Intro: This is the second message in a series that teaches us about the Baptist Deacon's job. In the weeks leading up to our Deacon election, there will be two more sermons in this series. Regarding the candidates for that election, I hope you are seeking the Lord's will.

        Last Sunday we discussed the justification for the Baptist Minister. A little boost may be all together today.

        We were informed that the deaconship was established to fill a void in the church. Serving the congregation was necessary, and the preachers lacked the time to attend to the church's spiritual and physical requirements simultaneously. The church was instructed to select seven men from among them to oversee church service operations.

        We found out that the Deacons were never meant to be "church bosses." They are expected to serve the people and take care of the congregation's needs. "Minister" deciphers a word that signifies "a table server; a household helper; one who takes care of other people's needs. To kick up dust is the literal meaning of the word. It's the image of a servant who works so hard and moves so quickly that he leaves behind a dust cloud.

        We also learned that in this day and age, deacons who are willing to serve the church are in great demand. Nonetheless, men who just need a position or a position of force in the congregation are not required in that frame of mind of Elder and ought to never at any point be considered for that office.

        Since we make them comprehend of what place an Elder is to hold in the congregation, we should direct our concentration toward the capabilities for the workplace. The Bible makes it abundantly clear what kind of man should be considered for the position of Deacon. To be considered for election to that position, he must satisfy a number of conditions. As a result, as the Lord grants liberty today, let us once more concentrate on the Baptist deacon. I need to teach on The Necessities Of The Baptist Elder.


  I. THE Minister AND HIS Confidence

(Sick. Any man who fills in as a Minister in a Baptist church should take care of business of confidence. His actions, words, and walk ought to demonstrate his faith. The Deacon's faith life is specifically mentioned in the Bible.)

A. He Should Be A Saved Man - Acts 6:3 - The congregation was told to "look ye out among you seven men… " all in all, the Elders were to be dynamic individuals from the local area of confidence. The expression suggests that men would be saved.

        Now, it should go without saying that Deacons should only be men who have been saved. Ultimately, every candidate up for election will be a Calvary Baptist Church member. Nonetheless, the church ought to make every effort to elect men who have already been saved.

        It is basically impossible to know regardless of whether a man is put something aside without a doubt. The best thing we can do is search for obvious indicators of a living faith. Allow me to provide you with an agenda of profound inquiries that can be applied to any life. What's more, while just God knows the state of any heart, there is sure proof that can assist you with seeing where someone else remains with the Ruler.

1. Do they clearly recall a life-altering salvation experience? Can they explain how they were rescued?

2. Do they live a holy, clean life? 2 Cor. 5:17)

3. Do they place a significant emphasis on the Lord, their faith, and the church?

4. Do they behave lovingly toward one another? Although none of us are qualified to evaluate the salvation of any other individual, Jesus did state that a person's spiritual fruit would demonstrate their spiritual root (1 John 3:14–15). 12:33. In general, we should avoid the practice of "fruit inspection." However, we must ensure that only saved men are chosen when considering men for Deacons!

B. He Must Be Separated: "of honest report" in Acts 6:3 means that the men chosen to be Deacons must have a good reputation. The primary Elders were endowed with the places of worship's cash. They needed to have the people's trust.

In the position of Deacon, trustworthy men are still required. They have to be trustworthy men.

They must be men who will do the right thing no matter the cost to themselves.

They must be men who conduct themselves and speak the truth.

·         They should be innocent. To put it another way, they must be men against whom no one can point a finger of blame.

·         They should be men who live for Jesus at home, at work, locally and in the congregation.

They must be men who are deserving of the church's respect.

C. He Must Be A Spiritual Man: Acts 6:3 says that he must be "full of the Holy Ghost." The Deacons are supposed to be men who are guided and controlled by the Spirit of God. the instruction found in Eph. 5:18 should be valid in the Minister's life. The meaning of the word "full" is "thoroughly permeated with; whole, whole; Perfect, lacking nothing." By consistently exhibiting the "fruit of the Spirit," he is expected to demonstrate that he is a spirit-filled man. 5:22-23.

