Intro: David was a man truly blessed by the Lord as he went through his days. God was charitable to David in that God put in his life certain individuals on whom David could incline during the difficult situations of life. David was supported well by the group, and they helped him get through many difficult times in his life.

      David's friendship with King Saul's son Jonathan was one of his most treasured and profound relationships. Jonathan was a valid for God to youthful David. In fact, "Jehovah has given" is the very meaning of the name "Jonathan." David needed a real friend at the exact time Jonathan was strategically placed in his life. David came to know Jonathan as the best and most important friend of his life.

      The fact that some have attempted to alter this priceless, godly relationship between two men into something that it was not is shameful and shameful. The words in 2 Samuel 1:26 have been twisted by some to imply that Jonathan and David were lovers. The opposite is absolutely true! What is valid is the way that Jonathan became to David the most uncommon of gifts: he grew to be a real, close friend!

      You see, throughout your life, you will meet hundreds or even thousands of people; However, you won't have many real friends. As a matter of fact, in the event that you foster a few real fellowships during your lifetime, you are an honored individual.

      All in all, what is a genuine companion? "A friend—a true friend—the first person who comes in when the whole world has gone out," said one person. "[1] One more said, "A companion is somebody who figures out your past, has confidence in your future, and acknowledges you today how you are. "[2] We should applaud the Master for the trivial few, authentic companions we have in our lives!

      I want to investigate Jonathan and David's priceless friendship. I maintain that you should see the significance of their companionship. But I want you to see the even greater friendship depicted in these verses, and I want you to see it. For here, we can see a picture of the adoration Jesus Christ has for the holy people of God. See, the Lord Jesus is a real friend to the saints of God. We can also gain an understanding of the magnitude of Christ's love for His people by observing the signs of friendship as described in the Bible. Thus, how about we analyze this companionship that David appreciated with Jonathan and try to comprehend the kinship we appreciate with Jesus. My sermon topic is "The Prince and the Peasant." Please allow me to discuss the characteristics of genuine friendship with you.



A. Refrain 4 lets us know that Jonathan eliminated his regal robe and put it on David. He even gave David his girdle or belt, bow, and sword. To put it another way, Jonathan willingly gave David the symbols of his position as crown prince of Israel. On that particular day, someone might have mistaken David for Jonathan. That portrays a love that necessitates personal and profound sacrifice. It is an image of extraordinary love!

            This sort of affection can likewise be found in 1 Sam. 23:17. There, Jonathan informs David that he is aware that David will succeed Saul to the throne of Israel. But David doesn't bother Jonathan. He means to remain by David, even as David expects a high position that ought to have had a place with Jonathan. That again portrays selfless personal sacrifice.

            Jonathan always prioritized David over himself. A true friend will always do that!

B. Jesus' love for His people can be seen in this. Similar to how Jonathan gave David the royal robes after putting them aside; The same thing has been done for Jesus' children. Think about Phil. 2:5-8. That radiant entry advises us that Jesus dismissed His Own robes of brilliance for a future time to this world to pass on for us. In addition, Jesus made it possible for older sinners like us to be covered in His righteousness by dying and rising from the dead. Rom says that His death is clear evidence of His uncommon love for lost sinners. 5:8; John 15:13; 1 John 3:16; 4:9-10.

C. Isa, like David, we were nothing more than paupers dressed in our sins' rags. 64:6, until Jesus showed His love by coming to us; Isa, by His grace, He saved us and clothed us in His own righteousness. 61:10; Rom. 4:16-25! We are in Jesus right now in heaven, Col. 3:3; we are situated with Jesus, Eph. 2:6; and the Heavenly Father perceives us as though we were Jesus, Rom. 4:24. We praise God for the Lord's unusual love!


 II.         According to verse one, Jonathan loved David exactly as he was. His love was unconditional. Consider it! David came from nowhere, but Jonathan saw something in him that made him fall in love. He loved David solely for the reason that he was David! The poor man was loved by the prince, and his soul was "knit" with David's. "to tie, or to bind together" is the meaning of the word "knit." Even though David lacked anything that would have grown this love, it still existed. The prince's love for the poor man was simple.

