Intro: The Bible's chapter on incurable diseases is Mark 5. There are three cases given in this section which are totally, humanly talking, serious. The possessed man came first, the ill woman came second, and the dead girl came third. In the Lord's day as well as in ours, each of these three scenarios would be regarded as impossible.

     The man, for instance, would be transferred to a mental health facility, the woman to a terminal care unit, and the girl, of course, would be transported to a location and buried in a cemetery. Yet, when you travel through this fifth part of Imprint you find that Jesus is above and beyond for each circumstance, there are no incurables with Jesus Christ.

     Thus, we can see that Jesus was more than sufficient in all of these circumstances: Jesus was referred to as the Great Psychiatrist by the demonized man. Jesus was the Great Physician for the sick woman; Additionally, Jesus was the Great Pediatrician for the deceased girl.

     Today, I want us to concentrate on the man who was possessed by demons and is commonly referred to as Legion in our language. Those who knew him considered this man to be dead for all intents and purposes. He was rejected by his family and society. He was a living dead man! That is, until Jesus appeared and afterward everything changed!

     Presently you really want to remember the setting of this specific sacred writing. Harking back to the fourth section Jesus has quite recently quieted a tempest on the furious ocean, presently the Ruler will quiet a tempest in a tortured heart. It's a marvel when Jesus quiets the tempest on the ocean, it is a far more noteworthy supernatural occurrence when Jesus quiets the tempest in the heart and in the existence of a person. As a result, I want to investigate this portion of the Bible and observe how Jesus Christ intervenes in the deplorable man's life. I want to see Jesus resurrect him from the dead!

  I. V. 1-6 THE MAN'S Bondage

A. V. 2 His Lord - Without skipping a beat we discover that this man is heavily influenced by Satan. He is said to possess an unclean spirit! Then, in verse 9, we learn that he is not only the home of a single evil spirit but also of a Legion of demons. An army in the Roman armed force could be from 2,000 to 6,000 men. According to verse 13, when those demons left this man, they entered a 2,000-swine herd! The devil had complete control over this man! Ill, just like every lost person in the world and this room, Eph. 2:1-3; John 8:44. What a forlorn shape to be in!

B. V. 3-5 His Misfortune: This man lived in the tombs and had demons that made him a wild man. His demonically charged strength had thwarted a number of attempts to tame him and capture him. He was also driven to commit suicide by his demons. Ill. Perhaps he had once belonged to a family that he could no longer associate with! What a pathetic picture this portrays!) Note: This man is the same as any of the billions of lost individuals who possess this planet today! They live for themselves without realizing that the decisions they make in their lives are harmful and fatal, Pro. 16:25. Human intervention will not help them. They can't be changed by warm words and well meaning goals. They require a spiritual solution to a spiritual problem! If lost men weren't so unaware of their predicament, 2 Cor. 4:4, they would see how depressing they ought to be!)

C. V. 2, 6 His mindset: This man ran to Jesus after running away from everyone else! The knowledge of right and wrong persisted even in that afflicted mind! Note: The lost are also aware! A man is not stupid just because he is lost and foolishly living his life! When I was lost, I used to envy those who knew God! I also knew that if I ever met Him, He would free me from my shackles, and He did! Ill. Do you have any idea why this man fled to Jesus and why some lost people appear to want a better way? The way the Lord is dealing with them, I believe, is the answer! Through the conviction of the Holy Spirit, He dealt with my heart as a lost man, John 16:7–11; I began to desire Him more than anything else in my life, according to John 6:44. He does that!)

 II. V. 6-13 THE MAN'S SAVIOR A. V. 1 The Savior's Purpose - In Mark 4:35, Jesus instructs His disciples to board a boat because they are going to the opposite shore of the lake. On the way, while He dozed, the pupils were hit by a horrendous tempest. They thought they would die, but Jesus arose, subdued the raging sea, and they survived! I think Jesus went realizing that t he individuals of that land would project Him out, 5:17. Jesus went despite the fact that He was aware that all He would accomplish would be to reach one poor, suffering man! What passion! What tenderness! Note: In the same way that Jesus crossed that lake to find one lost soul, he also came to this world to die on the cross for all humanity's lost souls, Phil. 2:5-11; John 18:37; Matthew 19:10) Both endeavors were fruitless! In both instances, he carried out what He had planned!)

