Intro: Have you ever thought about how life doesn't always go according to our best intentions? At times conditions don't necessarily in all cases stick to the script. Life frequently appears to be nothing more than a series of broken dreams. Ill. These wise men had been following a star for the past two years, verses 7, 16, To follow this star, they had abandoned home and family. They were now pilgrims after having left their nation. They probably had to confront dangers and obstacles on the way. They even wound up within the sight of a lord. Then, at that point, when they at last show up at their objective, they find the star they have been following stops by an unassuming house, rather than an imperial castle. These men likely longed for finding the Savior in a royal residence, this presumably makes sense of their going for Herod's first! They must have at least anticipated opulence and a nice house. They did not find what they had imagined. In the house of a peasant, they discovered the King of Kings; Probably no more than a shack at all! Their ideals were without a doubt dashed. However, in the midst of the rubble of their torn and curved dreams, these astute men discovered a few things in that unassuming setting that completely changed them. Life has a way of sometimes destroying our hopes and plans as well as our dreams. I'd like to assist you tonight. I need to guide you when you are following a star and track down a shack.

I. In the midst of life's challenges, wise men recognize God A. Ill. The Setting It wasn't what they had expected, however they arrived at endlessly love they did! That shack was filled with God! Jesus was God to them!

B. Finding the Lord should be your first priority when life shatters your dreams. Nothing in your life can happen that He hasn't allowed if you are His. Ill. Job 1:12 to 2).

C. At the point when your star leads you into a shack, recall that God is doing one of three things:

1. Correct: Hebrew 12:6; Rev. 3:19

2. Guidance - He is attempting to uncover Himself to you in another manner, Rom. 8:28. ( Ill. John 6: "Surges"; John 6 - Yearning; John 6 - Dread) (Sick. Israel - Had confronted nothing that they did, they couldn't have ever realized that He could own them!) ( Sick. The men of Samaria - They accept on account of what they had encountered - John 4:42.

3. Perfection: He is attempting to transform you into His own image. He wants a vessel that He can utilize and has picked you as that vessel and He is preparing you for administration! ( Ill. Moses: He couldn't have led Israel if he hadn't first led those sheep in the desert!!)

D. Look for God when a star leads to a shack; He will be there!

II. In the sacks of life, wise men give gifts A. Ill. The context. These men could have easily turned around, packed everything up, and gone home. Who would blame them after all? They had not anticipated how things would play out. They didn't, though! They gave Jesus what belonged to Him. Sick. The meaning of the gifts and the need!)

B. It's time to give when your star takes you to a shack! The majority's reaction to the shack is ill. A great many people will quit giving when they get in that shack circumstance. That is some unacceptable reaction! Giving to God is the only way to get from Him, Mal. 3:8-10; Luke 6:38; 2 Cor. Ill. 2 Cor., 9:7 9:1-9. Matt. Ill. 10:40-42; Matt. 25:34-40.

C. These insightful men got back undeniably more than they parted with. God always works that way. He can never be surpassed by anyone. No a lot of attempt, however the people who truly do view Him as over plentiful in His stockpile.

D. The surest method for getting a gift is to a favor! ( Sick. The Anecdote of the Gifts - Matt. 25:14-30)

III. Astute MEN Get Effortlessness IN THE SHACKS OF LIFE

A. Sick. The specific circumstance. They were graced in two different ways while they were there. In the first place, they encountered redeeming quality. Second, they experienced grace that remained constant. After they were saved, God guided their lives.

B. At the point when our star prompts a shack, we can hope to track down God's elegance in that hour of need - 2 Cor. 12:9. Life is rarely fair or as we imagine it should be. However, we can be certain that God will never let us down, even when life fails us. Heb. Ill. 13:5; Heb. 4:15!) ( Heb. Ill. 2:17-18!!)

C. According to John 16:13, we can anticipate leadership and direction from God when our star points to a shack.

D. As God's children, we are never on our own and have no recourse. He will always provide for us and guide us through life's obstacles!

Conc: Have you ever been following a star and ended up in a shack surrounded by the shattered dreams and hopes you'd lost along the way? Perhaps you are there this moment. If that's the case, I can inform you that Jesus remains in your shack. He is dealing with your benefit and is worried about your need. Why don't you worship Him by falling to the ground like the wise men did?

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