                Men who are controlled by the Lord and not by their flesh ought to serve as deacons. When a man becomes a Deacon, he may be exposed to sensitive information at times. He needs to know how to speak quietly. That possesses a spiritual quality!

                In our houses of worship, Elders can have significant impact in what is and isn't finished in the congregation. The Deacon must be more interested in the Spirit's mind than in his friends and family's will.

                In the decisions he is asked to make, a truly spiritual man will have no trouble seeking the Lord's face. Men who are spiritual and possessed by the Holy Spirit must serve as Deacons.

D. He Should Be A Reasonable Man - Acts 6:3 - "intelligence" - This word doesn't infer that the Elders should be taught men. It implies that they are to be men who can settle on reasonable choices in view of the Expression of God.

        Wisdom is the ability to recognize what is right and what actions must be taken to carry it out. Genuine insight is having the option to grasp the Expression of God and to apply it to your life and walk.

        Deacons should therefore be men of the Word. They are expected to be men who are versed in the Bible and can apply its principles to church service.

        A man of shrewdness doesn't permit his judgment to be obfuscated by feeling, conviction, family or companion pressure, or some other outside impacts. A wise man follows the Lord's instructions and listens for the voice of God.

E. 1 Timothy says that he must be a man of God. 3:9: "holding the mystery of the faith in a pure conscience" emphasizes that deacons are to be men who consistently practice the faith's doctrines and know its doctrines.

        The entire body of truth in the New Testament is referred to as "Holding the mystery of the faith." The fundamental doctrines of the faith must be understood by the Deacons. They are to be men of the Word; men who understand what the Bible says. In order for them to help defend against error, they need to know the truth.

        According to "In a Pure Conscience," the Deacons are to be men who not only know the truth but also live it out every day. To put it another way, Deacons should not act in the same way they talk!

        A man must be a man of the book to be a Deacon. He needs to know what he believes, why he believes it, and how he acts in accordance with it.



 II.                               The Deacon and his faith (Ill.) Not only is the Deacon's personal faith crucial, but so is his daily behavior. We recently referenced that he is to take care of business constrained by the Soul of God and the Expression of God. At the point when this is valid, he will show specific qualities in his day to day existence.)

A. He Should Be Steadfast In His Disposition - The Minister is to be "grave". A Deacon should never be afraid to laugh or smile, despite this word. Some people believe that people who are holy are bitter. They must always appear to have been eating persimmons, but they never laugh or have fun. God wouldn't want men like that to represent his church in the world.

        All the while, a Minister should not be a nervy, senseless man who downplays serious otherworldly issues. He can have fun and be happy all the time, but he knows that there are things in life that are very serious and treats them with the respect they deserve.

        "Grave" signifies "noteworthy, deserving of regard, devout and heavenly". It is used to describe a man who is revered for the godly way of life he leads. Therefore, a man who carries himself in a manner that has earned him the respect of the church is a Deacon.

B. He Should Be Loyal In His Tongue - "not doubletongued" - This world in a real sense signifies "saying a similar word two times". It discusses an individual who discusses of the two sides of his mouth. The Minister should be an individual who is in charge of his tongue. James 1:26 says that a person who is not filled with the Spirit has a loose tongue, which is clear evidence. 3:2. ( Pro. ill. 10:19; 13:2-3; 15:2; Eph. 4:29) There are three aspects to this tongue issue.

The Deacon should not be someone who will say one thing to one person and another thing to another. He should not be twofold tongued.

The Deacon must not engage in gossip. He cannot talk about other people or use his position as a platform to spit dirt.

The Deacon must be a man who can be trusted to keep his word. He cannot be a reckless man when it comes to the truth. Whether you're in the workplace, at home, in the church, or in the community, you should be able to trust what a deacon says. A man who is prone to lying cannot serve as a Deacon. That man is dishonest!

C. He must be faithful in his temper. "Not given to much wine" indicates that he is not prone to drinking or using other drugs. The Minister should take care of business heavily influenced by the Soul and not synthetics.

