Intro: Our journey with David has spanned roughly ten years so far. For around seven of those years, David has been on the run from Lord Saul. At the beginning of his reign, Saul had been a godly and good man; However, according to 1 Samuel, his own rejection by God had been brought about by his rejection of God's plan for his life and his refusal to walk with the Lord. 16:1. Saul's descent into madness began at that tragic moment.

      Young David was the target of Saul's irrational jealousy and vicious hatred. The Scriptures are clear: David was a man Saul detested and wanted to kill. However, David was shielded from the mad king's murderous intentions by God's sovereign plan.

      During those trying years when he was fleeing Saul, David made it through and even thrived. He developed further while his foe Saul became more vulnerable and more fragile. What a demonstration of God's grace!

      This text records the dreadful, sad demise of Ruler Saul and his three children. I want to look at these verses because I think they have a significant message for everyone in this room.

      Via presentation, permit me to point out your 2 Sam. 1:17-27. David is lamenting Saul and Jonathan's deaths in those verses. In that section, he makes a statement three times as he sings his psalm of mourning. David asks, "How are the mighty fallen!" three times. I would like to use that cries of pity and sorrow as my title. Today, I want to make three observations regarding King Saul's death.


  I. THE Awfulness OF SAUL'S Demise

A. His Demise Was A Miserable Passing - Sick. The scene on the combat zone that day. Israel's armies are badly defeated and humiliated in front of their adversaries. The landscape is littered with wounded and dead bodies. The arrows of his foes strike King Saul, the powerful and handsome king. The king's three sons' bodies are located close to him. He is aware that he cannot survive and escape. In order to end his life, Saul asks his armor-bearer for help; Saul ends his own life by falling on his own sword because the man won't help the king. After a tragic military defeat, a reign that had begun so well comes to an end with suicide. What a misfortune!

B. His Death Was Shameful – While Saul's death was heartbreaking, it was likewise despicable. This is the case for two reasons.

      1. It was shameful because of what happened: the enemies of Israel desecrated Saul's body after he died. As a grotesque representation of the Philistine victory, his head was beheaded and transported from city to city. The bodies of his three sons and himself were transported to Bethshan and nailed to the city walls. The extraordinary ruler of Israel turned into an image of joke to the foes of God.

      2. It was disgraceful on the grounds that it didn't need to work out - Saul's life didn't begin like it wrapped up. Forty years sooner Saul had been an attractive young fellow. When he was first made king, he was brave, humble, and obedient. However, he had gradually allowed compromise to enter his life, leading to his weakness and wickedness. Saul was only a short drive away from Ramah, where he had been crowned king forty years earlier, when he passed away. Profoundly, in any case, he should have been on another planet.


(Note: The awfulness of Saul's demise is that it didn't need to happen as it did. His life was far better in God's hands; But he didn't live his life according to God's plan, and as a result, he paid a terrible price.

      Sadly, people all around us are experiencing the same thing. People should be saved, blessed, and used for God's glory. Men, on the other hand, refuse to follow God's path, leading defeat-filled lives that ultimately result in tragic deaths. That need not be the case. God has a greater strategy.

      This is what Jesus said: The cheat cometh not, yet for to take, and to kill, and to obliterate: I'm come that they could have life, and that they could have it all the more plentifully," John 10:10. According to that verse, we can have the ministry of the Good Shepherd in our lives or the ministry of the Thief. Therefore, if you are not in line with God's plan, I would like to encourage you to gather today so that you and your family can avoid the same tragic outcome as Saul's.)


 II.                       The testimony of Saul's death (Despite the fact that Saul's death is a terrible tragedy; Additionally, it imparts a powerful testimony to those whose hearts are open.)

A. Saul's Death Serves as a Clear Reminder: Saul's passing serves as a clear reminder that death is coming for each of us. Think about the poor man and the wealthy man on that particular day's battlefield; the slave and the king; the genuine man and the miscreant; the Philistine and Israelites; the frail and the strong; all entered demise together.

            Despite being tragic, this pitiful scene serves as a clear reminder that death has no favorites. None of us will survive this world unless the Lord returns in the rapture during our lifetimes. Scripture teaches this categorically:

Ø      Heb. 9:27: "And as it is ordained for men to die once, but after this the judgment:"

Ø      2 Sam. 14:14 says, "For we must perish, and are like a drop of water that cannot be gathered up again on the ground;" God does not respect anyone at all:

“Seeing his days are determined, the number of his months are with thee, thou hast appointed his bounds that he cannot pass,” is the verse from Job 14:5.

"For I know that thou wilt bring me to death, and to the house appointed for all living," reads Job 30:23.

Ø Hymn 89:48, "Which man would he say he is that liveth, and will not see demise? Will he be able to save his soul from the grave? Selah.”

