Intro: I can recall a song from when I was younger. I remember my grandfather singing a song called "The Old Gray Mare" while sitting on his front porch and playing his banjo (he didn't pick it with a five-finger lick; instead, he used the clawhammer method). I don't know whether it a line, or on the other hand assuming it is only an ensemble, however a segments of that melody says, "The old dim female horse, she ain't what she used to be." The same can be said about you, my friends, if you are saved this evening, 1 Cor. 5:17!

We studied verses 9 to 18 on Sunday evening and discovered that man is a completely depraved being. There is definitely no decent in him by any means! All that he contacts is discolored by the wrongdoing that fills his being and he is pitiable in seeing God. We were discussing the Man in Our Mirror as we talked about those things. Indeed, as the text keeps on unfurling before us, Paul proceeds with his logic, however he changes courses on us. He concludes with a thought about the old man before talking about the new creature that Jesus creates when He saves the sinner. This evening, we want to think about that new, saved person. With that in mind, let's take a look at this passage and consider The New Man in My Mirror for a while. He has changed a lot, as we will see!

I. V. 19-20 HE WAS A RUINED MAN A. V. 19 He Was Declared A Sinner By The Law—Man stands exposed as a sinner and is condemned by the Law because the Law of God exposes all the things that man is guilty of! J.B. Phillips said, "the straightedge of the Law shows us exactly the way that warped we are." Nobody can investigate the Expression of God and miss the reality of what Paul is talking about! Just keep in mind what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5:17-48. The mirror that God's Word holds up to us reveals just how miserable we really are.

B. V. 20: God gave man the Law as a tool, and he was damned as a sinner because of it. It was given to show man that he is a miscreant and to drive man to Jesus, Lady. 3:24. If the entire purpose of the Law could be summed up in a single sentence, it would have to be that it was given to demonstrate to man that he is guilty in the eyes of God and requires a Savior!

(Ill. James 1:23-25: "The Law is like a mirror" It can show you exactly the way that grimy your face is, yet it can't be utilized to tidy you up. You don't take the mirror and rub it all over to get perfect. The mirror is there to show you where the water is. So it is with the Law of the Ruler. We can't be cleaned up by the law, but it can make us want the one who can: the Ruler Jesus Christ.)

I. He was a man in ruin II. V. 21-26 HE IS A Recovered MAN

(Sick. Notice the little combination "yet". It means a difference in thought. It remains as a commendable doorkeeper to the considerations that will follow. Despite the fact that I was certainly ruined, I am grateful to the Lord for the change that has occurred, which is symbolized by that single word "but." Pay close attention to the itty-bitty passages in your Bible. Keep in mind that even the largest door turns on a hinge that is relatively small! Take, for instance, the significant passage in Ephesians. 2:1-10. There, "however" appears along these lines. The few verses that we are about to look at are brimming with biblical truth. They were described as "the heart of the Bible" by Donald Gray Barnhouse. Reformer Martin Luther named then as "the marrow of religious philosophy." This is, maybe, the most profound religious ocean in the New Confirmation. Even though we only have a limited amount of time this evening, let's take what we can from them. Notice these characteristics about the new man in my mirror.)

A. V. 21-23 He Has Encountered Confidence - Man has an exceptionally huge issue. He is a delinquent. In these first three chapters of Romans, we have heard that fact repeatedly and clearly. His issue is that he is lost and unable to reach God. We have discovered that man cannot attain God on his own. He cannot be worthy of God's praise. But, God the Dad requests ideal uprightness to enter His paradise - Matt. 5:20; 5:48.

You see, according to 3:23, man is a miserable sinner who will never be right with God through his own efforts. When the Bible declares, "Come short of the glory of God," It implies that we in a real sense come up short. The strained of this word recommends that this is a continuous situation. To put it another way, no matter how well we do, we will still fall far short of God's glory and miss the mark! You cannot reach God by yourself!

