Intro: A string of misfortunes marks the beginning of the brief Ruth book. In Section one, there is a Starvation, there is a backslidden Family, there are three Burial services, there is extraordinary Trepidation and there is One last farewell. In the first chapter, Ruth, a young widow, is introduced to us. She is a native of Moab. Deut says that she is a cursed woman as a result. 23:3. She was probably raised to worship idols. She does, however, become a member of an Israelite family through God's providence. Young Ruth is introduced to Jehovah by these people, despite their past sins. Ruth returns to Israel with her mother-in-law Naomi following her husband's death. There, they continue to attempt to survive as best they can, 2:2.

Ruth's opening scene is a sad spectacle. It presents in realistic detail exactly what occurs in daily routines that are experienced external the desire of God! Thankfully, God had a plan to assist Ruth and Naomi!

These women had no way to reclaim the family land because their husbands had died. You have to understand that the land was divided among the 12 tribes before the children of Israel entered and conquered Canaan. Families divided the land within these allotments. Outside of his tribe, no man was permitted to sell his land. A man may be required to mortgage his land in the event of financial difficulties. In this instance, he lost all rights to the land until the mortgage was paid off or until the Year of Jubilee, when all debts were canceled anyway. Clearly, this is what had befallen the land that had a place with Elimelech. As ladies, Naomi and Ruth had not a chance of getting back the land that had a place with their spouses. Thankfully, God triumphs where man fails! God had already provided for these women, despite their helplessness.

The Kinsman-Redeemer law comes into play at this point. The Brother Deliverer was an overall who safeguarded the destitute individuals from his loved ones. The Kinsman-Redeemer could either buy back or redeem three items.

1. A relative sold into subjection - Lev. 25:47-49.

2. By marrying the widow of a deceased relative and creating a Deut heir to the family's possessions, you can preserve the family's lineage. 25:5-6. It was believed that the deceased man's children would be born from this union.

3. Lev's land, which had been acquired from outside the family. 25:25.

Boaz, a man, is introduced to us against this tragic and difficult background. He is a close relative of Naomi's deceased husband. We get to observe the Kinsman-Redeemer working on behalf of these two poor widows in this brief but powerful book. He enthusiastically practices the privileges and obligations of the Brother Savior. He makes a difference in their lives and gives us a thrilling image of the Lord Jesus, a great Kinsman-Redeemer. For an individual to be a Brother Deliverer, he needed to have three capabilities:

1. He had to come from a close family.

2. He needed to be willing to be saved.

3. He needed to be able to get right.

Boaz satisfied these prerequisites. What's more, as we will see, so did the Ruler Jesus, our magnificent Deliverer!

As we consider the concept of Redeemed, let's concentrate on a few of the events in this wonderful little book! I adore proclaiming it!

I. V. 4 BOAZ HAD THE RIGHT TO REDEEM A. His Right As A Member Of The Family (His Right By Lineage) This Kinsman-Redeemer had to be a relative who was in need. 2:1 Boaz fulfilled this duty; 2:20; 4:4. Boaz had every right to intervene for these women because he was a close relative.

(Sick. Jesus, our Brother Deliverer has this right for the miscreant. Why? because He is close to us and a relative. According to John 1:1, Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity, came to this world 2,000 years ago, not to live among men as a God, but to be born as a man, in the same small town of Bethlehem; 14; Phil. 2:5-8. Jesus has the right to be our Redeemer because he is a member of the human family!)

(Please note: There was one of closer family than Boaz, 4:3-6. But because he didn't want to marry Ruth, he didn't do his job as a redeemer! He was aware that she was cursed and came from a cursed family. He realized she had literally nothing to offer him. She was, after all, poor! This man had the right, however he was unable to finish the work!

So it is with mankind. We are surrounded by additional things that offer redemption. Religion and the law, for example, but these things will never succeed! They are frail to serve to weak! When the Law sees a sinner, it only makes our weaknesses worse. Religion only looks at us to see what we can give it when it sees the sinner. Neither can reclaim!

Ruth, on the other hand, was known to Boaz in verse 6. He knew her past. He was aware of her state. He was aware of her offerings. He was aware of the curse that her people were under. Notwithstanding, he couldn't have cared less! Boaz, on the other hand, was just like Ruth! 4:21, examine his ancestry; Matt. 1:5. Because Boaz's mother was an unclean woman of unclean birth, it becomes clear from the thins that Boaz was not concerned about tarnishing his inheritance. Joshua 2 describes Rahab the harlot as his mother.

So it is with our Magnificent Boaz! He had a common sinful mother! In this manner, He has sympathy on the lost. We can never meet the demands imposed by the law. Religion makes promises that it cannot keep. Jesus, on the other hand, gives us everything we need, free of charge!