B. This is a clear illustration of God's grace. This is a picture of how much the Lord Jesus Christ loves us. His love for us is not contingent on our merit or worth. In its simplest form, the Bible is understandable; Eph. says that we lack anything that would recommend us to the Lord. 2:1-3; Rom. 8:7; Eph. 4:18-19.

            However, He still loves us! His love for us is uncomplicated, perfect, and pure.

      1. 1 John 4:10 declares, "His Love Is the First Love." 4:19 – He loved us despite the fact that our sinful condition prevented us from loving Him.

      2. Jer: His love endures forever. 31:3 says that God's love for you and me has no beginning and will never end. His love endures forever!

      3. Rom. says, "His Love Is Proven Love." 5:8; 1 John 4:8–9 states that the day that Jesus died on the cross for our sins was the day that the love of God reached its zenith. God sent His Child, John 3:16, to pass on for a fallen, unruly, corrupt race, Isa. 52:4-6. And He did everything because He cares about us!

C. God was aware that we could never love Him as much as He does; But He still loved us! He was aware that we would never exhibit the same level of affection for Him as He did for us; But He still loved us! He was aware that we lacked anything that deserved His love; But He still loved us! He was aware that our sinful feet would trample on Him and His love; in any case, He adored us at any rate!

            We won't ever figure out it, yet God's adoration for us is actually quite simple. Because He is God, He loves us! 1 John 4:7 says that He loves us because that is how He is; Eph. 2:4. Express gratitude toward God that His adoration for us did not depend on what we merit! He cherishes us since that is His decision!


III.        A. According to verse 3, Jonathan "loved him as his own soul." His love was unconditional. En route, there were obstacles that created which might have wrecked their relationship. For instance, in 1 Samuel, Saul hated David and made numerous attempts to kill him. 18:25; 19:1, 8-11, and numerous different spots. As he repeatedly sided with David against the king in 1 Sam, Jonathan's devotion to David led to a rift between him and his father. 19:2, 4-7; 1 Sam. 20:24-34. Jonathan and Saul even got so heated that Saul actually tried to kill his own son. Incidentally, it's great that Saul was a terrible shot with that spear!

            Notwithstanding the issues and despite all that occurred, Jonathan adored David as far as possible. His love had no strings attached!

B. Jonathan and David's friendship continued to exist despite the difficulties they faced. It was Jonathan's refusal to let anything break the bond he has with David that allowed it to flourish. His soul was permanently attached to David when it was "knit" to their souls. Additionally, according to 1 Samuel, they entered into a "covenant" together. 18:3. More than just a promise, a covenant was more. It was a guarantee of life or death. With an oath, they committed their lives to one another. They pledged to remain friends until the end; and they both upheld the promise. David wrote 2 Samuel about Jonathan's death and their friendship after he was killed in battle. 1:17-27. As David talks it is obvious to see that he discusses a companionship that was unfailing and constant.

C. Once more, this is an image of the sort of adoration with which God loves us. His affection for us is unaffected by our actions. His emotions do not affect it. It doesn't change when we talk to Him. His adoration isn't impacted by anything by any means.

            His affection is endless and it is absolutely unqualified. In point of fact, there is nothing you can do to stop the Lord from loving you! Rom, He can't stop loving His children, and I mean everything. 8:38-39.

            You have to understand that neither our actions nor our attempts will ever stop the Lord from loving us. In His sovereign choice, God chooses love. He is willing to endure this decision for all time. Express gratitude toward God for genuine love!


(Ill. Greg Louganis won gold medals in the men's 3-meter springboard and platform competition at both the 1984 and 1988 Olympics, completing an unprecedented double-double in Olympic diving. Not many will at any point fail to remember how he retaliated in 1988.

      In the springboard occasion he missed one jump and hit the board with his head. He won after his cut was stitched up by doctors. In the stage jumping he won the gold on his last execution with a mind boggling reverse three-and-a-half somersault fold. It was a stunning completion that carried Americans to their feet. The same dive won Louganis the gold medal at the 1984 Olympics.

