Intro: This incredible part provides us with a picture of Jesus as the Heavenly Instructor. We should recall that when Jesus came to this world, He came to show men how to escape dimness and come to the light. He came to show men how to escape passing and to go into life. Jesus performs this ministry as a teacher in this chapter. He has the opportunity to instruct a teacher here, and He does so!

But Jesus also uses this passage to teach us something. Some of us may be in the same condition Nicodemus was in as we take the time to read these verses this morning. Here was a man who was at the zenith of progress. He had all of it. He was a regarded man, he had cash, power, position and everything that are viewed as the features of an effective life. However, he coming up short on one thing that would promise him a wonderful endlessness experience. He missing the mark on private relationship with the Ruler Jesus Christ. This extraordinary need the existence of Nicodemus turns into the subject of Christ's example. Jesus, the Divine Teacher, explains salvation to Nicodemus in these verses, and in doing so, He also explains it to us.

For the following couple of minutes, we should join Jesus, The Heavenly Educator in His homeroom. As we do, all I ask is that you permit the Ruler to address your heart and afterward do what He calls you to do. You will learn how to do just that if you have never trusted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. Jesus taught Nicodemus the truth about salvation in a way that no one else had ever done before. Let's listen in as He explains it.

I. V. 1-13 THE CONVERSATION A. V. 1 Nicodemus's Personality - John 7:51 suggests that he was a ruler and a member of the Sanhedrin. As a result, he was one of the most powerful men of his time. He was a judge, similar to a Supreme Court member.

2. He Was Strict - He was known as a Pharisee. As a result, he upheld the highest ethical and religious standards. Sick. Not all Pharisees were two-timers. Some actually tried their hardest to live a truly holy life in front of the Lord. Nicodemus appears to have been of this caliber.)

3. He Was Genuine - His way to deal with Jesus shows that He was earnest as he continued looking for reality. A man who desired true inner tranquility was here. He most likely dropped around evening time, not out of dread, yet so he could have a continuous discussion with Jesus.

(Ill. When someone is sincere and seeking the truth, I don't mind them asking questions. The Lord does not either!)

B. V. 2: Nicodemus's Compliment - 1. He Tended to Jesus With deference - Nicodemus refers to Jesus as "Rabbi." He appears to hold Jesus in high regard and refers to Him as a teacher.

2. He Addresses Jesus With An Acknowledgement: Nicodemus appears to have recognized that Jesus had been sent by God to the world. It would appear that Nicodemus has at least a hazy understanding of who Jesus really is.

3. He Addresses Jesus With Human Reasoning: Nicodemus is honoring Christ and showing respect for the power that he has witnessed from Christ (Ill. The Miracles). However, his assessment of Jesus' true identity is inadequate. Jesus is nothing more than a teacher or a prophet sent by God to Nicodemus.

(Ill. Religion always has this problem! It doesn't even try to talk to Jesus Christ. Jesus is required, but you must also include baptism, confirmation, membership in a church, communion, or any of a thousand other things. A religion will never be complete without faith in Jesus. You are not saved if your belief system does not accept Jesus Christ as the only means of salvation! It is Jesus, in addition to nothing, short nothing. It is Jesus and Jesus alone that saves the spirit from wrongdoing, John 4:6; Eph. 2:8–9) In what ways do you still believe?

(Sick. "Assuming the Focal Knowledge Organization maintained that you should be a specialist behind the bamboo drapery in China, you would be prepared to talk, ask, look, and think Chinese. In order to speak Chinese fluently and without an accent, you would attend school and learn the language. Subsequent to concentrating on the mores of China and watching movies of Chinese actual attributes, you could copy their characteristics. It's possible that you would have facial plastic surgery to make yourself look more Chinese. Then, at that point, you could enter Socialist China and be invited as one of them.

"After that, you would carry out everything in the Chinese way. There would be no discernible difference. You are a Chinese person to everyone in China. However, are you Chinese? If you did not come from Chinese parents, no. Nothing you can do will change your race.

