these questions.

I. The word "saith" was declared by a professor (Ill.). The individuals mentioned in this passage profess their faith. That is, they have declared their salvation. This morning, let's examine both our claim and theirs. They are using a lot of words when they declare that they "abide in Him."

A. A Statement Of Salvation - Those alluded to in this entry guarantee to be "in" Jesus. Acts 16:31 says that accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior is the only way into Him.

(Sick. To be "in" Jesus is the main spot of salvation, of wellbeing, of safety. of tranquility, contentment, right standing with God, being spared from Hell, and being certain of Heaven. Being "in" Jesus has enormous benefits, but not being "in" Him has devastating effects! Where could you be?)

(Ill.) Permit me to briefly explain how you can be for those present who have never been saved. In fact, saving oneself is about the easiest thing a person can do. Only a few things must be known and accepted, and only one thing must be done. Permit me to show you them.
1. The fact that you are a sinner must be known, Rom. 3:10; 23

2. You Should Comprehend That There Is A Punishment On your Transgression - Rom. 6:23; Rom, 5:12; Psa. 9:17.

3. You Should Realize That God Loves You And That He Has Cleared A Path For You To Be Saved - John 3:16; Rom. 5:8.

4. The Gospel of Romans Must Be Believed. 10:10-11; 1 Cor. 15:3-4.

5. Luke 13:3 says that you must be willing to repent of your sins. This does not imply that you need to be perfect to be saved. It simply implies that you know about your wrongdoings, that you are upset for your transgressions and that you will allow the Ruler to remove your transgressions, alongside your craving for them. It implies basically, that you will be changed, 2 Cor. 5:17.)

6. You Should Approach Jesus Christ Alone For Salvation - Rom. 10:13. ( Ill, you must only do this one thing. Before you make the decision to bow down before the Lord and ask Jesus to come into your heart and life, salvation will never become a reality in your life.)

7. You Should Realize That You Shouldn't Pause - 2 Cor. 6:2.

8. Is God saving you? If not, why not immediately approach Him while He is beckoning you to do so, according to Rev. 3:20? Please do not wait for the devil to convince you otherwise. Come now and be saved.

B. A Surrender Declaration: The word "abide" means "to linger, or to dwell." This infers another section where john utilized this word. In john 15:1-11, John records the expressions of Jesus, where Jesus says that He is the Genuine Plant and that we, who are saved, are the branches. Our duty to our Savior is to abide in Him, analogous to a branch on a literal vine. This indicates that He is the source of our very existence. We are supposed to give in to His will and His power over us. We are supposed to produce fruit, but we cannot achieve fruit. We are to yield everything up to Jesus in outright and absolute acquiescence, Rom. 12:1-2. Is your life completely devoted to God's will? Could it be said that you are really staying in the plant?

(Ill.) How do you live a life centered on Jesus? The main conceivable way for us to stay in Him is to invest energy with Him in His Promise and in supplication. As we invest more energy with Him, we will dive deeper into Him, we will figure out how to adore Him more and we will track down additional parts of our lives to respect His will and control.)

C. A Declaration of Service The idea of service is linked to the idea of abiding. A person must not only be saved and surrendered, but they must also be serving. The Christian's love for Christ that leads to service to Christ is as instinctive as breathing.

(Ill.) When we are saved and abide in Him as we ought to, fruit bearing is a natural consequence, according to John 15:5. Matt. says that a person who has been saved and given over to God will naturally serve the Lord and produce a lot of fruit for His glory. 7:17-20; Gal. 5:22-23. Is it safe to say that you are bearing a lot of organic product?)

(Sick. While 1 John 2:6 is a little, short stanza. The people to whom John is referring are secretly boasting. They claim to be saved, to have given up their will, and to serve God faithfully. They say what a lot of people say today. However, anyone can say whatever they want! The devil is in the details, as the saying goes. John is about to tell us that what you do reflects your life's reality, regardless of what you say.

I. Declared Profession II A Presentation Requested

A. A Sensible Assumption - (Sick. "Should" = "to be obligated to") (Himself alludes to the one making the calling. John is instructing us that anyone who professes to be saved ought to be aware of his or her personal obligation to pay off a debt to God. I do not mean that we will ever be able to repay God for our salvation, but we should all be aware that God saved us for more than just keeping us out of Hell. We have a significant duty to the Lord!

(Sick. Each saved individual in this room owes God 100 % give up and exertion. Be that as it may, can we just be real for a minute, many are never really serving the Ruler and to release this obligation. Some individuals believe that it is sufficient for them to simply attend church on Sunday mornings or whenever they feel like it. Some people spend their lives doing everything but God's work and nothing else. Perhaps we want to understand Rom. 12:1-2 again! Our sensible assistance is to give him all that we are in absolute penance and give up. We will have no rights if our lives are truly sacrificed for Him; everything we are and do is entirely up to Him. That is scriptural, 1 Cor. 6:20! Moreover, according to James 2:18, your service to the Lord—or lack thereof—says everything about your spiritual condition.)

(Ill.) Our text says you "ought" to do this, but what's the real story? Is Jesus more important to you than your activities and plans for your life? Who do we really walk for, God or ourselves? It should be Him! Recollect the awful value Jesus paid to save your spirit! What we do rather than what we say demonstrates our love for Jesus! Ill. Calvary and God's unending love for you! Walking for Him is the least we can do!

B. A SPECTACULAR EXAMPLE (Ill.) This verse instructs us that each individual ought to walk like Jesus. He is going to serve as our collective benchmark. Each step we take ought to be designed after Him and after His walk. What was Jesus' route? This question may be answered and we may learn how to live from a few examples from His life.)

1. John 4:34 says that he put God's will ahead of everything else; John 6:38; Luke 22:42. ( Matt. Ill. 6:33)

2. He loved all men equally (Illinois) and never turned anyone down (Matthew). 12:15.) Mk. 10:21 (Matt. 22:37-39; John 13:15.)

3. In other words, He never lived for himself but rather for God's glory. He always did what pleased God (Ill.). (Ill. John 14:15; John 8:29) He showed empathy for others (Matt. 9:36; Mt. 14:14; Mk. (Ill. Ephesians 4:32; 1:41) Phil. 2:4)

5. John 11:41–42 (Ill. Mk.) declares that he was a man of faith. 11:22; Rom. 14:23; Heb. 11:6)

6. Most importantly, He was a man who lived every day with the Almighty! According to John 14:9, Jesus was God's perfect revelation to man; John 10:30. Two verses, Gal., could sum up his entire life. 5:22-23. This ought to likewise be valid for us! ( Ill. We can only accomplish this if we completely submit to the Holy Spirit! Jesus possessed the Holy Spirit!)

(Ill. in the same way that Jesus was the world's manifestation of God. We are to be the world's manifestation of Jesus. They ought to see Him whenever they see us. At the point when we stroll as He strolled, they will!)
Conc: Where do you stand today? Is it safe to say that you are "in Him"? Are you moving "like He moved?" These are honest, reasonable inquiries! What about a fair reaction today? Since I am aware that the Lord has dealt with hearts, why not come and rectify the deficiencies discovered this morning? Some of you haven't seen the Lord in a long time at His altar. Some of you are not walking properly. You are not devoted to His house, you are not giving tithes, and you are not witnessing because you have begun allowing small things to enter your life that you are aware will displease the Lord. Essentially, you're not living like the Master believes that His kin should live. Some of you have no salvation at all! All of these things need to be taken care of right now. Will you not come and give the Lord control over your life?


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