Intro: What kinds of images spring to mind when you hear the word "rest"? The word makes me think of sitting in my recliner or spending a few precious minutes on my study's "meditation sofa." For other people, rest is a stroll in the forest, or a couple of hours with a casting pole in their grasp. Others take a break by working in the yard and garden. Rest, on the other hand, is elusive for many people. They are unsure of its location. This is the situation with our heroine.

Ruth is a widow from Moab who puts in a lot of effort. Throughout the long harvest season, she has been working so hard that her bones are tired. She requires rest! She has been conveying the heap of accommodating herself and her mother by marriage, Naomi. She requires rest! She has been living with the memories of a simpler time when she had a husband to love, hope for children to raise, cared for, and the security that all women long for. She requires rest! In this text, she starts the most common way of getting that rest.

Ruth must have already accepted the fact that she will spend the rest of her life with Naomi by this point. She must be thinking that she will have to take care of both herself and her mother-in-law for a long time. She has no idea that she is about to enter a resting place. She is about to let go of some of her burdens and start a relationship that will forever alter her life.

The concept of "rest" is presented to us in this passage. For Ruth, this rest was that of safety and family. It conjures up images of something far more precious and beautiful for us. The rest is a representation of that which the lost delinquent finds when he enters a relationship with the Ruler Jesus Christ. I want us to understand the advantages of entering into a "rest relationship" with Him through this text.

Today, I might want to teach for some time regarding the matter, "Searching For A Little Reprieve." There will be assistance provided to you this morning if you are worn out and worn out by your current life. We should notice reality contained in this text.

I. THE PROPOSAL FOR REST A. The Nature Of This Rest Naomi refers to a marriage when she says "rest." Ruth had few opportunities as a Gentile widow in that Jewish society. She is in desperate need of a man who will marry her and give her the time off she requires. She is referring to a state in which Ruth would be able to experience the peace and security that would come with such a relationship. The word utilized here is extremely expressive. The Bible makes use of it in the following ways:

Being settled, victory, salvation, wholeness, or a state of well-being, security, and a place to settle down, a home are all examples of finality. Ruth 3:1)
As such, Naomi was expecting to furnish Ruth with a relationship that would give all of this to her. ( Note: The entire world wants this, too! For Ruth this would be tracked down in a marriage. For individuals as a general rule, this may be tracked down in an individual relationship with the Master Jesus Christ! He says all of these things and more!)

B. The Reason for This Rest: Ruth is in utter need of a relationship like this. The collect has finished, and with it, she has additionally seen the finish of her stock from, and relationship with, Boaz. Ruth cannot provide for her and her spouse's mother, Naomi, because she is a widow. She requires assistance because she is poor. She requires a companion who is interested in her and her requirements. She absolutely requires a Savior! Note: A relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is a necessity for the entire human race! Why? owing to our condition - Rom. 3:23, Eph. 2:1-3. Because of What We've Done - Rom. 6:23, John 3:18, 36. We are destined to live in spiritual darkness and poverty if we do not turn to Christ. Except if we meet Him with an otherworldly conviction we are bound to take a hike for all of endlessness. Matt, we require the rest He provides for us in Himself. 11:28.)

II. THE Commitment OF REST
(Sick. Naomi advises Ruth that she needs to find Ruth a spouse since he can give her the things which she can't accommodate herself. "That it might be well with thee," she says. The literal translation of this phrase is "that you may have the best." This young widow finds great significance in this promise.)

A. The Promise Of Hope - Ruth would find solace from her past, her poverty, and her suffering if she were to find such a marriage partner. She would discover the solution to her work, worries, and wanderings. Her life would suddenly have meaning for her and not be a dead end. The future would hold promise. In that unforgiving society, life might not be an endless series of days spent trying to survive. She might just get married! It's possible that she has children! She might just smile! Note: When people fall in love with Jesus, they discover a lot more than they anticipated! Their lives are forever altered by His power, they discover. They observe that they are adored, pardoned, part of something significant and everlasting. They discover joy, hope, and peace. They not only discover the promise of relaxation, but they also get a firsthand look at relaxation!