"In fact, spiritually, it's the same way. You can act and speak Christianly. You might join Christian associations and sing Christians tunes, and in all ways behave like a Christian. But none of these will convert you to Christianity. You are a sinful race because you were born that way. Nothing you can do apparently can change this reality. To be Chinese, you must have been born to Chinese parents, and to be a Christian, you must have been born again spiritually."

C. V. 3: The Challenge from Jesus: Jesus addresses Nicodemus's heart's need rather than accepting praise or pious platitudes. Nicodemus is told by Jesus that his religion will not save him. He tells Nicodemus that the "New Birth" must be experienced by him.

(Sick. Being the Heavenly Instructor, Jesus utilized a typical representation to explain His idea. Everyone experiences birth. Everyone has experienced it. As a matter of fact, that is how we all got here. Jesus, on the other hand, refers to a different birth in verse 1. The Newborn's Characteristics - "Again" refers to "from a higher place." It alludes to things which come from God alone. That is the idea of the new birth. It cannot be done by man. God alone is responsible for it!

2. The Need Of The New Birth - "with the exception of" is an objective. It literally indicates that a person has no other salvation options. You either come God's direction or you don't encounter His salvation. To put it another way, Jesus or nothing! Acts 4:12).

D. V. 4 The Disarray Of Nicodemus - Nicodemus, as so many others, befuddled the things of God with those of the tissue. He believed Jesus was implying that he would return to his mother's womb. a thing that would be impossible to achieve.

(Sick. There are numerous around who don't grasp the arrangement of salvation. At the point when somebody attempts to consider it in human terms, it has neither rhyme nor reason. A thing is in a profound way perceived and except if the Soul of God stirs the brain to the reality of God's arrangement, then, at that point, there can be no comprehension and, at last, no salvation. Because of this, Jesus emphasizes that the Father must lead people to the truth (John 6:44); John 6:65; Eph. 2:1.)

E. V. 5-13 The Clarification of Jesus: Jesus continues to explain the process of this "new birth" in an effort to clarify things for the man in search of answers.

1. V. 5: The Instruments of the New Birth a. Born of Water: Some Bible readers aren't sure what the water in this verse means.

1. Baptism: Impossible due to the addition of works to grace.

2. The birth on its own—this is an option. However, a man would not require salvation at all if he had never been born. It makes it almost pointless.

3. The best response, in my opinion, is the Bible. The Expression of God recovers and enlivens the core of the miscreant. He is acutely aware of his need for Christ thanks to the Bible. The Expression of God achieves the real conviction of wrongdoing and the chance, Rom. 10:17; ( Ill. This is why preaching the gospel centered on the Bible is so important - 1 Cor. 1:21.)

b. Born of the Spirit: The second stage of salvation is referred to here. After conviction comes and the core of the miscreant is revived by the Soul of the Ruler, the heathen has a choice to make. The sinner is baptized into the body of Christ by the Holy Spirit when they turn to Jesus for salvation, 1 Cor. 12:13, and grants him God's eternal life.

2. The difference between what is produced by the action of the new birth is made abundantly clear in verse 6, which is titled "The Imperative of the New Birth." 2 Corinthians describes the literal transformation of a sinner into a "New Creation" in the Lord Jesus. 5:17. This "New Creature" is ideally suited for heaven. While the natural man is only suitable for this world, the redeemed life has been prepared for glory.

(Ill.) Jesus makes all the difference in a person's life when He enters. The recovered delinquent is perpetually different by the force of the All-powerful. Notice this reality represented in the accompanying story. A ship was carrying a medical missionary to a foreign location. When the famous Scotsman Andrew Bonar went to the pier to say goodbye to his friend, he found out that the doctor would be going with his sister. "My dear, I don't believe I've ever had the privilege of making your acquaintance," he turned to her. I would like to keep you in my thoughts and prayers as I am pleased that you are going to assist your brother. Who are you by your first name?" The response was, "Christine." That's what I like!" said the matured worker of the Ruler, "for you have Christ in your name. I also have faith that you have Him in your heart!" The woman turned her head and remained silent for a while. The final call to board the ocean liner arrived before she could respond. She began to consider her relationship with the Lord after being convinced by Bonar's words. She attended church on a regular basis, but all of a sudden she realized that she was not truly saved and had never been made a "new creature" in Christ. That evening she stooped and requested that the Friend in need pardon her transgressions and make her His youngster. An article about this incident appeared in the Moody Monthly much later. It finished up by saying that her long stretches of predictable living and unwavering assistance showed the truth of Christine's choice.)