In this manner, God permits men to be made honest by them putting their confidence in His Child, the Master Jesus. Everything these stanzas are saying to us is that salvation doesn't stop by works or by being great. Faith alone is required to be saved. Heaven is not something you can purchase. You can't be sufficient to get to Paradise. To get to Heaven, you need to put in a lot of effort. On the other hand, you can have faith in Jesus, be saved by grace, be deemed righteous by God, and go to heaven with nothing but faith!

(Ill. Pay attention to the phrase "unto all and upon all." This suggests that those who believe in Jesus Christ receive the righteousness of the Lord. That is the means by which salvation works.)

B. V. 24 He Has Encountered Opportunity - This stanza acquaints us with two incredible religious words and they are the words "legitimize" and "reclamation." "To declare one not guilty, or to make one as he ought to be" is the meaning of the word "justify." Biblically, this indicates that God declares us to be righteous and deserving of a relationship with Him through both His power and His grace. "to set at liberty after the payment of a ransom price" is the definition of the word "redemption."

To sum up, God declared us to be righteous when we accepted Jesus as our Savior. He applied the price that Jesus had paid on the cross to our account. We were thus liberated from our sins' condemnation and consequences. He literally released us!

I am no longer required to strive to please God because of Jesus. He is now satisfied with me due to what Jesus did at the cross. I no longer need to try to be good in order to convince God to let me go to Heaven. I am as positionally holy as He is because He has already given me His own righteousness this evening! That is a gift!

The highlight is here! The Holy book says in this refrain that all of this occurs "openly". The literal translation of this word is "without a cause." In essence, God gave us His righteousness despite the fact that we did not deserve it. Despite the fact that we would never be able to earn or repay Him for it, He gave it to us. He gave it to us without any preconditions or justification! There is no way to explain why God spared a lot of sinners who deserved to go to Hell. The main two words that occur to me are "Love" and "Elegance".

Even though I do not comprehend everything there is to know about salvation and redemption, I am glad to be able to experience them!

(Sick. I don't have the foggiest idea how electrons are made by a turbine and course through wires until they make a light sparkle, yet I don't sit in obscurity since I don't have the foggiest idea. I can't sort out how a dark cow eats green grass and gives white milk, yet I don't manage without dairy items. Even though I don't know everything there is to know about God's methods and gifts, I still enjoy the benefits!)

C. V. 25–26 He Has Experimented Forgiveness: These verses indicate that Jesus is the "propitiation." This is a philosophical word that signifies "A conciliation, or a delightful." On the annual day of atonement, the cover of the ark of the covenant in the Holy of Holies was sprinkled with the blood of the expiatory victim. This rite signified that the people's life, which they had earned, was offered to God in the blood as the victim's life, and that God was appeased and their sins were expiated through this ceremony. This word comes from the Hebrew word for the cover.

This means that God expects nothing more of us after we put our faith in Jesus as our Savior. He is completely content! As a result, He has forgiven us through the "remission of past sins." "to pass over, to disregard" is the meaning of the word "remission." At the point when we believed Christ, God put our wrongdoings behind Him, Psa. 103:12; Isa. 38:17; Micah 7:19, and he has cleansed us forever and forgave us, Col. 2:13-14; 1 John 1:7.

(Ill.) As you can see, praise God, the man in my mirror is no longer the same person. What about the individual who is looking back at you? What are you putting your faith in this evening to save your soul? Is it in Jesus and the blood He shed? Or is it an experience related to religion? In your life, have you witnessed the glory and power of the new birth? I have been preaching the bad news that man is a condemned sinner who deserves nothing better for several weeks. I'm happy to be able to spread the good news of eternal life through the Lord Jesus Christ tonight. Are you saved this evening?)

I. He was a man in ruin II. He is a man who has been saved. V. 27-31 HE IS An Honest MAN

A. V. 27-28 He Has Another Relationship With The Law - As per Paul, in these stanzas, the new man realizes that he isn't saved by keeping the Law. He is saved by faith alone. Consequently, there isn't anything about which he can flaunt regarding this situation his salvation. All glory and honor must be given to the Lord rather than man taking credit for something he had nothing to do with. He realizes that the Law was only an instrument utilized by the Ruler to carry that man to Himself. He is aware that God is already pleased, so he is not attempting to please Him. He is aware that God is already completely content and is not attempting to gain favor with God. He realizes that His salvation is finished in the Individual of the Master Jesus and He extols God on that record! He now realizes that it has been done, having moved beyond the state of salvation based on to-dos!