Ø      Rom. 5:12: "Therefore, as sin entered the world through one man and death through sin; because everyone had sinned, death fell on everyone:"

Ø      Eccl. 12:5, "...because man goes to his long home, and mourners go through the streets:"

            We dislike to consider it; Even though we may pretend that it will never happen, we all face death. That is the evidence regarding Saul's demise; that is the testimony of every hospital, cemetery, and funeral home in the world. Demise is coming and you and I would do well to be prepared when it does!


      (Ill.) According to an old legend, a Baghdad merchant once sent his servant to the market. The servant returned soon after, white and trembling, and he exclaimed to his master, " I was jostled by a woman in the crowd down in the market place, and when I turned around, Death was the one who had jostled me. She gave me a hostile glance and made a threat. Ace, if it's not too much trouble, loan me your pony, for I should rush away to keep away from her. Death will not find me because I will ride to Samarra and hide there.

            The servant galloped off quickly after the merchant gave him his horse.

            Later the vendor went down to the commercial center and saw Demise remaining in the group. "Why did you frighten my servant this morning?" he inquired as he approached her. Why did you act in a menacing manner?"

            "That was not an undermining signal," Passing said. " It was only the beginning of the shock. I was astounded to see him in Baghdad, for I have a meeting with him this evening in Samarra."

            In Samarra, we all have appointments. However, if we have placed our trust in Him, who alone holds the keys to life and death, that is reason for celebration and not for fear.[1]) B. Saul's Death Is Real – The reality is this: Either we will die badly, as Saul did, or we will die well. When one's life has been lived like Saul's; Tragic is always death. At the point when there was no contrition, yet just the pain of squandered years that is a horrendous and unfortunate occasion. We all know people who lived lives like these and died like that. We just shook our heads and thought, "My, what a wasted life!" as they drove by. Death is never pleasant for those who have not adequately prepared for it. Indeed, even God doesn't want the passing of the delinquent. "Say unto them, As I live, saith the Master GOD, I have no joy in the passing of the evil; however, that the wicked abandon his ways of life: Abstain from your wicked ways; for what reason will ye bite the dust, O place of Israel?" Eze. 33:11.

            On the other hand, when a God-fearing saint has lived a moral life, death follows; It is a victory, not a tragedy! Pay attention to what the Book of scriptures says regarding the demise of an offspring of God:

      1. "Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints," declares Psalm 116:15.

      2. Fire up. 14:13, "And I heard a voice from paradise saying unto me, Compose, Favored are the dead which bite the dust in the Master from consequently: Yea, saith the Soul, that they might rest from their works; and they do follow their works."

      3. Phil. "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain," 1 Peter 2:21.

      4. "For I am now ready to be offered, and the time of my departure is at hand," 2 Timothy 4:6-8. I have prevailed, I have completed my course, and I have maintained faith: Consequently there is rested up for me a crown of exemplary nature, which the Ruler, the noble adjudicator, will give me at that day: and not just to me, but also to everyone else who adores his appearance.

      According to John 14:1-3, the precious saints of God simply return home to be with the Lord Jesus in His presence when they pass away on this shore; 2 Cor. 5:1; 5:8. What a difference between the passing of the miscreant and the demise of the holy person!

      Have you considered the way you want to die? I want to leave here serving Jesus Christ faithfully. I want to depart with my spiritual boots on, preaching His saving grace and carrying out His will. If that is the case, roll me down the aisle, position me in the corner, and proceed to the meeting. Yell it out for the greatness of God! Be that as it may, on the off chance that I drop off the radar, and drop out on God, simply take me to the cemetery, plant my body in the virus ground and extra the holy people of God the awfulness of covering a fallen evangelist!

      When Saul died, he left behind a tragic legacy. Which testimony are you going to leave behind?


III.                     THE Showing FROM SAUL'S Demise

(Sick. Before we leave this entry, there is another part of the passing of Saul that I might want to look at. You probably won't trust it, however there are a few normal components between the demise of Lord Saul and the passing of Ruler Jesus. Today, I'd like to highlight a few of those.)

A. The Appearances Of Saul's Demise - There were two things that gave off an impression of being valid when Saul kicked the bucket. When Jesus died, these two things appeared to be true.

1. It appeared as though the end was near: Israel fled in fear when their king was killed, verse 7. When Saul passed away, many believed that Israel's only hope was lost.

            Ill. When they saw Jesus being hanged from that cross, how must the disciples and followers have felt? Clearly they believed that everything trust was no more. I can envision their apprehension, their feeling of misfortune and their sadness when Jesus passed on that day.

2. It appeared as though the enemy had prevailed; verses 7 to 10 reveal that the Israelite cities were occupied by the Philistines. They disfigured Saul's and his sons' bodies; they sent Saul's head from one city to another as a declaration to the force of their divine beings; furthermore, they celebrated in their triumph over Israel. It appeared as though the people of God's enemies had prevailed!

            Ill. On the day that Jesus died on Calvary, it must have appeared as though Satan and his followers had prevailed over God. I can picture the hordes of demons celebrating the Messiah's death. Everything seemed to indicate that the adversary had prevailed; that death had triumphed over life; that sin had destroyed righteousness; and that hopelessness had overpowered it.


