Intro: Sexuality exists in humans! Researchers let us know that our sex drive is basically equivalent to our will to live. This is certainly not something terrible. We are this way since God has made us along these lines. He made man to have a sexual desire. At the point when God made man, His most memorable order to humankind was for them to increase. We now all understand how human reproduction occurs. As a result, we discover that man is a sexual being created by God. Sin, however, has tainted our sexuality! God intends for only the husband and wife to have a sexual relationship. It is sinful to have sexual relations outside of marriage in any other capacity! This is the very region tended to by this seventh Precept.

At the point when we consider infidelity, we consequently consider a man being untrustworthy to his significant other. However, this commandment encompasses much more than just this. It encompasses, in my opinion, the entirety of human sexual experience. It is against God to engage in sexual activity outside of a marital relationship!

Now, we must all acknowledge that sexuality and its expression are commonplace in our society. Sex is tracked down on the TV, in magazines, on boards. You name it, sex is what sells in this society, and it seems to be what people like because no one stands up to the constant stream of blatant sexual expression. Assuming that our general public were some way or another found by specialists from a far off time, they would without uncertainty concur that this is a general public fixated on sex!

At the point when Jesus was on the earth, He saw His way of life and marked it, "a two-faced and wicked age." ( Mark 8:38) What would He say about America in the twenty-first century if He spoke to us today? "Preacher, is this material relevant today?" might be one question. "Yes!" would be my response. We live in a world where nearly half of all men (Illinois) confess to having committed adultery. That is just the number of men who will admit it! Scientists gauge the almost 66% of all hitched men will commit infidelity before the age of 40.) 41% of hitched ladies likewise say they are at fault for this wrongdoing. Is it important? " Yes!" because the church suffers just as much from the statistics! Christianity Today did an irregular inspecting of 1000 endorsers and addressed them on the issue of Infidelity. 23% said they had committed adultery, and 45 percent said they had acted inappropriately. Because it has a negative impact on our youth, it is pertinent. One-fifth of youth lose their virginity before the age of 13! No big surprise Helps, physically sent sicknesses and undesirable pregnancies are on the increment. Everything stems from a lack of morality and standards at home! It sends a message to children that sexual immorality is acceptable when they see their parents doing it. In a recent survey, Billy Graham found that 40% of youth in evangelical churches that believe in the Bible were sexually active. He additionally viewed that as 60% of single grown-ups in these places of worship were physically dynamic, yet over half revealed having various accomplices!

I believe you should know this evening that God is still against infidelity! He still despises it and continues to retaliate against those responsible this evening. I would like us to spend some time studying the sin of adultery this afternoon. We will discover that it is a sin committed not only against your spouse but also against every aspect of your life.

Infidelity is an extremely horrendous sin, permit me to show you how! The sin of adultery is against:

I. YOUR SPOUSE Adultery causes significant harm to a spouse!

A man and a woman become one flesh when they marry. Gen. 2:24.) At the point when one of the accomplices gets together with an individual external that marriage contract, they have broken that bond and have gotten together with another - 1 Cor. 6:16

B. Infidelity tells the honest mate, "You weren't sufficient for me." The innocent victim's self-esteem can be shattered by adultery.

C. Adultery undermines confidence! The innocent partner won't ever trust the other person again!

D. Perhaps this is why Jesus gave sexual immorality cases an escape clause (Matt. 19:3-9.

E. The marriage must be "proofed against adultery!" How could this be finished? By providing regard to the order given by Paul in 1 Cor. 7:1-5.

F. Infidelity is likewise an assault at one's youngsters! ( Ill, David's children did the same thing. Tamar, Amnon's half-sister, was raped. Absolom kept the concubines of his father to himself. Extramarital perversion has an approach to separating down to the youngsters.) When we resort to adultery, our spiritual influence is also harmed. Children lose respect for a parent whose illicit and indecent pleasures destroy the family.


Infidelity causes unimaginable harm to one's self!

A. Being backslidden is the root cause of adultery among believers. The enemy will then continue to attack in that region once that line is crossed. It won't be as hard to do it the second, third, or fourth time because the will has softened and one's guard has been let down.

B. Even though they have never had sex with another person, many people are guilty of adultery. Jesus believes us should realize that infidelity is as much a question of heart and psyche for all intents and purposes of the tissue - Matt. 5:28. ( referred to as "girl watching." Sexual fantasies, pornography, etc. All of them lead to heart adultery, which is just as bad as physical adultery!

C. Crossing that line will come at a terrible cost – Pro. 6:26-29; 32-33.

D. If you commit adultery, your testimony and witnesses will be destroyed. Ill. The televangelists and other people we've heard of locally.) At the point when you commit infidelity simply attempt to let a miscreant know how he can be saved! ( In 2 Samuel, Nathan's words to David still hold true today. 12:14.)

