Intro: Ill. Moses and the difficult task the Lord assigned to him. His responsibility was to lead a rebellious, self-centered, and rigid people to the promised land through the desert. Moses needed a close relationship with the Lord to complete this task. Presently, when we come to part 33, Moses has quite recently gotten the 10 Decrees and the Law from the Master. While he was receiving the Law, he was away for forty days and nights, during which time the people made a golden calf, began to worship it as God, and committed terrible immoral sins. Moses threw the stone tablets containing the Law down and broke them when he came down from the mountain and saw what they were doing. 33:1–3 reveals that the Lord is furious with the people and refuses to accompany them into Canaan. Moses responds by reminding the Lord that the Israelites are God's people and that Moses will not go if the Lord does not accompany them. Moses and the Lord then discuss the issue, and God decides to accompany them to the promised land. Kindly don't request that I make sense of the multitude of things that occurred in this part, it should be obvious that the Ruler is attempting to work in the existence of Moses and assist him with developing.

At the point when these things occurred, it put Moses in a position of debilitation and uncertainty. He asks the Lord to show him His glory because he needs something from the Lord in order to continue leading these people. Tonight, there is something for you and I here. Naturally, none of us have ever been given a task quite like Moses', but we have been called to follow the Lord and serve as His representatives in this world. This task occasionally becomes challenging and discouraging, and we require assistance from the Lord. Something we can't do all alone, something that will re-energize our otherworldly batteries and that will revive the past love interests of fervor and enthusiasm for the Ruler. We allude to that something as recovery. We ask God to send revival, but all we really want is what Moses prayed for: I want to see Thy glory!

I would like to share with you some thoughts from this passage about our desire to see God's glory tonight while we still have time. Let's be real, I couldn't want anything more than to see a certified recovery during my lifetime. I'd love nothing more than to witness God's glory in our presence. We should get to know one another in this entry as we consider the naturally suspected, "Show me Thy greatness!"

I. 33:18 A LARGE REQUEST A. 3:10 Moses' Duty Moses was appointed by God to lead God's people to Canaan. His was not a simple errand. His authority was frequently questioned, and his directives were disregarded. I wouldn't have wanted Moses' job at all! However, Moses had some work that expected loyalty and constancy. He was tasked with walking in accordance with the Lord's will and commands.

(Ill.) Every child of God in this building has the obligation of obedience and faithfulness to the Lord, who called us, saved us, and keeps us daily, even though our call may differ from that of Moses, 1 Cor. 4:2. We ought to acknowledge that we have a responsibility to the Lord!)

B. 33:1-3 Moses' Demoralization - individuals had opposed the Ruler again in part 32, and thus, the Master needed to obliterate them at more terrible and eliminate his attendance, best case scenario. They were in a tough situation paying little mind to what direction that one ended up. Can you imagine Moses's emotions? Despite his best efforts to guide them and direct them to do the Lord's will, all they do is groan, find fault, and sin against the Lord. There must have been a lot of times when Moses wanted to quit and give up!

(Sick. While we can never know the aggravation that Moses probably felt, we as a whole have those times when the heap gets weighty and we get deterred. We really want to recollect that getting deterred isn't a wrongdoing. However, responding incorrectly to it may result in sin. I'm simply grateful that when I get deterred, the Master knows my need and my weight and He is consistently there to help, urge and to help - Heb. 13:5.)

C. 33:18 Moses' Longing - Moses showed some care to be aware and experience God in a more profound and more significant manner. Moses was aware that Israel was unable to meet his requirements. He was aware that merely honing his leadership abilities would not suffice. A new understanding of who God is and what He is all about seems to Moses to be aware that this is the most effective treatment for dryness, discouragement, and disillusionment. Moses specifies 4 regions where he wants to realize God better.

1. His Ways (33:13): Moses wants to know more about how God works so he can serve Him better.

2. His Individual - 33:13 - Moses needs to all the more likely comprehend the Individual of God so he could partake in a more profound partnership with Him.

3. His Presence - 33:15 - Moses wants to better follow God by seeing God's presence more clearly. This is a cry for direction.

4. His Glory - 33:18 Moses wants to see God's glory so that he can have a closer relationship with him in his worship life.

(Ill. My impression is that Moses is pleading for a revival! At the point when men experience a veritable move of the Ruler, they likewise experience these extraordinary gifts. When we have a desire to understand God's ways so that we can better serve Him, revival is close. at the point when we want to realize Him better in a consistently extending partnership; at the point when we long for His standing presence to direct us step by step; when all we want is for God to be honored with the worship and praise He deserves and for His glory to be revealed. The essence of Moses' request is a genuine call for revival!)

(Sick. Not every person needs to encounter this sort of a move of God! He has a way of removing sin, selfishness, and hypocrisy when He begins to work in a person's life or in a church. A real act of God is feared by many! However, for the people who want it and who will look for it, it will change their lives until the end of time! How many people are here this evening who are eager to see the Lord work in these days, I wonder? What number of will invest energy in supplication, looking for the Ruler's face until He arrives in a veritable restoration, where His magnificence is uncovered and His power is illustrated? We want this evening! In fact, I believe it is our nation's and our churches' sole hope!

I. A Strong Solicitation

II. 33:19-23; 34:5-7 A Balanced Response A. V. 19-20 A Promise God promises to fulfill Moses' request in this verse. Why? Verse 17 provides the solution. Moses had tracked down beauty according to the Ruler! To put it another way, Moses didn't deserve this experience; it was God's sovereign choice. This evening, we must recognize that neither revival nor a genuine act of God can be earned, nor can we force the Lord to grant them to us. He is in charge of those things. In any case, He lets us know that when we meet specific models, then we can anticipate that He should appear - 2 Chron. 7:14.