(Sick. Envision briefly that there are 2 seats sitting in an unfilled room. The words "Do" and "Done" are written on two chairs. Every religion and belief system in the world is represented by those two chairs. Each framework is a "Do" or a "Done".

The belief that man must "do" something in order to please the Lord underpins all of the "Do" religions. Such as: Be a good person, make a sacrifice, go on a pilgrimage, wear particular clothing, observe the Ten Commandments, attend Mass, etc. Even though the "Do" religions may appear to be distinct from one another from the outside, all of them require their adherents to "do" something in order to be saved. Religions like Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Shintoism, Mormonism, The Jehovah's Observers and Roman Catholicism are instances of "Do" religions.

To put it plainly, every religion on the planet is a "Do" religion, with the exception of one. Christianity is a religion that is "done"! Because Jesus has already accomplished everything that is required, those who are truly saved have not done anything and are not required to do anything!

All of the people in this room are currently seated in one of those two chairs. You are either in the "Do" seat where you are getting things done to get to Paradise, or you are in the "Done" seat where you realize that everything has previously been finished for you. Be straightforward with God and with yourself tonight. Which seat would you say you are truly sitting in this evening? Your response determines your eternity.)

B. V. 29-30 He Has Another Relationship With The Ruler - Presently, due to our relationship with the Master Jesus Christ, we are carried into a right connection with the Great Dad. Presently, He isn't simply the Dad of our Ruler, He is our Dad and we are His children and girls tonight, 1 John 3:1-2! He has saved us, legitimized us, acknowledged us in His Child and even now He looks for us in our new home in Paradise. We are no longer outsiders, Eph. 2:12: We are related. 2 Cor. says that we have been reconciled to the Lord. 5:18–19, and through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we have entered His presence!

C. V. 31 He Has A New Relationship With Life - The great Apostle asks one last question in this verse. Does this render the God-given Law null and void if we are saved by faith and not by keeping the Law? To put it another way, if we are truly saved by grace, can we simply disregard the Law and live as we please? The response? God Disallow! What he is talking about is that our salvation doesn't get rid of the Law. All things considered, our salvation lays out, or fixes set up, the Law of God. How can this be? The Lord taught us that we were sinners through the Law. He demonstrated to us through the Law that without Him, we were doomed. He demonstrated our need by utilizing the law. The Lord begins to live this Law in our lives now that we have been saved. We are not following the Law in order to be saved, which is the difference. We are not adhering to the law out of obligation. Because He has given us His Spirit and made us a partaker of His divine nature, we naturally begin to live out the spirit of the Lord's Law, 2 Peter. 1:4. In the most straightforward of terms, we start to live like God and His Child when we are saved!

(Kindly don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about sin-free perfection. I'm referring to the fact that every life Jesus saves is transformed by grace! He instills in us a desire and a longing to love Him, to live for Him, and to act in ways that please, honor, and glorify Him. By allowing God to dwell within us, we demonstrate to the world that people can live for God!

Conc: At the point when I thoroughly search in my mirror, the very face that has taken a gander at me for quite a long time actually thinks back. However, I am aware that the Lord Jesus Christ's power has transformed the sinning old man into a new one. I do not boast in the least when I make that claim. I realize that there is a lot of opportunity to get better in my life. In any case, I in all actuality do know where I was the point at which the Ruler tracked down me. I understand how He helped me when He saved me. I am aware of the alterations He has made to my life over time.

I now have a question for you: Have you changed because of the Lord? Is it true that you are saved this evening? Which chair are you currently seated in? In the event that the Master has shown you that you are in some unacceptable seat, couldn't this evening be a great opportunity to change seats? He continues to save souls through grace, and if you come to Him, He will save you as well. God knows what's best for you and your needs, but I don't. Come right now to this altar if you have a spiritual need, and Jesus will meet it for you.

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