E. How can an individual protect themselves? Take on the mindset of the Psalmist, Psa. Just ask David what happens when you let your eyes wander – 2 Samuel 100:3, 11-12). Take note of what Job had to say about this in Job 31:1–11. Eyes, flesh, and mind are to be protected. Phil says that if we put the right things in, we will get the right results. 4:8.

F. It is difficult to avoid sexual stimulation in our society. As a result, we should always be on our guard!

III. YOUR General public

A. As goes the family, so goes the general public. When we witness the breakdown of the family unit, we realize that the collapse of our society as a whole is imminent. In fact, sexual immorality is to blame for the demise of every great empire! Is America the next? It all depends on how we express ourselves sexually! Ill: Homosexuality, immorality, and other sins are common today. We want to reverse the situation and doing so requests that it start in my home and yours. We want to contract together and commitment to God that we will watch our homes and our lives against these shrewd sins.)

B. Corruption in the existence of an individual from the congregation can discolor the whole work of God. Observe 1 Cor. 12:26; 1 Cor. 5:6. Don't mistake your sin for a private affair that you can cover up whenever you want. In point of fact, it is adultery, a sin, which also taints the name of the church and undermines our outreach to the community!

C. According to G. Campbell Morgan, "The adulterer is the enemy of the state," adultery is such a sin against society. My personal opinion is that allowing adulterers and adulteresses to go unpunished is treason against the state. A nation's greatness depends on its purity and strength, and the "virus of death" is at work in every nation where the marriage relationship is violated without consequence. That is something I agree with!

D. God's longing is that this sort of conduct never track down appearance among His kin - Eph. 5:3.

IV. YOUR Guardian angel

A. Of the relative multitude of explanations behind not committing infidelity this is the best! ( If you are saved, you will want to please the Lord, and nothing displeases Him more than to see His children commit adultery (Ill. Joseph, Gen. 39:9). Sadly, we frequently overlook this, which ought to be our primary motivation for maintaining cleanliness in this location.

B. God, on the other hand, has thought about it and said a few things about adultery.

1. Gen. 20:9 describes adultery as the "great sin"; Gen. 39:9.

2. Infidelity was deserving of death - Lev. 20:10. He will in any case manage it today - Expert. 6:23-35. ( Sick. Eph. 5:1-7; 1 Cor. 6:9-10)

3. Infidelity obliterates what was made to be the most noticeable and nearest estimate of God's relationship to His kin, marriage - Eph. 5:22-23. ( Ill. Many would remove the Song of Solomon from the Bible. They believe that it depicts intense sexual acts. It works! Yet, they are among a couple and in this way they are great and satisfying to the Master.)

4. God's prohibition against adultery was not meant to ruin man's fun; rather, it was meant to safeguard His own home – Ex. 20:14!

C. The cause of Christ is hindered and the name of Jesus is dragged down when an individual commits adultery. Our obligation is to maintain complete sexual purity. We are to avoid doing anything that could make us fall in love and commit adultery.


Conc: How might we keep away from the snare of infidelity? There are five stages which can be taken that will shield your life against this horrendous sin.

1. Gal. – Walk With God 5:16: If we do this every day, we will have the ammunition we need to resist temptation, according to Ephesians 5:16. 6:10-17.

2. Stay away from Intriguing Exercises - Recall the expressions of Hymn 100:3. Never let anything catch your eye that will make you fall. Keep a perfect life!

3. Keep away from Coy Connections - Remain far away from the individual who is coy, look out for that "fellowship" which could prompt different things. You shouldn't just "play around" with someone who isn't your spouse, so be careful! Frequently, straightforward tease prompts big time infidelity! Nobody simply gets up one day and declares, "I think I’ll go out and commit adultery today." Everything that leads to that point is always the result of other things building on top of one another. The big thing will never happen to you if you can avoid those small things!

4. Take a moment to consider the incredible harm that can be done to your spouse, your Lord, your children, and your own life. Count the cost. No one, no matter how great their body is, is worth what they could lose!

5. Love Your Mate Just - Sayings 5:15-21.

If it is too late and you have committed adultery, the blood of Jesus offers forgiveness and hope. In 1 John 1:9, He says that if we confess our sins to Him, He will forgive them all. You are guilty of flirting and engaging in activities that you are aware to be risky, even though it may not have reached that point. That will also be forgiven by Jesus! Perhaps your transgression is a mysterious one, you take a gander at porn, or watch and read things that you know make you desire in your heart. Jesus will also pardon that.

Remember that Jesus loves you and will make things right, no matter what the need is!

"Thou shalt not commit infidelity!"