Intro: Paul has spent a lot of time in Romans explaining why people need to be saved. We now know that man is guilty of sin and that he is subject to God's wrath. We have discovered that nothing related with religion, works, the Law, or with ceremonies can at any point give salvation to humankind. We have seen that we are absolutely subject to confidence to carry us into a right connection with the Ruler. Everything comes down to understanding that not what we do has the effect in the saving of our spirits, everything unquestionably revolves around Who we know. According to 1 John 5:12, we are saved if we know Jesus, but if we do not, we are lost.

Paul now moves on to his discussion of salvation doctrines with this fundamental truth in mind. Now, Paul begins to explain to his readers the advantages of being saved through faith and grace. Paul tells us why true believers can rejoice in their salvation in the first five verses of chapter 5. I intend to examine that theme for some time this evening. I need to explain to you Why Genuine Devotees Can Celebrate. I want to show you why every child of God has the right to praise the Lord and experience "joy unspeakable and full of glory," according to 1 Peter 1:8, if you haven't been feeling joyful lately.

I. V. 1a OUR POSITION AS BELIEVERS (Ill.) Our position in Christ Jesus is the primary cause of our joy. Notice what this incredible section says regarding our situation.)

A. Our Position Proclaimed - Paul says that we who have accepted have been "supported". A lot of people don't really know what this word means. It essentially refers to "to count someone righteous." It signifies "to figure, to account, to pass judgment, to treat, or to view as honorable." This does not imply making righteous! It does imply that we are regarded as moral beings.

(Ill. All of us are sinners! We are still sinners, despite the fact that the majority of us claim to be Christians! Legitimization doesn't imply that God doesn't know about our transgressions. It does imply that God treats us as though we were not sinners despite our transgressions. Even though we are wicked and unrighteous, God treats us as if we were as pure and righteous as He is.)

(Ill. How could this be? It happens in light of the fact that when the Ruler Jesus kicked the bucket on the cross, He paid for our transgressions as a whole. The righteousness of Christ is then given to us by God when we accept Him as our Savior, 2 Cor. 5:21. Justification does not imply perfection; rather, it indicates that God believes we are perfect!

(Ill. Picture a man facing murder charges. He is found not guilty by the jury, despite the fact that the prosecution, the defendant, and even the judge are aware of his guilt. Despite the fact that almost everybody in that court realizes the man is at legitimate fault for homicide, he is dealt with like a blameless individual since he has been proclaimed honest. I am guilty when I stand before the Lord, the devil is also guilty, and God is also guilty. However, God treats me as though I am innocent because He has justified me because I have trusted in Jesus!

(Ill. We would be forever altered if this truth ever dawned in our souls!)

B. A Statement of Our Position: How did your and my lives come to be in the position they are in today? by trust! It wasn't ours to get! It was not due to us! We were saved by faith because we simply believed God's Word about the person and work of Jesus Christ!
(Ill. I am thankful this evening that faith alone brings about salvation! I would be lost if it depended on my ability to perform. I would be lost if it required me to meticulously adhere to a list of rules. I would be lost if it required me to be a good person. It's all faith, thank God!

I. Where We Stand As Believers II. V. 1b-2 OUR Assets AS Adherents

(Sick. In these sections, Paul records for us a portion of the advantages of support. There are some things that belong to us tonight because the Lord considers us to be righteous. Although these possessions are extremely valuable and should never be taken for granted, we ought to contemplate them and allow them to serve as the impetus for our joy in the Lord.)

A. V. 1b We Have Acknowledgment - As per Paul, salvation carries with it harmony with God! Our mortal minds have a hard time comprehending this fact! Each lost individual is the foe of God, Rom. 8:7. In any case, when that lost individual goes to Jesus Christ with a supernatural conviction, God proclaims a finish to the threats! Peace is declared by God. He then helps that person establish a healthy connection to Himself. When a person puts their faith in Jesus, they immediately experience peace with God. What does it imply?

1. God's fury is dismissed - Rom. 5:9.

2. 1 John 2:2, 3: Heaven is content Old adversaries have been accommodated - 2 Cor. 5:18 (Ill.) Over the years, I've heard a lot of people use a phrase. "Making peace with God" is part of it. I was reading about a dying saint. A friend came to see him and inquired, "Have you made peace with God?" The man answered, "No, I haven't." His friend responded, "What! Gracious you should reconcile with God." " Please accept my apologies, I can't do that.", the dying man's reply "But you must!" said his friend. Are you aware that it is risky to die without reconciling with God? The dying man responded, "How can I reconcile with God?" When my Lord died on the cross 2,000 years ago, He made peace with me, and I accepted it. I experience had harmony from that point onward!" "And, having made peace through the blood of his cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself," says Colossians 1:20. This man understood the truth. by him, regardless of whether they are things on earth or in heaven.