      He responded in a very unusual manner when reporters harassed him in Los Angeles. "What were you thinking about as you prepared for your final dive?" they inquired. They may have been referring to the pressure or the extremely risky nature of that dive, which resulted in the death of a Soviet diver in 1983. "I was thinking that no matter what happens, my mother will still love me," was Louganis' straightforward response.

      At the point when Greg was only eleven, he turned out to be exceptionally baffled at his jumping execution in an early and significant meet. Frances Louganis approached her child and said, "I don't come to see you win. I come to see you jump. Just give it your all. No matter what, I will still love you." Her son won 43 national diving titles, six Pan-American gold medals, five world championships, one Olympic silver medal, and four Olympic gold medals because of her unwavering love.[3] Friends, I'd like to remind you that God does not look to see if we are winning. He keeps an eye on us because he loves us and will always love us!


Conc: In the Jewish sanctuary and sanctuary there consumed a light, a light of penance that won't ever go out. It gave off a soft, mystical glow within the holy site throughout the day and night, summer and winter. There was a lamp that never went out in the temple of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. It was always supplied by oil, which never ran out. It could never be quenched by ridicule, resentment, or hatred. It was the light of love.[4] That same light still shines today in the world's gloom. The desolate road to Heaven is still illuminated by the same light. Hearts that have been afflicted and plunged into darkness by sin continue to be illuminated by that light. It still helps those who are looking for hope in a world where there is no hope. It still shines to show us that there is a God in heaven who loves us with a unique, unrestricted, and unreserved love. Today, God has brought to our attention yet another significant and heavenly truth: "A man who hath friends must shew himself friendly: Proverbs 18:24 says, "And there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother."

      Do you require that friend right now? If you do, you can come to Him and have faith that He will find you if you are lost and save your soul. If you have deviated from Him and strained your relationship with Him, you can come back to Him and discover that He is a trustworthy friend who will always forgive you. Jesus is the best friend you can have when you need someone to help you carry a heavy burden. He welcomes you to come, anything the need might be, Matt. 11:28.


(In Illinois, a truck driver tells the tale himself. On Interstate 95, he was driving through North Carolina's rural areas while yawning. Just two additional long stretches of driving, and afterward a decent dinner, some television, a call home, and a comfortable bed. That was how most of the days were spent on the road—not quite as glamorous as some country-western singers make it sound. An earthy colored car entered the expressway a very short ways off and started winding this way and that between paths, making the driver toss his apparatus into a lower gear. He initially mistook it for a drunk, but as the truck driver got closer, he realized that it was an elderly man shaking uncontrollably. The driver was alert and ready to go at this point. The vehicle turned brutally, whipping its CB recieving wire like a casting pole. " The truck driver thought, "The CB, that's it." So he brought in, "You in the brown Chevy, in the event that you can hear me, pull over. Get off the highway! Amazingly, the vehicle slowed down and stopped by the road. He jumped out of his truck cab as the truck driver came up behind him. The older man lurched from his vehicle and fell into the driver's hands. The older man told his story on a rock on the side of Interstate 95 about how his only daughter's illness had caused months of fear and pain for him. He was returning now from the clinic where she had uncovered that she had chosen to stop any further treatment. Each person portrayed stoic strength in the hospital. But out on the road, it had suddenly taken over him, and he was overcome with waves of tears and grief. In less than an hour, the interaction was over. Twisting cries gave way to peacefulness, to a warm hug, and to another determination to share torment instead of deny it. The driver offered a basic petition and they continued their excursions. For 50 miles they went couple, the youthful driver utilizing the CB to voice uplifting statements to his new companion. The older man finally said that his exit was next. After saying his goodbyes, the truck driver questioned whether his friend would be able to continue the journey. Out of nowhere, a third voice could be heard across the wireless transmissions. " Don't worry, good buddy, Breaker 19. Turn out well for you. He'll be home soon!" The truck driver glanced in his rearview mirror and noticed a livestock truck approaching the exit lane from behind the brown sedan. --From Norm Lawson's sermon [5]: I'm glad I can tell you today that we have a friend who will welcome us home! I'm glad the Prince of Heaven cares about poor people like you and me!


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