Intro: The Ten Commandments are no longer relevant, according to Ted Turner: "We're living with outdated rules." The Ten Commandments govern our lives, and I bet no one even pays much attention to them because they are too old. There were no nuclear weapons and there was no poverty when Moses went up the mountain. Today, the Ten Instructions wouldn't go over. Nobody enjoys being commanded. No more commands!

Turner's assertion that the Ten Commandments are out-of-date is incorrect. As we will see in impending messages, they are as new as could be expected. However, he was correct when he stated that no one enjoys being commanded. In fact, truth and lies are mocked and praised in contemporary society. In this day and age, right is regarded as wrong and wrong as right. Isa. ill. 5:20)

Today, in America, many accept that there are no "ethical absolutes." Many hold to a way of thinking of "moral relativism." How many times have we been told things like, What works for you might not work for me. Do it if it makes you happy." Anything is allowed."; There is no right or wrong; all that matters are different points of view?" The feeling that there is no absolute truth is the cause of all of this. I have the right to my own truth, and you have the right to yours! According to a recent survey, 67% of Americans do not hold moral absolutes. The percentage was even higher, at 78%, among "Baby Busters," who were born between 1965 and 1983. Even 62% of Christians who profess their faith stated that there was no single standard for what was right and wrong. My, how America has fallen! This country was established on scriptural standards of good and bad. Today, that establishment is disintegrating underneath our feet! "We stake the future of this country on our ability to govern ourselves under the principles of the Ten Commandments," said James Madison, the fourth president of the United States.

This evening, we start a progression of messages on the Ten Charges. My goal is to demonstrate their significance in today's world. By giving you a brief history of the Ten Commandments and the reasons behind their issuance, I hope to establish a foundation for the subsequent messages this evening. We should investigate these old Regulations and see that they are a viable norm for life for current man.

I. The Justifications for the Law A. Why did God issue the Law? to redeem sinners? No! Gen. 15 shows that Israel had already made a covenant with God. Gal. says: The law cannot save. 3:11; Rom. 3:20.

The justifications for why God gave Israel the Law are as per the following:

1 To demonstrate His holiness and glory – Deut. 5:22-28

2. To uncover man's corruption - Rom. 7:7, 13; 1 Tim. 1:9; James 1:22-25.

3. To stamp Israel as His picked and to isolate them from the rapscallion - Psa. 147:19-20; Eph. 2:11-17; Acts 15.

4. to set a standard for godly living for Israel – Deut. 4:1ff; 5:29ff.

5. to get Israel ready for Christ's coming – Gal. 5:24.

6. To outline in type and service the Individual and service of Christ - Heb. 10:1.

C. The Law is:

1. A Mirror - James 1:22-25 - It uncovers man's transgressions.

2. A Burden - It brings servitude since the tissue tracks down it difficult to keep - Acts 15:10; Gal. 5:1; Rom. 8:3.

3. A Head master - Focuses men to Jesus - Lady. 3:23-4:7.

4. A shadow that stands in contrast to Jesus' reality and fulfillment (Hebrew). 10:1; Col. 2:14-17.

D. There were some things that the law couldn't do:

1. Heb., "Make anyone perfect" 7:11-19; 10:1-2.

2. Acts 13:38-39 says, "Justify from your sin." Rom. 3:20-28.

3. Give honorableness - Lady. 2:21.

4. Heb., "Give peace." 9:9.

5. Gal., "Give life." 3:21.

E. The Law was nothing more than a way of life that could not be saved. Sick. Numerous in our day want the servitude of the Law over the opportunity tracked down in Jesus.)

II. THE RANSOM OF THE LAW A. While the Law was unjust and lacked hope, Jesus came to fulfill the Law and free us from its chains.

B. Throughout His life and demise, Jesus did all that was important to liberate us.

1. He carried out the Law (Ill. Gal.) 4:4. Jesus fulfilled all of the examples in Leviticus and Numbers while strictly adhering to the Law. He turned into our Passover Sheep and our Substitute, everlastingly removing the requests of the Law upon our lives. We were never given the Law to be righteous. It was given to demonstrate to us that we could never hope to uphold the Law through our own actions and actions alone. We become aware of our need for Jesus as a result of the Law – Gal. 3:24.

2. Jesus fulfilled the Law's requirements for righteousness (Ill. Col. 2:13-14. God's requirements for sin and obedience to the Law were met by Jesus' death. We are not compelled to follow the Law when we are in Him; rather, we are compelled to do so out of love for Him and His great sacrifice for our sins. We move under grace in Him, not the Law's whip – Rom. 6:14-15; Gal. 5:18.

3. At the point when we get Christ as Deliverer, He composes the Law in our souls - Jer. 31:33; Rom. 2:15

III. A. THE RELATIONSHIP OF THE LAW With all of this in mind, some Christians might be tempted to believe that the Law has no effect on us today as a result. that there is no need for us to even consider the Ten Commandments or the Law. That is a bogus supposition! At the point when we reach the point where we want no rules, then we have entered rebellion and we are in a tough situation and in transgression.

B. Sick. Matt. 5:17-18. Jesus didn't come to get rid of the Law or the Ten Commandments. He came to satisfy them. ( Ill. Fulfill - "To carry out, to make complete, to get to the heart of.") The Ten Commandments have never been more relevant than when we are in Christ.

C. Sick. Matt. Jesus summarized the entire God's Law into two commands in Luke 22:35–40. I will always uphold the first four Commandments if I truly love God. I will always observe Commandments 5 to 10, if I love my neighbor as I ought to. "Love God and do as you please," Augustine said. That works because if you love God, you will always strive to serve Him well!

D. The Charges don't remain as rungs on a stepping stool to move for salvation. God has erected them as barriers to assist us in living lives that honor His name. They still apply today! "Our society finds truth to be too strong a medicine to digest undiluted," Nightline's Ted Koppel said. The "10 Suggestions" were not what Moses brought down from Mt. Sinai. They are the Commandments; they are not things! The fact that the Ten Commandments define, in a few simple words, acceptable human behavior not only for the present time but for all time is the very essence of their genius. I declare "Amen!"

Conc: Can these rules be followed forever? Not in ourselves, but rather it is conceivable in Jesus - Phil. 4:13. The Cause? As followers of Jesus, we operate with a different motivation and power. Too many individuals have attempted to observe the Ten Commandments from the outside in. They have tried to change their minds by doing good deeds. Christians approach issues from a different perspective. Since our souls have been transformed, we can experience the Ten Instructions from the back to front and it turns out great! They are, indeed, pertinent! Furthermore, we will see that as this series unfurls.

Is God saving you? Or on the other hand, would you say you are attempting to satisfy God by keeping some rundown of do's and don'ts? I can assure you that trying to get closer to God will not work! The best way to satisfy God is to come to Him through His Child, the Ruler Jesus. If you accept Him in faith, He will give you the power to lead the life you're not living right now.