(Ill.) While God made peace with us at the cross, we do not. Now, we have to accept that, and when we do, God grants us peace. This is the primary super durable gift the each offspring of God gets at the exact moment of salvation. God has accepted us! We feel at ease around Him!)

B. V. 2a: We Have Access This verse informs us that we have direct access to God Himself through Jesus Christ. "Access" signifies "to enter the presence of the ruler." We are entitled, through Jesus, to enter the God of Heaven's very presence without fear! We can get in touch with God the Father!

(Ill.) Paul's readers must have thought this was a radical idea. The majority of them had religious upbringings that required worshipers to maintain a respectful distance from God. Take a moment to consider the Temple! The Temple's outer court was only accessible to Gentiles. They could be executed if they went any further in. "The Court of Women" was the only place women could go. The "Holy Place" came next. where ministering could only be done by priests The "Holy of Holies" was located in addition to this. This room could only be entered by the High Priest once a year on the Day of Atonement, and he needed the blood of an innocent sacrifice to get in. The message was perfectly clear: " Stay away!")

(Ill. Paul's message is that Jesus gives us complete access to the Heavenly Father!)

(Sick. A young man once remained external the entryway of Buckingham Castle in London. The gate guards strongly discouraged him from speaking with the king. A well-dressed man approached the child and inquired as to why he was so upset as he stood there crying. The man heard the boy's account. He smiled and said, "Here, hold my hand, sonny," when he realized what had caused the young boy to cry. I will admit you. Please disregard those soldiers! The stranger was held by the young boy, and the two of them headed toward the gate together. When the soldiers saw them approaching, they all stood up and flung open the gate, allowing the stranger and the young child to enter. He was lead through the entryway, across the patio, down covered passages and through open entryways, until at last, he was brought into the actual presence of the lord himself. How did he get there? The right hand was in his! The kind stranger, it turned out, was the king's own son, the Prince of Wales.)

(People, There is just a single way to Paradise: John 14:6, Jesus. We will have no trouble entering the Father's presence if we are holding His hand!)

C. V. 2b: We Have Assurance: The believer not only has access to God's presence and peace with God, but they also have blessed, deeply rooted assurance of salvation. Notice that the confirmation we have is two-overlap.

1. Affirmation Here - Notice the expression, "elegance wherein we presently stand." The word "stand" connotes permanence—being firmly anchored and unable to move. This verse basically teaches us that the Lord Jesus Christ guarantees our complete safety. To put it another way, this verse is all about our faith's guarantee of eternal safety.

(Sick. The timeless security of the devotee is a convention that many don't hold to tonight. Many individuals like to accept that an individual can be saved and afterward, some way or another, they can lose their salvation and should be saved once more. These people make fun of Bible believers who say that believers are secure. In addition, one of the main issues they have with the doctrine is that it encourages loose living among many people who claim to be saved forever. Sadly, they're correct! The believer's eternal security is used by many as an excuse to sin. However, the person who leads such a life does not comprehend salvation or eternal security! The genuine believer leads a clean, holy life because of our security in Christ. An existence of appreciation to the Person Who died to give salvation in any case.)

(Sick. As per stanza one, we are saved, or legitimized, leaning on an unshakable conviction right? That is, we didn't procure, purchase or get it as a prize. It was a gift of salvation! Okay, verse 2 says that we "stand"—are firmly fixed—by grace if that is true. To put it another way, faith is what keeps a soul alive, and grace is what keeps a soul alive! It is utterly contradictory to say that we are saved by putting our faith in Jesus and that we are then obligated to maintain our salvation. Why don't I just go ahead and finish the job if I can save myself? The response? I can't do by the same token! Grace saved me, and grace keeps me, 1 pet. 1:5. All of it comes down to God!)

(Refer to Romans 8:31–34.) According to these verses, the believer has been found to be justified by the highest court in the universe. Which court has the authority to overturn that verdict?)

(Ill. There is always a person who wants to know what would happen if... The child of God is secure in Jesus regardless of the if! Take note of these things:

1. What happens if I deny Him? 2 Tim. 2:13

2. What if I am unable to withstand? Phil. 1:6; Jude 24; Gal. 3:3

3. Consider the possibility that I sin after I'm saved. - Col. 2:13-14; Rom. 5:20; 1 John 1:9

4. What if you are incorrect? - John 6:37

Hello, I have some "consider the possibility that's". What if instead of looking for a reason not to believe, we simply began to believe the Lord's Word? What if we simply held the belief that the same God who had the power to save us also had the ability to keep us? What if "eternal" simply meant "eternal"? What if "everlasting" simply meant "everlasting"? Imagine a scenario in which we just cheered in the salvation we have in Him and rested in the favored confirmation that is our own with conviction. What if instead of looking for a reason to question God, we simply believed what He said?