(These kinds of transformations in a person's life and heart are only possible through Jesus. Certain individuals will try to turn "over another leaf." However, only Jesus has the power to change lives and hearts forever. How wonderful that Jesus changes everyone who comes to Him forever!")

(Ill. Imagine how miserable it would be for a person to be taken to Heaven in their natural state.)

(Sick. As indicated by Jesus, the new birth isn't a choice! He states emphatically, "Ye must be born again!" verse 7. There is no other choice, no other plan B; either Jesus or nothing at all! You will never reach Heaven or escape Hell without Him. John 14:6 says that Jesus is the only way to the Father; 1 John 5:12.)

3. V. 8-13: The New Birth's Imagery Jesus uses the wind as an illustration to show how the Spirit works. Like the wind, his movements cannot be anticipated or predicted. The Spirit's movement is powerful but invisible, like the wind! He easily makes his presence known by touching whomever He chooses to pass by!

(Ill. The Ezekiel 37:1–14 dry bones.) when the dead things were moved by God's wind. It came to life! This is what befalls the dead delinquent. The sinner is drawn to Jesus after the truths of God's Word are brought to their hearts by the Holy Ghost. The sinner is saved and given a new birth from God when he responds in faith. The new life is both a necessity and a mystery! The child of God is a mystery to the world, just as the motion of the wind cannot be fully explained.)

(Sick. Indeed, even with his tremendous information on the Hebrew Scripture, Nicodemus was still in obscurity profoundly. He, like many others in our day, did not seem to be able to comprehend the straightforward fact that faith in Jesus results in soul salvation!)

I. The Second Conversation V. 14-17 THE Editorial

(Sick. With an end goal to clear the mud for this befuddled man, Jesus proceeds to profoundly make sense of things somewhat more.)

A. V. 14 A Shadow From An earlier time - Jesus utilizes an occasion from Israel's set of experiences to show His instructing. He reminds me of the scene in Numbers 21:4–10. In this entry, Israel is traveling through the wild and they are protesting about their preliminaries. God, accordingly, sends toxic snakes into their middle and a large number individuals are nibbled and pass on from the snake chomps. When Moses prays for the people, God tells him to make a brass snake. He is to hang this metal snake on a post. If someone looks at the snake and is bitten, they will survive. Jesus is merely stating to Nicodemus that Jesus must be lifted up in the same way that the ancient snake was lifted up.

(Ill. The serpent of sin has bit everyone in the world, and people are dying and going to Hell. Very much like that snake, whoever takes a gander at Jesus in confidence will live - Acts 16:31.)

B. V. 16: A Sacrifice for Sin: Jesus explains to Nicodemus that God's love for humanity was so great that He willingly gave up His only begotten Son in order to save sinners. This makes reference to the death that Jesus took for us. Isa was brutalized beyond comprehension by a death that was so horrible and cruel that He died. 52:14. ( Ill. What took place at Calvary and how much pain Jesus went through for us all.)

(Ill. We praise God that He carried out all of this in order to provide something for sinners who come to Him in faith and repentance.)

C. V. 15-16: A Simple Plan for Salvation: Jesus explains to Nicodemus that believing is the only requirement for salvation.

(Ill. Religion attempts to hinder men's reconciliation with God. There are dependably rules to adhere to and moves toward complete. Then, just when you think you've made it, you always discover that you missed one or more steps. Religion makes it inconceivable for men to be saved. Jesus, then again, works everything out such that basic that young kids, elderly individuals, individuals with restricted insight, individuals who can't add or take away, or even compose their own name can be saved by the finesse of God.)