B. V. 6-12 The Hero's Discernment - When every other person saw this man, they saw a lost cause, Jesus sam a man, v. 8. He saw a human needing sublime intercession! Jesus didn't see this man as he was, Jesus saw him as he could be through help from above! ( Note: When Jesus looks at lost people, that's what He sees! He sees a deacon, while we see a drunk. He sees a preacher, while we see a drug addict! He sees a choir member, while we see a harlot! When people come to Jesus, their lives are transformed as a result! He will take what you give him, but in return He will give you something far more valuable! you give Jesus your crab apple, He'll give you back a brilliant heavenly. Jesus will return your thorn in exchange for an American rose. If you give Jesus your acorn, He will return you a great oak. If you give Jesus your scheming Jacob, He will give you back an Israel, a godly prince. Jesus will give you back a powerful preacher named Simon Peter if you give Him Simon, the cursed fisherman. Jesus will return your Paul, the militant missionary apostle, if you give Him your persecutor of the church, Saul. If you give yourself over to Jesus, you won't believe what He does with you. It's astonishing how Jesus can manage a human, 2 Cor. "New creation" in 5:17!)

C. V. 13: The Power of the Savior: This man was under a power that he couldn't break, but Jesus has more power than the devil! The demons left that poor man and entered a herd of 2,000 pigs at His command. The pigs ran down a cliff and did "suey-side" in the sea! That man was saved by Satan and bound by devils for a moment. The following moment he is free! Such is the force of the Master Jesus to change lives! ( Note: There is never any reason to be concerned that Jesus cannot accomplish what He has done for others. He is a great liberator! Matt, He is an expert in transformed lives and has the power to transform any life that comes to Him. 28:18! Jesus Christ has the power to save anyone if He can take a persecutor like Paul, a rough-and-tumble fisherman like Peter, and people like those who are saved in this room! Never be afraid that what He has done for other people He can do for you! Sick. The audacious Snake - Num. 21. The greatest proof that it would work for anyone was the cure that was observed in the lives of others!!)

III. V. 14 to 20: The Man's Salvation A. V. 15: Salvation Changed Him: He no longer runs around, cries, and cuts himself. He is now at peace and seated next to Jesus! What a shift! Ill. It is as it is! You can't be the same after meeting Jesus. John 3:3, 5, "He transforms all who come to Him"; Gal. 6:15; Eph. 2:10! Has He transformed you?)

B. V. 15: Salvation Clothed Him: He is now clothed instead of naked. Ill. This is yet more evidence that he has changed! What we really want to see here is that what Jesus does in the core of a man is Constantly worked out outwardly of a man, Matt. 12:35!)

C. V. 15: Salvation Calmed Him - He is said to be in good mind, according to us! There is now complete peace where there was turmoil and agitation! He has undergone spiritual, physical, and mental transformations! Ill. What a picture of the complete transformation that being saved brings to a sinner! Jesus in a real sense gives everybody He saves a spic and span life!) ( Ill. Jesus completely transformed him! Jesus started with the real issue facing the man! Ill. The real problem for every lost man is a bad heart! His wrongdoing isn't h is issue, it is simply the product of the issue!)

D. V. 18-20 Salvation Constrained Him - Besides the fact that this man given is another life, he is likewise given another arrangement of wants!

1. V. 18 He Was Constrained To Want Jesus - Preceding gathering Jesus, this man would have rather not been around anybody. He wants nothing more than to be with Jesus now that he has been saved. Ill. This is what you'll get from salvation! It will destroy you! You will want to be around Jesus and His work once you are saved. You will want to visit His residence. You will very much want to associate with His kin. You are meant to be wherever He is! Also, if you don't want to be where He is, something is wrong!!)

2. V. 19–20 He Was Forced To Declare Jesus – He is instructed to return home and explain to those who know him what Jesus has done for him! He went to Decapolis, also known as "The Ten Cities," and he started telling people what had happened, which got them interested! Sick. What a homecoming that probably been!) ( Note: A person who has been saved by grace and tells people who are still lost what Jesus can do for them is the greatest testimony in the world! You won't be content until others have Jesus in their hearts if you have Him in your own! You'll want to share Him with others! At the point when you are sharing Jesus, that is another great sign that you have met Him!)

Conc: Has Jesus ever come to free you from the shackles of your sins and passed by where you were on any given day? Have you experienced His power to free you from bonds and put an end to sin in your life? You can if you haven't! I can assure you that Jesus is here to save you if you come to Him right now. It's possible that he came today just for you! Will you approach Him? If you have been saved but are experiencing difficulties in your relationship with Him, I invite you to visit and rekindle the flame!

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