(Note: The fact that appearances can be deluding satisfies me! The Philistines may have been occupying new territory while Saul was still alive in Israel; however, God actually had His man! Within a few days, David would step in and rectify the situation. The foe had won only somewhat more time. The time had come when the King of Israel would end their existence.

      When Jesus died on the cross, it was also like this. Hell was happy; Heaven waited impatiently while the earth wept. Hope seemed to have vanished, and evil had prevailed; However, God maintained His Man! Three days after Israel executed their Lord on the cross; He awoke from his slumber; crushed His adversaries and guaranteed an everlasting triumph for Him and every one of the people who follow Him! Hallelujah! Risen Christ! Matt. 28:1-6; Rev. 1:18; Rom. 5:10.)


B. The Results of Saul's Death: God used Saul's death to bring about important changes in Israel. Some significant spiritual goals were accomplished by God through Jesus' death.)

1. It Permitted The Presentation Of Another Arrangement - When Saul and his children passed on, the way was opened for David to be the following lord. Gen. 49:10's prophecies concerning Judah were fulfilled by this; and 1 Samuel to Samuel 16:1; 12-13. In order to get ready for the coming of the Messiah, God used this event to alter Israel's royal line. Therefore, Jesus was the legitimate heir to Israel's throne when He was born; Matt. 1:1-17; Luke 3:23-38.

            Ill. The Old Testament worship and sacrifice system came to an end with Jesus' death. Matt saw this clearly when the Temple veil was split in half from top to bottom. 27:51. God would never again be moved toward through the blood of creatures and a Jewish minister. He would now be approached by means of Jesus' blood and the person of His Son, Hebrews. 9:22; 1 Tim. 2:5. (Sick. He is the Daysman that Occupation yearned for - Occupation 9:33.)

2. It let in a new group of people because David wasn't in the human line to be king. The way was opened for him by the demise of another.

            Sick. The passing of Jesus on the cross opened the method of salvation for individuals who had no expectation in any case. The poor Gentile had no chance of being saved; However, when He died, Jesus made it possible for us to come to Him by faith. 4:15-16!

            At the point when Jesus passed on the cross, His demise gave a way so that "whosoever will" could come and be saved by effortlessness. According to 1 John 2:2, His blood covers our sin debt and grants us grace-based access to God. John 14:6 explains that Jesus alone is the way to salvation in the Bible; Acts 4:12. According to Rev. 22:17, now that He has died, the way to God has been opened, and anyone who wishes to can come to Him and be saved. John 3:16.

3. It facilitated the introduction of a new promise. According to 1 Samuel, the people of Israel had experienced a period of terrible discontent and failure during Saul's reign. 22:1-2. At the point when he kicked the bucket, another period was introduced. Israel experienced a time of unprecedented prosperity and hope when David assumed the throne.

            Ill. When Jesus died on the cross, it signified the end of a time of law and guilt and the beginning of a time of grace! By simply placing their faith in a risen Savior, men can now be delivered from their guilt, past, and sins, 1 Peter. 1:8; Col. 1:12-14.

C. Saul's Death's Absurdity: Saul's death made the foolishness of man clear to everyone. 1 Samuel says he literally "played the fool." 26:21. He had lived his life foolishly, and now he had also died foolishly.

            Ill. When Jesus died on the cross, many people must have believed that God and He had also been fools. Nobody anticipated that the Savior should be killed; it would have been stupid to design any such thing, essentially according to a human point of view! However, the power of God was at work in what man perceived as foolishness, 1 Cor. 1:18-25. Through the passing of Jesus, the Realm of God was laid out for eternity; lost, sinners condemned to hell were saved forever, and God was praised forever.

            The death of Christ on the cross was the culmination of four thousand years of God's patient activity, despite the fact that it may have appeared foolish to others. The way to salvation for God's people was made available to them when Jesus died on that cross. The world still considers the message of the cross to be foolish; But those who believe in it and receive it still have access to the power of God!


Conc: How do the powerful fall? Saul passed on like a numb-skull. John 19:30 describes Jesus' victory death. How will you die? The thing will be said about you when you leave this world? Will it be said that you lived and passed on like a numb-skull? Or on the other hand, will it be said that you lived for Jesus while you were here and passed on partaking in the triumph of Christ in your spirit?

      In Burke Country, North Carolina, an old Methodist church has a cemetery. There are graves there that are 1,700 years old. There are hand-carved tombstones on a few of these graves, with the index finger pointing upward toward heaven. That demonstrates their perseverance in life and their faith in death.

      In any case, there are something like two gravestones there that have hands cut into them that have chains folded over the wrists and the forefingers of those hands are pointing down. These tombstones bear witness to a foolish life that resulted in ineffable peril.

      What would best represent your life if we were to carve your headstone today? Now is a great time to address any issues you may be experiencing, both while you are alive and when you pass away. We will all eventually leave this world, and we pray to God that we will all be prepared to meet Jesus, who has saved us through faith in His death and resurrection.

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