(Ill. What else could God have made easier? He has already completed everything. He has followed through on every one of the costs. He has broken down every barrier. The sinner only needs to come to Him and believe in Him. This is how Isaiah said it, Isa. 45:22. In John 6:47, Jesus said it this way. Acts 16:31 records Paul's exact words. Following 2,000 years, nothing has changed! Delinquents are as yet saved by just having confidence in Jesus and coming to Him with an otherworldly conviction.)

D. V. 16 A Definite Arrangement - (Sick. "Whosoever") When the Ruler made His arrangement of, not set in stone to avoid nobody! God has opened the gates of grace to all who will, inviting them to come to Him and be delivered from their sins and an eternity spent in Hell. Today is the day to meet Jesus and receive Him if you require salvation.) Ill. Rev. 22:17 and Ill. 11:28 - "All"; Rom. 10:13.) Salvation is for everyone!

E. V. 16–17—A Solemn Promise—Jesus made it abundantly clear to those who believed in him that they would never die and would have eternal life. "Be given over to the eternal misery of Hell!" is the definition of "perish." Jesus, on the other hand, has declared that his children have been "saved." "to keep safe and sound, to rescue from all harm and danger" is the meaning of this word.

(Ill.) The sinner can expect nothing less than eternal separation from God in hell without Jesus, 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9. On the other hand, the saint has a firm conviction that God will one day rescue, protect, and transport him to Heaven! How hopeful are you right now? Where will you spend time everlasting?)

I. The Second Conversation The Third Commentary V. 18–21: THE CONDEMNATION (Ill.) Jesus has a word for those who do not seek His salvation. He paints a small picture for the sinner of where they are and what they can't do if they don't come to Jesus.)

A. V. 18 A Current State - As per this stanza, the Holy book evidently says that the miscreant is as of now censured in the brain of God. You see, God already knows what will happen to people who don't come to Jesus in the end. They will be forever cut off from Him and His glory in Hell, as God has decreed, Psa. 9:17. As such, despite the fact that you might be lost and situated here today, in the brain of God, maybe you were at that point sentenced to Hell's flames. There could be no other plan of action for you however to race to Jesus for your spirit's salvation.

B. V. 19–21 A Persistent State: The sinner is entirely responsible for his or her condition. After all, Jesus has already carried out all of His abilities to save your soul. He passed on for you, paid your transgression obligation, miraculously came back to life to give you life, petitions God for you at the Dad's privileged position, sends His Soul to give you light and to attract you to Himself. Either you have never heard and today is the day you must make an eternal decision, or you have heard before and have chosen to continue in sin if you are lost today. Please stop rejecting Jesus in this manner. You will run out of time and have no more opportunities in the future. Come to Jesus while there is still expectation and keeping in mind that the Soul of God is as yet calling you to him.

(Ill.) If you continue to deny the Lord, there will come a time when you will run out of time and your state will become a permanent one. The saint of God maintains an ongoing state of "eternal life," as stated in John 3:36. The sinner, on the other hand, endures God's wrath throughout their lives. If you have been saved, you can live forever right now! You are immortal. Notwithstanding, in the event that you are lost, the rage of God looms over your life like a monster destroying ball. The main thing that keeps you out of Misery for one more moment is the finesse of a caring God. You want to consider that today as you contemplate where you will spend time everlasting. I implore you to visit Jesus!)

Conc: Assuming we have advanced nothing else from the Expert Educator earlier today, I think it couldn't be more obvious that God loves miscreants and has done all that to accommodate their salvation. Except for using force, He has done everything in his power to bring you to Himself. Why not make this the day when the penance of Jesus becomes applicable in you life? Why not make today the day that you will be saved? Jesus loves you, died for you, and will save your soul and cleanse you of all sin if you come to Him in childlike faith. That is what you truly desire. Why not put it into action right now?