        Drinking wine was acceptable in Paul's household. Everybody drank wine, however it was blended in with water. The wine's alcohol removed the bacteria from the water and made it safe to drink. Additionally, there was no social stigma associated with wine drinking in those days.

        Some people in our day have concluded that a small amount of wine is acceptable by using the expression "not much wine." They are genuinely misconstruing the Good book! First of all, our water is drinkable on its own and does not require wine to be added to it. For something else, there is a colossal social disgrace joined to savoring our day. People think that people who drink are worldly. "Abstain from all appearance of evil" is the requirement for a man to become a Deacon. As a result, a man who drinks cannot be a Deacon.

D. He Must Keep His Promises: "Not greedy of filthy lucre" literally translates to "not out to make a dishonest dollar." The Deacon ought to be a man who values money spiritually.

        He should never think that the money from the church belongs to him. It should not be tempting for the Deacon to use church funds to boost his own wealth. He shouldn't think of money as something to keep.

        He ought to regard the church's funds as the Lord's and not as his own. When a man believes that he is in charge of the church's finances, both he and the church are in trouble! He ought to think of it as a tool that should be used to glorify God and advance the work of the church and the Lord.

E. He Must Trust His Tests—"let these also first be proven"—The word "proven" means "to test, examine, and scrutinize." The idea is that no man should be tested before being ordained as a Deacon. They must be certain of the quality of the men they choose to serve as Deacons.

        This would imply that a newly converted Christian should not be appointed Deacon. A brand-new Christian hasn't had a chance to show that his testimony is genuine. He has had opportunity and willpower to fill in the confidence with the goal that he may be a guide to different adherents. He hasn't had a chance to put his faith to the test to make sure he's made of real stuff.

        (Ill.) When I suggested a Brother to be a Deacon at my first church, I was told he was too new to the community. He had lived there for quite some time!) How about a new member, then? They can be ordained if they have been saved, have a positive testimony, and the church wants them to serve.


(Note: This verb's tense suggests ongoing testing. The Deacon should not be ordained and given free rein. The church must constantly evaluate his qualifications for a Deacon position. The church ought to be willing to execute him when he loses his qualifications!


F. He Must Be Reliable in His Testimony—"blameless" refers to "being above reproach." It literally translates to "he who cannot be charged or arraigned." To put it another way, the Deacon is supposed to be a man against whom no one can accuse or charge. It is overall clean to such an extent that no charges will stick. The Elder ought to be like Teflon. There will not be enough evidence to support charges when they are brought.

        The Deacon is innocent of any wrongdoing in his private, public, family, or religious lives. In a position like the Deacon, a man who can be accused of wrongdoing is not the kind of person a church needs. Clean, holy men who will serve as role models for both saints and sinners are needed in the church.

G. He Should Be Dependable In His Errands - "let them utilize the workplace of an Elder" - You will see that the word is "use" and not "fill". Too many men want to "fill" this office, but not enough men are willing to "use" it.

        How does an Elder "use" his office? He utilizes is by effectively looking for ways of serving the neighborhood church. Men, it's always necessary to make visits. There are always individuals who are ill and in pain. Grieving people are always present. There will always be lost individuals. A man who recognizes that his duty is to actively serve the church for the glory of God is a good Deacon. May the Lord grant us men who will look for ways to serve the people of the Lord.


III.                                    The Deacon's family life is an additional aspect of the Deacon's life that needs to be taken into consideration. There are two things to say here.

        First, the Deacon is expected to uphold certain home standards by God. Any man who does not live up to these standards cannot serve.

        Second, some people are of the opinion that the Deacon has to be married. He is not required to be married or to have children, according to the Bible. A solitary man can be called to act as an Elder. However, the Lord does expect him to live up to certain standards in his home life if he is married and has children.

        So, let's take a look at the requirements that the Lord places on the Deacon and his family.)

