Intro: Nothing compares to God's love! It is the most overpowering thing I have at any point experienced in my life. It is the best thing God could possibly do for any of us! I'm able to say that because He was moved to carry out everything else because He loved us. Permit me to state tonight that John's letter serves four purposes.

  so that we could be filled with joy. 1) So that we would not sin. 2) So that we might be aware that we are immortal. 5:13)

  That we, when all is said and done, could adore others.(4:11)

1 John is the incredible book of adoration. It is referenced multiple times in 135 sections. It was written to combat Gnosticism, a heresy. The Gnostic accepted that information was power. They believed they possessed a unique understanding of God and His ways. John is writing to place them into their place! What's more, as he does, he informs most of us concerning an incredible God with an extraordinary love for extraordinary delinquents. It's that extraordinary love of that Incredible God that I need to address for a couple of moments. Allow the Ruler to address your heart as we consider the suspected, What Are Current realities About God's Affection.

I. V. 7-11 THIS Affection IS Portrayed IN THE Unique situation

A. It Is Unspeakable - I can't figure out it, or why, yet I realize I have encountered it and I can never be isolated from it - Rom. B. It Is Endless - Jer. 8:38-39 31:3...I have loved you always and forever! God's affection is timeless!

C. It Is Unselfish - Sick. It doesn't request anything consequently! However, it causes man to love God and repent - Rom. 2:4; We love him because He first loved us, according to John 4:19.

D. It Is Ridiculous - Can't be acquired or merited!. ( Ill. His grace is the foundation of his love!) Matthew's Jesus and Jerusalem 23:37.)

E. It Is Unqualified - It did not depend on what we can or can't create, it comes from the core of God. There will never be a time in human history when God will not love him! God first loved us, still loves us, and will always love us!

F. His love is supernatural, selfless, and fulfilling!

II. V.10: CALVARY A HAD A DEMONSTRATION OF THIS LOVE. God's love can only be seen, not fully comprehended. At the cross, it looks the best!

B. In 2 Cor., he stood in the gap. 5:21-For He made Him who knew no transgression to be sin for us, that we could turn into the exemplary nature of God in Him!… … … … .HE Had YOUR Spot!

C. He Saved Us from Hell: Every sinner who will come to God can be saved through His death on the cross, which released His precious blood. 1 Pet. 1:18-19;

  Eph. 1:7-In Him we have reclamation through His blood, the absolution of sins, as per the wealth of His effortlessness!; Col. 1:14- in whom we have redemption and the remission of our sins through His blood;

 Heb. 9:12-14. …………….. Fire up. 1:5-To Him who cherished us and washed us from our transgressions in His own blood!

God be praised for the blood of Jesus!

III. V.11–12: THIS LOVE IS DISPLAYED IN THE CHRISTIAN A. If it is possessed, it will be obvious!

B. Take note of the men who, throughout the Bible, demonstrated God's love:

1. Forgiving Love is Joseph, Genesis 45:1–8, who was lied to, sold as a slave, taken from his father and home, and falsely accused. put in jail and kept there for a long time because his brothers were envious! But he still forgives them. What's your gripe?

2. Love Redeemed - Hosea - Hos. 3:1-3, a wife by the name of Gomer, who is still a prostitute, and what redeemed love!

3. Love with compassion: Peter denied Him and lied about Him, but Jesus continued to say, "On this Rock, I will build my church!"

4. Psalm 103:1-4 C. When the love of God is present in the life of a believer, it will be apparent in five different ways: I was angry, bitter, jealous, burning with lust, and yet Jesus still reached down and picked me up out of the sewer.

1. Love for Christ (John 14:15, "If you love me, keep my commandments!") Ill. Ephesus, Rev. 2:4: You have abandoned your first love!

2. Love for the Bible................... (John 5:39) Love For The Safe-haven (Heb. 10:25-not spurning the gathering of ourselves into one place , just like the way of some, however urging each other thus substantially more as you see the day drawing closer… … )

 (Sick. David - Songs 122:1-I WAS Happy WHEN THEY Shared with ME, LET US GO INTO THE Place OF THE Master!)

4. Love For The Holy people (1 John 4:20-21; 1) (Ill. John 13:35–1 John 4:12! God will be seen when the saints walk in love!

5. The Sinners' Love - God's love is more than just being loved! Jesus had a heart for sinners (Ill.). It is allowing the Lord to love through us by opening our lives. So He can arrive at a world for Himself.)

Conc: We should commend the Ruler today for His staggering affection! We can scream, run, do flips, and act like monkeys, but the best way to express our gratitude to Him for His love is to let Him love through our lives and share Jesus with others. Join me today as I ask the Lord to help me love like Jesus did. I sincerely appreciate His love for me, and I'm sure you do too. Today how about we show that adoration for God by doing His will and being what He would have us be, and by cherishing like He would have us love. by treating other people with the same love that we have for God (Matthew). 22:39 says, "You must love your neighbor as yourself!"