B. Assistance: The others promised Ruth a man who would care for her needs! a man who would take care of her and love her. a man who would take care of her and provide her with the safety she had only imagined. It was the assurance of assistance as she traveled life's path. Note: What an image of the relative multitude of holy people track down in Jesus! He gives us trust step by step, however He likewise offers assistance en route. We no longer have to travel the path by ourselves because we now have Heb as our companion. 13:5. John 6:37 says that the saints will never be afraid of being cast out. Jesus scouts and plans the way, so the saints never have to worry about where the path of life will lead them. We praise God for His assistance on our way to glory.)

C. The Promise of a Home Ruth would have a new home if she took a break from her marriage. She would have a place to live and be able to take advantage of the benefits of her new relationship. Note: Throughout their journey through this world, the saints have a place to rest. That is valid. In any case, I mama happy that I can advise you that there is a home looking for us toward the finish of the way, John 14:1-3. A home where the weights, agonies and preliminaries of life won't be permitted to follow, Fire up. 21:4.)


(Sick. Naomi uncovers the name of the individual she has as a main priority to be Ruth's significant other. Boaz has already been selected by her. All things considered, he is family people. He seems interested in Ruth and has the resources to meet the need. A person, not a place, will provide Ruth with rest.)

A. He Had the Right Reputation - His actions demonstrate his reputation, as stated in Ruth 2:1. He showed empathy, astuteness and effortlessness in his dealings with Ruth. Regardless of her past, what the community thought of her, or what she could offer him, he cared about Ruth. He treated her with grace and loved her exactly as she was. Note: The same is said of our heavenly Boaz. Jer, a sinner, is loved by Jesus. 31:3; Rom. 5:8. He treats us with grace, Eph. 2:8-9. And He still reaches out in love to save all who call on Him by faith, despite our past or even what we could offer Him!

B. He Became a Good Friend Boaz was a "kinsman." That is to say, he was entitled to redemption. He could influence Ruth's life because he was so related to her. Note: I would simply advise you that our superb Boaz is likewise connected with us, Phil. 2:5-11. To offer His life as a ransom for the elect, Jesus took on the form of a man. He is in the right relationship, thank God! For sinners, no one else could have done what He did!

C. He Had What He Needed Boaz was a "mighty man of wealth," as the saying goes. He could bear to address the cost to recover Ruth. ( Note: Jesus, our Boaz, is also a powerful and wealthy individual! Even though He owns everything, none of His financial resources could redeem us. Fortunately, He has the most of the very thing we needed! Matt., the lost sinner requires righteousness to confront God. 5:20. Isa, however, our best effort in the righteousness category is vastly inadequate. 64:6. Notwithstanding, Jesus is plentifully and totally equitable! The righteous died for the unjust when He died for us, 2 Cor. 5:21. Now, the unrighteousness of all who put their faith in Jesus is replaced by His righteousness, Rom. 4:20-25. Whose righteousness are you putting your faith in this morning?

D. He Had The Right Determination - Boaz gave each sign that he was keen on a relationship with Ruth. He gave her free of charge. He was caring and empathetic toward her. He gave her a standing greeting to enter and gather in his field. He wants her to know that she can turn to him for help. Note: The purpose of everything that Jesus Christ has done for humanity is to demonstrate His concern for us. To demonstrate His desire for a relationship with us, He has done everything in His power. Matt., all that is left is for lost people to turn to Him in faith and take what He gives them. 11:28. He offers trust, He offers salvation and He offers rest. His proposition actually stands today, John 7:37; Rev. 22:17.)

Conc: This morning, are you resting? Presently, I'm not alluding to actual rest. I'm talking about spiritual rest! Is your soul at peace? Is everything going well between you and God? Do you have the kind of relationship with Him that brings out the best in you? What I'm asking is this: Are you truly saved through God's grace? If the response is "No," then if you come to Jesus by faith, you can be today. Assuming the response is "I don't have any idea" than you likely should be saved. Assuming He is in you, you will know it. You, on the other hand, are aware of your own heart, and God is aware of yours. You can find rest if you come to Him in need.

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