(Ill. God can't give Him everything, just like Moses couldn't see all of God's glory and still live. In addition, neither could we!

B. V. 21-23 A Place: God tells Moses that there is a place near Him where he can stand and watch God's glory pass by. The rock splits in that location.

(Sick. The illustration for us is clear! There is just a single spot where man will at any point see the Ruler. And that place is in Christ Jesus! He is the foundation, 1 Cor. 10:4. We only need to look at the Son if we want to see the Father! Notice what the Holy book says regarding Jesus, John 14:9; John 1:18; Heb. 1:3. John 15:5 says that all of this is additional evidence that man needs to remain in Christ. The nearer we attract to Him, the nearer He has vowed to attract to us, James 4:8. Meetings, evangelists, singing, or fellowship are not the only things that can lead to revival, but rather an ever-increasing relationship with Jesus Christ! Prayer and studying God's Word are the only means by which this can be accomplished. The modern church will never experience genuine revival until we first place Jesus at the center of everything we do and love Him above all else. At the point when we arrive at the Spot, we can rely on God coming in among us!)

C. 34:5-7 A Presence - God did precisely as He guaranteed and visited Moses with His manifest presence! What a transformation Moses' life underwent as a result of this! Imagine being up close and personal with God's glory. Moses did, and the result was a significant shift in his life.

(Sick. Sometimes, we get a little portion of the manifest presence of God. He will occasionally enter and demonstrate His glory to His people. I have been in administrations where God appeared in a strong way. What would happen if this were the norm rather than the exception? Can you even begin to imagine? Could you at any point envision what church could resemble in the event that the manifest presence of God were here? There would be less participation from us and more genuine worship of the Lord, in my opinion. According to John 20:24–28, I believe we would be similar to Thomas in the upper room. I'm implying that we will become lost in Jesus' glory whenever a genuine act of God takes place in our church. He will be our concentration and the focal point of all that we do. More than anything else, I want this! What do you think?

I. A Strong Solicitation

II. Third Balanced Response 34:8; 29-35 THE BLESSED RESULTS (Ill.) Moses was never the same after his mountaintop experience. Apparently nobody can encounter the Ruler and continue as before. There will always be evidence that you were in God's presence. Do you recall Jacob at Peniel, Genesis 32:24–32? He limped on his thigh after his encounter with God. Saul of Bone structure was everlastingly different by his gathering with the Ruler Jesus Christ, Acts 9:1-8; Acts 4:13 says that having spent time with the Lord distinguished the Lord's Disciples as men. Moses' life also underwent a few shifts. Notice what recovery created in Him, and what it will deliver in you and me.)

Humility resulted from A.V. 8, 29—when we see the Lord as He is, we can't help but see ourselves as we are! Sick. Many have exceptionally distorted perspectives on themselves! We assume we are greatly improved and significantly more blessed than we truly are. All of that, on the other hand, will be altered by a good glimpse of God, which will produce genuine humility in our lives. James 4:10 says that the Lord can use us for His glory when we become humble.

(Ill. Verse 29) Moses was the only camper who did not know that the Lord's glory shone on his face! What a lesson! The people who think they have shown up in heavenliness, lowliness and in power with the Ruler, normally haven't. The truly humble people are those who believe that God is everything and that they are nothing.

B. V. 8 produced worship: Moses fell before the Lord and honored Him when he saw Him as He really was. Our thought process is love, normally isn't! There's no need to focus on singing, supplicating or teaching. Albeit, those might be engaged with love. Certified love includes the heart most importantly. In certifiable love, there us a craving to lift up the Master, a longing to see Him get the greatness He genuinely deserve getting. Our worship will change when there is a genuine revival and a genuine act of God. It will alter at the individual and public levels. Everything will revolve solely around Jesus when it happens. John 4:24 says that it will become what the Lord wants it to be. Face it, 99.9% of our actions can be replicated in real life!

C. V. 29 Created An Outward Change - The proof of investing energy with the Ruler was all over Moses! According to what I see in these verses, Moses was never the same. His face appears to have shone right up until his death. This was a declaration to the remainder of the country of Israel that getting with God has an effect. Moses was a living, noticeable observer to the force of strolling within the sight of God. The same will occur in our lives, folks! At the point when we stroll with the Master in the internal sanctum of the heart, there will be proof outwardly that we are living by faith in the Almighty. While our face may not shine, our actions, words, and lives will all demonstrate that we are walking alongside the Lord in His power and presence.

D. V. 34–35 Developed A Special Relationship With God – Moses and the Lord shared a closeness that was unimaginable in any other circumstance. In the same way, when you and I walk in genuine fellowship with the Lord, we form a special relationship. It doesn't imply that He cherishes one more than another, yet it implies that He uncovers Himself more to the people who are strolling in closeness to Him. He will use His Word to communicate more directly. Your heart will experience more of His presence. He will make better use of you for His glory. Walking with the Lord is worth it for these alone.

(Ill. All of these are external manifestations of inner revival!)

Conc: On that mountaintop, I am convinced that Moses' life was forever altered. He was God's man before he went up, however when he descended, he was restored and prepared to walk forward for the greatness of the Ruler. People, this is what we require tonight! We have sufficient stuff, we really want God!