A. A Note Regarding His Marriage: "Let the Deacons be the husbands of one wife..." – This phrase can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Some assert that it refers to "one wife at a time." To put it another way, they believe Paul is suggesting that a polygamist should not be elected as a Deacon. It makes no sense that Paul is telling a bigamist that he cannot be a Deacon because polygamy was not a big issue at the time. The early church would almost certainly not have permitted that.

        Others instruct that Paul is advising the Minister to be "a one lady man". That is the phrase's literal meaning. To put it another way, the Deacon is not allowed to have extramarital relationships and is only allowed to be married to one woman at a time. Deacons shouldn't have more than one wife and shouldn't be womanizers or adulterers, and I agree with that, but this view doesn't go far enough.

        I accept that this stanza restricts men who have been separated and remarried from filling in as Elders. This doesn't make individuals with various relationships below average Christians. The Bible, as far as I can tell, only says that divorced and remarried men cannot serve as pastors or deacons. Beyond the plain teaching of the Bible, there is no other restriction on where and how divorced individuals can serve!

        To set an example, the Deacon is expected. As a result, he needs to be above reproach in both his spiritual life and his marriage.

B. A Note Concerning His Management: The Deacon must be in charge of his house, "ruling their children and their own houses well." His better half and kids ought to regard him. In the event that he can't acquire the admiration of his family he will likely not gain the admiration of the congregation.

        The Deacon ought to be a man in charge of his wealth, his possessions, and his family's behavior. When your children are grown, you don't have much control over what they do, but when they live with you, you are in charge of what happens in the house.

        Keep in mind, Elders are to be guides to the congregation. Their homes ought to be models of what a Christian home ought to be.

C. The slightest peep About His Mate - Numerous analysts and evangelists in our day view at this section as posting the capabilities for Deaconesses. Naturally, we do not acknowledge that office. I accept that these are the necessities of the Elder's spouses.

                The Deacon's wife is the final component of his house to be considered. She must fulfill certain requirements. If she doesn't, neither does her husband! Let's take a look at the requirements that God places on the wife of the Deacon.)

1. Her Personality - "grave" - We have proactively discovered that this word signifies "good, deserving of regard, devout and blessed". The wives of the Deacons are expected to be respected and highly regarded members of the church, just like their husbands. A man cannot be a Deacon if his wife is foolish, sinful, flippant, or makes light of serious spiritual issues, among other things. The Deacons wife is expected to lead a life that is worthy of imitation just like her husband.

2. Her Tongue – "not slanderers" – This stipulates that the Deacon's wives will be tongue-controlling women. They should not be in that frame of mind of meddling and destroying others by their words. A man who is hitched to a meddling, defaming lady isn't able to be an Elder.

3. Her Temperance is "sober." The wives of the Deacons are supposed to be free of chemical addiction. "Abstaining from the immoderate use of wine" is the meaning of this word. A man cannot be a Deacon if he is married to a woman who is controlled by chemical substances.

4. Her Trustworthiness: A Deacon's wife must be "absolutely trustworthy" and "faithful in all things." She is to be a lady who can confided in by both her significant other and the congregation. Her husband can rely on her to lead a moral life. She can be trusted to carry out the church's mission. She ought to be involved in the church's activities. She ought to be a resource for her significant other, and not a block, as he tries to serve the Master. A man who is hitched to a faithless spouse isn't able to be an Elder.


Conc: These qualifications are intended to be stringent! The workplace of the Minister is a high and blessed office. The office is very visible. By how he lives his life and performs his duties as a Deacon, a Deacon can either improve the church's reputation or damage it.

        We are tricking ourselves in the event that we believe that we can choose only anyone as an Elder. If we think this election is a minor issue for the church, we are deceiving ourselves. Outside of appointing a new Pastor, it may be the most serious action a church has ever taken.

        In the event that we take care of business the congregation will be honored in a powerful manner. We will pay for it for many years to come if we make a mistake.

        I'm directing Calvary Baptist Church once more to a prayer altar. In this most significant of matters, let us kneel down in front of Him and seek His face.

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