B. His Right as a Man of Faith - His Right as Strictly Strictly Strictly Strictly Strictly Strictly Strictly Strictly Strictly Strictly Strictly Strictly Strictly Stric Reading this book suggests that Boaz was a religious individual. To carry out God's will was his desire. He believed in God.

(Ill.) Again, in this, he depicts the Lord Jesus, who voluntarily came to earth to bear the sins of others on the cross. Was He required to? No! But before the mud seals of this world were ever made, the Godhead knew in the counsel halls of glory that there would come a time when the world would need a redeemer. "Who will go for us?" the caller asked. The response from Jesus Christ was, "Here am I, send Me!" This is demonstrated by the fact that Jesus was already dead in God's mind before the world was created, as stated in Rev. 13:8.

The Law requested demise for wrongdoing, Gen. 2:17; Rom. 6:23. Jesus went to the cross for us so He could release the Law of God. He reserved the option to bite the dust in our place since He is family and on the grounds that He satisfied the prerequisites of the Law!)

I. Boaz Been Authorized To Redeem II V. 4-9 BOAZ HAD THE RESOLVE TO REDEEM A. His Desire for the Task Naomi tells Ruth to go to Boaz and cover herself in his cloak because she is aware that Boaz is a close relative. This was a lady's approach to requesting a man to play out the obligations from a Brother Deliverer unto her. She was in fact making a marriage proposal to Boaz. In response, Boaz tells Ruth that he is delighted to redeem her and all of her inheritance and that he is delighted to have been chosen by Ruth.

(Ill. Jesus Christ did not need to be tied down and compelled to go to Calvary! According to the Bible, He went there without speaking, Isa. 53:7. According to John 18:27, Jesus did not attempt to defend Himself or escape the coming death when He stood before Pilate. He wanted the demise that He passed on the grounds that He needed to follow through on the reclamation cost for yourself and me, Heb. 12:2. The willing nature of Christ's cross sacrifice was evident. He did it out of a desire to!

B. His Dedication to the Task - Naomi is certain that Boaz will get right to the business of redemption, according to verse 38. This is demonstrated in chapters 4:4-8. Boaz goes to the city gate in the morning. a location where elders gather, decisions are made, and business is conducted. Ruth's redemption begins when Boaz goes there. Boaz appears to have no reason to delay or prevent him from completing his mission for Ruth.

(Sick. Once more, the similitude among Boaz and Jesus is plain to see. According to the Bible, Jesus was determined to die on the cross, Isa. 50:7; Luke 9:51. The Bible makes it abundantly clear that while our Lord was in this world, Satan attempted to kill Him. 2:16; Matt. 4:37-38. Satan attempted to deflect the Lord's attention from the task at hand at other times, Matt. 4:1-11; John 18:10–11, and John 6:15. Be that as it may, Jesus permitted none of these things to derail. He came to die for sin, and that is precisely what He intended to do!!)

C. His Release Of The Undertaking - 4:9 lets us know that Boaz remained with the errand until it was finished. He was able to inform the elders at the gate that the redemption had been completed and that he had paid the purchase price. Boaz now owned everything that had belonged to Elimelech's family. Presently, Ruth was as of now not a widow destined to an existence of neediness. She was a powerful and wealthy man's wife!

(Ill. Jesus, our Heavenly Boaz, continued to work on the project until it was flawlessly finished. Outside the door of Jerusalem, within the sight of witnesses, He addressed the cost by giving His life on the cross for yourself and me. Jesus announced the end of the transaction in John 19:30 when the work was finished to its utmost and the Heavenly Father was content. We praise God that the price of redemption has been paid in full.

I. Boaz Been Authorized To Redeem II Boaz Had The Purpose To Reclaim

III. V. 9-10 BOAZ HAD THE Assets TO Reclaim

(Sick. Part 2:1 clarifies that Boaz was a rich man. He had the monetary assets to do the reclamation.)

According to A. V. 9: The Resources to Purchase Ruth's Property, Boaz purchased all of Elimelech, Chilion, and Mahlon's possessions. At the end of the day, Boaz purchased out the entire legacy of this family, lock, stock and barrel! Take a moment to consider Orpah. In the first chapter, she returned to her family. It appears that Boaz would have also saved her if she had followed Naomi back to Bethlehem.

(Ill.) You and I were both born into a struggling family, just like the one Ruth married into. Our dad, Adam, trespassed against the Ruler and brought passing, annihilation and condemnation upon every one of his kids. He left us spiritually helpless and hopeless! Express gratitude toward God, that is where Jesus stepped in! Jesus bought back everything Adam lost in the Garden of Eden on the cross. Jesus purchased fellowship with God back after Adam gambled it away. Adam bet away life, Jesus repurchased it. Adam bet away harmony with God, happiness, favoring, honorableness, and so on; But when Jesus went to the cross and died for us, He bought it back in full for us! Jesus has the assets to convey of an exchange of this greatness!)