(Ill. Ultimately, you can have complete faith in this!)

2. Assurance in the Afterlife: Just as certain as we are in this life to be saved and secure, we can also have that assurance in the afterlife. Everlasting security reaches out past the grave - Rom. 8:29-30. It is clear from these verses that God has already planned for our safety. Because of this, we are able to say this evening that our faith in Heaven is as strong as if we had been there for 10,000 years!

I. Where We Stand As Believers II. Our possessions as Christians V. 3-5 OUR Honors AS Devotees

(Sick. We are saved and we are secure, yet at this moment, we live in a universe of hardships. We also require assistance in these areas tonight. Take note of some of the significant advantages we enjoy as followers of Jesus Christ.)

A. V.3a: The Capacity to Rejoice in Difficult Times Paul asserts that Christians can rejoice in difficult times. For what reason is this valid? due to the small word "knowing." At the point when the preliminaries of life slide, the genuine devotee realizes that God is working our His will in our lives and is endeavoring to create in us a territory of Christlikeness. God is attempting to emulate Jesus.

(Sick. "Adversities" signifies "pressure". The child of God will undoubtedly be subjected to pressure at times in this life. However, the mature Christian is aware that Christlikeness requires pressure. Diamonds are formed by converting coal into pressure. Additionally, the presence of pressure in the life of a believer brings out more of the original, sinful nature and reveals more of God's image.)

(See, we can rejoice in difficulty if we keep in mind that every trial is a blessing from God, Rom.) 8:28. That it will enhance our resemblance to Jesus. That when we have been decided to languish over Him, He is simply assisting us with turning out to be more similar to Him. As a result, it is simpler to endure difficult days.)

B. V. 3b-5a The Capacity To Perceive Our Inconveniences - In this part, Paul fills us in regarding the advantages got from the "pressures" of life. Take note of the progression that these verses talk about.

1. Pressure 2: Tribulation Persistence - Perseverance

3. 4. Experience, demonstrated character, or maturity Hope is the assured expectation that we won't be let down.

Fundamentally, what Paul is talking about is that when inconveniences come in our lives because of our stroll with the Master, we figure out how to persevere and through perseverance we are developed and demonstrated in our personality, then, at that point, as we see God support us in the troublesome time, we can rest in the profound settled information that He is in charge and will own us.

Sick. Basically expressed, the more we persevere for Jesus, the more we become like Him! That's a good thing, too!

(Ill. You can write, "The road to maturity is paved with struggle!" on a piece of paper. like any growing Christian saint.

1. Ask Abraham and he will highlight Mt. Moriah.

2. When you ask Jacob, he will point to a stone pillow.

3. If you ask Joseph, he will point to a prison in Egypt.

4. If you ask Moses, he will point to the desert's backside.

5. The three Hebrew children will point to a blazing furnace if you ask them.

6. If you ask Daniel, he will point to a lion den.

7. If you ask Peter, he will cite three denials and point to a Roman fire.

8. Ask John and he will highlight Patmos.

9. "God's blessings are poured from a bitter cup!" will be the response of any believer who has traveled far with Jesus.

C. V. 5b: The Capacity to Remain Calm in the midst of Troubles: If my life is going to be difficult and there will be trouble, then how can I rejoice and rest? This verse contains the solution. Paul tells us that the Holy Spirit constantly pours out the love of God in our hearts, like a vast river! God infected each of us with His Spirit when we were saved. The Holy Spirit functions as a conduit for a great deal of God's great love to flow.

(Ill.) There will be many challenging days in this life. However, we always have the precious Holy Spirit within us to guide us, to teach us, and to constantly remind us of the incredible love that God has for His children, no matter what comes our way. He makes the excursion endurable! He makes the place seem real. Assuming we will yet figure out how to rest in the Soul of God, He has the ability to keep our hearts in amazing harmony, paying little mind to how troublesome the way becomes, "Thou shrink keep him in wonderful harmony, whose brain is remained on you: because he has faith in you. Isa. 26:3.)

Conc: These reasons, in my opinion, are more than sufficient to justify every child of God's joy in God and His salvation. I'm certain the Master has addressed a few hearts tonight.

You might not be saved but want to participate in justification. If you come to Jesus by faith, He is available. It's possible that you've been worried about your doubts about your eternal security as a Christian. There is help in Him on the off chance that you will come. It's possible that you've been going through difficulties lately, and they've almost caught up with you. Why not carry them to Jesus and let Him let you comprehend that He is simply copying His life in you? This altar is the location where any requirements will be met. Will you come assuming the Master is addressing your heart?

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