B. V. 10 The Money to Get Ruth For Himself Boaz had the money to get Ruth for himself. He wanted to buy back the property and the person at the same time!

(Jesus likewise has the assets to purchase the individual. At the point when a miscreant believes the shed blood of the Ruler Jesus, that delinquent turns into a reclaimed individual from the group of God. Christ's blood has bought him forever and changed him forever. Jesus has practical experience in taking old, damnation bound miscreants, saving them by His elegance and changing them into the offspring of God. At the point when He follows through on the cost, He buys the entire individual, 1 Cor. 6:19-20; Titus 2:14. I am glad that Jesus is able to "save to the uttermost all that come unto God by Him," which means "glory to God." 7:25.)
I. Boaz Been Authorized To Redeem II Boaz Had The Purpose To Recover

III. Boaz possessed the means to redeem IV. V. 10, 13 BOAZ HAD THE REASONS TO REDEEM (Ill. Boaz probably did what he did for a lot of different reasons. Nonetheless, taking a gander at the text tells me of two vital reasons that should not be ignored. In Boaz's eyes, there was more to his actions than just obeying the law and being a relative. He had two very good reasons to save Ruth. This evening, these motives also touch our hearts.)

A. The Purpose of Love, verse 5; 8-13; 14-17; All of these verses in 3:10–15 appear to suggest that Boaz has fallen in love with Ruth. Despite her lineage, he loved here. He cherished her despite her destitution. Despite the fact that she only had herself to offer, he still loved her. He loved her selflessly and only with her best interests in mind! He is interested in her and wants to meet her needs. As a result, he buys her for himself and willingly pays the price for her redemption.

(Ill. This is precisely what prompted Jesus to act as he did, or you and I! He was born into this world, lived in poverty, was rejected and shamed, and died on the cross for one main reason. Additionally, love - Rom. 5:6-8. He, as Boaz, loves us disregarding everything that we have against us. He loves us regardless of our flaws. He loves us even though we are poor and have nothing but broken lives and broken hopes to offer Him. He cherishes us, thusly He enthusiastically followed through on the reclamation cost on the cross!)

B. The Purpose of Life, verse 5; 13 tells us that Boaz also wanted to marry Ruth to make death live again. Without a Brother Savior, the group of Elimelech would vanish. Israel would see the end of that family. Boaz wanted to preserve life because he cared about that family!

(Ill) Jesus went to the cross for this reason. He suffered and died for us because of this! His craving is to take those that are dead in sins, Eph. 2:1, and whose final destination is Hell, Ps. 9:17, save them by His effortlessness and rescue life once again from death, John 5:24. He wants to save those who are stuck in death! This is exactly what He does for each and every person who accepts Him as their Lord and Savior. He offers complete and free salvation. He brings about life in the absence of death. He revives the dead! Ill. Sinners are entangled in death, just like Lazarus! Jesus calls their names as he approaches their graves. They receive eternal life through faith when they respond to Him.)

Conc: Look at verse 13. From part 2:1 until section 4:13, Boaz is the focal point of consideration. ( Ill, as Jesus ought to be!) However, a wealthy redeemer is now marrying this poor heathen girl. She regains her focus. My how things have changed for Ruth! The story begins with a funeral and ends with a wedding in this book! I need you to notice something right now about me. The Bible describes these two individuals and their relationship in verse 13. It informs us that there is now a possibility of intimacy. It demonstrates to us that Boaz can accomplish what he was unable to in 3:10-14. Boaz can now love Ruth and hold her in his arms. Every one of the boundaries that were between them have been eliminated! Race, social standing, morals, and other factors set them apart. They are now one flesh! He is richer than she is! She is able to have the most intimate fellowship with Boaz. They were brought together and are now in a close relationship!

That is the thing you have in Jesus tonight assuming you are saved! You, who were once isolated from Jesus by a bay of transgression and destitution have now been brought close to Him. He is as wealthy as you are. You are not generally isolated, yet are in a close connection with Jesus our Brother Deliverer! We are no longer doomed right now! We are no longer burdened by poverty now! We are no longer doomed to die! Jesus is now our life. We can now rest in His arms and feel the intimates of His redeemed love! Express gratitude toward God for reclamation! Redeemed! How I love to declare it! Redeemed by the Lamb's blood. I am His child forever, redeemed by His great mercies! Is it safe to say that you are?

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